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Found 251 results

  1. Hi to everyone! I joined this forum like 2 years ago and never post anything(), so i'd say it's finally time now lol! I always been a big elves fan, specifically wood elf, and they were my first warhammer fantasy army/love, so the sylvaneth were the obvious and right choice for my first aos models. Here are the photos of the tree-revenants i made one year ago, hope you like them(of course any tips/comment is very welcome!). Now i'm working on some dryads, in the next few day i'll post it (still wip); in this topic i will post any progress i'll make! ps: sorry for any error in my english, i'm italian and not so used to it, 🤐
  2. Hi all! Since the GW Wyldwood is so expensive... (need like 6 of them) im looking for ways to get something close to it...For a smaler fee. - If you made your own, how? And how much did it cost you? - Do tornaments often aprove home made Wyldwood? If its the same sice as the original. Please help a frustrated and poor Sylvaneth player /Kimbo
  3. Hi everyone! I picked AoS to get back into the miniature scene so here I am. :) I bought some sylvaneth boxes and miniatures but couldn't get behind them when it came to assembling them. So now they sit alone in the corner of the workspace. Some Legion of Azgorh I picked up to replace them I am loving though! Glad to be here and I look forward to being a part of this community.
  4. Hello all! New to the forums! I recently decided to start getting into AOS and chose Sylvaneth for my army. Haven't painted in a long, long time and was wondering what your thoughts on are on my idea. I've done one test model and would love some feedback, especially with what I can do to improve. In particular, I'm not sure what do with painting the clothing like part between the legs - What would you do? What colour should i do the leaves/buds on the others? Would love suggestions. I've included the steps I've taken below. First time painting since I was like 15 and I'm now 31 so be kind 😂 Cheers, Gary Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
  5. Anamnesis


    First heroe for my army
  6. Greetings! I’ve decided to start another AoS army so that I can actually start playing sooner rather than late. Of course, this needed me to do 2 things. 1) pick an army. 2) pick a theme. After looking through the various battletomes I decided on the wooded glory of the Sylvaneth. Theme wise I wanted to go with the realm of shadows, as the idea of a dark, fearful, misty forest is quite strong imagery that I could incorporate into the list. This means Drycha and a Dreadwood grove were obvious starting points, but I wanted to come up with a story for them, and thus the Madness of the Court of the Jade King was born. I imagine them as a wargrove that have become lost in the realm, separated from the spirit song of Ariel. It fascinated me how the Song of the Sylvaneth is made up of the parts of the melody that different beings hear, and so I wondered what would happen to a wargrove who were cut off and tried to reform the missing parts of the song from what they had left. Of course, this would lead to a jarring, discordant and inharmonious song based on fear, isolation and loss that would sound like the first practice of a kid’s band in their parent’s garage rather than the full-blown symphony performed by an orchestra. This means that the Spite revenants would be more prevalent within the wargrove, along with Drycha (who will represent the King himself), but also that Spite aspects would be more dominant within the other units, allowing lots of scope for conversions. There is a small wood near my home that gave me inspiration for the colour scheme and basing and I decided I wanted to do a different look to the other Sylvaneth armies I had seen. Dark and brooding colours, starting with black, and fading though dryad bark->baneblade brown->karak stone on the arms/legs/branches. The bases are done with a layer of PVA/sand/Rhinox Hide, followed by patches of my leaf mix (which is just dried coriander leaves, dried Herb de Provence and green tea!). Inspiration pictures first Then the first miniature I built – the armies Branchwraith “Stand still. The trees ahead and the bushes beside you Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here, And you must treat it as a powerful stranger, Must ask permission to know it and be known. The forest breathes. Listen. It answers, No two trees are the same to Raven. No two branches are the same to Crow. If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you, You are surely lost. Stand still. The forest knows Where you are. You must let it find you” Sacred Caelliech, The guide, the Eyes in Darkness First 10 Dryads “Father, father where are you going Oh do not walk so fast Speak father, speak to your child Or else I shall be lost The night was dark, no father there The child was wet with dew The forest deep, the child did weep And away the vapour flew” First unit of Spite revenants “They enter forest green and black wherein treetops shade pathways leading back the wind malevolent grins with mirthful eyes a playful ill-will as cats before their mice. Scrutinizing these travellers with delicate stare the wraiths had never seen such men that would enter the forest lair With a laugh he let them pass gods be with them and send them fast.” Revenant themed Kurnoth Hunters “Listen to the forest-voice murmuring low: All that it saw when alone with its laughter, All that it suffered in times that came after, Mournful it tells, that the wind may know.” Second unit of Spite Revenants (still need some tidying) First Branchwych, who will accompany the Kurnoth hunters. He was a Bray Shaman whose herd was captured by the wargrove, and he was transformed by the King’s song into a guardian for the grove. Great Lldanach, Reborn of song, the prince of beasts "silence seeks the center of every tree and rock, that thing we hold closest- the end of songs" Second Branchwych, who will accompany the Tree-Revs Dread Affallwyn, the huntsman, the soul of the song. “Darkness breathes, In the trees. Dark figures, Conjure deaths arrival. All occurs, In the dark forest.” Sorry for the huge dump of info and photos, but I thought I’d show everyone where I was, and hopefully where I’m going… Binary
  7. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    First test for my sylvaneth army
  8. Pedòr


    A "close-up" of the bases
  9. Hey everyone! New here to the TGA forums and I'm looking for some thematic advice for my Sylvaneth! Fluff wise, my wargrove fled to the savage lands of Ghur at the height of Nurgle's invasion of Ghyran, and I have modeling ideas to reflect this (skulls and bones, green stuff feathers, spite heads for revenants etc.) But what I'm really struggling with is finding a good colour and basing scheme to reflect the realm of Ghur they inhabit. Any experienced painters and sylvaneth players have some ideas? Thanks!!
  10. SOLD I would sell the whole lot for £155 ( £253.5 RPP) with shipping incuded (within the UK), I will consider selling separately in the future If I have not been given an offer. Now at £ 126.75 (half RRP) without shipping . 2 x Branchwych Drycha Hamadreth Tree revenant Spirit of Durthu 20 dryads 3 x Kurnoth hunters with bow Treelord ancient Battletome Warscroll 2 x Sylvaneth wyldwood
  11. Hi, After many moons of lurking around the edges of TGA I have decided to jump onto the AoS 2.0 bandwagon, having been out of Fantasy since 6th edition. My plan is to build a Sylvaneth army based in Shyish that has fallen foul of one of the many curses that stalk the realm of death. At the outset of the Age of Chaos, shortly after Nagash's great betrayal, the shrouded groves of the Amythyst-kin were assailed by a vast host of the dead. Despite being greatly outnumbered, the valiant Sylvaneth defenders were able to use their affinity for the forest to break up and destroy the necromantic tide. Only a single one of the invaders, a vile and vindictive Soulblight Vampire, managed to penetrate to the inner sanctum of the forest and find its secret heart; a soulpod in the form of a fathomless pool, Alarielle's gift and the womb of the woods. As the creature reached it's clawed hand out over the crystal waters, the most ancient warden of the wood, a Treelord whose roots stretched back to a time when the world was young, speared the monstrosity through the back. With it's last ounce of strength, the Vampire leaned forwards, allowing a single drop of it's blood to fall into pristine pool, forever tainting the offspring of life with it's own unspeakable hunger. So, basically, I'm taking some opposites (life and death) and jamming them together to see what comes out. Obviously there are a lot of really great 'scary Sylvaneth' armies out there, it's a theme that I really like and plays very well into the new rules for realm affiliation. Stylistically, many of these armies take on a very gritty, blanchitsu, Witcher 3 type feel which I love. This is very much in keeping with my own style, which I have used extensively for painting 40k armies, so would perhaps be the natural way to go. But, as they say, when others zig, it's sometimes good to zag, so I'm planning to use this project as an opportunity to try out something a bit different for me, in terms of both feel and technique. Maybe a bit more fantastical and overall a little bit closer to the vibrant style of a lot of the AoS art. Anyway, I thought i'd pop my progress up on here, hoping it will act as a motivation to keep a decent pace up. My eventual goal (despite being primarily into modelling and painting) will be to find some games in my local area (North London) and eventually attend an event of some kind; throwing down in the way only a blood sucking tree-spirit knows how. So I guess that means 2000 points-ish, but list honing will certainly not be any sort of priority. But enough of this nonsense; without further ado, here are some pictures of my first test models - a hungry looking Tree-Revenant and a Kurnoth Hunter with a very big axe to grind. Maybe its more of a glaive, but where's the fun in letting reality interfere with word-play? Ta / VN
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