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Found 251 results

  1. After having a week off on holiday I'm back on the Sylvaneth. I took these to Alliance, Ben Curry's one day event, but they were not finished at the time. They also qualify as my entry for our latest Hobby Challenge at Derby Wargames Club. When I got back I completed the banner and added the foliage so that they would fit in with the rest of the army. I went for a pale ethereal skin tone combined with bright green hair. I keep the weapons in a similar hue to hopefully give them the impression of being some what spectral in nature. I gave the blades a green glaze to tie them in more with the rest of the models. Overall I think these are great models and they are fun to paint, but they were not great in the games I used them. All I have left now are some Spite Revenants and Allarielle herself and that will be the army complete so I can start on something new (or more likely i'll be rebasing something older!)
  2. I was wondering if you could answer a question regarding the points cost of Celestial Hurricanum - it has an option to take it with a Celestial mage, but I couldn't find info if this adds to the pitched battle points cost of the Hurricanum? Does it add a battlemage cost (100 pts)? Also if I take a Gnarlroot wargrove for Sylvaneth and add some order Wizard (like Sorceress on Black Dragon or some other leader/hero), could the wizard: - be used as a general under Sylvaneth allegiance (I doubt that, still) - pick skill of the said allegiance (doubt that too) - use Deeplore spells (the way artifacts and wizard items are worded it seems he won't be able to use these).
  3. Battletome Review Welcome to the show! In this show the FaceHammer crew dissect the new Sylvaneth Battletome, we discuss every Artefact, command trait, spell, Warscroll and Battalion and discuss some of the combos and our immediate reaction to the book and models. So sit back and get ready for some Hammer to the FACE! Episode 25 - Listen Now! Enjoy! Show notes & links Order your copy of the Sylvaneth Battletome now!
  4. Hi all! Firstly I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong place... And sorry for my ramblings. I'm very new to Age of Sigmar and wargaming in general, but I'm trying to wrap my head around it. Hopefully you nice folks can help me. I've been given a Treelord model and Celestial Hurricanum model as gifts (super lucky me!!!!) and I really want to be able to use both of them in a 1000 point army (big stretch, I know) so that I don't upset the two people who bought these amazing models for me. I bought the Sylvaneth Book and I noticed a battalion called the Gnarlroot Wargrove which, along with other things, gives me an extra Order Wizard in my Sylvaneth army! Awesome for the Celestial Hurricanium! So my plan is to make my little army like this: Treelord Ancient - 300 Branchwych - 100 Celestial Hurricanum - 320 Tree-Revenants 5 - 100 Tree-Revenants 5 - 100 Household - 20 Gnarlroot Wargrove - 80 Total ----- 1020 points Now I know this army won't be all that effective with so few battleline units. It's literally the bare minimum. My goal main goal is to keep my friends happy and have a fun game with lots of spells! My problem with it is that its 1020 points. 20 points over the limit... My question to all of you is this. Can I reduce it some how? Because I would love to if I can! Is 1020 points okay? I know it's fine for a game with my friends but I think it would just crush me if I took this to a store to play and someone chewed me out for playing it. Sorry again for the ramblings and I appreciate any advice. Thanks, Nimbus
  5. I was able to get a nice weeknight game in with my buddy @Sunchaser yesterday at Odyssey Games in Scottsdale, AZ. I still am holding at about 1000 points, having failed to assemble my Chaos Warshrine this week while editing my tablerop RPG podcast, Full Metal RPG. There were an odd number of players so @Sunchaser (Sylvaneth) got funneled into another 3 player battle royale with me (MoN Chaos) and Sam, (Duardin). We were battling for control of an artefact in the center of the board and both me and Sam elected to deploy a ways away from the Sylvaneth Hunters with their mighty bows to prevent casualties early on. This meant that I was starting with a bunch of Fyreslayers right in my backyard, uncomfortably close, with Sylvanth bearing down. Taking a look at the board early on I did not see what I would call a clear path to victory, sandwiched between the two powerful and fighty Order forces. At this point the crummy make-up of my Nurgle list is beginning to bum me out and I'm not going to lie, I'm just not very good at the game. "But who is good after having played four times?" I ask myself. Anyway. Sam and Rian are both really great guys and super fun to play with and we managed to keep things friendly and exciting through-out. As predicted the Fyreslayers and the Forces of Rot could only keep away from each other for so long. We managed a truce until the artefact was out of Sylvaneth hands and then it was game on in earnest! The Fyreslayers made pretty short work of my force which I attribute to me making some pretty ****** tactical choices. My dice didn't help out, leaving my spell casters unable to hit the much needed 5s and 6s much less the equally untenable 7s necessary to make Nurgle magic pop. My list building skills ain't grand either which adds up to a trifecta. Additionally, I'm still at the early stages in my AoS where I'm forgetting the details of my warscrolls more or less constantly and not making the best use of my army. Later I hid a sorcerer behind a tree (for the cover save) and then forgot that he was there. for at least one hero phase. Maybe even two. Needless to say I was eliminated pretty early on and the game came down to Sam and Rian duking it out. A friendly and helpful neckbeard managed to find the time to stop by the table and narrate everything that we were doing wrong with the game which was grand, but even his best efforts could not reduce our good cheer. Despite the neckbeard's dire prognostications, the game was very close and I had to leave before the final tally revealed the victor. @Sunchaser! Tell me in the comments! Who won??!! Pictures, From Top: 1.) Below you can see the Chaos line spread precariously thin as I rushed forward in an attempt to secure the artefact from the hands of the grabby duardin. Sam of Odyssey games considers his next move. All of them good. 2.) Scabby's back. 3.) The lone wizard, sole survivor of the warband, cowers in the trees waiting to thrust his arcane bolt at the last remaining general on the table, thus denying major victory to all. Wen his chance came, rolled a 3. Nice. 4.) Their tenuous alliance almost at it's end, the Path of Rot and Fyreslayers brace for the inevitable charge. 5.) New dice I bought for the game, seeing as how my putrid green Nurgle dice have been betraying me for weeks. Still can't roll for ******. Money wasted.
  6. Started painting my sylvaneth. Love the model range, great fun.
  7. Just a quick apology for not getting a post up over the last few days, but I've been busy and not had much time to complete anything! However this morning I was able to get the Hunters on to their bases. The bases are just smaller versions of the base that you can find details of how they are done in this Drycha article. One thing that might be of interest is how the flock stays on - I very rarely have any issues with the foliage falling off the models. I use Superglue Thick from GW and am quite generous with how much I apply over the branches it will be sticking too. The foliage then has to be pressed down firmly into it and this seems to give a strong bond that lasts.
  8. Here is a quick photo of where I'm going with the Kurnoth Hunters. I used the Airbrush to lay down some base coats and then went in with a dry brush of Underhive Ash. I then fixed the white areas which I had done in a very round about manner. I like the contrast between the White and the dark brown. The bow was done in dark reaper with the brown details picked out. Overall I am quite happy with the scheme so I'll be doing the others in the same way.
  9. Completed Drycha last night. She was pretty fun to do. I put all the Flutter Flies and Squirmlings on so it was a pain to get them paint. I really didn't take that much care with them. I then went and did all the basing, which again was a lot of tufts, clump foliage and flowers. I also added the Woodland Scenics tree foliage to the top of Drycha and around her back so that she would fit in with the rest of the Sylvaneth models. Overall I am pleased with the model. She fits in nicely and looks pretty dynamic.
  10. I'm sure most peeps interested have seen the warscrolls for the new sylvaneth models. What do you guys think of them (and the older ones) as an army? For me the original sylvaneth force was very mobile and quite viable despite the depth of the model range, able to skip across the board via wild woods and strike where needed. The Kurnoth Hunters seem a stand out unit on paper, those bows are pretty solid, and the melee versions look quite capable. One thing I am seeing is that the majority of the army is needing 4+ to hit, and not having the volume of attacks that flesh eaters or ironjaws etc bring, they may still have to rely on the big trees to finish of things!
  11. I've bought some of the new kits for the Sylvaneth - basically I got one of each except for Allarielle with a goal to get them all painted for Alliance, @Ben event at the start of August. My Sylvaneth have always been a fairly fast army to add to as I tend not to spend a great deal of time on them, although with these new models I will be trying to make sure that I focus on some of the details as the models are too nice to just rush through haphazardly. I started with Drycha as she was the main character in the army that I will be running. The model went together OK, although there were some pretty tricky assembly parts. I'd give it the usual 8/10 for how cleverly it is engineered, but probably a 6/10 for speed and ease of assembly. I really like the pose she is in now that I have the model assembled after not being a fan in the photos that I had seen. I started out with a black and white undercoat before busting out the airbrush to do the first few layers. I base coated the whole thing in Vallejo Air Mahogany and then started hitting spots with lighter browns and camo green. Then it was a case of quickly dry brushing everything and doing plenty of washing to get the variation in colour. I've gone in and added some line highlights to the claws and tidied up things like the head dress and the loincloth, but otherwise I'll be leaving it as it is. Next up was the honeycomb. This was done in Troll Slayer Orange before being washed heavily with carrouburg crimson. I made sure to get the wash in all the holes. I then went back over with the orange followed by Firedragon Bright. For Drycha herself I just base coated her with a couple of layers of Palyd Wich Flesh and then washed her with Drakenhoff Nightsade. She then highlighted up quickly. I need to get some of the Green gem paint to do the eyes. And that is her pretty much done. I just need to base her and finish the bugs off which shouldn't take too long. After that I'm going to crack on with my Kurnoth Hunters
  12. I started painting my Alarielle on Warbeetle yesterday, and Mr. Mengel put up his new painting contest link today. Hopefully the fact that I have an extra day's worth of progress won't affect my standing in the competition. So far, I have the warbeetle about 99% complete ( I paint quickly). Alarielle will probably take a day or so to finish, and then the basing will take another day or two - depending on how fast my scatter terrain ships! I sadly don't have any in-progress pics of the warbeetle, but I'll try and make this an actual log for Alarielle herself, and the basing.
  13. Hello everyone from grand ole Iowa! The AoS community is such a great welcoming group. It really helps being here in rural Iowa where the closest FLGS is 45 mins away and all they ever run is Magic the Gathering tournaments. I get a few games in with my brothers who enjoy the game but aren't nearly as enthusiastic about it as I am as none of them have started an army of their own, and have to borrow one of my armies. I was never interested in WHFB because of how terrible those square bases were. Started a 40k DE army when AoS dropped and fully jumped on the AoS bandwagon. Loved the simplicity yet deep strategy that came with the game. Special thanks to all the AoS podcasters out there. You guys keep my hobby going. You da real MVP!
  14. Getting pretty excited about the upcoming Sylvaneth release. So figured I'd share my converted/kitbashed Branchwraith.
  15. The Stormcast Eternals and Sylvaneth join forces as they go up against Lord Kroak and his Seraphon monsters. http://talesofsigmar.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/battle-for-realmgates-battle-report.html
  16. With the impending release of the new Sylvaneth models, and a long held desire to collect and paint Sylvaneth models, I've taken the plunge and ordered one of the Branchwraith models. Loving Warhammer Quest, I decided to create a homebrew character card and will be trying her out in the weeks to come.
  17. Afternoon Everyone, I have a largely unbuilt Sylvaneth army that I want to sell. I purchased the army as I had planned to paint the army up as though lit by moonlight only (see test minis which I painted as a test). The army consists of the following: 1 x Treelord Ancient (built primed Black with GW Chaos Black spray) 1 x Treelord (built primed Black with GW Chaos Black spray) 1 x Treelord Ancient (un-built new in box) 1 x Branchwraith (built, fully painted as part of the test batch) 6 x Treekin (Finecast built primed black as above, airbrushed shades of grey, unfinished) 16 x Dryads (4 x Completely finished as part of the test batch, 12 x built, primed black as above, airbrushed shades of grey, unfinished) 48 x Dryads (un-built new in box) 2 x Citadel Woods (1 x un-built new in box, 1 x opened with some small branches used for basing the test batch, but can still be built in to a complete wood) The army at GW retail value is £318+ I want this army gone, therefore I am willing to sell for £175 (PayPal only please) and will send the army to you free of charge using TNT on a next working day delivery service. Please post a reply or message me (on here) if you are interested? Cheers, Mitzy
  18. So most of my AoS experience is with playing a pure Skaven army of doom, which has been quite durable thanks to a block of 40 stormvermin with stacked mystic shields, Banner chieftain etc. But since that army is nearing completion I've turned my eyes on the Order faction and set my sight on the wood elves, which are now split into wanderers and sylvaneth mostly. I'd like to build an army with both of them. A solid shooting block of waywatcher and eternal guard with sisters of the thorn being the 3 warscrolls that I'll most likely use from the wanderers to support the sylvaneth. Now we can all agree that this army snaps quite easily like a stick, we need the cover for a lot of great bonuses and the extra 1+ to our saves. At first I thought the most logical way to ensure cover is by sylvaneth wyldwoods. Getting them on the table would involve either Durthu or the sylvaneth battalion. But while reading the rules of the woods I found a problem for my wanderers, they all lack the sylvaneth keyword, meaning those wyldwoos that I'd like to camp in for the bonuses will end up hurting me a lot! Magic is vital in AoS and running is also important to units like the eternal guard (also hornblowers help us with running), yet both these actions will have terrible consequences for our wanderer units that will try to seek shelter in the woods. I really fear that units of 5 waywatchers will just die to the woods themselves rather than to the enemy! So my first question to the more experienced wanderer/sylvaneth players here is, how do you play with the sylvaneth wyldwoos and wanderer allies. Is it worth the risk, or do you end up dead mostly by your own hand?
  19. Leviathus

    Winter Dryad

    Winter scheme Dryad. Original painting scheme found in How to Paint Citadel Miniatures Dryads.
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