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  1. Hi! I have recently started playing warhammer AOS and o boy I am hooked! I started with a AOS starter set with stormcast eternals pitched up against the Bloodborn (a friend of mine took this part of the set). I initially thought the stormcast eternals were kind of lame but I changed my view completely after painting them and reading the rules. But still, I am inclined to expand my army with Seraphons. The first purchace I want to do is the start collecting set of the Seraphons since it seems such good value. After that, I am a bit unsure. I really like the Bastiladon. A big ranged unit couldn't hurt and it looks great! So far, i came up with this list for 1500 points: Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (280) Skink Starseer (200) Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220) Lord-Relictor (80) 10 x Saurus Warriors (100) 5 x Saurus Knights (100) 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) 10 x Liberators (200) 3 x Prosecutors (100) Bastiladon (280) Total 1780 points, so i have to make some cuts.. But i would't know what to cut or replace! What do you think of this composition? If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
  2. Hey peeps. I'm trying to decide on a new army to take to a large event early next year. One of my options is vanguard chamber as I love the palador models. So lend me your expertise, I think this list could do alright around the mid pack but with no large amounts of chaff I know the top tables will be a hard slog. Open to suggestions as I've never dipped into order. Black talon Aquillor Castellant 5 hunters 5 libs 5 libs 6 palladors 9 longstrike raptors 3 aetherwing Blacktalons shadowhunters battalion. Cheers boys and girls.
  3. I have a problem, I love Stormcast, I like their lore, their aesthetics, their mounts and everything they have. However, when I finally decided to buy, mount and paint I found that it is hard for me to continue painting them. For example, except for small differences my archers have the same armor as my infantry and I get the feeling of having painted the same miniature for two weeks. I understand that it is something normal, almost all the armies share an aesthetic among their miniatures so instead of blaming the game I am thinking about changing a bit. Right now I have two Vanguard-Hunters squads and one Lord Aquilor. I am hesitating between buying some other army to vary a bit (Ironjawz, Khorne, or Slaves maybe, I like a lot of armies) or take advantage of my minis and play Order instead of Stormcast. I'm pretty bad at making lists and my group is not too competitive but do you have any advice or any idea what units could come with my Vanguard in an Order army? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Here is the story of the first strike of the Knights of Azyr Extremis Chamber followed by a ton of photos of them in all there glory, I hope you like them. "At the same moment as Traylorn was battling the Changeling for control of the the Celestial Compass Dracothions rore could be heard all over the Celestial Realm of Azyr. The great Drakes rore was followed by the sound of a thousand chambers coming to life. First forged for the Knights of Azyr was Lord-Celastant Branatar Drakerider of the Extremis Chamber, once a Wild man in the Realm of Ghur, Sigmar himself heard his plea for vengeance against the Chaos Gods. Branatar himself never speaks of what lead to his hatred of Chaos other than to say he won't rest till all traces of them have been banished from the realms forever. Just as Archaon was instructing his Varanguard, so was Sigmar instructing the Knights of Azyr Extremis Chamber. “Drakesworn!... The compass could be our undoing, in the Archaons hand it could cement his victory at the Aightpoints. Find it or destroy it” Many battles they fought, over six Realms they campaigned, the Drakesworn Temple Annihulus, many stood in their way friend and foe alike. Nothing could stand in there way not Realmgates, Stormfronts or even Fire and Brimstone. Even in the battles they didn't win they ensured that the enemy were whipped from the field. In the end the Celestial Compass was in the hands of the Spiderfang Big Boss Chitinous Scuttlefang, who tore it from under the nose of Kairos Fateweaver and the Gautfyre Skorch Enginecovens of Clan Skryre before they even knew they were a threat. Chitinous Scuttlefang new not the power or worth of the Celestial Compass, he cared not for the lives that were lost fighting over its control so tossed it into the Arachnarok nests hidden in the Underway. It lays there now hidden from the gaze of Archaon, whose wrath could be heard all around the Varanspire" This whole bit of my Stormhost was a complete labor of love to get finished, lots of late nights painting green but it was totally worth it now they are all done. Having played a few games whit them now I have to say they are a brutal force to fight with, Fulminators are very quickly becoming my favourites. They kill Bloodreavers by the hand full. On to the photos. The first Extremis Chamber of the Knights of Azyr Lord-Celastant Branatar Drakerider. Drakesworn Temple Annihulus The Dracothion Guard. Thunderwave Echelon Lightning Echelon. Tempestors. Fulminators. Concussors. Desolators.
  5. Hi Folks I ve just read The article on duality of death and was wondering whether a set up by the skyborn slayers formation in the movement phase counts as a move. I agree that the lighting chariot move can’t be used but feel that the use of the formation which states that it counts as its move is valid. Can anyone clarify it for me
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to paint Vandus Hammerhand as he is shown on the website. I know warhammer TV have published a how to paint for him but it doesn't seem to match up, more notably the belly of the dracoth. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on paints/techniques used to achieve the same look? The image I'm using as reference mostly is this Thanks in advance!
  7. So here we are in the Age of Sigmar. I must admit, to my shame, I was one of the first to denounce this change. I railed against the lack of points, I decried the aesthetic of space marines creeping into my fantasy world and I openly mocked the 4 pages of rules. I played zero games before I said these things. Then I read the scrolls. Yes, the silly rules involving talking to vampires, raising a goblet to the lady and gazing deeply into your opponents eyes may have been upsetting, but the layers of intricacy that the scrolls added intrigued me. I played two rounds of a game with High Elves (Aelfs) and an Orc & Goblin (Orruk) army and immediately loved it. A Giant (Gargant) ate my Pheonix Guard, (still Pheonix Guard) some Lion Chariots went rampant and Tyrion ran about shooting things with his fiery sword. It was chaotic and silly and ridiculously fun, but the store closed an hour earlier than we thought and we had to pack it in. Even though it was only two turns, I spent the next month trying to convince my regular group to join me in this brave new endeavor, but alas they had been seduced away by another game that still had points and square bases. Now I have to travel to the next county to get a game in despite living five minutes from a great gaming store. No bitterness here, though, I'm glad that my old gaming group from Lancaster were willing to embrace the game because they are some of the best people in the local gaming scene. Besides, the long drive gives me ample time to listen to AOS podcasts and the excellent audio dramas that Black Library have produced. Hobbywise, the shift has really ignited my hobby ADD. Earlier today, I had Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Elves, Death, Bloodbound and Stormcast spread across my hobby desk, two tables and atop some large tupperware boxes. Paint bottles were strewn about, broken shards of square bases everywhere I looked and the baleful remains of neglected brushes seemed to stare accusingly every time I tried to paint. So today, I reached a breaking point. I decided to come up with a plan, clean up my space and started this here blog to keep myself moving. So. June 18th, my club is hosting a narrative event/tourney. The points will escalate from a 20 point SCGT to 60 over 5 games. The rough draft for round one is that starting heroes are capped at 5 points, units must be 6 or less and no duplicate units. Kinda restrictive for Stormcast, but that's the intent. I figure for 60 points my goal is to paint the list I've been running at that level. It includes a Lord Celestant on Dracoth as the general, a Lord Castellant, A knight Venator, 10 Liberators, 5 Judicators, 6 Prosecutors, 5 Paladin Protectors and a Gryph-Hound. So until the rules are finalized, those are the only models on my painting table. 4 weeks to get those painted to completion. Once that is done, I'm focusing on my terrain collection as the club has asked to borrow it for the event. Luckily, a number of models have paint on them, so I have a bit of a headstart. Here's a look at the paint scheme, going for the Knight's Excelsior. The last chapter of the Godbeasts book made me fall in love with this stormhost. "The Hallowed Knights wept to see what had become of the realm they had come to save, while the Knights Excelsior looked upon the destruction they had wrought and saw that it was good." I have two packs of the upgrade sprue waiting for me at my local hobby store. Quick note on terrain, I was listening to Vince Venturella's Warhammer Weekly Youtube show from April 13th with the terrain tutor. Good episode if you want some inspiration for terrain making. The terrain tutor was talking about building terrain on used discs, so when I found a scratched one in the random detritus of my desk I thought I'd try my hand. I have the Witchfate Tor model and it comes with a bunch of spare wall sections. I grabbed those and some spare bits and made myself two more interesting pieces of ruins to use in my games. Here are some WIP shots. One is on a disc, the other is built on a spare piece of plasticard. Going to need more layers of sand to cover up the bases that some of the pieces are attached to, but I think these will make some cool scratch built terrain pieces when I'm finished. That's it for this week, check back Monday for an update of my progress over the weekend.
  8. This week Paul and Ryan discussed the solid Freeguild list Paul has put forward for the comp. We also complained about some of the SCE minis and just had a good old fashioned chin wag for a while.
  9. Hello guys and gals, First official post up here, looking for a nice chat and some friendly advice As well as recently starting a Kharadron Overlords army I am looking at trying to run some viable Mixed Order lists as I think some variation is fun. I currently own KO, Stormcast, Sylvaneth and a handful of Elves. Ive just recently acquired a hurricanum NIB off a friend for a reasonable price so want to try piece something together. Whats your guys thoughts on the following, who may have ran mixed order or may see something else ive missed? Allegiance: Order Leaders Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage - General - Command Trait : Master of Defense - Artefact : Phoenix Stone Luminark Of Hysh With White Battlemage Aether-Khemist Knight-Azyros Archmage Units 40 x Arkanaut Company - 12 x Light Skyhooks 5 x Liberators -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Judicators -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 1 x Gryph-Hound Total: 2000 / 2000
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/IKn7n Hordes (mostly Gators) See below for my list of what I want or feel free to make me a cash offer. Here’s what I’ve got: Hordes template/measuring set 2 packs of medium-base wounds markers Rask Swamp Horror (painted) Boneswarm (painted https://imgur.com/gallery/Dmrv ) Gatorman Posse (old, unassembled) Gatorman posse (old, painted and based by someone who knew what they were doing) Gatorman Posse (painted and almost based by me) Bog Trog Ambushers Bog Trog Mist Speaker Bog Trog Trawler Feralgheist Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew Swamp Gobber Chef Croak Hunter 2x Gatorman Witch Doctor Dannon Blythe and Bull I also have a ton of Skorne ( ) Here’s what I want: Warhammer 40k main rulebook Adeptus Mechanicus (40k) Shadespire Stormcast hero from Blight War I’ll consider anything Stormcast I MIGHT consider Primaris Marines
  11. Wow, I really didn't post anything for a while. Anyway, life has been quite busy and not much hobby has been done. I've built a battlemage and wanted to give him a sort of a steampunkish look, so tell me what you guys think. I know it's not halflings, but he's definitely going to be allied with my army. I've also got to test out Shadespire with my good friend Chuck Moore @Odiamh , and while I was skeptical at first, now I'm absolutely in love with the game. The rules seem a bit complex at first but once you play 1 or 2 games it becomes a very quick, fun and tactical game. Chuck decided to take the side of Stormcast, while I was playing Khorne. We played the best of three, with him taking the first victory, and me winning the other two. Last game was especially fun, as I killed all three stormcast with a single bloodreaver in the last phase. Check out the pics below! That's it for this update. I'll try to post more hobby and especially halflings as the time allows! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  12. Easele n

    Infinite attacks

    So I was reading stormcast battletome book. Page 99 Prayers of Stormhosts (Bless Weapons)--In your hero phase, you can declare that this model is going to pray for sigmar to bless the weapons of his chosen warriors. If you do so, pick the priest or a unit with 12" of them and roll a dice. On a roll of 4 or more the prayer is heard - until your next hero phase, for that hit rolls of 6 or more for that unit, you can immediately roll another attack. Now that we know that. Set up with up with. Lord-Celestant (General) Retributors (x's)(2A, 3+h, 3+w, -1r, 2d) Lord-Relictor Now with the celestant giving +1 to hit 9" around him. And a set Retributors have Blast to Ash on hits 6 or more inflict 2 mortal wounds. With the buff of the Relictor (bless weapons). Will the buff keep the going "if" all my dice love me. But that would make it so that if i get 5ups making to a 6 because of the +1 to hit. that is an auto 2mw. And scince it is a 6 now will it keep going?
  13. Hi guys, here's a complete progress of my Errant-Questor, kitbashed from various bits and pieces I am left with, or purchased from bit sites/ebay. Just a bit of a background, AoS is my first foray into this whole wargaming hobby, and I started off with the stormcast eternals because I love the idea of an angelic host made from humans who have a bone to pick with chaos, guided by a (mostly) benevolent god-king. My first few minis are horrific, but I've tried to improve with each iteration, learning how to basecoat properly, wash, dry brush, make my own bases, glazing, wet blending, NMM (wasn't very successful), and edge highlighting. The Errant-Questor is my 40th painted mini since 4 months ago, and represents the cumulation of all the techniques I've learnt since then. Enjoy!
  14. Hey guys, its that time of year I guess when we get ready for Armies on Parade. I missed last year, and so I have made a doubled effort this year to have something presentable and take part in the new format. I know I find these kind of posts interesting, so if I even inspire one person or make someone interested in taking part or just filling up a few minutes of someones day the effort of putting some pictures up of progress through till end of October will have made it all worth it. This year I decided from my two considered armies to used my Stormcast, they have been funnest to paint and it gave me a super excuse to buy a Stardrake to have that centre piece model on the board to play with and complete the army. Disclaimer: I am not the most fantastical painter in the world, and I certainly am not a master sculpter when it comes to scenery, but I really enjoy the process of it all. Please do feel free to give critique and suggestions as any improvements can only make my chances better right! My plan then is to have a multi level board, the bottom is a small dungeon that I am going to have a Knight Questor and some Liberators freeing a couple of my Warhammer Quest models (yet to be choosen) from some jail cells. Will also stick some of the enemies in there for a bit of atmosphere. The dungeon is leads up to a small building via some stairs, which opens out onto the main board area. Next level up is a small hilled area to house some of my ranged troops and beasts, and also the magical ruined tower which can home my Prosecutors. To the left is a outhang which will have my general looking over the troops. On the very top level the cliff will house my Stardrake.
  15. Hello and welcome to the first AoS Shorts XL – a slightly longer show allowing a more in-depth coverage of a particular topic. Today, I’m joined by Shaun Bates, currently New Zealand’s #1 Age of Sigmar tournament gamer, to talk about Stormcast Eternals in General’s Handbook 2017. Shaun has had great success running different Stormcast lists on our local scene. In particular, he has gotten the most out of underutilised units to build synergistic mixed arms lists and win tournaments. In this show, we cover Stormcast as an army in Age of Sigmar, their strengths and weaknesses, some ideas for builds around Palladors, and some general tips for improving your tournament success with Stormcast. Later in the week, I’ll expand this blog post with a summary of this interview – so you have all the key points in one place. You can find more information on the AoS Shorts General’s Handbook 2017 page. You can find Shaun on Twitter at @AoSShaun89 and me at @antipodean7. Let us know what you think of the new format, audio quality etc. as we experimented with some new equipment. https://aosshorts.com/stormcast-eternals-ghb2017/
  16. Hi All, I'm painting my Stormcast in the classic gold colour but want to do something a little different with the shoulder pads (and liberator shields). I want to try to achieve an effect as if they have glass shoulderpads that contain swirling wind (was thinking I would use greys and whites etc). Any advice on how I can get this effect and also what to do to achieve a "sheen" as if it has a glass casing? Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone So I finally cracked open my Stormcast and put together a list I think might be handy as well as using something from another army for allies: ===================================== Major - Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Castellant (100) - General Units 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 10 x Liberators (200) -Warhammers 5 x Liberators (100) -Warhammers 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) - 1 x Starsoul Maces 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) - 1 x Starsoul Maces 2 x Concussors (280) 1 x Gryph-Hound (40) Behemoths Celestial Hurricanum (380) Total: 2000/ 2000 Points Leaders: 3/6 Battlelines: 4 (3+) Behemoths: 1/4 Artillery: 0/4 ===================================== I'm still undecided on alliance abilities, unique items etc. I'll be the first to say I am not the greatest with this army, in fact I have played very little with or against them so am interested on your thoughts. I have other units at my disposal if I needed to tweak the list. Stormcast Units at my disposal: 25 x Liberators (hammer and shield) 10 x Retributors (2 with starsoul maces) 5 x Protectors (Can also put one of starsoul maces with unit if needed) 10 x Judicators 6 x Prosecutors (dual hammers) 4 x Concussors (magnetized so can also be Fulminators or Decimators) Knight Heraldor Lord Castellant Lord Celestant on Dracoth 1 x Knight Venator (Magnetised to either Venator or Azyros) Allies at my disposal: 90 x Freeguild Handgunners 70 x Freeguild Guard (40 with halberds, 20 with spears and 10 with swords/shields) 20 x Freeguild Cav (Standard knights, can these even be used any more?) 5 x pistoleers 1 x Celestial Hurricanum 4 x Empire Cannon 2 x Hellcannon 1 x Motar 1 x Rocket Battery 1 x Mastergunner (Master engineer?) 1 x Steam Tank 1 x Karl Franz on Deathclaw 1 x Empire General on Gryphon 1 x Empire General on Horse 1 x Empire General on foot 10 x Flaglants 300+ x compendium units I can no longer use (lol).
  18. Elizabeth Reike-Woerlitz was always a precocious child, outdoing her peers both in the library and on the training yard. Like all the children of that family, she had been raised on the stories of the lost wonders of the Mortal Realms, and she took them to heart- burning to see every corner of the Realms with her own eyes. By the time she was of age, she was a noted scholar, artist and soldier, holding a well-deserved officer's post in the Reike-Woerlitz Freeguild. She spurned any talk of marriage, preferring to seek her fortune and future in the rough-and-tumble beyond the walls of Azyrheim. In her third decade, the great crusade across the Realms began, and she leaped at the chance to be one of its countless leaders. Victories in Aqshy and Ghur brought her to the attention of some of Sigmar's lieutenants, but it was her inspired assault on the Dogfort in Ghyran that won her real acclaim. She was chosen to lead an expedition into Chamon, to seek out the remnants of the Dispossessed and any uncontacted Fyreslayer lodges that might be found. Months of careful searching, though, left her empty-handed and frustrated. In her sixth month, though, she struck gold, or rather silver. To that point the expedition had skirmished with metal-skinned Beastmen, but seen no real battles- only vast, empty lead flats and iron mountains in the distance. This changed overnight. Her sentries brought her a Duardin, clad in the ruined scraps of a strange mechanical suit of armor and grievously burned by molten metal. He gasped out that he and his kin and their flying ship had been entrapped by a monster in the mountains, a gigantic argent wyrm that was roasting them alive, one by one. The creature was immune to shot and shell- perhaps, though, it might be vulnerable to mortal magic. Swearing to the dying fugitive to rescue his friends and crewmates, Elizabeth and the expedition followed his tracks double-quick across the plains. In the foothills, they saw what they were seeking- a vast caldera with steam rising like a volcano. Creeping to its rim, Elizabeth saw a massive Duardin airship, sealed to the ground by silver chains, and a huge cage containing dozens upon dozens of its crew. At the center of the caldera was a spring, and in that spring rested a massive dragon made of molten silver. From one long claw dangled a single Duardin, screaming as he slowly roasted in his armor to the monster's amusement. Mindful of the fugitive's warning, Elizabeth divided the expedition in two. The majority would go to shatter the air vessel's chains and break open the cage, freeing the prisoners and preparing an escape route. She would have the more perilous task. With her arcane halberd, Grimfire, and a few chosen companions, she would need to distract the monster away from the others for long enough that they could do their job. Bullets couldn't hurt the wyrm, but they could attract its attention. At the first salvo, it raged up the slope of the caldera towards her party, burning up the ground as it came. When it reached the top, she struck- a swipe and thrust of her blade grievously wounded the beast, and she dodged nimbly out of the way of its counterattack. Time and again, it struck, and any one of its blows would have ended her- but she was agile and quick-witted, and she knew how to keep it off balance. She hit it again and again, and Grimfire cut away at its scales and tore at its flesh. Every time it roared in pain, and every time the air grew hotter as it bled. Then it belched out a massive stream of burning metal, and though Elizabeth was not struck by the flames she was wounded by the flying debris. The silver dragon loomed above her, pinning her fast with molten bonds that burned at her flesh. It laughed at her, mocking her for thinking that it, a creature older than the Realms themselves, could be defeated by her, a mortal. It would end her, the wyrm promised, and then perhaps it would encase her flesh in steel and make her its undying lieutenant. Her halberd would go into its treasure hoard, and her friends would be burned like the Duardin. Even as it said this, though, there came a great groaning from behind it- and Elizabeth saw the airship rising up, turning on the dragon, a gleaming hook planted at its bow. The wyrm swiveled in horror- and at that moment Elizabeth broke her restraints, plunging Grimfire into its heart even as the skyhook dug itself deep into the creature's metal flesh. In that moment, the argent monster died in a cataclysmic explosion of molten metal, burning Elizabeth horribly and staining the ground silver all around. ------ When she awoke, it was in the belly of the Duardin sky-ship. She could not feel her limbs, and her eyesight was clouded and indistinct. As she lay there, one of the crew, dressed in the finery of a sky-captain, entered and stood beside her. He introduced himself as Throndin Steelheart, the captain of the vessel, and her debtor. The wyrm's flesh and its treasure hoard were worth a dozen king's ransoms, he explained, and it was thanks to Elizabeth that he was here to exploit it. In exchange, the least he could do was make her whole again. While she had lain there, almost dead, much of her burned away by the heat of the monster's final blow, the Duardin had constructed a metal body to sustain and empower her. As Throndin spoke, her newly augmented mechanical body came to life, and her mechanical eyes focused with unnatural precision. She rose, half woman, half machine, ready to fight for her family and her god once again. ------ The storytellers call Sister Elizabeth the Iron Hand of Sigmar, the Neverforged, Conqueror of the Silver Wyrm, Skyfriend, the Bold, Queen of Battle, the Twelfth.
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