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Found 357 results

  1. This week Paul and Ryan discussed the solid Freeguild list Paul has put forward for the comp. We also complained about some of the SCE minis and just had a good old fashioned chin wag for a while.
  2. Hello guys and gals, First official post up here, looking for a nice chat and some friendly advice As well as recently starting a Kharadron Overlords army I am looking at trying to run some viable Mixed Order lists as I think some variation is fun. I currently own KO, Stormcast, Sylvaneth and a handful of Elves. Ive just recently acquired a hurricanum NIB off a friend for a reasonable price so want to try piece something together. Whats your guys thoughts on the following, who may have ran mixed order or may see something else ive missed? Allegiance: Order Leaders Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage - General - Command Trait : Master of Defense - Artefact : Phoenix Stone Luminark Of Hysh With White Battlemage Aether-Khemist Knight-Azyros Archmage Units 40 x Arkanaut Company - 12 x Light Skyhooks 5 x Liberators -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Judicators -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 1 x Gryph-Hound Total: 2000 / 2000
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/IKn7n Hordes (mostly Gators) See below for my list of what I want or feel free to make me a cash offer. Here’s what I’ve got: Hordes template/measuring set 2 packs of medium-base wounds markers Rask Swamp Horror (painted) Boneswarm (painted https://imgur.com/gallery/Dmrv ) Gatorman Posse (old, unassembled) Gatorman posse (old, painted and based by someone who knew what they were doing) Gatorman Posse (painted and almost based by me) Bog Trog Ambushers Bog Trog Mist Speaker Bog Trog Trawler Feralgheist Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew Swamp Gobber Chef Croak Hunter 2x Gatorman Witch Doctor Dannon Blythe and Bull I also have a ton of Skorne ( ) Here’s what I want: Warhammer 40k main rulebook Adeptus Mechanicus (40k) Shadespire Stormcast hero from Blight War I’ll consider anything Stormcast I MIGHT consider Primaris Marines
  4. Wow, I really didn't post anything for a while. Anyway, life has been quite busy and not much hobby has been done. I've built a battlemage and wanted to give him a sort of a steampunkish look, so tell me what you guys think. I know it's not halflings, but he's definitely going to be allied with my army. I've also got to test out Shadespire with my good friend Chuck Moore @Odiamh , and while I was skeptical at first, now I'm absolutely in love with the game. The rules seem a bit complex at first but once you play 1 or 2 games it becomes a very quick, fun and tactical game. Chuck decided to take the side of Stormcast, while I was playing Khorne. We played the best of three, with him taking the first victory, and me winning the other two. Last game was especially fun, as I killed all three stormcast with a single bloodreaver in the last phase. Check out the pics below! That's it for this update. I'll try to post more hobby and especially halflings as the time allows! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  5. Easele n

    Infinite attacks

    So I was reading stormcast battletome book. Page 99 Prayers of Stormhosts (Bless Weapons)--In your hero phase, you can declare that this model is going to pray for sigmar to bless the weapons of his chosen warriors. If you do so, pick the priest or a unit with 12" of them and roll a dice. On a roll of 4 or more the prayer is heard - until your next hero phase, for that hit rolls of 6 or more for that unit, you can immediately roll another attack. Now that we know that. Set up with up with. Lord-Celestant (General) Retributors (x's)(2A, 3+h, 3+w, -1r, 2d) Lord-Relictor Now with the celestant giving +1 to hit 9" around him. And a set Retributors have Blast to Ash on hits 6 or more inflict 2 mortal wounds. With the buff of the Relictor (bless weapons). Will the buff keep the going "if" all my dice love me. But that would make it so that if i get 5ups making to a 6 because of the +1 to hit. that is an auto 2mw. And scince it is a 6 now will it keep going?
  6. Hi guys, here's a complete progress of my Errant-Questor, kitbashed from various bits and pieces I am left with, or purchased from bit sites/ebay. Just a bit of a background, AoS is my first foray into this whole wargaming hobby, and I started off with the stormcast eternals because I love the idea of an angelic host made from humans who have a bone to pick with chaos, guided by a (mostly) benevolent god-king. My first few minis are horrific, but I've tried to improve with each iteration, learning how to basecoat properly, wash, dry brush, make my own bases, glazing, wet blending, NMM (wasn't very successful), and edge highlighting. The Errant-Questor is my 40th painted mini since 4 months ago, and represents the cumulation of all the techniques I've learnt since then. Enjoy!
  7. Hey guys, its that time of year I guess when we get ready for Armies on Parade. I missed last year, and so I have made a doubled effort this year to have something presentable and take part in the new format. I know I find these kind of posts interesting, so if I even inspire one person or make someone interested in taking part or just filling up a few minutes of someones day the effort of putting some pictures up of progress through till end of October will have made it all worth it. This year I decided from my two considered armies to used my Stormcast, they have been funnest to paint and it gave me a super excuse to buy a Stardrake to have that centre piece model on the board to play with and complete the army. Disclaimer: I am not the most fantastical painter in the world, and I certainly am not a master sculpter when it comes to scenery, but I really enjoy the process of it all. Please do feel free to give critique and suggestions as any improvements can only make my chances better right! My plan then is to have a multi level board, the bottom is a small dungeon that I am going to have a Knight Questor and some Liberators freeing a couple of my Warhammer Quest models (yet to be choosen) from some jail cells. Will also stick some of the enemies in there for a bit of atmosphere. The dungeon is leads up to a small building via some stairs, which opens out onto the main board area. Next level up is a small hilled area to house some of my ranged troops and beasts, and also the magical ruined tower which can home my Prosecutors. To the left is a outhang which will have my general looking over the troops. On the very top level the cliff will house my Stardrake.
  8. Hello and welcome to the first AoS Shorts XL – a slightly longer show allowing a more in-depth coverage of a particular topic. Today, I’m joined by Shaun Bates, currently New Zealand’s #1 Age of Sigmar tournament gamer, to talk about Stormcast Eternals in General’s Handbook 2017. Shaun has had great success running different Stormcast lists on our local scene. In particular, he has gotten the most out of underutilised units to build synergistic mixed arms lists and win tournaments. In this show, we cover Stormcast as an army in Age of Sigmar, their strengths and weaknesses, some ideas for builds around Palladors, and some general tips for improving your tournament success with Stormcast. Later in the week, I’ll expand this blog post with a summary of this interview – so you have all the key points in one place. You can find more information on the AoS Shorts General’s Handbook 2017 page. You can find Shaun on Twitter at @AoSShaun89 and me at @antipodean7. Let us know what you think of the new format, audio quality etc. as we experimented with some new equipment. https://aosshorts.com/stormcast-eternals-ghb2017/
  9. Hi All, I'm painting my Stormcast in the classic gold colour but want to do something a little different with the shoulder pads (and liberator shields). I want to try to achieve an effect as if they have glass shoulderpads that contain swirling wind (was thinking I would use greys and whites etc). Any advice on how I can get this effect and also what to do to achieve a "sheen" as if it has a glass casing? Thanks!
  10. Looking to sell my Stormcast army in order to fund new conversion and painting projects, I understand people like to haggle but the listed price is all I'm willing to part with it for. The army is also on ebay so if it sell there first I will remove this post, thank you. £350 plus £12.50 tracked postage (or collection from Nottingham) Containing: One Templar on Stardrake conversion (ruined wall basing needs painting) One Lord Relictor Conversion 3 x Prosecutors with Javalins (Prime has a trident) 3 x Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Bows 3 x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows 2 x Fulminators converted to ride Gryph Chargers 2 x Concussors converted to ride Gryph Chargers 1 x Lord Aquillor 2 x 5 Vanguard Hunters (Prime and Astral compass in each unit) 10 x Liberators (Hammer and Shield, Prime with grand hammer, second model with grand hammer) 10 x Liberators (Sword and Shield, Prime with Grand Blade, second model with grand blade) 15 x Protectors (Including one prime, converted helmets) All models provided as photographed.
  11. Hi everyone So I finally cracked open my Stormcast and put together a list I think might be handy as well as using something from another army for allies: ===================================== Major - Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Castellant (100) - General Units 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 10 x Liberators (200) -Warhammers 5 x Liberators (100) -Warhammers 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) - 1 x Starsoul Maces 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) - 1 x Starsoul Maces 2 x Concussors (280) 1 x Gryph-Hound (40) Behemoths Celestial Hurricanum (380) Total: 2000/ 2000 Points Leaders: 3/6 Battlelines: 4 (3+) Behemoths: 1/4 Artillery: 0/4 ===================================== I'm still undecided on alliance abilities, unique items etc. I'll be the first to say I am not the greatest with this army, in fact I have played very little with or against them so am interested on your thoughts. I have other units at my disposal if I needed to tweak the list. Stormcast Units at my disposal: 25 x Liberators (hammer and shield) 10 x Retributors (2 with starsoul maces) 5 x Protectors (Can also put one of starsoul maces with unit if needed) 10 x Judicators 6 x Prosecutors (dual hammers) 4 x Concussors (magnetized so can also be Fulminators or Decimators) Knight Heraldor Lord Castellant Lord Celestant on Dracoth 1 x Knight Venator (Magnetised to either Venator or Azyros) Allies at my disposal: 90 x Freeguild Handgunners 70 x Freeguild Guard (40 with halberds, 20 with spears and 10 with swords/shields) 20 x Freeguild Cav (Standard knights, can these even be used any more?) 5 x pistoleers 1 x Celestial Hurricanum 4 x Empire Cannon 2 x Hellcannon 1 x Motar 1 x Rocket Battery 1 x Mastergunner (Master engineer?) 1 x Steam Tank 1 x Karl Franz on Deathclaw 1 x Empire General on Gryphon 1 x Empire General on Horse 1 x Empire General on foot 10 x Flaglants 300+ x compendium units I can no longer use (lol).
  12. Elizabeth Reike-Woerlitz was always a precocious child, outdoing her peers both in the library and on the training yard. Like all the children of that family, she had been raised on the stories of the lost wonders of the Mortal Realms, and she took them to heart- burning to see every corner of the Realms with her own eyes. By the time she was of age, she was a noted scholar, artist and soldier, holding a well-deserved officer's post in the Reike-Woerlitz Freeguild. She spurned any talk of marriage, preferring to seek her fortune and future in the rough-and-tumble beyond the walls of Azyrheim. In her third decade, the great crusade across the Realms began, and she leaped at the chance to be one of its countless leaders. Victories in Aqshy and Ghur brought her to the attention of some of Sigmar's lieutenants, but it was her inspired assault on the Dogfort in Ghyran that won her real acclaim. She was chosen to lead an expedition into Chamon, to seek out the remnants of the Dispossessed and any uncontacted Fyreslayer lodges that might be found. Months of careful searching, though, left her empty-handed and frustrated. In her sixth month, though, she struck gold, or rather silver. To that point the expedition had skirmished with metal-skinned Beastmen, but seen no real battles- only vast, empty lead flats and iron mountains in the distance. This changed overnight. Her sentries brought her a Duardin, clad in the ruined scraps of a strange mechanical suit of armor and grievously burned by molten metal. He gasped out that he and his kin and their flying ship had been entrapped by a monster in the mountains, a gigantic argent wyrm that was roasting them alive, one by one. The creature was immune to shot and shell- perhaps, though, it might be vulnerable to mortal magic. Swearing to the dying fugitive to rescue his friends and crewmates, Elizabeth and the expedition followed his tracks double-quick across the plains. In the foothills, they saw what they were seeking- a vast caldera with steam rising like a volcano. Creeping to its rim, Elizabeth saw a massive Duardin airship, sealed to the ground by silver chains, and a huge cage containing dozens upon dozens of its crew. At the center of the caldera was a spring, and in that spring rested a massive dragon made of molten silver. From one long claw dangled a single Duardin, screaming as he slowly roasted in his armor to the monster's amusement. Mindful of the fugitive's warning, Elizabeth divided the expedition in two. The majority would go to shatter the air vessel's chains and break open the cage, freeing the prisoners and preparing an escape route. She would have the more perilous task. With her arcane halberd, Grimfire, and a few chosen companions, she would need to distract the monster away from the others for long enough that they could do their job. Bullets couldn't hurt the wyrm, but they could attract its attention. At the first salvo, it raged up the slope of the caldera towards her party, burning up the ground as it came. When it reached the top, she struck- a swipe and thrust of her blade grievously wounded the beast, and she dodged nimbly out of the way of its counterattack. Time and again, it struck, and any one of its blows would have ended her- but she was agile and quick-witted, and she knew how to keep it off balance. She hit it again and again, and Grimfire cut away at its scales and tore at its flesh. Every time it roared in pain, and every time the air grew hotter as it bled. Then it belched out a massive stream of burning metal, and though Elizabeth was not struck by the flames she was wounded by the flying debris. The silver dragon loomed above her, pinning her fast with molten bonds that burned at her flesh. It laughed at her, mocking her for thinking that it, a creature older than the Realms themselves, could be defeated by her, a mortal. It would end her, the wyrm promised, and then perhaps it would encase her flesh in steel and make her its undying lieutenant. Her halberd would go into its treasure hoard, and her friends would be burned like the Duardin. Even as it said this, though, there came a great groaning from behind it- and Elizabeth saw the airship rising up, turning on the dragon, a gleaming hook planted at its bow. The wyrm swiveled in horror- and at that moment Elizabeth broke her restraints, plunging Grimfire into its heart even as the skyhook dug itself deep into the creature's metal flesh. In that moment, the argent monster died in a cataclysmic explosion of molten metal, burning Elizabeth horribly and staining the ground silver all around. ------ When she awoke, it was in the belly of the Duardin sky-ship. She could not feel her limbs, and her eyesight was clouded and indistinct. As she lay there, one of the crew, dressed in the finery of a sky-captain, entered and stood beside her. He introduced himself as Throndin Steelheart, the captain of the vessel, and her debtor. The wyrm's flesh and its treasure hoard were worth a dozen king's ransoms, he explained, and it was thanks to Elizabeth that he was here to exploit it. In exchange, the least he could do was make her whole again. While she had lain there, almost dead, much of her burned away by the heat of the monster's final blow, the Duardin had constructed a metal body to sustain and empower her. As Throndin spoke, her newly augmented mechanical body came to life, and her mechanical eyes focused with unnatural precision. She rose, half woman, half machine, ready to fight for her family and her god once again. ------ The storytellers call Sister Elizabeth the Iron Hand of Sigmar, the Neverforged, Conqueror of the Silver Wyrm, Skyfriend, the Bold, Queen of Battle, the Twelfth.
  13. Hey guys, please help me salvage this mini. I was going for a red white n blue scheme.
  14. This one is a twofer- look for an earlier post with the fate of Teodoric's line and the end of the Bogomils. ------ Austrasia and Illyria, like the other great empires of old, were ruined under the onslaught of Chaos, but elsewhere folk remained free of the taint of the Dark Gods by virtue of their mobility. Across the wide plains of Ghur, the horse-folk of the Ogatai had never settled the way their cousins the Bogomils had, and so when the end came they could simply ride away with their mounts and herds, leading the Marauders and daemons on a merry chase across the realm. For decades, they persisted in this way, proudly defiant and taking a fearsome toll in enemy skulls. Thus it was in the day of Radek Ogotai, known as the White Horse, whose word was his bond and who was marked by the Great Stallion those people worship with a pale crescent in the shape of a hoof. It was he who came to rule over the Ogotai upon the death of his father, even as the settled Chaos Lords of the Realms swore to destroy the ever-evasive nomads. On the night after he had drunk the mare milk and stallion blood that marked his ascent as chieftain, he had a dream. In it he saw his people chased by four horses- one red, one pale, one white and one bone. Where the horses caught a man, they would trample and bite and tear at him, and in this way they were on the verge of destroying every Ogotai who still lived. In his dream, Radek saw another horse, greater and prouder than the four, rising from the earth itself, and he took the beast's reins and tried to flee on its back- but it bucked and stomped, and carried him towards the marauding beasts. Clinging to the steed's neck, he rode it against the four horses, lashing out with his sword and his steed's hooves until they were broken and in flight. Waking, he understood. The horses were the Dark Gods, and though he had the power to save his people from their rampage victory did not lie in flight, but in attack. Calling his warriors together, he lay out a new plan- to turn around and strike at their enemies, to win wars in the Great Stallion's name. Their horses that had stood them so well in the chase now became fierce coursers, and their hunting bows were deadly weapons against men. The lords of Chaos, long accustomed to pursuing, were utterly surprised when the tables turned, and routed wherever the Ogotai came upon them. Across three Realms the nomads carved a path of destruction, purifying the taint of the Dark Gods with fire and the sword. Indeed, so great was their disruption to the Dark Gods' continued conquests that other slaves to darkness began to gain hope, rising against their daemonic masters. This would not do. A mighty army of mortals, beasts and terrifying creatures from beyond the realms of sanity was called together to crush the Ogotai in an iron band. Though Radek won victory after victory, he was slowly being encircled and trapped by the numberless legions of Chaos. At last, confronted with the inevitable end of his people, he cried out to the Great Stallion for deliverance. The Horse-Who-Is-God granted him another dream, of numberless eyes watching Radek and his people- yet as he moved, the eyes followed him, not the multitude around him. He woke and knew what he must do. On the morn, battle was joined against a great horde of Chaos, and though his warriors struck and retreated again and again the iron tide did not stop in coming. Taking his bosom companions with him, Radek led another charge into the heart of the Marauder ranks, driving them back on themselves for a brief span. Then, as the charge began to stall and the Marauders rallied, he signaled to his soldiers to retreat- and with his closest friends continued to ride. Seeing their greatest enemy fleeing in a different direction, the champions of man, beast and God gave chase, leaving the rank and file confused. As the enemy formation began to scatter apart bereft of leadership, the surviving warriors of the Ogotai broke a hole, making their escape into the wilderness again. For his part, Radek was brought to bear by no less than seven Lords of Chaos, who slew his steed from under him. Crippled and dying, he began to laugh- his enemies might have killed him, but they had failed entirely to best his people. The Ogotai would never die. Centuries later, when Sigmar's golden legions fell on the Mortal Realms, they found men and women of the Ogotai still riding the plains, still proudly defiant of all the Gods of Chaos and their corruption. For his part, though, Radek was taken up in Sigmarite- a laughing storm, a bearer of thunder, a divine messenger once again bearing hope to the slaves of the Enemy. ------ Brother Radek is called the Laughing Storm, the Bearer of Thunder, Hope's Champion, the White Scar, the Stallion’s Hooves, the Fourteenth.
  15. Hi all, I have been painting my sigmarines and well I'm generally new to painting all together. According to my paint guide for my sigmarines it says to use Retri armor (base) then Rekilan flesh (shade) and then finally auric armor gold (layer) last. After doing this my little dudes are very bright gold is this intended? Whats the purpose of the shade it seems to of done nothing.
  16. Hi all, Just wondering if the Celestial Realm that stormcast can choose to setup in, counts as "in play" for the purpose of using the Pennant of the Stormbringer. I.e I can use the pennant in the Vexillors hero phase, pull the prosecutors from a Hammerstrike (for example) out of the realm and to where I want them. I suspect the answer is yes, as the realm part of the game. and In Play is different to "on the board" but want to make sure. Thanks for any help
  17. I've been working on my Stormcast host on and off now for nearly a year, with the majority of what I'd call "bulk" units completed or in the final stages of painting (5 more vanguard hunters are finished but not pictured, I have 15 protectors and 5 decimators along with two Concussor conversions to paint) which frees me up to do the most enjoyable part of the army. Characterful Conversions! I've just about finished the modelling on my Lord Commander for the host (Unique model, first of the host, general) who is in dire need of a name so suggestions are more than welcome. But most of all I'd love suggestions of characters, artillery pieces or monsters that people would like to see converted up that fit the theme of stormcast so that I can add them to the host! C&C Welcome as always!
  18. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've been working on the concept of Lord Commanders for Stormcast Hosts and would love feedback. All great armies throughout the Realms start with but a single soldier and a mission, The Lord Commander embodies both these traits for their host. They are the first chosen by Sigmar when a new host is to be formed, a champion beyond compare from the souls their divine god has plucked from the brink of death. Many Commanders are formed from Legendary kings or Generals, but others still are rumoured to come from the Broken World in a time before myths were formed, if true such beings could predate the worlds known to man and have walked the earth in days that Gods walked as mortal men. When sigmar comes to form a host its purpose is already clear in his mind, some are forged to guard areas of great importance to his grand alliance, others set out to conquer a specific foe that harries his forces on their advance. Whatever purpose is chosen the Lord Commander is infused with Sigmars bellowing voice as the order is carved into both their armour and souls. Should a Lord Commander survive the reforging process their Armour and Weaponry come not from the Duardin forges that the rest of the host are armed with, instead ancient vaults buried deep within Azyr uncoil to present relics of Myth to these embodiences of Sigmars will. Many relics form the basis of legends throughout the realms, the Phoenix Blade of Aqysh that can blast a mortal man to ash, the Celestial Cloak of Hysh that allows its bearer to tread amongst the stars, such is the power of these relics that they drain the very soul of their bearer, only those of divine will can resist their pull. Armed and Armoured the Lord Commanders stand at the forefront of their hosts, second only to the Lord Sigmar himself in authority it is they who spur on their soldiers in the name of their god. Champion, General, Steward and Judge these men and women define their Hosts (for better or worse). Ralyn'Tor Lord Commander of the Anvils is a Grim and Cold figure, palapable waves of terror ripple in his very prescence, their air crackles with electricity barely contained by his rune laden armour, hidden always behind an exquisitely carved mask his eyes burn with the embers of the forge that has yet to cool off. UNIQUE: No Army may contain more than one Lord Commander, but a single commander exists per host. If the Lord Commander is fielded he must be your general. A Lord Commander may not select relics or command traits and instead has the following abilities. Ability: Shatterfang Blade: Each Lord Commander possesses a blade unique to the host from which they were made, unique and deadly relics forged long ago. Such is the power of these blades that lesser men find their souls torn asunder should they attempt to harness the power. For every model this blade kills in MELEE inflict one additional automatic hit on the unit as their slain comerade detonates into shards of super heated sigmarite. Warcouncil: The Lord Commander is a consumate general capable of marshalling his officers to perform their roles with optimal efficiency. If this model is your general all friendly STORMCAST heroes may use their command abilities when within 12 inches of this model in the hero phase. Consumate Duelist: The Lord Commander is a duelist nigh beyond compare, seeking out the enemy heroes to do battle that they might crush the enemy hosts with but a single kill. Whilst directing their MELEE attack against this model enemy heroes must subtract 1 from all to hit rolls. The Crash of Thunder: The Lord Commander leads his forces in an unstoppable tide of Stormcast, crashing through enemy lines as though they were nothing. In a turn in which this model charges, all friendly STORMCAST models who have charged that turn may make an additional attack with any Melee weapons. Command Ability: Storm Infused: The first of the host still crackle with the power of Sigmars storm, channelling this energy into their brethern around them to boost them to even greater heroic feats. In your hero phase select a friendly STORMCAST unit within 6 inches, that unit may then MOVE, SHOOT or ATTACK IN CLOSE COMBAT as though it were theappropriate phase. This does not prevent the unit from acting as normal later in the turn.
  19. Of all the mortal realms, perhaps the least traveled among them is the place named Ulgu. Shadow magic personified, it is a plane of shifting continents, ominous skies, endless grey crags, and home to demonic fogs. In ancient times, before Chaos ruled over all but Sigmar’s throne, explorers would not deign to venture there. They feared the realm of dread illusion would swallow them whole, or worse face the wrath of a baleful king left over from another world, like the patron god of men. Through winding valleys and hidden pathways stands a solitary fortress, larger than any like it across the mortal realms. The earth around it is serene and unchanging, but by no means beautiful. The castle stands as an anchor of logic, holding its surroundings in place while violent change and constant misdirection leave the rest of Ulgu an unknowable terror. It is here that a mysterious benefactor took the castle as their own, and sought to fill it with stewards to keep it, and proud knights to defend it. The master of the castle knew well this King of Shadow, once named Malekith. Long ago, Malekith was a distant blood relative, and also a most hated foe. The benefactor saw the city of stone as an opportunity, a way to garrison many souls in everlasting watch over an old enemy. Any shelter it may provide, any community it may create, any new ideas fostered under its roof, all were secondary to this singular purpose. Not that the benefactor would elucidate this to anyone. Years after the first settlers were led to its bronze gates, the castle-city is home to outcasts, vagabonds, and wanderers who seek a new order of things away an undesired establishment. This is no collection of pirates and thieves, but rather a flourishing city state governed by those deemed unfit to live amongst other mortals, no matter how noble the intentions in their hearts. From this cradle of sanctuary, the denizens of Castle Siebenbur strike from their home into other realms. Far from heavenly Azyr, the fortress in Ulgu stands as a bastion of Order where no other life would dare to defy the might of Chaos. -- This is one of my finished armies that has seen action at the Las Vegas Open, Adepticon, and now an event with the Adepticon crew at Midwest Meltdown. I took roughly a year to plan this army through writing fluff, conversion planning, and color scheme studies. I based this army on an examination of the many aspects I enjoy about fantasy in popular culture, particularly Japanese fantasy video games and their color palettes. Not the anime or cel-shaded games, but more visceral titles such as The Last Remnant, Dragon's Dogma, and Dark Souls to name a few. I have been particularly fascinated for a long time with the muted, organic palettes and the focus on nondenominational ornamentation... I could go on and on about why certain aspects of the army look as they do, but putting that all into a single post would take longer than I have in one sitting. So here's some minis to start with, I'll add more with bits of fluff as I go. No critique necessary. I know what looks bad and why. I have learned from what I rushed in this army and improved greatly in my upcoming Celestial Vindicators force. This army was rushed to completion, and nothing will change that, but it is certainly my most narrative driven army and that is what makes it beyond impressive and special in my opinion. It's not bad on the table either, I came in the top third of players at Adepticon 2017 with this lot.
  20. Hello all, it's been some time since my last post! I won't beat around the bush - as was the case with many I'm sure, 8th Edition 40K stormed into my life and Age of Sigmar was, quite simply, put on hold while I sorted out my first 1000pts army. Beyond the miniatures themselves, there were a number of scenery pieces that needed painted and assembled and in between all of that, I'd been chipping away on my Nurgle Daemons, who I'm hoping to have a dual existance with in both my 40K army and my eventual Nurgle Daemons/Rotbringers/Pestillens army for Age of Sigmar, but more on that when I've more to show for it. In any case, between finishing my Heretic Astartes and continuing to put together my Nurgle Daemons, I took a break from all things Chaos to finally polish off my Stormcast army. Now at 2000pts (1000pts of which is in 3 models, which is pretty crazy), it - like my Wolf and the Rat army - is built strictly around the philosophy of cool models > theme > how does it play. I did want it to be something of an antithesis of my Wolf and the Rat Bloodbound, and so the whole army is a small, elite core of only 28 models (Dracoth Celestant, Drakesworn Templar, Celestant Prime, 5 Liberators, 5 Liberators, 5 Judicators, 5 Decimators, 3 Prosecutors, 2 Fulminators) with 2 more not in the list (Lord Relictor, Knight Questor) vs the horde of 77 models in their nemesis list, which makes for a pretty interesting matchup! It's been a fun project, and in many ways neat to work on the antithesis of Chaos while most of my other models have been Chaos of some form or another, but I think I'm pretty much done with Stormcast Eternals at this point. If I work on any more forces of order, I'd quite like to work on something a little more nutso (Flagellants and Warrior Priests, for example), or even just bring in some actual Aelfs for the Azure Tempest to ally with. Then, of course, there's always my big pile of Dwarfs I've got waiting to be painted, and with the new Fyreslayer Start Collecting! box coming out.. I'm starting to think I have a problem. My ramblings aside, here's the models! Eldyra the Immaculate, Blade of Tyrion Okay, so this is an idea I've had pretty much since I started the Azure Tempest. While I try not to involve named characters in my own fluff to be best I can achieve (though this can be unavoidable to a point when working with Stormcast, particularly if you're the kind of idiot that decides to do something that didn't come from standard human origins), I figured Eldyra is such a minor plot character whose conflicting tales of her fate in End Times gives a bit of leeway. Princess Eldyra of Tiranoc was Tyrion's squire and in at least one End Times novel I believe her fate in End Times was to be turned into a Vampire. With that said, she was still a High Elf, and so I imagine her soul was probably consumed by Slaanesh with the rest of them. Due to the Vampiric Taint in her body however, her freed soul was perhaps less tainted by the digestion leading to her reforged 'human' Stormcast body retaining many more of her Aelf traits. As Tyrion's squire in the world that was, she was given many great gifts following her reforging by Sigmar from her former lord-turned-new-God. Among those were Tyrion's legendary sword Sunfang, and a magical sceptre with a fragment of the Flame of Asuyran itself. From a hobby perspective, there's a lot going on here. The most obvious of which is, the Celestant Prime is switched with Saint Celestine with her sci fi bits and SoB/Imperium markings shaved off. Her head was originally going to be one I'd gotten from a plastic wood elf kit, but the proportions turned out to be incredibly jarring. I'd been told Saint Celestine was a small mini, but this blew my mind a little. She's almost pushing LOTR 25mm when compared to some of the other heroic scale minis in Warhammer, and that's kinda neat, but a pain to kitbash. Her head ended up being one of the Seraphim bodyguard, with a little more of a fringe and longer hair green stuffed on. In photo, I feel like she comes off as a little mannish in their face for an Aelf, but I think it works fine on the tabletop. Another key kitbash was Tyrions sword. This being an important named character in my army, I didn't want to half ass this, so it ended up coming from an old metal Tyrion miniature I got off of eBay, making this certainly the single most expensive kitbash of my life. Unfortunately, the tiny Celestine model again makes even Tyrions sword long as massive as the Cometstaff, but in the heroically proportioned Stormcast army, I don't think it looks too jarring, even if it's a little goofy. The final touch was another sword, slung in a scabbard at her waist that came from a set of Dragon Princes I bought for me fiancé. I'll admit freely that a demigod, squire to an actual God and wielding both a God's famed sword and a staff containing a fragment of a fire used to judge the worthiness of kings of a whole race.. yeah, they probably don't need another short sword, but at least she has less weapons than a Space Marine Primaris grav transport (apologies, more 40K bleeding in!). In truth, this was a last minute addition and is mainly to cover up a little dodgy green stuff work in getting her skirt part of the cloak to fit snugly on her waist. D'oh! The base is the last part probably worthy of comment. Honestly, it wasn't supposed to be quite so overgrown, but for the longest time I'd pictured her divinity and lifeforce causing a ripple of all four seasons across the ground she tread, a more intense variant of the spring flowers blooming in the ash wastes that the rest of my Stormcast are supposed to evoke.. okay, that was the plan, until I saw the base of the assembled model. There wasn't a lot of room for detail beneath the spiral. In the end, I painted the spiral in a nice blend between four seasons of colours, but it wasn't quite what I'd pictured in my head. I just went nuts in the end and blended a light green, dark green, winter green and a dead wasteland brown of grass, with spring flowers, summer flowers, dead leaves and GW snow effects adorning. I wish I'd been smarter with where each strand started instead of ending up mostly summer on the front, mostly autumn on the back, but again, you live and learn, and I'm still fairly pleased with the result in the end. Probably not the smartest choice to field in an army already packing a Stardrake, but the heart wants what the heart wants! Fulminators, Dracoth 'Princes' In contrast to Eldyra, I don't really have a whole lot to say about these guys. I magnetised the arms for future proofing, although I love the idea of the glaive's so much from a theme, miniature and even rules concept so much I didn't actually bother assembling the other options. I'm planning on running these guys together with my Dracoth Celestant with Tempestos Hammer as a glorious charge unit! From a painting point of view, I enjoyed these guys, but they weren't a great deal different to paint over the Lord Celestant on Dracoth, although practice and new, consistent paints have made some of the parts I'd previously struggled with a little bit easier. One thing I noticed after painting these, the final units in my Stormcast army, was what a terrible idea using gloss varnish over the white plate sections for a ceramic effect was - I genuinely enjoyed the look of their plates before adding the gloss, and was a little dismayed by how it looked after. I think I'm going to go back over all my glossy shoulder pads and whatnot with a matte varnish again and fix this. Still like the glossy wings on my Prosecutors/Celestant Prime though. So that's the Azure Tempest finally completed. It's been a fun journey, especially considering that the first model I painted in 10 years was the Knight Questor from the Silver Tower box set that started this whole thing. It's been fun going from my first attempts to figure out gold (and pretty much no highlighting at all) through to my experimentation with techniques, technical paints and various effects from the miniatures to the bases to the kitbashes along the way. Maybe one day I'll return to my Aelfs of Azyr, either with more Stormcast (I do love those Gryph Chargers, and Vanguard Warriors would make great post-Dark Elf Reavers) or with whatever crazy Aelf release that Games Workshop decide to drop on us out of nowhere, but until then, it's back to the forces of Chaos for me as I try and get my Nurgle Daemons ready for both Age of Sigmar and as reinforcements for my 40K army! The Azure Tempest - 1980/2000pts Heroes: 'Prince' Cazris and Glauranax (Lord-Celestant on Dracoth) - 220pts Aemarion Dragonborn and Chaerofax (Drakesworn Templar) - 500pts Eldyra the Immaculate, Blade of Tyrion - 360pts Battleline: Liberators with Warblades - 100pts Liberators with Warblades - 100pts Judicators - 160pts Decimators - 200pts Fulminators - 240pts Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers - 100pts So, what's next? Well, aside from the aforementioned Daemons (whom I'd rather like to build 1000pts of to match my Dwarfs), I think the next time I'll post an update to this blog will be a scenery post! This month has been a big month for buying and painting scenery to provide better cover and thus more interesting battles, especially some fixer-upper pieces from eBay. I've got everything from some high-fantasy Age of Sigmar pieces (Dreadstone Blight, Ophidian Archway, Arcane Ruins) to even just some nice, low-fantasy ruined towers that'll fit nicely with my bridges, walls and farmhouses from Warlord Games to add to my collection, so I'll hopefully have some nice battlefield photos of my next game of Age of Sigmar to show off (and also reveal both of my armies in their fully mustered forms!). Thanks for reading!
  21. Hey all, I have a rules query I was hoping to get some help with. If the Changeling sets up within 10 inches of a gryph hound, does the gryph hound's warning cry trigger? Or does the Changeling elude the Gryph Hound? I would be inclined to say the Changeling does not trigger the warning cry because it is treated as a part of host army until it is revealed. But the next question would be, once it is revealed, does it trigger the warning cry? I would appreciate any thoughts on this; thanks in advance.
  22. Since it seems like stormcast are abit of a meme, i wanted to make paint some Vanguard-Raptors in Merica colors (Red, White, and Blue). Has this been done before I have not seen any examples online?
  23. Hi all. After flicking through the battletome, i'm feeling a bit inspired to try a Stormcast force based around Vanguard-Palladors and Gryph Hounds. I have this mental image of them thundering down a plain with packs of Gryph Hounds weaving inbetween them all as they charge. Anyone tried any similar sort of force?
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