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Found 372 results

  1. Spoilers for Soul Wars Prior to the Soul Wars novel, its was (fairly) argued that Celestant-Prime could not be Karl Franz, due to the fact Franz belonged to a different world and had simply perished. However with the advent of the Soul Wars - It is heavily implied that a Lord Arcanum, known as Balthas Arum, was in fact at one point Balthasar Gelt of the old world. Whether he was reincarnated as mortal in the realms before becoming a storm cast - or whether his soul was preserved from the end of the 'World that Was' is up for debate. However what it does show is that non-gods can somehow be preserved from the Old War in one form or another. Does this mean that Karl Franz' soul has been recycled as Celestant-Prime? Given he is once again Sigmar's favoured champion and once again wields Ghal Maraz? Or not? Or does it really matter? Thoughts?
  2. Chapter 3 – They are here Two days later, on a bright but chilly spring morning, Stadthouder Adriaanus Manstien, Sheriff Albertus and the consigniliari of Montalban stood waiting in the middle of the road, just inside the main town gate . The huge, forged iron gate was thrown wide open, its portcullis raised. The town's guard lined up in front of them outside the gate, on either side of the road leading into the town. Halberdiers on the left, Handgunners on the right. The company of Greatswords stood to attention on one side of the road inside the town a little way past the gate. The dismounted Demigryph Knights stood on the other side of the road facing the Greatswords. Stadthouder Manstien made the decision to leave the Demigryphs in the city's menagerie. They were nervous animals at the best of times and it would be one less thing to worry about. The Demigryph Knights, proud sons and fathers of nobel houses and wealthy merchant families, were not pleased about this decision. The Stadthouder knew he would have to grant a few of them a private audience later in his cabinet room. They were certain to protest their displeasure at having to stand like peasants and ordinary guards to meet the Knights Excelsior. The Stadthouder had already heard some of the grizzled Greatswords jeer at the dismounted knights opposite “Where's your coo-coo bird, son?” Every time Sheriff Albertus boomed “Silence in the ranks!” And so they waited. And waited some more. The Greatswords grew tired and began to lean on their Zweihander swords. The Halberdiers were put at rest and the hand gunners were allowed to put down their guns. Sheriff Albertus shouted up to the gate guard aloft the battlements. “Can you see anything?” “No my lord” was the reply. Some of the consigniliari began to complain. Another practical joke by the festival committee, they argued. Then finally came the cry from the battlements. “My lord, they are here!” A double column of 30 Knights Excelsior Liberators with warhammers and shields, marched briskly up the road towards the city gate. In locked step, they covered the distance in no time at all. Manstien could hear them singing a rousing marching hymn. “As I walk the valleys of Shyish, the lord Sigmar is my guiding light. My resolve, my strength, my righteous fury,...”. Their officer was at the head of the column , marching in silence. Manstien noticed they did not wear golden plate armour but white plate. Sheriff Albertus shouted orders to all around him. Sergeants and captains were redressing ranks and files. Drum rolls came from the far end of the files and the shouts of ‘present arms’ were heard getting ever closer. The Knights Excelsior slowed their pace and silently, they marched past the guard regiments. Under the gate they halted in front of Manstien, Albertus and the party of consigniliari. Stadhouder Manstien looked up to the Stormcast officer in front of him. Dressed in his ornate white battle helmet he stood at one and a half times the Stadthouder's height. The warrior was like a perfect white statue. Manstien's eye twitched nervously. “W..Welcome”, Manstien stuttered. “Welcome. The city and people of Montalban bid the Knights Excelsior welcome. May your stay with us be most agreeable.” The Stormcast officer in unblemished battle plate, decorated with leather scrolls fluttering in the draft, looked down at Manstien. Slowly he raised his arms and removed his helmet. The look on his face made Manstien wish he had kept his helmet on. Manstien looked into the face of the man like a rat hypnotized by a snake. The officer raised his gaze to peer over the heads of the welcoming party and across into the city. He took a long sniff of the air three times, once centre, once left and once right. Sheriff Albertus, who stood next to Manstien, kicked the shins of the Stadthouder. Manstien looked at him “Hmmm?” Then the Stadthouder remembered the young page behind him with the velvet pillow and a large golden key on it. He grabbed the pillow with both hands and held it up aloft to the Stormcast officer. “As Stadthouder of this city, I, Adriaanus Manstien, hereby offer the Knights Excelsior the keys of the city gate and the freedom of the city”. The Knight Excelsior finally answered, still looking over Manstien's head: “My name is Germanus Graghus and I am Lord Veritant of the Knights Excelsior.” He looked down at Manstien. “You can keep your key. We don’t use keys to enter a city.” Manstien was a bit startled. “It is just a symbol, my Lord Veritant.” The Knight Excelsior just nodded. “Thank you for welcoming us. Where do we stay?” Sheriff Albertus took the Knights Excelsior to the guards barracks. Luckily it was not far away. As the Stormcasts marched through the city streets, with the Greatswords behind them forming a guard of honour, the streets filled up with citizens eager to catch a glimpse of the fabled storm warriors of Sigmar. As they walked, shouts turned to murmurs and then to silence. Everybody was overawed by their presence and the aura of solemnity they projected all around them. Once the Stormcasts had entered the barracks, the doors were closed behind them and the Greatswords took up guard position outside the barrack's gate. Inside, Sheriff Albertus took the Lord Veritant through the building, explaining where he would find everything and when their provisions would arrive. The sheriff couldn’t help but noticing how the Lord Veritant seemed to sniff the air as he entered each new room. Finally the Lord Veritant turned around to him and said: “Thank you. This will be all”. “My Lord” answered Albertus. He took a slight bow, turned around and marched out of the barracks without even once looking back. Once Albertus closed the gate door behind him, Germanus Graghus, the Lord Veritant turned to his nearest Knight Excelsior companion. “This place stinks of chaos and every other foul thing to be found in the realms”.
  3. Stormcast Ballista: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stormcast-eternals-celestar-Ballista/254361505252 Stormcast Castigators (crossbow rocket propelled grenades): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/stormcast-eternals-castigators/254361512136 Necrosphinx: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tomb-kings-Necrosphinx-Warhammer-Fantasy-Age-of-Sigmar/254361659105 Photos on the ebay post. take a look if you want, thank you for your time.
  4. Hello folks I just wanted to let people that my Youtube channel has a Stardrake giveaway running at the moment. To enter simply clink on the link to the video below and hit the subscribe button, all existing subscribers are already entered! The winner will be announced during the community section of Doomcast Episode 5 which is scheduled to be released in approx 2 months. All proceeds and revenue generated by my channel are donated to charity and this months charity is Dementia Australia. Good luck to you all!
  5. "The herald of the Stormhosts, an avenging angel clutching a glittering starblade that can carve a swathe through the hardiest of foes, the Knight-Azyros wields another, far more potent weapon. He carries a celestial beacon, a lantern radiating the searing light of the heavens, a light that falls upon the forces of Chaos as a sea of torment far more painful than those twisted agonies the Dark Gods gleefully conceive. Wherever this light shines, so might Sigmar cast his divine bolts more easily - the Knight-Azyros is the tip of the spear, bringing glorious illumination to those places thought lost to infinite corruption" My Knight-Azyros is a little different. The Azyrocopter II was inspired by a game I had at Call to Glory 2019 (Cancon) against a fellow Free Peoples player and creator of the original Azyrocopter, Danny Carroll. Danny had a beautiful Freeguild army and I enjoyed the game so much that I wanted remember it by creating my own Azyrocopter to pay homage. I have also painted up the original model in the colours of the Hallowed Knights (my favourite Stormhost) so as to use in games where my opponent may not appreciate the Azyrocopter as a proxy. The Knight-Azyros This is a pretty solid support hero, 5 wounds (normal), 12" movement and fly (very nice), 3+ save (:O) and 9 Bravery, very solid stats. Not to bad on the attacks front, 1" range, 4 attacks, 3+/3+, -1 rend and 1 damage. Abilities This is where he shines (pun intended). Illuminator of the Lost - You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks made by friendly units that target enemy units while the enemy is within 10" of this model. This is where the Knight-Azyros is worth his weight in gold at 100 points. He makes all your basic Free Peoples better with the re-roll 1's - Greatswords, Handgunners, your Griffon's and even basic become so much more consistent in their attacks. Buff up some of these troops where they are 2+ hit re-rolling 1's and you get some nasty outcomes. Light of Sigmar - Once per battle, in your hero phase, this model can use it's celestial beacon. If it does so, each enemy unit within 8" of this model suffers D3 mortal wounds. Chaos units with 8" suffer D6 mortal wounds instead. Whilst only once per battle, this is a serious deterrent to enemies getting close to the Azyros, especially Chaos plebs. Keeping the Azyros next to a large unit or a General on Griffon and closing with this winged angel becomes and ominous proposition. Positives Cheap - 100 points! Resilient at a +3 save. Highly maneuverable with a 12" move and flying. Re-roll 1's within 10" of an enemy - ultimate pathfinder for making those Crossbow, Handgunner and Lumianrk of Hysh shots more consistent. D3 / D6 (Chaos) motal wounds for those peeps who get too close. Negatives Screams "Kill Me!" to your opponent. Tricky to maneuver without being put in a position that will lead to it's untimely death. 5 wounds. Easy line of sight on those large wings for shooting/sniping units. Misses out on all the Free Peoples buffs Hot Takes Use cover! He likes holding hands - Keep him with a Freeguild General on a Griffon as a deterrent or close to large units for Look Out Sir! REMEMBER! He has to only be within 10" of the enemy for re-rolling ones on any friendly units that target the enemy he is within 10" of. Run all day with this guy, who care's, you don't want him in combat and it doesn't turn off his abilities. Must have for a Free Peoples army - makes the attacks of all the things more consistent.
  6. So I've had a decent amount of Stormcast sitting there for a while unpainted, have been undecided on a Stormhost for a while so decided to make my own up with the Argent Lions, a Vanguard Heavy Stormhost so far, although I am eyeing up the Sequitors.... So I decided to finally sit down and get started on them with my favourite model so far, the Lord Aquilor Decided on a peacock inspired Gryph Charger which I'm very happy with!
  7. Melcavuk


    © RSMITH

  8. Hello folks, I might need some help here. I’m going to participate in a local tournament in a few weeks. It’s my first one, and I’m a bit lost. Thanks to this forum I’m able to think about some lists, but still, I have some doubts and I’m sure my lists can be HARDLY improved. Its a 1500p event and I’m thinking about 2 different approaches: first one, it’s an anvil list and the other one, a melee hammers of Sigmar one. I would like to know which one you think is more competitive (I think anvils but I really don't know) and if I should make some changes: anvils of heldenhammer Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Knight-Azyros 100 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Evocators x10 440 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows x6 340 Aetherwings x6 50 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 Total= 1480 My main concerns with this one are that I don't know if my hero pics are right, and more importantly, I don't know if I should drop a unit of Evos and take x9 Raptors. Hammers of sigmar Lord-Arcanum 160 Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Evocators x10 440 Sequitors x10 260 Liberators x5 100 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 Total= 1480 or Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Ordinator 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Evocators x10 440 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Quicksilver Swords 30 Total= 1480 I have more trouble with this one, first of all, I don't know if a castellant is a must with this kind of list. As you can see, I have some doubts about using or not sequitors, or going x3 balistas + ordinator. Well, that's all. Apologize me for my bad English and thank you in advance!
  9. Listening to Realmslayer on my commute and it is fantastic. I went back and reread the gotrek model release info and it said that he will have rules to be playable. Would this mean he can be an ally to any dwarf faction, the posterdwarf for a new mixed order faction (legion of the slayer?) or even the first model from a metal dwarf race that Grungi is working on.
  10. So Im thinking about playing a 1000 pt AoS league in my local club with my Stormcast Eternals. I would love recommendations and feedback about the list: Faction: Hammers of Sigmar Heroes: -Lord-Arcanum 180 pts GENERAL /spell: Azyrite Halo / CT: We cannot fail -Lord-Castellant 100 pts / artifact: Godforged blade -Gavriel Sureheart 100 pts Battleline: -10 Sequitors 240 pts / 5 two handed hammers - 5 liberators 100 pts / 1 greathammer Units: - 5 Evocators 200 pts / 5 sword and staff / spell: celestial blades Endless Spell: -Soulsnare Shackles 20 pts Total: 940 pts (1 extra CP)
  11. Hey folks, so I have the Getting Started Incantor model. I want/need to convert him to a LAoF because I don't want to buy the 95USD Tauralon model just for a foot lord... I have the model glued together besides his head, which I think would be the easiest way to say "This is a Lord". I can't find any other lord heads (especially extra Lord Arcanum) online, so I'm looking at Paladin Prime heads as a last resort. There is an Evocator scroll arm that would help, but I am not yet comfortable cutting off limbs for conversions. Two part questions: What head have you used / would you recommend for this conversion? What bits sites would you recommend / do people trade just the bits here?
  12. I decided to keep track of my painting on here to help motivate me by showing my progress. I got started with Stormcast around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. Since then, I painted almost 2000 points from the Khorne v. Stormcast starter box and the start collecting box, as well as the Tempest Eye box. I also have about 800 points of Ironweld Arsenal/Dispossessed from the Tempest Eye box and solo purchases. My next project is Moonclan Grots. I have 40 grots ready to be assembled. I played Hordes and Warmachine before, but never really painted my army.
  13. Morning my friends, This is my relaxed progress for Sunday's painting! Feel free to comment and criticise my work so far 👍
  14. Vanguard-Hunters from a custom Stormhost (the Stellar Champions). More pictures there: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1947-the-vanguard-hunters/
  15. I confuse with the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow I saw the recommend base size in here https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_base_sizes_en.pdf As I remember, base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow should be 40mm. But it is not stated in the faq, was the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow changed?
  16. This is a call to lore enthusiasts! I am designing a small narrative campaign based around stormcast vs nighthaunt (for now) I have a good idea of the setting : secluded moutains somewhere in the realm of fire. The chaos armies have been mostly driven back and Sigmar’s main forces moved on. A small contingent of stormcast and freeguild were left there to eradicate the last traces of chaos. But the endless circle of war and reforging has radicalized the stormcast and they see chaos everywhere. They have turned into an inquisition of sorts, executng people for te slightest misstep. The repression has taken a heavy toll on the local population, and their dead have started to rise... So here’s my question (finally) : How independant are stormcasts? I know some of them get pretty strange after a couple reforgings, but would they be allowed to keep coming back to a place they are oppressing? Wouldn’t the guys in azyr lock them up or give them different orders after a while? Or are the stormhosts able to pursue their goals as they see fit, without interference from a higher authority? Maybe it would be better for this story if some kind of magical interference kept them stuck without access to reforging, their numbers dwindling, slowly going mad? What’s your take on it? I’m sorry if the question isn’t completely clear, if you have any question or feedback about what I’ve written please say it I’m also interested in any bit of lore that you feel is interesting / relevant for this setting
  17. Hello there! I am looking to trade as I want to change the playstyle and try something new. I have a studio painted mixed Destruction army approx. 1800 points and a fully painted Stormcast army to a very good standard approx. 3500 points. I will send pictures upon request. Looking for painted Flesh Eater courts and mostly into as many Crypt flayers as possible. Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone, I’ve bought the storm strike box for me and my girlfriend, so I’m trying to come up with a stormcast paint scheme that I like. I’m going for a relatively grim vibe, I see them as warrior monks worshipped and followed by various fanatics. I’m pretty happy with my basic color scheme but I’m open to honest criticism I’m thinking I need an additional spot color, for trinkets and such, and not sure I should keep the mask and pauldrons as bare metal or paint them white / cream or something else... what do you think?
  19. What do people run at 1K? I'm a fairly new Stormcast player. I usually run the usual gav bomb Gavriel Lord-Arcanum on foot or / Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 10 Evocators Sometimes opt for the cheaper Arcanum on foot so I can afford an extra CP Easy to play and win, but some matchups I struggle especially some objectives and I understand Gav can be gimmicky at times. Should I consider taking only 5 Evocators and replace Gav with something else so I can have more bodies like Skinks / Judicators for objectives ?
  20. Recently I became the proud owner of a Stardrake and have been lovingly assembling and painting it. I'm not finished but decided to take her out for a test drive in a few matches. In my experiences that day I learned a lot about the Stardrake, it's capabilities and it's rules design. My first match was against some Sylvaneth led by Alariele herself. I found myself looking from her and back to my Stardrake and then back to her again in utter disappointment. It is my understanding she is not considered optimal yet she seem to me more than worth her points. At 600 consider her abilities. Very strong attack profile, a 16" fly move, 16 wounds, heals everything d3 and herself 2 d3 each round. Casts 3 spells. a free unit worth between 200 and 300 points. This is only improved upon by Sylvaneths incredibly cheap and effective battalion options. The Drake on the other hand... 40 points cheaper. Bad attack profile. 12" fly. 16 wounds. Additional damage output is locked behind highly conditional requirements like the Jaws and Tail abilities, these are near useless abilities that auto fail against heroes/monsters and likely to fail against elites. The ability that acts as it's shooting attack is alright if a little under powered on the thunderhead option. The arcane lineage ability is a nice addition that is lore friendly and useful, no complaints. A bad command ability. It's best attribute is obviously its 3+ rerollable save that reflects MW onto surrounding enemies. The only real value the Drake represents is an unkillable footprint provided you pour resources into it like crutch of a command trait Staunch Defender, throw a lantern on him and make sure you dont charge to keep your buff. Thats not worth 560 point if you ask me. The model is only viable as the Lord Celestant version because of its shield and then its just barely so if you exploit it. The biggest issue for me is the design is from the old system of Sigmar where being elite meant you had rend at all and units were not designed with abilities that made them death machines. It used to be elite units simply inflicted slightly more kills on average than Battleline to trigger battleshock more effectively (see: The Everchosen). Things have changed and the Stardrake has not caught up which is a shame because it's a beautiful and characterful model that only ever limped along as a crutch itself. The Mawcrusha is another example of something I think that is at least more fairly costed at 440 when you look at its abilities and damage capabilities. My point in bringing up these behemoths like the Everqueen and the Mawcrusha is not just that they are relatively effective for their cost but that they also perform in a way that feels representative of the units narrative profile. My Freeguild general on griffon is a better fighter with a better command ability than the Stardrake and he is only 260 points, I think the Stardrake should have better, more reliable damage output to justify it's cost. I do not think a points reduction is the answer alone as it still doesnt have the right feel on the tabletop with its current rules. I should not feel disappointed every-time I play this beautiful centerpiece model.
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