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  1. So I thought it'd be interesting to poll two final list candidates for the next event I am going to! I like the idea of both of these lists for different reasons and think they'll each do a bit better against various kinds of lists. They are not super hard or perfectly sculpted but given the models at hand I think they are decent options. Vote for your own favourite choice! And feel free to leave feedback. Suggested tweaks to each list are welcome (for example I am undecided on 5 decimators v 5 more retributors in list 1 and am not sure about the gryph hound in list 1) but I am pretty satisfied with each! Here are the lists: 1. Single Drop Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber List 2. Multi-drop "More Bodies" Thunderhead / Hammerstrike List
  2. Jag tar rapport i engelska som jag bruka göra. I've been drawing up some lists in preparation for Gothcon. It had got to the point where I had umpteen variations and it was time to check my favourite candidate out. So I setup a match with Fabian the other (some say better, I say 'different') resident Stormcast player at Dragonslair. So right away in my head I'm thinking of the training arena in Azyr gifted by Malerion (iirc) where the Stormcast beat each other to death in hard as nails training then come back to life. Yeahhh. I'd like a themed board for that but I guess it's magic so can look like the lovely battlefield we setup for ourselves. I think given Stormcast lists are probably going to be popular it was a nice training exercise for the tournament to come. The lists I made a few changes to my own list. In part after reflecting over the BCR loss (although this game was against a very different opponent), in part to ease the painting rush and in part because I believe Vanguard units need to be at least 50% of a list to really start shining. So it's a more pure old school list: Fabian and I must have similar list building philosophies as more than a few elements in his list were similar. The biggest differences being no hammerstrike, extra fulminators and an Azyros: When we were unpacking my opponent explained some of his choices. I was doing the same in return, we were really trying to maximise the pre-tourney learning experience. When he told me had 4 fulminators (2 of which were on the painting table at home so that explains the empty bases you see in some pics even though he did try to hide them haha!) I had a good idea of the main threat I was facing and a plan started to form. I would hammerstrike 1 unit and I'd try stacking -2 to hit as long as possible on the other (until I hopefully killed them). But first, the scenario. The Scenario We rolled for it and, as luck would have it (in terms of practising) we got 3 Places of Power. This is the one where the kind of lists I take (usually 3 heroes) are always stretched the most. It also means careful thought about scions as this is that rare scenario where you want the first turn and you want heroes on the objectives right away. Deployment I had fewer drops (even though I have a lot, I think I want to try getting the number down for the tourney as first turn choice gives me many more scions setup options) so would finish first even after losing the roll for table edge choice/deployment. We both deployed with the idea to start contesting objectives with our heroes asap. This meant supporting units needed to come down too. As such we each left only a few choice units in the celestial realm: When complete, deployment looked like this: I think deploying my libs was maybe a mistake - even if I hadn't forgotten the Thunderhead Brotherhood wound reroll bonus (the only reason I deployed them to begin with). My other miscalculation was the gryph hound. I was a little unsure how to best try to catch the 3 units my opponent might setup from scions (or even lightning chariot redeployment). My judicators were ready to move forward and shoot the two heroes without mirrorshields (azyros and relictor). His relictor was beside one unit of Fulminators so I reckoned they'd be a good choice for hammerstriking. The Battle Special mention goes to the terrain this match, almost the entire left hand side of the board was mystical which meant that objective would be interesting. There was an inspiring forest on my opponents left flank and I had another mystical forest and a damned broken obelisk in the centre of mine. I chose to take the first turn. I passed all 5(ish) mystical tests and would enjoy some wound rerolls. I wanted my castellant to hold the middle with staunch defenders. He used his lantern ability on himself giving him an impressive 1+ save and healing wounds on a 5 or 6 (when facing no rend). My Relictor and LCoD were both potentially able to reach the righmost objective. I figured I'd want the relictor there first as the LCoD would love to have the ability to relocate with Lightning Chariot after. So they'd both move their initially and the LCoD would be catapulted off after. They'd also both be able to reach the wood filled with azyros and fulminator with their lightning storm abilities. With this in mind I successfully setup my relictor on the objective with lightning chariot. I also cast lightning storm doing some mortal wounds on the fulminators giving them -1 to hit. In the movement phase my castellant and LCoD ran towards the middle and right objective. My judicators moved into 24" range of their targets. My libs repositioned with poorish run rolls. I ran the gryph hound toward the center, a bit unsure of how to use him during battle to be honest. I rolled for my prosecutors and tempestors and got both down right away. I setup the prosecutors 9" from his relictor and fulminators on my left. My Tempestors landed 9" from his liberators (within 12" missile range of the fulminators) on the right. I was also then able to deploy both units of paladins in such a way that they should get 4 maces against the fulminators and relictor with a smattering of other normal attacks (note how my opponent shields his empty bases! A noble and worthy effort): In the shooting phase I put 2 wounds on the relictor and 4 on the Azyros with the judicators. I focused fire on the fulminators on the right with my tempestors and did perhaps a wound or two (tops), most importantly they were now on -2 to hit. My prosecutor prime managed to put 2 wounds on a fulminator. Charges! I felt much better about the hammerstrike force used properly (with living prosecutors). The 2 paladin units connected, the Protectors managing to wrap around quite well. The Tempestors attempted to charge the liberators (to try to perhaps draw the Fulminators and Azyros in too) but failed the 9" requirement. In the short combat phase my retributors starsoul mace'd the relictor and 1 fulminator. Their normal hammers put 3 wounds on the other fulminator. My opponent's counter was a clever liberator pile in to block my protectors from finishing off the other Fulminator... My first turn had ended and I got 2 scenario points for control of the 2 objectives. I felt pretty confident but there was a chance for my opponent to do some real damage to my heroes (only 3) and get the double turn. He passed his mystical terrain checks and used the expected command abilities and hero phase abilities. He gave the protectors +1 save. He rolled for scions (passing all). He deployed everything (his judicators in a wood) to focus on my LCoD and Relictor (smartest move). He ran the Azyros towards the objective to fully benefit from the rerolling 1s ability (this would be a real pain! It's a great bonus). His Fulminators (with -2) moved to charge my LCoD. He moved to threaten my center with liberators and LCoD. He formed a shield to stop the tempestors coming for the Azyros (also smart) with the liberators on the right. On my left he retreated the fulminator towards my battellines and moved his protectors towards mine. His Castellant in the same board section moved towards the objective on my left but rolled poorly for his run roll. Would I weather the shooting phase? Somehow I did! The fulminators could not hit with a -2 and the 10 Judicators, though they rolled exceptionally well for their special bows, only managed to chip 5 wounds from the LCoD. In his charge phase he reached the Relictor with the Azyros, and the LCoD with 2 wounds left faced the fulminators. His protectors charged in to my protectors in a neat little wedge. So well done was it that he got all attacks in versus only 2 of my protectors being in range even after their pile in later in the combat phase. In the middle his liberators made a long charge but his LCoD fluffed his. The Fulminators opened the proceedings. The -2 really helped me out here and my LCoD survived (I think I had to make just 1 save against the spears and 1 against the Dracoths). I activated my Relictor first in the hope of killing the Azyros before he could try his luck. Unfortunately the Relictor wasn't able to take the last wound off. In return his Azyros managed to knock off a couple of wounds on the Relictor. The 2 Protector units exchanged blows - I lost 2 and killed none in return - and my opponent's liberators, in what I can only describe as a masochistic act against an animal of the mortal realms, focused entirely on the Gryph hound. I think 8 wounds went through in total. My LCoD had no urgency so was left to the end. I couldn't reach the Azyros and if I could I think at that stage I would have chosen the Fulminators as a greater threat. However in hindsight with the reroll, the ability to challenge the objective and the lantern bomb due next turn, I should have done more (although, as I said, I didn't have the option). In any case he didn't disappoint with his Lightning Hammer and gift of the six smiths. The Dracoth connected with 1 intolerable damage too. He took out the Fulminator unit. I feel the -2 was definitely very important here. The Tempestors (relictor is already an autoinclude) feel nice in this list. At the end of his turn I had control of 2 objectives still and he had 0. So points wise I was sitting pretty on 2 with the potential for 4 more in my next turn. Now he had the chance for the double turn. Which he needed really as I was positioned to end things rather quickly. Gladly (as the game was very good and I wouldn't have wanted it over too soon) he won 6 to 4. He rolled for mystical and failed with his surviving fulminator and passed everything else. The usual command abilities came out but then the lantern bomb from the Azyros hit me damaging the relictor and killing my LCoD. He moved his liberators in the middle to charge my judicators on the right and screened the tempestors further with his Javelin Prosecutors (the tempestors were now rather cleverly boxed in with not so many juicy -1 hit targets). He rolled horribly again for his Castellant and didn't come within 6" of the left objective. He focused his Judicators on my Relictor and his Prosecutors on the Tempestors. The Tempestors were wholly untroubled but my Relictor was killed! Fortunately for me concluded (we had a bit of a rules read here) this meant he didnt have control of the objective with the Azyros as he didn't kill the controlling hero or move to an uncontested objective. His LCoD used the breath attack on my last surviving hero, my Lord Castellant in the middle, but missed like in the first turn. In the charge phase he quickly followed up with the LCoD making his charge into the Castellant. He got 3 extra Tempestos Hammer attacks but could only break the 1+ save with only 1 rend once doing 2 damage. There were a few other tit for tat exchanges including my loss of more Protectors (leaving 1) and then my Retributors in turn killing all but 1 in my opponents protector unit. He killed all but two of my judicators on the right. The score remained 2-0. I hadn't done too badly facing a double turn but I had 1 hero left, in the middle of everything and my opponent had 3 with 2 potentially able to take and hold the flank objectives. How would I prevent that? I had to shoot the Azyros as my opponent had blocked off all other combat avenues very neatly and charge the Castellant (because mirroshield would mean I'd be wasting a lot of shots). I rolled for mystical terrain and passed them all. The Castellant shielded himself again and I chose to sacrifice to the deadly terrain for the Lib squad. They would then target the LCoD with the Castellant. They'd have +1 to save from the Castellant's Staunch Defenders, +1 to hit from Lay Low the Tyrants, +1 to hit from Deadly and reroll failed wounds from Mystical. I moved my prosecutors over the Fulminator to charge the Castellant. My Tempestors ran back behind the rock towards the enemy Prosecutors. I moved my liberators on the left towards his castellant and the liberators on the right towards the direction of the Azyros. If I rolled a long charge I might get a handful of attacks in! In my shooting phase I managed to do nothing to the Castellant with the Prosecutors, my judicators on the left shot at his LCoD (a mistake! Should have been the Azyros but I had lost focus a bit) and did nothing. My Tempestors focused on the Prosecutors, killing 1 and putting a -1 to hit on them. Their mounts were out of range or they'd have died. Time for some charges. My Tempestors somehow failed which would later prove costly pinning them as it did for another turn. My liberators on the left did not reach anyone. On the right (where they squeezed between the enemy liberators and a rocky outcrop to reach the Azyros)... ...and in the middle they rolled well. My Prosecutors reached his Castellant. In the combat phase I managed to do almost nothing save blast the last enemy protector to ashes. My liberator that could reach his Azyros fluffed all rolls. I did however roll a bunch of 5s and 6s when the enemy LCoD tried attacking my Castellant putting him back on full wounds... I also added 2 points to my core and was sitting on 4-0 at the end of round 2. The losses so far> Time for the fickle initiative roll! Which I lost ... Still if my castellant survived the next turn (putting me on 7 points) and I could kill either the Azyros or Castellant in my R3 turn it would make it impossible for Fabian to win with his last 2 turns. He would only be able to manage 6 points total. I was in for a wild ride! But the Castellant was as tanky as could be. Knowing this my opponent had to protect his Azyros (the weakest hero remaining) and kill my Castellant and take the left objective with his Castellant and shield him from the Paladins ready to chase him through the mystical terrain. With that in mind he set to work. The usual command abilities with the Castellant warding himself with his lantern. He passed all mystical tests gaining some rerolls but most importantly keeping the Castellant and Fulminator mobile. The Fulminator blocked (as best he could) the Paladin path whilst readying to charge the prosecutors. His Castellant fled and rolled well reaching the objective. He moved the Azyros a little closer to the objective. He now had control of 2 this turn. His judicators edged out of the woods and his other units held firm or were in combat. He focused his shots on my liberator unit threatening (potentially) the Azyros, finishing them off totally. His Fulminator blasted a prosecutor away with lightning discharge. In the combat phase he killed all but the Judicator Prime on the right and turned his LCoDs attention on my Liberators. Thankfully they benefitted from Staunch Defenders and rerolling 1s. Still 2 fell. I was able to manage 2 wounds on his LCoD in my retalations. His Fulminator couldn't kill the remaining 2 prosecutors (I rolled 3 x 6s to save against the rider and dracoth). My opponent racked up his first 2 points. All he had to do was survive with this Azyros and Castellant and he would be in with a good chance of winning. I needed to kill either of those two and I would be all but safe. I had a full unit of judicators in range of his Azyros so was confident he would die that is until I rolled for mystical and all but those judicators passed! ******. The fine light of the lantern bathed my Castellant again. My paladins moved to prepare to charge his Fulminator - a good charge could mean squeezing past to the enemy Castellant with 1 star soul mace, which would be enough if I could just put some damage from another source on him. With nothing bar 1 judicator prime able to reach his Azyros the Castellant was maybe priority number 1. I moved the Tempestors closer to the Prosecutors - if the battle went longer and I had the castellant left I could reach and kill the Azyros and would maybe be okay. The last liberator unit on the left moved close to the castellant ready to charge. There was little other movement. In the shooting phase I wiped out the prosecutors with the Tempestors. My judicator prime tried to down the Azyros but I rolled abysmally and he saved. Things were looking hairy. In the charge phase I connected with my liberators into the castellant and rolled well for my retributors putting the single Starsoul mace in contact with the Castellant! I started with them and the star soul mace did okay leaving the Castellant with 2 wounds, the other blasted the Fulminator down to 2 wounds remaining and then the lightning hammers rolled a 6 killing the fulminator. The enemy LCoD finished off my liberators. Now my liberators piled in around the Castellant. It was a tall order. He was on a 2+ save with 6s healing him (3+ against the big hammer no heals) and I had 3 liberators in combat range... All 3 went through from the big hammer and 3 from the small (thanks in part to mystical rerolls) and my opponent managed to roll 2x2s taking him to -1. However there were also 3 dice with which to roll 2 6s and recover some of the wounds he had already taken. Luckily it was not to be so. They did it! The score was now 7-2 in my favour. I had basically won. Before we got to doing maths to see if there was a point in playing we rolled for initiative (I lost again). My opponent took a quick turn with the focus on killing the Castellant (his only hope) ignoring anything that couldn't impact combat or shooting against the castellant in my opponent's 4th turn. The result? We called it there. A major victory to me. My final casualties were: I am quite happy with how I played this match. Fabian is a great Stormcast player. I think I did well against him because I understand stormcast so my main weakness (plain old ignorance!) is not such a problem. Thoughts Had I lost this game I would still have had a great time. Stormcast v Stormcast with movement shenanigans seems really fun. I also learned a lot too. However questions remain including: Do I want a gryph hound? Is it not better to aim for undercutting other lists and getting the glory bonus? What do I want want to protect with my gryph hound (and remember you need ranged near the hound to be of any use against alphastrikers - which you may not even dent)? Staunch Defender and a Lord Castellant Lantern is very good especially on a general Lord Castellant. But can I afford to have no battleshock resistance? I lost maybe 4 or 5 models to battleshock this game. One relictor is probably not enough for the antics they can get up to (but what could I drop?) I want an Azyros! How do I fit one in? In this match we are both not super hard hitting (bar a few units) and quite resilient - contrast to the beating from Stonehorns last match - am I going to be as durable against other armies (like more mws or higher rend)? Probably not. Is 2 x 5 paladins enough? If not what could I drop to take 10 retributors? Do I want to keep the Tempestors (I really feel like I do)? Can I squeeze in 3 Longstrikes just to take some roadbump Aetherwings against those quick charge lists? Again there's not much room in the list. Do I want mirrorshields on all heroes? (The answer is YES bar the Castellant here lantern of the tempest might still be great as it gives other units the benefit too) But for me the biggest question remaining is - are my formations worth it? I could fill the battleline with 3 x 5 liberators for 300 points saving 400 points. Enough to do some interesting stuff. BUT I lose out on an artefact on EACH hero, I lose out on 10 judicators who get rerolls to wounds with another 2 units from the formation nearby. And I am taking 3 libs anyway. More realistically I'd be taking 2 x 5 judicators and 1 x 5 liberators as a min battleline so I'm only saving 280 points and tbh I think 5 liberators is much too few. No I think the brotherhood stays. Hammerstrike then? Especially with 2 x 5. I actually like the smaller footprint and more surgical feel to 2x5. It means I can have some other mini-hammer to go along with them. I think I'll keep it for sure but will ponder 220 more for more retributors. The more pressing question is do I take decimators? Do I feel I don't have a horde counter? IF I do do I replace the protectors (and do what against monster heavy lists?) Anyway. Good match! Hope people enjoyed reading.
  3. It has been a while, but that is the school life for you. Managed to finally finish off the last of my Sylvaneth, unfortunately this means i have no more excuses and need to begin basing them. As you can see I had a little AoS painting break, but honestly the Visarch could totally fit in a fantasy elf army. For what is next for me? well on the the Stormcast allies for my tree people. I will either be converting all of them or painting them to look like they have received gifts from Allerial to give a running theme throughout the force. What do you guys think of the wooden shields? I am currently debating whether I should make all of their weapons the glowing blue I have done for the Sylvaneth, but that may be a bit much, thats gonna take some experimenting to figure out. I always enjoy rambling to myself here, so time to get started on the Scythes of Allerial, and basing... I guess. Comments and criticisms as always are welcome.
  4. Jag tar rapport i engelska som jag bruka göra. I've been drawing up some lists in preparation for Gothcon. It had got to the point where I had umpteen variations and it was time to check my favourite candidate out. So I setup a match with Björn who I played at the last tournament in Dragonslair. I tried not to think too much about the fact that I knew he ran pure Beastclaws. I didn't need to make a list to counter them and them alone, I'd meet plenty of lists in Göteborg. Still, it shouldn't suck against Beastclaws... Or I'd risk losing to every beastclaw list I met. The Lists I still couldn't help guess what number of behemoths and what type I'd face. I thought I'd either see 3 thundertusks and a stonehorn or maybe 2 and 2. Unfortunately for me I was to face the dreaded Eurlbad! The Scenario We rolled for and got Take and Hold. Now this was really something that worked for and against us in different ways. I had the deployment shenanigans to attempt for a victory end of my turn 3 onwards but it would be hard to shift his models. My opponent had the staying power once on the objectives and also did not need to worry about any objectives (usually a BCR weakness) for the first two entire rounds but keeping anything in his army on an objective was a real waste. Deployment I won the roll for table edge and started deploying. My opponent had 3 drops so would be able to choose who went first regardless. This phase is now extra super duper interesting for stormcast. If I deploy in the celestial realm for scions of the storm deployment as the game goes on, I risk things coming down too late or too soon. I also had the Aquilor to deploy in pursuit and the raptors to redeploy later. I also had the two paladin units in the hammerstrike force and I had full control over when these came down (but less control over where - tied as they were to the Prosecutors). I think in a normal game I'd always find a use for one or two surprise units each phase so I'd keep a few in the skies but would generally favour just deploying in pursuit and a few choice units in the celestial realm. However, against BCR and THREE stonehorns, if I deployed traditionally I had to setup to survive and not throw away the first turn he would give me if I was too cautious (outside all missile threat ranges). His destruction allegiance Stonehorns basically had a super duper threat range (d6+2" + 12" + d6" + 2d6" rerollable). The average being around 25" without the 14" charge reroll bubble from the Frostlord. I deployed the Castellant, Relictor and one unit of Judicators in the middle with the intention of lightning charioting them within range of the thundertusk to takea way the guaranteed 6 mws. I set the prosecutors on the right side thinking they'd race in and deploy their payload while the enemy was distracted. Everything else was in the celestial realm or in pursuit. Here's how my opponent setup: The Battle My opponent gave me the first turn. I cast the lantern on the judicators and lightning charioted them to within max range of the thundertusk. I rolled for scions of the storm (a big moment really) and only had to bring down 1 unit of liberators. It suited me as I didn't want to come down in force so early. I deployed them in cover to the left to try to keep some of my opponent's units occupied. I moved my prosecutors toward the opponents center at max range for an average run and retributor deployment at around 5 inches (a safe charge) next turn. In my shooting phase the Judicators (good prime rolls) managed to strip 3 wounds from the thundertusk. Down 1 tier exactly. Mission accomplished. It would be the last thing that went as planned. My opponent took the wheel and rolled for hero phase movement... I think my biggest challenge with destruction is their speed, even including stonehorns (whose innate speed is the real killer, well, in combination with their damage, oh and toughness...) Then my opponent moved... (and isn't this just an impressive sight! I long to have a BCR army done up - a long term project of mine) I had thought my heroes safe here but you can see his Frostlord decided to roll extra well for all dice movement bonuses There were no failed charges. And mortal wounds from charge impacts a plenty. The results of this combat phase were predictable enough! I was left with the Relictor and the prosecutors still on the board and we rolled for the initiative. My opponent won. Again his speed meant my 4 models weren't really difficult to reach. He also began to think about the objectives again - my idea to distract him would have worked better with a much larger, tougher unit. I should also have perhaps forgotten about deploying my Castellant and relictor. Though that would mean I'd not have sniped 3 wounds off the thundertusk, but the thundertusk was the least of my worries in this battle! Another predictable charge and combat phase! I had lost my prosecutors so everything was now due to come down 9" away, a real blow to my 15 paladins in the sky So now I was in a pickle but we were entering round 3 after my turn and my opponent had just had the double. So there was a chance I could get it next! I also had a lot of forces in the skies to carry out a cunning plan. The only problem with it was it required that I get the double but if I did, there was a chance I would win a major. Betting on the double is an awful tactic though. So I weighed the other options. Was there another way to come down and take care of his units and win a minor after? In the heat of battle I couldn't think of a solution that didn't involve a variant of what I already was thinking of. If my opponent got the initiative again, I knew I would lose anyway. The beasts were too big, tough and fast! Depending on how many scions of the storm rolls I got I would do one of two things: 1. If I got lots of scions deployments I would come down in force near the thundertusk and 2 x stonehorns and take out the Thundertusk with shooting and wound one stonehorn. I'd then charge the wounded stonehorn with the protectors and the healthy stonehorn with the retributors (who I could choose to bring down instead of roll). The Frostlord would want to bop over to the table edge where the action was happening and I'd keep swapping edges with the Aquilor and raptors and grind him down. 2. If I got few scions deployments I would come down in force near the frostlord with the paladins. Any bonus units would assist. I'd draw some behemoths from the other side and try the table edge pong missile grind on them instead. For both of these plans, I really needed to connect with 2 9" charges or win the double turn. In my movement phase I rolled well and everything could come down from the skies. It was to be the first plan. I deployed the paladins 9" from the thundertusk and stonehorns. The raptors and judicator unit came on to shoot. I brought my Aquilor on from pursuit so next turn he would be able to relocate the raptors. As usual the dice were unkind. The judicators took 1 wound off the Thundertusk, the raptors took 4 more not enough to kill it. I failed both paladin unit charges. Now I definitely needed the double. This was it, the initiative roll - the roll for the match basically. I rolled a 6! And for my opponent... drumroll ******! haha The roll off after saw my opponent roll 5 to my 3. The rest as they say, was history. The huskard on Stonehorn (I should say, 'the stonehorn alone') managed to kill 9 Retributors on the charge or something. The Frostlord actually made it all the way back across the table again immediately and into combat to kill the last Retributor. At the end of my opponents turn there was not much I could do so we called it. Realistically I had nothing left to challenge him with. Thoughts I really like the idea of stormcast movement shenanigans but they don't gel so well with the current collection I have. I think my list at the tournament will still include an aquilor and 6 longstrikes as I am sure it will win me some games. 9" charges are also a pain so it's much better to threaten objectives. I should also have taken some aetherwings and used them to disrupt stonehorn charges and the like (not that that would buy me much time). I'll probably take 3-6 to the tournament. I'm not sold on Hammerstrike though I misused (or was unable to use) it majorly here. Perhaps 6 Prosecutors with Javelins is the bare minimum to make sure you get the paladins into combat. Against another list like this (or the same) I might need something much more resilient. At the same time I don't think there IS anything resilient enough to stand up to 3 stonehorns on the charge (at the same time, if one unit takes all 3 for a turn they're not killing other things). I've been toying with lists that are really, really mobile but I was faced with the reality of a list that is super mobile but also utterly tough and strong against the Eurlbad. If I go mobile, I don't have much punch. Long story short - back to the list drawing board!
  5. Hey guys I have a tournament coming up and I was wondering if I could have some help with this list: Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsLeadersLord Celestant (100)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Stormcast EternalsLord Castellant (100)- Mystic Light: Lantern of the TempestLord Relictor (80)- Prayer: Lightning Chariot- Mystic Light: Lantern of the TempestKnight Venator (120)- Artefact: Luckstone Battleline5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows10 x Liberators (200)- WarhammersUnits10 x Paladin Retributors (440)10 x Paladin Protectors (400)3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins(80)1 x Gryph-Hound (40)BattalionsHammerstrike Force (120)Total: 2000/2000 the idea behind the lightening chariot prayer is to help move units around to were I need them, castellent to help buff saves, relictor to help heal and for prayer, I'm wondering is a veritant would be better? Venator is to help deal with heros, liberators for a tank wall, and to hold objectives
  6. I have a spare box of those easy-to-build 3 piece liberators. Is it easy enough to use those to turn into Raptors, assuming I use the Raptors box to build 3 longstrike ones, and use the extra bits to make hurricane bows with the liberators?
  7. Trying to find coherent and interesting painting scheme for my (future) Stormcast host (name/backstory yet unknown). Initially went for silver & turquoise plus bits of purple, but the overall effect was a bit clashy. Then added some muted fiery reds and yellows but the mini looked like a typical Holywood teal&orange poster. Finally settled for this: Armour is purposedly toned down, changed all 'cold' colours into subdued browns and painted cloth in a 'seal wax' red shading that I am particulary proud of. Photos got grainy when I sharpened them a bit, but I had to do it, since my phone's camera is of Solanum tuberosum brand... Hoping to paint more and post better pics soon. Comments welcome.
  9. Hello Fellow Champions of Order. I have a list, that I've been working and wondering about for a few days now, and wanted to throw it out here and see what people would think about it. To start with, I would like to point out, that Warhammer AoS is a completely new experience for me and this is my first ever list, so don't go too hard on me =) Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord Celestant (100) - General - Trait: Shielded by Faith - Stormcast Eternals - Artefact: Obsidian Blade Lord Relictor (80) - Prayer: Lightning Chariot Lord Veritant (120) - Mystic Light: Fury Brand - Prayer: Bless Weapons Knight Azyros (80) Knight Venator (120) - Artefact: Luckstone Knight Venator (120) - Artefact: Luckstone Battleline 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bow - Stormcast Eternals Battleline 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammers - 1x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammers - 1x Grandhammers Units 10 x Paladin Protectors (400) - 4x Starsoul Mace 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80) - 1x Stormsurge Trident 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) - 2x Starsoul Mace Battalions Lords of the Storm (100) Hallowed Knights Warrior Chamber (100) Hammerstrike Force (120) Total: 2000/2000 This is what I've come up with so far, please let me know what you guys think. Best Regards Denlar
  10. Hi guys and girls Our beautiful battletome came out and now we have some great options for our heroes. Blades, armours, traits, lights, prays... a lot of stuff. Do you have any interesting ideas/builds for Stormcast leaders? My first idea on super tanky LCON: Any creative ideas on Azyros or Venator? It's a good time to think about them because of Aetherstrike battalion ;). And what about Celestant-Prime? He can't have any artifacts, but maybe there is some special use for him thanks to new battalions?
  11. I recently just got a unit of Vanguard Hunters. They are awesome. Able to run and shoot in the same phase. Also being able to spawn in on any movement phase to flank enemies? Fantastic. But what do you think of all of the other guys? The vanguard paladors, the Aether-wings and Lord Aquilor. I think they are really cool.
  12. So a minor painting update, I have been swamped at school and am on my reading week, so I have only managed to get some base colours on my Treelord Ancient. I am thinking of making his claws ghostly to match the other Sylvaneths' weapons as i want his staff to be a vibrant flower. I am currently on my march break, and while you'd think that would give me more free time to paint, alas I am visiting family and all my paints are back at my apartment. On the upside though, I have finished building my Paladins, really pleased with how this conversion turned out, surprisingly easy, if incredibly expensive if I didn't already have the bits lying around. especially pleased with the Prime, go the idea for a wooden arm from the campaign book where the lady of the vines replaces a Stormcasts hand. This means not only does the conversion look cool, it also has fluff precedent. I am hoping I will be able to finish painting my Treelord Ancient and my 3 remaining Hunters before my exams start, but its going to be one hell of a rush to the end of the school year. (Spirit of Durthu for reference for what the Ancient will kind of look like once I am done)
  13. What do you think about - Fury band larntern ability in new stormcast battle tomb can increase the knight venator's one used arrow? if knight venator have +1 attack buff, can he shot two star-fated arrow? thank you
  14. Out of these what should be the best combination for a small 500 point Order/Stormcast army. X30 Liberators X5 Protectors X3 Retributors 10 Judicators X3 Prosecutors w/ Celestial Hammers X1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth X1 Lord Relictor X2 Fulminators X1 Knight Venator X16 Elven Spearmen
  15. The Quest to Leave Ulgu The five warriors wandered aimlessly. Finding a Realmgate through the mist and shadows of Ulgu was no easy task. Although the Stormcast Eternals are magically imbued with a fraction of Sigmar’s power, the strength of these five lost souls was declining by the day. Tibalt, one of the three Liberators that had joined Valirius, was anxious about being lost in the realm of Shadows, and he secretly hoped that this anxiety was well hidden from his brothers. Courage and strength in the face of adversity was a defining element of belonging to the Hammers of Sigmar, and he knew that any show of cowardice or weakness would be met with disdain. The further they traveled, however, the uneasier he felt, as the weight of his new-found vulnerability compounded with his memories of this place. As a child, before becoming a Stormcast Eternal, he was told many Stories of devils and monsters that hid in the mist, and in his mind, he felt as if the very mist around him was alive. Feeling as close to defeat as they have ever before, the warriors prayed to Sigmar for aid. During their prayers, the wind blew and swirled around them, and for a fraction of a second, it formed what seemed to be an outline of a person, before turning into a cloud and blowing north. To the five warriors, this seemed to have been the God King answering their prayers. As the Warriors followed the mist, they could see a Realmgate on the distant horizon. As they approached, they found it lifeless. Despite their many attempts to open the gate using their combined knowledge and experience, it remained closed to them. As they searched for a way to coerce the Realmgate into operation, the warriors heard a thunderous bellow behind them. “WAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!” The battlecry of an Orruk Warboss was unmistakable and the warriors felt a renewed sense of purpose burst into their flesh and fill their armour. A band of Greenskins, large and heavily armored, roared towards the Stormcast like a river bursting out of a broken dam. Behind them trailed a single Grot, with a crude bow in hand. The battle was short and brutal, as the Stormcast were caught off guard, outnumbered, and their lost connection to Sigmar left them weaker by each moment. Hammers and choppas clashed, the grunts and war-cries of the warriors and Orruks rang off the Realmgate and echoed through the mist. The Judicator Elric was ripped in half by the claws of the mighty Orruk Warboss Grogstick, who “waaghed” in triumph at the Stormcast’s death, offering the Judicator Elric’s head as tribute to Gork and Mork. The Remaining four Stormcast retreated from the battle, as the disembowelment and decapitation of their brother reminded them they were no longer guaranteed a rebirth in Azyr. As the four remaining Stormcast stopped to regroup far from their most recent battle and the closed Realmgate, the mist once again swirled around the warrior brothers. They watched as the mist seemed to come alive, weaving an unnatural path about them, caressing their gold armor and leaving dew in its wake. As they watched, it slowly took shape and formed into an Aelf. Tibalt recalled in his mind legends of a mistweaver from Ulgu, and was positive this was her. This was Lyanna of the Shadows…….
  16. Hey all, thought I'd share my finished Celestant Prime pics with you. I'm really pleased with the way he turned out. Light might not have been the best for my phone camera. I'm going to enter him in to a local painting come at the GW shop for "something big in AoS". Really enjoying painting the Stormcast. Cheers Dave
  17. Prologue As Valirius Stronghammer fell, blighted-sword skewered through his chest, he had no fear. The blue lightning crackling from his brother’s weapons arcing across the Realm of Shadows was a grim reminder of his purpose; to be reborn a third time, a Weapon of the God King. As his eyes closed, his final act of this life would be to lash out with his mighty hammer, reducing the beast that had slain him to nothing more than a pile of ash. “For Sigmar!” Valirius bellowed, as his head hit the dirt. He knew his soul was on its way to Azyr to be reborn. He was on his way home. The Awakening Although his eyes were still closed, Valirius could feel himself gaining consciousness. He had been through the reforging process before, but this time it felt different. He felt the chill of the Sigmarite armor against his awakening flesh. As he regained his senses, he once again felt the burn of the Plaguebearer’s corrupt blade, and a seed of panic began to grow in the pit of his empty stomach. With growing trepidation, he opened his eyes and looked around in shock. There were no bright skies or heavenly sounds of Azyr. Instead, he found only the Shadows and Mists of Ulgu, the realm where he had been slain. Alarmed and disoriented, Valirius stood, searching for any sign of his Retributor brothers. Surveying the somber battlefield, defiled by Nurgle’s rot, he saw no signs of the rest of his chamber. A few sets of Sigmarite armor were scattered across the landscape, but they were all empty husks, Stormcast Eternals that wore the armor had been brought back to the Heavens, just as they should. Movement caught the Retributor’s eye; he turned his head to see four sets of armor standing up. He raced over to find four more Stormcast, just as disoriented as he. Why had they not been Returned to Azyr after death? No longer feeling the presence of the God King, the quintet knew what they must do next: seek out a Realmgate.
  18. A test model for an all-female stormcast prosecutor army I've been toying with. Unfortunately I've been distracted from the project and I think now I'm going to use her as a combatant on my Archaon base diorama, but I think that it's definitely a viable theme ;)
  19. Hello All, I will be receiving in a few days the AoS Starter Box, and all i really want out of it is the Stormcast Eternals. So if anyone would like the Khorne Bloodbound and the rules, measuring sticks and booklet. Give me a yell. I am in Australia but international postage may be an option. Cheers all! Keong-
  20. Hello! New member here. Long time player of warhammer fantasy now AoS. After some time playing other miniature games while the End Times dust settled I finally committed myself to begin a new army in AoS (I know, I dragged my feet a little bit). My hobby group is fast approaching our next grow league and since I am a fairly slow painter I wanted to get a head start! Here are my first 5 liberators. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! I always try to push myself with every new army I paint and do feel this is my best work to date, so be gentle. I would also like to shout out this forum, while this is my first post I have been lurking on here for quite some time. Great community, huge inspiration (some of the painters and sculptors on here are incredible!) just a wonderful place to get in touch with the hobby. Thanks for looking. -Eric
  21. Hello everyone, I'm Jake (sometimes Bruticus) and I have been painting Age of Sigmar for a while now, but somehow I've never started a blog here. I've been working on a Chaos Warband that are pledged to Malal, the forgotten Chaos god that likes to pick fights with the others. This warband is full of conversions and is inspired by the illustrations of Adrian Smith, Mike Mignola and the anime Berserk - among other things.
  22. Hi all, Quick question regarding teleporting Liberators around the board using the Vanguard Wing formation... Does it count as retreating if you teleport them out of combat? The reason I ask is as I understand it the destruction special move was FAQ'd to essentially say that any movement to leave combat counts as a retreat, however the Liberators don't move per se. They are re-deployed, as in removed from the tabletop and set-up within 5" of the prosecutors. Thanks in advance. Jon
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