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Found 361 results

  1. hi guys, I've got: 1 Lord-Celestant (sealed) 1 Liberator box set (sealed) that will make 5 models 5 more Liberator's from the AOS starter box set. Looking for £50 for the lot of £40 for the lord and liberator box set.
  2. So, I love the aesthetic of the stormcast eternals. It's what brought me back to warhammer (specifically, popped into local GW in new city for first time after maybe 10 years and saw Knight Venator). Right now though, as I look at the model variety, they're a bit behind other armies. I see a lot of visual variety* in other lists. Stormcast haven't quite the same breadth just yet. They're new and incomplete - it's not a complex explanation. If you look at the variety granted even by the inclusion of 2 kits and a mini-battletome (extremis chamber) and factor in the inclusion of 3 more chambers you can see why it feels like it does (at least for me). But there's nothing at the moment saying I need to stick to Stormcast as there's no allegiance bonus. So that's what I'm thinking about now. Artillery and wizards are mentioned often and I have a wizard, and another on the way. I may get some artillery too but I'll be waiting to see how Steamhead Duardin rumours finally materialise before I decide on that. I've got some spare glade guard, miners and silverhelms to build. Silverhelms I think are quite cool and useful (and battleline). Glade Guard are neat but don't really fit (for me). The miners, though I love. I'm going to work on them first then plug something else in. The army is on a quest for rare minerals and they've sent 2 units of their best miners with an OTT stormcast escort. I'm thinking I'll paint them with blue and silver then elements of gold (echoing the Hammers of Sigmar - copied standard GW) or I'll paint them really muted in colour as a contrast. In game I think they're pretty handy. They don't (being a retired warscroll of sorts) really miss out on a lot of synergy by being plugged into another faction alone (unless I've missed something). As a matter of fact they work in a lot of stormcast combos - vex/retributor - by just adding miners to the strike. They're not an elite unit (come in 10s) helping with model count issues in Stormcast forces. Not too dear for what they can do at 120. Can pop up anywhere (already said but it works really well for objectives). Have a good balance of ranged attacks (pony cart!) and melee. They're actually pretty rend-y too. Drill on their champion is -3! They seem like fun. Tbh if I had the funds and thought I'd survive painting so many, I'd hunt down hundreds of miners. I probably will in the years to come. What else do you think goes well with a stormcast host? In a fluffy sense, in an aesthetic sense and in a gameplay sense. Edit/ *I've been persuaded they're actually quite flexible on the table and I admit I worded my post wrong. I was talking more about needing a break from their aesthetic most of all!
  3. A few days ago I went to the 1 day event Alliance in derby run by the infamous ben curry + ben Johnson. The event was 3 games using the generals handbook scenarios blood and glory (I still believe curry named this one) border war and gift from the heavens which ill talk about later, so with regard to tournaments I've only been to the SCGT earlier in the year so I still not sure what to expect, having played stormcast for the last year I decided to take them my list was ... not the most optimized but I had it all painted, the idea was throw the retributors somewhere they need to go then use the skybourne slayers to capture objectives. Simple. So the first game was against khorne daemons... skarbrand, blood letters, bloodthirster with big axe and the run and charge bloodthirster. We played blood and glory which I ended up with a minor win; I found that this game was really about give and take. What I mean is trying to hold onto your objectives while taking your opponents made this game very interesting however I had an idea that if I didn't over stretch my forces and only held 2 objectives that I could win by killing the bloodthirsters and that's what happened. Game 2 was against allarielle who I have mixed feeling about, this was the border war scenario against stormcast and obviously allarielle. This was another great scenario I have a hunch that fast moving armies might do well in this scenario as its all about getting the objectives where your opponent has left venerable, allarielle literally went on a killing spree, killing a unit a turn with damage 5 attacks she constantly got 20 wounds through no problems; but once again I really liked the scenario. Game 3 saw a gift from the heavens... anyways my opponent in this game was using dark alves with a big block of witch elves and executioners both very scary, I played this scenario the day before at Warhammer world and found that I deployed rather centrally to give my self flexibility when the comet came down also I gave my opponent the imitative in turn 2 as I wanted to see where his came down. Again I thought the scenario favoured mobile armies or a better idea is some mobile units like marauder horsemen which also fill the battle line tax. In the end it was a major victory because I brought down the sky bourne slayers and contested his objective also the decimators killed 20 witch elves in a turn hehe, I tried so hard to hide my joy Overall for my first ever 1 day event it was awesome both bens were easy to talk to and really knew what they were doing, plus all the free snacks was awesome I totally cheated on my diet, this was my first real trial of the generals handbook and I loved it the scenarios really encourage well thought out armies relying on fast moving units but at the same time you need bodies on the table. I will defiantly be trying something interesting for Warlords in September. And a big thanks to all my opponents.
  4. Lord Celestant on Foot 100 Lord Relictor 80 Knight Heraldor 120 Lord Castellant 100 1 Gryph-Hound 40 Lords of the Storm 100 5 Liberators 100 5 Liberators 100 5 Liberators 100 5 Judicators with Bow 160 5 Judicators with Bow 160 Thunderhead Brotherhood 80 5 Retributors 220 5 Retributors 220 Hammerstrike Force 120 1980pt total, 45 Models, 4 artifacts Feedback?
  5. All of my Stormcast out on display for the first time.
  6. I'm having a bit of a shake up to make space for new army ideas. I'm selling: 10 Retributors 15 Judicators with bows inc Champ upgrades 5 Judicators with crossbows inc Champ upgrade Vexillor 2 Gryph Hounds - proper ones. Stormcast Wristband! Various sprues with upgrades etc. All are painted to a nice tabletop standard, in an unoffensive scheme, and are nicely based. Ideal as the foundation for a 100/20/2000 army list, or addition to another army. This really is all the good stuff, and to be honest, you don't really find this on ebay very often. It's done be well in recent tournaments, I just want to move onto something different. Pics to come I'm looking at £170 delivered. Also available - A nicely done bastiladon, with magnetised ark/lazer option - £25 delivered.
  7. So I think every stormcast player has some of the pushfit retributors - and these guys really require starsoul maces! You only get 2 a box and each bits site I've checked is out of stock (no wonder). These weapons are like gold dust, so I've started thinking of alternatives. I've checked other mini ranges and I can't say the pickings are good. Haven't found any suitable quick swap. I don't really want to build them myself as they're awkward looking and if I'm subsituting that look I may as well buy some weapon heads (mace, flail or complex axe) that are better built/sculpted and don't involve converions. Than again, it could be easy to take 4 single blades from the decimator axe spares and glue them to a 4 sided bar in the middle... How are other stormcast players handling this conundrum?
  8. I've had two games with the Stormcast at 1,000 points and I'm trying to work out a good list at 2,000 points. SCE lack models, so in the battleplans that require you to have 5 models near an objective can be quite troublesome when your trying to take the objectives in the opponents half. Staying power of SCE with shields is pretty good. That re-roll 1 has saved me on numerous times. With lessons learnt in mind here's my list: Lord Celestant (100) - Leader Lord Castellant (100) - Leader Lord Relictor (80) - Leader Knight Venator (120) - Leader 2x Liberators 5x (200) - Battleline 1x Liberators 10x (200) - Battleline 2x Judicators 5x (320) - Battleline Fulminators 2x (240) 2x Paladin Retributors 5x (440) Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins 3x (80) Hammerstrike Force (100) - Formation First thing I have to add, is I'm a fluff player. So not interested in the Netlists or maximising my list by putting in Celestial Hurricanum etc I like the Hammerstrike Formation as it give me the ability to deliver the Retributors up field. Prosecutors have been terrible for me in all the games I've played them in, so have opted for the cheaper option, keeping them more than 9" away will give double damage so this is what they will be doing. Knight Venator is there to get rid of that annoying Leader that gives everyone buffs, or to take some wounds of a particularly scary Behemoth. I love the Castellant and Relictor models so they are auto pick for me. Celestant is there for his swishy cloak and Command Ability. Judicators will be deployed to hold objectives in my own quarter and to thin down approaching enemies. I've gone with so many Liberators because to me they are what makes Stormcast so iconic. These I will use to push up field and hold objectives and to be a nuisance. I may look at mixing up the weapon options. Fulminators, because they are fun on the charge and give me a fast moving unit. How is everyone else running their Stormcast?
  9. Hey gang, Have been having a think about potential allies for my Stormcast from the wide range of other Order units available and would love to hear some of your thoughts on what you found complements the Stormcast and what doesn't. I'm pitching this as allies for a principally Stormcast list that could stretch to a 50:50. Have considered the classic Hurricanum, War Altar combos which look quite tasty but was also thinking some tunnelling Fyreslayers to accompany the obligatory teleporting Retributors to loose off shots before they go in. I also quite like the Fyreslayers models which doesn't hurt... I'm not set on any one play style so would love to hear what works with a gunline, a teleporting list, face smash, anything really!
  10. Hi everyone, To go along side my shiny new Stormcast force I wanted some of the new Age of Sigmar scenery for them to fight over. I have always liked making and painting scenery, it real quick to do and can look great with very little effort put in. Before I started I needed to have an idea of where this terrain was going to be set, the Realms of Life and Beasts where the front runners and I didn't decide 100% until I got in to the painting. Life won out as I liked the greenery I could add in to it all. The more games of Age of Sigmar I played the more I like the freedom of terrain that it allows over Warhammer where you had to allow for ranked up units, you can also get away with 'scatter' terrain that is just to make the place look cool ? There was a bit of kit bashing going on with most of my stuff, the new Age of Sigmar terrain kits are very interchangeable with each other and look great with a simple drybush and wash. The brown and gray are painted exactly the same as the bases on my Stormcast (so they look like they are really fighting there) but with a little more foliage added. The spare levels from the tree kit are a cool bit of color and really help hide any gaps. Enough rambles from me here are the photos.
  11. Hi all, Our local club is running a Warhammer Age of Sigmar league and one way of scoring bonus points is the monthly hobby challenge. This month it build and paint some objective markers in preparation for the release of the Generals Handbook. I repurposed a bit of old terrain for the star having seen the idea in Realmgate Wars 3 God Beasts. I also took photos of each stage along the way, nothing fancy just a lot of dry brushing. Enjoy and if you have any questions shout up. Here are the finished markers along with the Knight-Questor I painted for last months challenge.
  12. So I've picked up a second starter so will be converting one of them and using the shield from the liberator prime (I have the white dwarf liberator to give me 2 units of 5 and a unit of 10), and will be picking up a box of the dracoth riders. At first glance, a unit of 3 seems better than a unit of 2 and a unit of 1, and I was leaning concussors based on consistency, however, I can see an argument for a unit of 2 concussors and a unit of 1 tempestor. Thoughts? Also apologies if this exact thing had been covered, I searched but failed to find anything.
  13. Knight-Questor or the Spears of Heaven.
  14. The aim of this WIP thread will basically be to keep me going. I love the hobby, never really a gamer, but always loved the fluff and that's what keeps me collecting and painting. This thread will be updated painting progress on my Stormcast Chamber The Knights Ardent, and, because every so often I get the creative urge, the occasional spot of fluffy bits to go with it.
  15. 1 cellestant on dracoth 1relictor 6 retributors 6 prosecutors 16 liberators offers or swaps?
  16. I painted the Starter Set and want to upgrade my Lord Celestant on a Dracoth (Vandus) with a Shield and my 2 Liberator-Primes with 2 handed weapons. My plan is to buy a set of Prosecutors and a box of Dracothian Guard. I am going to build a set of Prosecutors with Javelins and 2 Dracothians without a Celestant. Then i should be able to use the Grandhammer and the Grandblade from the Prosecutors for the Liberator-Primes and the spare Shield from the Dracothians for Vandus. Has anyone done the same or sees where this plan is flawed? Does the Grandblade/hammer from the Prosecutor fit to a Liberator-Prime? Can Vandus use the shield properly? Has someone a different approach apart buying new Liberators?
  17. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to include a few pictures of my Stormcast Stormhost. I really wanted to make these guys look like they have been through a number of battles and that they do not want to die, even though they can be reforged by Sigmar as that would mean that they would lose more of their memories in the process. I thought the Pre-Heresy Death Guard (Dusk Raiders) colours would work for this Stormhost. The Dusk Raiders were known to be experts at survival, endurance, and stubborn defence. Painting the battle damage on the models, I thought, would really get that theme across on the table top. This Stormhost is known to be experts at survival, endurance and stubborn defence. The bases aren't done yet. Here are some Retributors that I just finished.
  18. I run an elite Archaon/Bloodbound/Skyre based elite force and Storm Cast and their auto-hitting mortal wounds just scare the bejesus out of me. Any counters? I'm preparing for the global campaign and there are tons of competitive Stormcast players here. Were doing modified SCGT pools with legacy scrolls/formations allowed and no bonus summoning pools. Doing the mathhammer and pool for pool wise most of my elite stuff don't seem to match up to the Stormcast stuff(maybe even undercosted?)
  19. Hi All, Here is the next part of the Knights of Azyr's story all based on the game I played against Kev a few weeks ago on the awesome new board at Warhammer World. Deep into Ghyran mighty Sigmar sent the Knights of Azyr with the task of bringing the Fyerslayers of the Beal-For Lodge onto the side of Order. Sigmar looked down as the mighty vaults of Sigmarion were emptied of every last scrap of gold as Sigmar know that the Fyerslayers would be absorbed by their addiction to it. The Auric Runemaster Kalforge sensed the presence of the Ur-gold and contained within his lost ancestor god, from many leagues away well before the Hammerstrike’s knew they were close to their quarry, at the same time Auric Runesmiter Belforge was stirring the spirit of Grimnir resting within the lodge's warrior. With glowing Ur-gold and flexing muscles the Lodge emptied the spirit of the long lost ancestor god Grimnir burning within each of them as with white knuckles the gripped the fyersteel of their axes. The Drakesworn Temple Annihulus was the first to take the field, not only on the wings of Great Stardrakes but also and for the first time in this already long war, on the backs of lightning wreathed Dracoths. Hard did the warriors of the the Extremis Chamber hit with both Storm Breath and Lightning Hammer. Many Beal-For warriors shrugged of wounds that would kill most of the inhabitants of the realm but these Fyerslayers fought on, there Ur-gold runes glowing brighter and brighter with every new wave of attacks. The mighty Drake Clasicx was lost in a blur of Fyersteel axes, his mighty body exploding into a thousand celestial bolds and returning to the Great Drake himself. The Helmgart Lliberators found the very ground that were holding to be fraught with fire, every footfall braking the thin surface and sending plumes of lava flowing all over them. Even the iron hard Sigmarite armour they all were wearing wasn't enough to protect them and many of their number were consumed by fire and flame. It was only the immovable fire of the Judicators that could slow the rune drenched Fyerslayers, it was at this point that the calming words, that somehow as if aided by Sigmar himself spread through the Fyerslayer ranks like a calming zeffer, of Lord-Castelant Roth Lightborne hit home and the fighting ceased. An uneasy truce was made that day, built on a mutual respect and a large quantity of gold.
  20. Hi everyone, I am going to be attending the Capital City Bloodbath in Ottawa, Ontario this August, and I am trying to get some feedback on a list I am planning to play. They are doing the same battleplans that SCGT did. I currently have 3 pools that I am not using right now. I am trying to stay away from Seraphon at the moment as well as anything legacy. Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, tempestos hammer & shield 2 Loremasters Celestant-Prime Archmage (comfortable losing this one) 2x Retributors 2x prosecutors Hammerstrike Brotherhood 2x Judicators with bows 2x Liberators with hammer & shield Carmine Dragon 2x Flagellants 2x Tempestors 2x Gryphound 2x Gyrocopter Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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  22. The second and final AoS game of the weekend (we moved on to X-Wing after that) continued the story from the Pre-Emptive Strike scenario The newly-arrived Bloodthirster relived Morghur of command (considering he'd made such a mess of stopping the invasion) and gathered all the chaos beasts together to stop the Stormcasts from breaking out of their foothold. There were a lot more Stormcast to content with than the first scenario, and a Celestant-Prime waiting in the heavens (actually that tower) to lend reinforcement. Fortunately, now there was one greater daemon on the table, Morghur had his eyes on summoning another... The scenario was Breakthrough, and the full report is here: http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/woffboot-x-stormcast-vs-chaos-alliance.html
  23. So we're getting to crunch time. I got a pair of practice games in at my club last Thursday, Stormcast vs Stormcast. My takeaways from this was that positioning is super important and mortal wounds are the primary way to take down Stormcast. Having no real way to negate that, I suppose killing their mortal wound units is the only option. Best defense is a good offense and so on and so on. Lost game one when I didn't kill my opponent's Celestant with his whippy cloak, won game two when I used my whippy cloak and Relictor to kill his Celestant before he got to combat. I also used my prosecutors to tie down His Knight Azyros to avoid the mortal wound bomb.Hopefully I can remember this on Saturday. As for progress, I had a marathon session Friday and got the base armor color on all the remaining models, finished my first five Liberators and got basing material on the last five judicators. I followed that up by doing five more liberators today. Here's the finished models. So here's the total of what I've got left to paint before Saturday, minus the Liberators. Today's Goal: I feel I've hit a stride with these. Now that the colors are chosen and the methods of achieving them are understood, progress is moving forward at an excellent clip. I could see having my entire collection done in two weeks. Granted, All I have left after these is a Celestant on Dracoth, a Heraldor, three Retributors and three Prosecutors. I will attempt to take pictures of my games to do a full battle report. Stay tuned for more.
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