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Found 370 results

  1. Hello, I am starting to pain my Stormcast force the I just finished assembling and am aiming to paint it as close as possible to GW's basic Stormcast paint scheme. Planning on following the GW paint guilds for Stormcast. But trying to avoid painting the basecoat of gold by hand so looking to airbrush it. The guides say to paint the gold basecoat Retributor Armour. Does anyone know if this can be used in an airbrush? I checked the air line of paints to see if there was a Retributor Armour air version but could only find Relictor Gold. Are these similar or different? Please let me know as any advice would be great; thanks! -Wes
  2. Hi, I want to play my first aos tournament. We will play 1000 points, leaders max 250 points ( for all) and highest pointvalues for units are 250 points. Here is my first list which i want to discuss with you. Lord Celestant ( General) 100p Lord Castellant 100p 5 Liberator with hammer& shield ( 1grandhammer @ prime) 100p 5 Liberator with hammer& shield ( 1grandhammer @ prime) 100p 5 Protectors 200p ( 2 Starsoul Mace) 3 Prosecutors with Javelins 80p 3 Prosecutors with Javelins 80p 5 Judicators ( with bows or x-bows) 160p Wardens of the Realmgate 80p ------------- Lord Celestant and Lord Castellant buffs the Protectors. Prosecutors to shoot and grab targets. Paladins and behind Judicators. What do you think about my list and with weapons would you give the Judicators. Thx for your answers.
  3. Hey guys, I'm attending a tournament later this month and would appreciate some pointers for playing Stormcast at 1k. Here's the list I was thinking of: Lord Cellestant Lord Castellant Liberators x 5 (hammer and shield) Liberators x5 (hammer and shield) Judicators x5 (x-bows) Protectors x5 Retributions x5 I don't currently own the Castellant, but am thinking he might be worth it for the buffs? I'm also slightly concerned at the lack of magic. If someone hero snipes me, then there is literally nothing I can do. Thoughts?
  4. Sneak

    2K skyborn

    Read a couple threads from you guys on skyborn slayers and would like opinions on my list for a local event in november. Worried its hero light. Game plan is to teleport the ret bomb and skyborn slayers on top of whatever needs dead. I have a problem with Nagash / ghoul patrol and skyre lists in local meta so I want to play something I can get behind the mass of ghouls and kill Nagash on turn one or two. Lord Celestant (100) Knight Vexillor (200) Liberators x 5 (100) Liberators x 5 (100) Judicators x 5 (160) Judicators x 5 (160) Paladin Protectors x 10 - 4 soulstar mace (400) Paladin Decimators x 5 (200) Paladin Retributors x 10 - 4 soulstar mace (440) The Skyborne Slayers (140) Total: 2000/2000
  5. Hi All, I'm Chris a 26 year old chilled out fella from Belfast. I played a number of Games Workshop games growing up Warhammer, 40k, Mordheim and Necromunda etc. I had a number of Fantasy armies starting in I think 4/5th edition?? no idea really with the Bretonnian v Lizard box. I left the hobby because life / being a teenager. I picked up the AOS box with a friend of mine around 6 months ago on somewhat of a whim after passing my local GW choosing the Stormcast! I think they're very cool plus it seemed like an easier paint project when I haven't painted in 10 years! I did a little over a few months but I am now really enjoying the hobby again and have been consuming lots of content on AOS via Youtube, Podcasts etc while painting the last 2 months. I have a Stormcast Army which is 2 starter boxes and a few extras with some conversions, currently a little over 2000 points - some of which is painted with plans to finish by Christmas time I've gone for an emerald green type scheme with the classic gold shoulder pads. Hoping to post some pictures when I think they're presentable haha I have done a few conversions including a vexillor and I have swapped my dracoths with demi-gryphs for my concussors and I have a drakeswarm templar on griffon (The Karl Franz deathclaw ) Well that's my hobby story such as it is, I've had a few games with a friend of mine (the only person I know in the hobby) and I am loving the game. I'm keen to have discussions here and perhaps post some progress etc. I'd also be really keen to get some games in!! so anyone in Belfast/NI say hello! Cheers Chris
  6. It seems to me that, if GW don't introduce some sort of Stormcast 'Heresy', they'll be missing a real opportunity to add depth to the AoS fluff. It might seem like the obvious thing to divide Sigmar's forces, as the Space Marines were by Horus' antics, but I don't see it as predictable, or cliched. Particularly if it's done in the right way. What if, rather than portions of the Stormcast inevitably falling to Chaos, they instead become tempted over to the forces of Death? Perhaps, as they struggle with their reforgings and their fading humanity, a number of chambers are approached by Nagash, who offers them eternity in exchange for their allegiance. I'm no AoS fluff expert buy the Sons of Mallus and Anvils of the Heldenhammer (yes, because they have black armour) would look really cool as Death factions. This would make for some great miniatures (think Lord-Relictor with more skulls) and it'd fill some much needed space in Grand Alliance Death. What do you think? Should some of the Stormcast's chambers join the ranks of Death, fall to Chaos, or should they remain faithful?
  7. In the past I have tried to get into the hobby that I use to love to play as a teenage kid. Some attempts have been more successful than others. Three years ago I managed to paint up a sizeable high elf army. I enjoy painting and wanted to do a good job. It took a year to paint and by the time I got near it's completion my interest waned and real life took hold. The large of rules and time everything took wasn't compatible with my lifestyle and short attention span. If you want you can check out my old painting blog over at Bad Dice forums: http://baddice.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2099 I was excited to hear about the launch of AOS. Firstly, the 4 page rules and "dumbed down" game play sounded appealing. I liked the idea of everyone starting out together, levelling the playing field a little. However I never got around to sticking my toe in. What spare hobby time I did have was spent painting the odd miniature here and there but never anything AOS. It wasn't till last month when away for a short break in Cornwall I popped into their local GW store. I would normally keep away from stores a few years back for fear of the pushing selling staff; however my recently experiences have actually been really positive. We had a good chat with the staff there (I think his name was John?), the Mrs showed an interest and picked out a few models she likes and kindly brought me the AOS start box . This time I thought I would try and approach things a little differently than my last foray into hobbying. I tweeted in hope of finding local players who fancied a game and a beer, luckily this was re-tweeted out by a few people in the community with big followings and have now arranged to hook up with a few local players. We have agreed to meet and play a few smallish skirmish games so we can get playing and build up a little at a time. I also popped into my local GW store in Bath and had a great chat to Robin. He has pointed me in the direction of a local club as well as inviting me down for his Thursdays game night at sore. My plan is to drop by both in the coming months. I am planning on getting the Stormcast from the starter set painted quickly so I can play straight away. Whilst doing this, it allows me time to get to find out more about the story and decide what army I would like to a better standard. I have got myself the handbook, the war storm novel and the getting started book (which was surprisingly good, as well as excellent value). I am well on my way to doing this. This week I have have got 8 liberators and one Prosecutor finished. The Mrs really liked the "Hammer Angel" model, so that was the first one to hit the desk. I have also bumped out one base colour & wash on the 3 Retributors and the 2 Liberator-Primes and my plan is to finish these for the end of the week. Again not my finest work but it will get me playing and enjoying other parts of the hobby. I have started on the base and hope to have that finished this week .... if the filler ever dries. If you have any helpful hints or advice about getting back into the hobby I would love to hear it. And if you live local please feel free to get in touch, it would be great hearing from you. Cheers Danish
  8. After a year of tournaments starting with SCGT (placing 87th in my first event) and finishing with Warlords (placing 6th and achieving the best game results as an Order general) I think I've got a good handle on what makes the Stormcast tick. I was naive at the beginning relying on profiles to pull me through like a blunt instrument. Having played well in excess of 100 games though I'm convinced they need a great deal of subtlety to play well. Hammer Strike (more rubber mallet) This is how I started the year at SCGT. Generally teamed up with the banner to drop in the Prosecutors and get the Retributors nice and close. When I used it I went for two units of 5 Retributors. My problem was 5 rarely got the job done and the second unit always got mauled before it could dish out the pain. Looking back there were many flaws with my early list. To make this list work I think you probably need something like the following unashamed punch to the face: Knight Azyros Knight Venator Knight Vexillor 3 Prosecutors with Jav 2 X 10 Retributors 3 X 5 Judicators I'd look to hit the best unit and something else that lacks bite to make the most of turn one drop. You can run the Prosecutors out turn one and then conga the Rets forward from the 6" deployment around the Prosecutors to get a huge range. The Vexillor can be used to redeploy a unit next turn and smash something else or if playing Chaos plant an Azyros bomb somewhere tasty. Shooting is there to break combos by character sniping. Theory hammer though so onto my bread and butter. Skyborne Slayers The list that placed well at Warlords and 8th at the one day Alliance event was: Celestant-Prime Lord Celestant Knight Venator 2 X Shield Liberators 3 X 5 Judicators 10 Protectors 5 Decimators I play this list very aggressively. Protectors always to the fore hunting monsters (they got a Stardrake, Glotkin and 2 Vampires on Zombie Dragons at Warlords) and using their ability to protect units from shooting. Decimators into hordes (one shot 20 Plaguebearers). Libs hug objectives and the Venator with Judicator back up hold deep objectives in my territory and then shoot the world off. Sounds easy but placement is huge with this army. Mis- deploy and you lose. It's very unforgiving. The Celestant-Prime is my trouble shooter. If I need combat punch he comes down turn 3-4 to delete a unit. If someone castles then he drops in turn one and rains comets from afar using his dice change ability to punish the worst offending heroes. He can easily do 10+ mortal wounds a turn if they're huddling for protection. How else is everyone else getting on and what to you believe to be the pros and cons of the other Stormcast formations? I hear lots about the Warrior Brotherhood but in my experience it lacks the outright punch or staying power (how good is no battleshock tests in Slayers).
  9. The Errant Questor has a rule called 'Fueled by Vengeance' on his profile it's in italics so looks like a third oath he can choose rather than bold like new abilities. It's unfulfillable as an oath though so makes more sense as a stand alone rule. I've always played it as an I chosen path but is this right? The first two oaths require you to kill a chosen enemy character or protect a friendly character. Very clearly achieveable. FbyV though just gives you an extra attack for every wound causes sonis never ending. Opinions please!
  10. cb_rex

    Knight Questor

    Knight Questor from WHQ: Silver Tower I tried to paint a really dark silvery black armour to represent the Heldenhammer Stormcast dudes, by mixing black and white into GW Iornbreaker but I wasn't really happy with the effect, so he went on the back burner for a while. When I came back to him I decided to just quickly paint up the gold bits, the red bits and the cloak to get him finished. He's going to go on a Shattered Dominion base when I get the rest of the Silver Tower stuff done.
  11. So I finally got round to opening up the boxes of bases I have laying around and start to work on them. The first idea is to keep them fairly dull in colour, or should I say tone, seeing as the red and gold is quite bright on the model itself. So airbrush them grey, that's a good start. Then I quickly realised having 2 kinds of grey on the base was above my skill level/effort to achieve on a short time scale so a second colour was required. Dark Browns just didn't seem right in general and I am using black for sundry parts on the models and so I finally thought a tan colour might work. Finally I wanted a metal that would again be dull and so had to spend a fair amount of time shaking some metallic colours which hadn't been used in a long while/ever. Some brass scorpion with a nuln oil wash. Ive done it, I think it's ok but I will have to look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes. The bases are pretty cool though.
  12. Hey guys, Australian here. Bordering on the NSW and VIC. Got myself an old Orruk army from the skull pass days and just brought myself 2 starters to get myself going with a Stormcast side. My next purchase I'm thinking will be the start collecting box and then 2 more Retributors to start my army off nicely. should leave me with 25 Liberators, 9 Prosecutors, 10 Retributors and 3 Lord Cellestants and 2 Lord Relictors. Any one have any suggestions on things i should do differently before i go ahead with the plan? I'll be spamming these forums with progress pics. You have all be warned.
  13. Hi guys, New member here, looking to move on my Stormcast half of the AoS starter box to fund my plastic crack addiction. You would get: - Celestant on Dracoth - Lord Relictor - 3 Retributors - 10 Liberators - 3 Prosecutors All the models have been assembled/undercoated black/painted silver. 1 Liberator has been neatly painted basically in the Hallowed Knights scheme as a test model. All paint is thin, and would be an easy strip job if you wanted to. Not sure what to set for a price as I'm in Australia and our prices are insane. Trade wise I'm looking for Khorne Bloodreavers or Wrathmongers, open to other Khorne stuff too. If trading we can sort out something regarding the postage. If you want to buy them please make me an offer that you think is fair, you will pay postage. Will upload photos in the morning when the light is better. Thanks guys.
  14. Hello, Just getting back into Age of Sigmar and am assembling my stuff up for a local tournament in a few weeks time. and had a question concerning the Stormacast special weapon upgrades. So in this case the Grandblade/Grandhammer for the Liberators and the Shockbolt Bow for the Judicators. Can the unit champion or I guess Prime be the one with the special weapon? So in the case of the Liberators the Prime with the Grandblade/Grandhammer would have 3 attacks with it instead of only 2 which any rank-and-file would. And in the case of the Jusicators the prime with the Shockbolt Bow would have one better to hit then if a rank-and-file was weilding it. Please let me know if this is allowed or if I am misreading it please let me know; thanks! -Wes
  15. Hello. Sorry for the late arrival. I got the main box when it came out. But with noone i kbew playing it stayed in the cupboard. Now though a lot of guys from the clib i go to are getting into it. So out of the cupboard it came again. AoS is looking so appealing at the moment. Might have bought a few box sets to get the paint flowing. I am really looking for some advice on a starting list. Not 100% competitive but something I can enjoy and get a feel for where to go next. Have painted a few bits up which I have really enjoyed. But need some direction and advice. Probably going to start at 1000pts.
  16. So the painting could continues slowly as I do all kinds of bits and pieces at home. I think I have decided on green for the beasts themselves but I will have to see as I lighten up the skin. Slow going and I think I need a new light set up.
  17. Quick question regarding the models in the stormcast start collecting box... Are they the full sprues from the other boxes but within this one box or are they "easy assemble" versions? The reason for asking is because I would like to try the upgrade kits to turn my chamber into the celestial warbringers but am not sure if the shoulder pads/shields etc for the start collecting models are able to swapped for the items in the upgrade kits.
  18. I may or may not do a full write up, however for those people asking these are my two winning lists for the FacehammerGT: I used the Skyborne Slayers 3 out of the 5 Games (mainly because I let @The Lost Lighthouse (Gary) choose my list Game 1) When I used the slayers the Two Dracoth riders took the extra -1 Rend and the General (Celestant on Foot) Reckless (re-roll charges within' 10") Warrior Brotherhood Had the Lord on Dracoth as the General; Generally took Reckless to give a second unit dropping down a fair shot at a 9" charge and the extra -1 Rend. The Azyros would take either something to make him more fighty or more survivable. Feel free to ask questions! Cheers Sam
  19. the_prophecy


    First Unit of my new Stormcast Eternals. Did the Blue with the new Gemstone Technicals and Silver Underneath
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