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Found 368 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm back for more help. This time I'm attending a 2k tournament in January. I was gifted a stardrake for Christmas and would love for it to be included in my list. Here is what I was thinking: Lord Celestant (100) Drakesworn Templar (500) Lord Castellant + gryphound (140) Loremaster (100) Knight Venator (120) Liberator x10 (200) Liberator x5 (100) Liberator x5 (100) Prosecutors with Javelins x5 (80) Prosecutors with Javelins x5 (80) Fulminators x4 (480) What do you guys think? I fell like it doesn't really have enough umph, perhaps I need to swap in some retributors. Oh, and for those wondering why I've taken the prosecutors, I'm not a fan of the judicator bow models and I feel like I get more bang for my buck with two units of prosecutors for the same price as one unit of liberators
  2. I have the starter set - if I get Start Collecting Stormcast Eternals is it possible to build / convert in such a way to build the grand blade and grand hammer so I can make 2 units with a special weapon? Don't mind cutting bits off my existing models if necessary!
  3. Olincay


    Im quite the novice painter, only started painting when Aos first dropped. This is my first completed concussor, im quite happy how it turned out in the end. Got inspiration to do the red after watching warhammer tv's paint guide on godrak.
  4. Updated on my Stormcast Eternals
  5. Hello Friends! this is my first post after lurking these forums for a while, soaking in all manner of dark secrets and tactics. i've recently started collecting and playing Stormcast. from what ive read and played there's a few options to build some powerfull lists. most Revolve around Warrior Brotherhood. - Skyborne Slayers - or the Ret bomb. Ive got a 2.5k friendly tournament game comming up soon. and i have no intention of being friendly. i want to field true disgusting stormcast power. also i lost the couple of games so im entitled to revenge i think. Ive got 2 lists in the workings. Desolator Bomb Leaders Lord Castellant (100) +1 Save and a 7 to heal? wording and Errata Means this heals instantly. with mystic shield its a 5+ to heal.. mmm Knight Vexillor (200) Use it turn 1 to kill something big, or wait a turn to bait out the big targets. - Pennant. Lord Celestant (100) +1 to hit bubble? seems good. 9 inches range and movement 5 Means you wont get to use his buff that often. Battlemage (100) Beasts. +1 to wound? Dracoths doing d6 damage on a 5+ instead of 6? Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) +1 bubble, Larger bubble. Faster movement will ensure you get it when you need it. Volkmar The Grim (100) Reroll to hit? or +1 to hit and run or a 6 + Ward against mortal wounds. can unbind 2 spells? seems crazy good. Battlemage (100) Life. 6 + Ward? and healing on models with 5 wounds Nice!. Units Desolators x 8 (960) Thunderaxes. 48 attacks.. damn everything goes your way they are hitting on 2+ 2+ rend -1 and 2damage. lovely. Dracoths spitting mortal wounds is also pretty good - goes to a 3+ with celestial in range. Judicators x 5 (160) Little bit of ranged - Skybolt Bows Judicators x 5 (160) - Skybolt Bows Liberators x 5 (100) Little bit of tankyness to guard squishy mages. - Warhammers Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Total: 2500/2500 Idea focused around the Desolators "If you have 6 or more models they make 6 attacks with thunderaxe" Battleplan? Buff the living hell out of the desolators. if all of your buffs go off you have some insane Power and durability in that one unit. Either drop them in on turn 1 to take out a god character like nagash or archeon. or just hold them back. they their 10 inch move they should reach pretty far, in which case you can vexilor them to another target or get them out of harms way.(unlikely scenario). With mystic shield and castellent buff they should be able to take on any kind of punishment. except mortal wounds. i did a little bit of dice math. and should they all make it into combat with say... Archeon with mystic shield. they do around 35+ wounds. So on paper that looks pretty good. Trouble is... after the initial turn of destruction your army is divided. Thought's Guys? have you Guys tried a list like this? is it even powerfull or am i being a fool?.
  6. I had 50 multipart (so swords/grand weapons/hammers/paired weapons) Stormcast Liberators. Still on sprue, untouched by clipper or file, supplied with their bases. £30 for ten, posted to UK? You know you all want them for your warrior brotherhoods and such. All sold. Thanks all.
  7. Greetings All, I have a 1500 pt event (1,000 pt unit restrictions) in January. I play Stormcast Eterenals and was planning on using the Skyborne Slayers battalion as the core of my force. I also considered the Warrior Brotherhood, but I think Skyborne gives me the option to have more heroes at this point level in case I get Place of Power as the mission. This is the list I play tested last Friday against an Ironjawz Ironfist battalion with a mawcrusha, two warchanters, two ardboyz units, and two brute units. We rolled the escalation battle plan. Skyborne Slayers - 140 Lord Celestant - 100 Lord Celestant on Dracoth - 220 Knight Venator - 120 10 Liberators - 200 10 Judicators - 320 5 Decimators - 200 5 Protectors - 200 I went first and dropped them around the middle objective but had them a bit too clumped up to get off good charges. There was some building terrain around the middle and only my decimators were able to charge one of his brute units. One big thing I did wrong was keeping the Lord on Dracoth too far back. I didn't want him to get charged first so he didn't get into combat till the 3rd turn. I forgot to use quite a few things like the dracoth breath and the lord celestant's command ability. At the end of the game I lost 6 to 4. It was a bit of a bloodbath with only my Lord on Dracoth, and my Knight Venator left standing. The IronJawz player had his mawcrusha, both chanters and one unit of brutes. Any tips for how to better drop the battalion or suggested list tweaks? Thanks for looking.
  8. I recently bought a box of Stormcast prosecutors and am planning on building them up with javelins (I know they are arguably less effective than hammers but I really like the look of them). Only snag is that I've somehow lost the instructions. I'm sure I can work it out but I don't want to ****** anything up and then have a big job in trying to sort it. I don't suppose anyone has a PDF or photo of them do they?
  9. Hello, I had a quick question I hope someone would know the answer to. Is Relictor Gold from GW's Air line of paints the same colour as Retributor Armour from GW's Base line of paints? Trying to airbrush a Stormcast army and the Retributor Armour did not work so well through an airbrush so looking for alternatives that would still allow me to follow GW's Stormcast painting guide; painting them the base Stormcast colours. Please let me know; thanks!
  10. EvDJ


    My first unit of Stormcast finished.
  11. Hi guys, I been painting for many years but only recently started playing warhammer, because the rules of AOS are simpler. I play stormcast and lost 14 matches and won 3, people say they are very overpowered and that might be true, because I am not a good army builder. I lost a bit of the love I have for my army because of all the loses, so my friends suggested this forum for advice. I havent build my perfect army yet, and I am aiming for this combo. LeadersLord Castellant (100)Lord Relictor (80)UnitsLiberators x 10 (200)- WarhammersJudicators x 5 (160)- Skybolt BowsProsecutors with Stormcall Javelins x 6 (160)Fulminators x 2 (240) ( I thought about tempestors, because of the synergy with relictor-2 to hit.) (concussors because of more damage and reaching 980/1000) insted of 940 Total: 940/1000 LeadersLord Castellant (100)Lord Relictor (80)UnitsLiberators x 5 (100)- WarhammersJudicators x 10 (320)- Skybolt BowsProsecutors with Stormcall Javelins x 6 (160)Fulminators x 2 (240)Total: 1000/1000 I loose 5 liberators and gaining 5 judicators and there-by exactly hitting 1k. I also thought about getting celestant on foot into the mix, but not sure how. I have really strong feelings, for prosecutors so a list without them is not doable for me. Many of my lists include 10 liberators, because they synergy well with castellant, but are 10 liberators needed for 1k? Any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated and I apoligise in advance for my english.
  12. Overview – The Jotenbergs’, mountain-heralds of the coming of season in Ghyran, are being corrupted by the forces of the Chaos God Nurgle. Rarely seen and few in number, most have been defiled by Rotbringers, however, some still remain. From Azyr, the Celestial Realm, Sigmar sends the lithe host of Virion the Cleanser, and the stalwart ‘Stone-Hearts’ Warrior Chamber of the Lions of Sigmar to ensure no more of these beings fall, or the Realm of Life would surely suffer. Awaiting them is the dark Grublethrex the Vile, the Fly-blown Prophet of Nurgle and his plague-ridden forces. Indeed, the battles ahead of them are to decide the fate of the Jade Kingdoms and beyond. ‘Stone-Hearts’ Warrior Chamber, Lions of Sigmar – Marius Stone-Heart – Lord-Celestant Surdak – Dracoth Jarin Duskwalker – Lord-Relictor Volker Witch-Bane – Lord-Veritant Marmidex – Gryph-Hound Artus – Liberator-Prime Litian – Liberator-Prime Jurgan – Retributor-Prime Kyras – Prosecutor-Prime Karlas – Judicator-Prime Lurdof’s Ironweld Company – Lurdof – Steam Tank Commander Virion’s Unseen Host – Virion the Cleanser – Skywarden Zortan – Shadow-Walker Ebac – Shadow-Walker Sorhec – Shadow-Walker Grublethrex’s Rotbringers – Grublethrex the Vile, Fly-blown Prophet of Nurgle – Lord of Plagues Bubex the Rotten – Blightlord Globule – Aspiring Champion Urgal the Disgusting - Sorcerer
  13. Hello, I am starting to pain my Stormcast force the I just finished assembling and am aiming to paint it as close as possible to GW's basic Stormcast paint scheme. Planning on following the GW paint guilds for Stormcast. But trying to avoid painting the basecoat of gold by hand so looking to airbrush it. The guides say to paint the gold basecoat Retributor Armour. Does anyone know if this can be used in an airbrush? I checked the air line of paints to see if there was a Retributor Armour air version but could only find Relictor Gold. Are these similar or different? Please let me know as any advice would be great; thanks! -Wes
  14. Hi, I want to play my first aos tournament. We will play 1000 points, leaders max 250 points ( for all) and highest pointvalues for units are 250 points. Here is my first list which i want to discuss with you. Lord Celestant ( General) 100p Lord Castellant 100p 5 Liberator with hammer& shield ( 1grandhammer @ prime) 100p 5 Liberator with hammer& shield ( 1grandhammer @ prime) 100p 5 Protectors 200p ( 2 Starsoul Mace) 3 Prosecutors with Javelins 80p 3 Prosecutors with Javelins 80p 5 Judicators ( with bows or x-bows) 160p Wardens of the Realmgate 80p ------------- Lord Celestant and Lord Castellant buffs the Protectors. Prosecutors to shoot and grab targets. Paladins and behind Judicators. What do you think about my list and with weapons would you give the Judicators. Thx for your answers.
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