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Found 7 results

  1. Nocturne, the deadly shadow
  2. "Commander, we found a dead body on the docks during our patrol. A duardin miner. Someone slit his throat." Isilde Brumehaut looked up with weariness at the subordinate who came to deliver his morning report in her office. Another concern that added to the pile of problems she had to solve. If the victim had been murdered at the docks, the territory of the aelf privateers, then it was probably a settling of scores... "I can already hear the countless recriminations of the miners' syndicate," said the commander with a sigh. Do you have any leads on who did this? - I don't think the duardins will make any noise this time, ma'am. The murder was signed. With a card marked with the symbol of a dagger. - A card? The same as the others? - Yes, ma'am. It was Nocturne. Again. - What about the corpse? - We have checked. Like the other stiffs, he had a black mark on his chest. The eight-pointed star." Isilde fell back into her chair with a slight relief. Not only had a chaos cultist been killed, but representatives of the miners' syndicate would keep a low profile at the next Conclave meeting, embarrassed by the fact that a member of their race could have given in to the promises of the dark gods. All in all, this day was off to a pretty good start. ——————————————————————————————————————— Between the strange climate of the realm of Ulgu and the bay with its sea air, the free city of Port Stellis is regularly wrapped by fog. A blurry shadow creeps through the misty streets, invisible to everyone. And when the mists recede, revealing the starry sky, a camouflaged silhouette walks on the rooftops of the city, furtive and intangible, before passing through a wall and disappearing like a ghost... This shadow, which all the inhabitants know from stories and legends, is known as Nocturne. No one knows who this character is or what his or her real name is. Nocturne has been roaming the alleys of Port Stellis for years and no one has ever been able to see it. Even its existence is questionable. But one thing is certain: people die, murdered by Nocturne, who always leaves a card marked with the symbol of the Shadowblades beside each body. And each of the victims, from the first to the last, regardless of gender, age or race, had a dark secret: they worshipped the chaos gods. An unholy tattoo or a strange mutation was always hidden under the clothes. It did not take long for the authorities in Port Stellis to understand that the city was blessed with a kind of guardian angel who was protecting it from chaotic corruption with remarkable efficiency. The rumour spread quickly and soon everyone knew that the Shadowblades of Azyrheim (or at least one of them) were watching the citizens of Port Stellis. Any chaotic deviance would be punishable by death. And no secret can resist a ghost killer who is able to blend into Ulgu's mists, change appearances as if they were only illusory masks and penetrate walls as if they didn't exist.... So today, here is another personality from Port Stellis: an Aelf assassin from the Shadowblades faction. In order to convert a tad the assassin's mini, I replaced his hooded head with a warhammer 40K eldar harlequin head (didn't need to buy an eldar kit, I just bought the head from a bits seller on the internet). I think the mask is more fitting for an Order assassin. And while I was at it, I slightly repositioned his left arm so it wouldn't hide his mask. Now that I finished painting this masked killer, he will join his comrades in future battles. Because Nocturne doesn't just wander around the city in batman mode, looking for chaos worshippers. Sometimes, the soldiers of Port Stellis who fight to defend their city against monsters think they see an elusive shadow sneaking from one enemy to another, as if it were dancing, leaving dead bodies in its trail, all stabbed with surgical precision...
  3. Welcome to the remaining 5 collectors of the 'Druchii', those of us who still like our aelves as marauding pirates of the Mortal Realms, dragon riding Knights and, for what it's worth, shadowy assassins and black-clad riders. Rather than individual threads for these factions, I think we might benefit from discussing them as a group of factions. With AoS2 giving us realm artefacts and endless spells, and with the rise of allies such as the Idoneth Deepkin, Daughters of Khaine (and Stormcast I guess!), I still feel these aelves have a place in the world. Links to past or relevant threads: Let's Chat Order Serpentis Let's Chat Scourge Privateers Let's Chat Shadowblades AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Free Cities (see also - Let's Chat: Anvilgard) AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals I'll start with my ideas, but I'm not an experienced gamer at all, however I am a trier! I think Order Serpentis are probably the strongest of the smaller factions. I'm thinking you build strong lists up to 1500 or 1600 points leaving room to ally in and take endless spells. It's probably worth taking the battalion and with points drops to all units bar the dragon, we have a bit more flexibility. Most of my lists revolve around taking 2 dragons and 2 hydras, however, sacrificing one of them for a behemoth ally might be useful. For example, the new points could allow for a block of 20 Corsairs with a Fleetmaster and then a Kharibdyss with a Fleetmaster for 400 points. I may be wrong, but the Fleetmasters could both use their command abilities to have their units rerolls to hit. How this might help with Anvilgard allegiance abilities is up for discussion too. I've also put thought to use of the Chronomatic Cogs, though that would mean allying in a Medusa, Tidecaster or Sorceress. This could help to get the Drakespawn into combat sooner, getting off their charges for the +1 to wounds. There is of course the awesome Khinerai and Melusai, both capable of adding something missing. I've also been lovingly looking at my Bolt Throwers, who I will try to convince anyone who listens that they're actually Stormcast Ballista! They will have plenty of gold on... Not sure on the Realm artefacts so far, but something to give more Mortal Wounds would really be useful, particularly if you have a battalion to give an extra artefact to both dragons. Finally, not sure about using the Dark Riders. I think the Assassins could have value, dropped by fast moving dragons somewhere with a particular artefact but it's quite one shot I guess. Anyone else excited to see their older armies see a new lease of life? What ideas can we rustle up that let's us play fun games, even if we are cast off the table and mortally wounded perpetually?
  4. Jumping into AoS and narrowing down which lists. It was originally a toss up between Dark Aelfs and Chaos Dwarves. While I like the Dwarves a bit more, it meant getting FW, and all the hassle that goes along with that, as opposed to just being able to have my local Warhammer/FLGS get anything I might want/need. The other minor determining factor there is a place that is not going to carry the Fantasy line anymore and there is quite a bit of Dark Elf stuff that's going cheap. Shadowblades Assassin Assassin 15 Dark Riders 15 Dark Riders Right now, I'm leaning toward Shadowblades, mainly because I like the idea behind them. The models are cool enough and I've got a good idea in mind for them. Only having 2 units means makes it easy to make a reference sheet. Each 500 pt increase is 1 Assassin and 15 Dark Riders. While this might not seem like much, it appears to become more interesting at higher points because the unit sizes become less static. At 1500, I can run the (15/15/15) like the setup, but I can also run (15/10/10/5/5). At 2k I can run (20/15/15/5/5) or (20/10/10/10/10). The reason this is relevant is that I can have extreme fun playing a 'Cup Game' with the Assassins. Did I put them in the big unit or small ones? Did I put them in one unit, double em up, or spread em out? I'll get to decide on a game by game basis, and while it might not be effective, it sounds like a TON of fun. Either way, I can get some pics up in the gallery so that it's not so lonely. Order Serpentis Dreadlord on Dragon 5 Drakespawn Knights 5 Drakespawn Knights 1 Drakespawn Chariot 1 War Hydra From what I can tell, this is the bare minimum strip down list for the Formation, but it comes in at a clean 1k. It has a bit more flexibility than the Shadowblades, This list really starts to appeal to me at the 1.5k mark, since I get to add a 2nd War Hydra for the cost of one more Chariot and Knights. Not as thrilled about doing that a 3rd time for a 2k list for some reason, which is odd because I'm actually fine with doing it for the Shadowblades. Maybe I'm just weird. Anyways, that's where I'm at. I only want to start with one or the other and get to 1.5k. I'm have not been a Tourney player in a long time, and I have 40k for that. I'd like to go to 2k in case I actually do go to an event since that seems to be the points level they're going to be at. I still have a lot of questions about the game, so any tips/pointers there could help. I'm also using this to brush up my painting skills after recently painting a Bloodthirster for a friend, I caught the bug. Thanks.
  5. Made the leap and jumping into AoS after narrowing down the Army and list that I want to build. Just need to setup a home to track my progress, and keep going. The Start: It's a bit Daunting at first, seeing as I've gone and gotten the whole thing, but at least the end is in sight from the very beginning. In addition to the 12 boxes, I've managed to get four different 'Assassin' models. The previous and current Assassin (with a small color test that you can't really see) are there. The old Shadowblade model, and for the fourth, I took a Harlequin Solitaire model from the 40k line, filed off/Greenstuff'd off the Sci-fi elements and did an arm swap with one of the Warlock arms from the Dark Riders. Basing: I also have 50/60 Cav. Bases that I'll need. The last 10 are on order, and should be in next week! Having recently completed a Bloodthirster and no plans for the day, I got the bug real bad and dove right in. I tried using the Super Sculpey method to make chunks of ruins for the bases but just wasn't happy with the result, despite keeping 2 of the Assassins on them, at least for now. I went back to using Wood Filler to get these to where they are currently. The Downside is they needs a while to fully dry/harden. Most hobbying I've done in one day in a while, so I'm quite excited to share this.
  6. 'Sow Terror and Confusion' (Dark Riders) 'Gore Drenched Icon' (Bloodletters) One of the guys I'll be playing regularly is running a Khorne Demon heavy Chaos army. Both of these abilities trigger off of rolling a '1' for Battleshock tests. Having recently sorted out that the player who's turn it is resolves theirs first, means that these abilities will work differently depending on who's turn it is. There are two situations that don't have clear answers and I'm wondering how you guys would resolve it. 1- (Dark Aelf Turn) Bloodletters roll a '1' for Battleshock. Since 'Sow Terror and Confusion' resolves first, we roll a D6 and add it to the result. If this wipes out the unit, do the Bloodletters get to add models back to the unit since the 'Gore Drenched Icon' still triggers? Or is the unit Destroyed completely because he can't add models to a unit that doesn't exist? 2- (Demon Turn) Bloodletters roll a '1' for Battleshock. Since 'Gore Drenched Icon' resolves first, we add D6 lost models to the unit. If this takes the unit back above 10 models, does he get the bonus for having 10 models when calculating how many casualties die? Or do we go off the original model count at the time the test was taken? Thanks
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