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Found 158 results

  1. So just getting into the game, never played fantasy, but I've always loved the idea of the Lizard Men. Decide to get into Sigmar and they're still here as the Serapon! Enjoying the battletome but when I go online to find some of the more specific models, like the Slann and Sunblood, GW is out of stock on a lot of the models. Can't seem to find them anywhere else. Could they be ramping up for new plastic models? Or is this omens of "you're an old army, be happy with what you got"? Has it been like this for a while?
  2. Hi guys, Just got back into the game and played just a 1k game. I'm trying to figure out my Seraphon army and this poped into mind. Eternity guardian (140) Skink Starseer (160) Loremaster (100) 2x 10 Saurus warriors (200) 15 Saurus guard (300) Bastilodon (300) 10 chameleon Skinks (240) 10 Skinks (80) 1 Skink Priest (100) 6 ripperdactil (280) Shadowstrike Starhost TOTAL 2020 So the biggest problem here is those extra 20 points. How could I get rid of them without nerfing the list too much? an idea is removing the Bastilodon for 3 salamnders which can output as much damage as the bastilodon, but any other idea is wellcome. So the Loremaster is there to give to the Bastilodon rerolls to both hit and wound. That couple with using some rerolls from the Starseer will probably make a good number of shots with plenty of rerolls. Saurus guard are my main units, which with the Eternity guardian and maybe rerolls from the skink priest, should be able to hold their ground. Ryperdactils and Chameleon are my "alpha Strike". Ryperdactils with the benefits from the host, even with the rule of one, can still be pretty nasty at 18 attacks with +1 to hit and rerolls to hit and wound that generate extra attacks, plus and another 18 claws and 6 spears, should be enough to get rid of anything but the tankiest units. They average 40 wounds before saving rolls. Chameleon, can also go hunting soft pieces or start puting rolls on big monsters. Skinks and warriors are my "chaff" or objective holders. Any comments?
  3. Hi, having I'm interested in a list with mainly Cavalry and hard hitting charges. A fast elite army that all synergies well together. Firelance Starhost 60 Saurus Oldblood on carnosaur - 320 3 X 5 Saurus Knights 360 Firelance Starhost 60 Saurus Scar Veteran on carnosaur - 260 3 X 5 Saurus Knights 360 Saurus Scar Veteran on carnosaur - 260 Skink Star priest - 100 Skink Priest - 100 Skink Priest - 100 Idea is to have Bubbles of re roll save charge and run from the skink priests to all units - with +3 on charges and 6+ wounds giving mortal wounds on top of mortal wounds this could lead to a hard hitting glass cannon army with high mobility Also allows 3 magical artefacts - one for each carnosaur leading to even more power on the charge
  4. Ok so I've been toying with this list in my head for a couple of days now, and thought I'd post it to get some input. Now, this list is by no means a top-tier list, but rather designed to (hopefully) have a pretty interesting game without being stomped too hard. The theme of the list, apart from containing just factions that start with the letter S, is to fight the opponents Bravery. Its thus partially shut down by Inspiring presence, Celestant on Dracoth and basically everything - but still. The list goes as follows: Dreadwood Wargrove 100 pts Outcasts batallion 40 pts Spite Revenants x 4 400 pts Drycha 280 pts Saurus Knights 120 pts 3 x Saurus 300 pts Troglodon 200 pts Celestant-Prime 360 pts Decimators 200 pts Total 2000 pts Every single entry in this list, except the Dreadwood wargrove, interacts with Bravery in some manner. The units interact with them in different phases though, and some effect bravery in general while others only come into play when taking battleshock tests - so the synergy isn't 100% there. Outcasts Batallion: if 2 Spite-Revenant units are within 8" of an enemy unit in the hero phase, roll 2d6 and compare to the enemy units bravery. For every point the roll exceed the bravery the unit suffers 1 mortal wound. Spite Revenants: Makes terrain within 8" scary, opponents must roll 2 dice and choose the highest when performing battleshock tests within 3" of the terrain. Furthermore, units within 3" of any (so no stacking with several units of Revannts) Spite-Revenants subtract -1 from their bravery in general. Drycha Hamadreth: Primal Terror: Spell (hero phase) roll a dice for each enemy unit within 10", add +2. For each point it exceeds the highest bravery in that unit, it suffers a mortal wound. Saurus Warriors and Saurus Knights: Stardrake icons, if a battleshock test is taken within 5", add 1 to the result. Stardrake icons do not stack. Troglodon: Primeval Roar: Enemy units within 8" in the battleshock phase must subtract 1 from their bravery. Celestant-Prime: Retribution from On High: When the Prime lands, subtract -2 bravery from all enemy models within 12" of him until your next hero phase in general. Decimators: Add 2 to the result of Battleshock tests made for enemy units within 6" of any Decimators. So the "synergies" here comes into play in the hero phase and the battleshock phase. In the hero phase, the Outcast Batallion and Drycha's spell are used vs. enemy bravery. Only the Spite-Revenants reduction of bravery comes into play here, really - as the reduction from the Celestant-Prime arriving will have ended, if he arrived the previous turn. Now, in the battleshock phase is where the action gets good - hopefully! In magical christmas land, the opponents bravery can feasibly be reduced by -7, and they have to roll 2 dice and choose the highest. Likely to happen? No, not really - but the possibility is there! Having typed this out, I'm not really sure if the Dreadwood wargrove and Drycha are worth it. I was planning on using Drycha as some sort of Alpha striking unit with the wargrove, but I fear her spell will be dispelled most of the time. Also, her interaction with bravery is primarily reserved for the hero phase, so there's almost no synergy between her and the rest of the army. Thoughts? Also, any suggestions on things to change etc? With this list I can use 3 order artifacts, but no heroes who can wield artifacts - which seems a shame... perhaps drop Drycha (and dreadwood wargrove) and add some generic heroes?
  5. Mikophant

    Day two

    Day two. Need darker basecoat colour on spines/bone. Need cleaner work on mouth/teeth. Need to spend more time on gold basecoat.
  6. Mikophant

    One a day

    Lazy photography, hoo! Pretty happy in a time:result sort of way, but otherwise nothing amazing. Probably overhighlighted bone bits, lost too much of the variation. Should spend more time on little gem-like bits. Unhappy with claws. Unbased.
  7. Hi guys, I just got into the game after being off since AoS launched. My main armies being daemons, wood elves and lizards, I have decided to sell the wood elves as I don't play much, so I want to focus on Seraphon for order. i have been looking into scrolls for a while, even before GH came out, and on paper and stat wise, both guard and chameleon seem great. My issue comes now with the GH. Are 100 point for 5 guard and 120 for 5 chameleons not too many points taking into account 1 would? khorne blood reapers have 3 wounds more than guard, same save, and more attacks, and while they don't have shield or the rule based on having a hero nearby the have other rules, so even if 40 more points, they have 3 times the wounds, which is good to soak mortals. This also happen with stormcasts and other. Then chameleons at 120, 240 for 10 which u need, even if they pop up anywhere and get to a 3+, it's still only 10 wounds and 20 shots which on average do 6'6 wounds before saves. Are they really that well costed for the damage they do? the rules of one also screwed ryperdactils... Not here to whine, I just want to get some help into building an army, and while I wanted it to be Seraphon, with the new generals handbook, I don't know if they are up to level and should maybe hit and build sylvaneth which I have some already from my old woodelves cheers,
  8. Tonight I will probably have the first game with my black Seraphon. Probably, because there's a guy who wants to try to enter in this world, and I'm not sure how long it will take to teach him. Also, we'll likely use the starting box, Khorne vs Stormcasts for this introduction. Black Seraphon, because I had no time to even think to paint them In the meanwhile, I realized that in the last post I haven't formalized my 1000 points list, even if it should be pretty clear from the picture. So here's my small army: 10x Saurus Warriors (100 - battleline) 10x Saurus warriors (100 - battleline) 1x Scar-veteran on Carnosaur (260 - leader, behemot) 1x Bastiladon (300 - behemot) 1x Salamander (60 - artillery) 3x Skink Handlers (40 - no role) 3x Terradon Riders (140 - no role) ToT: 1000 / 29 models Now, it could be that this list's performance is not that impressive, still I think it would look pretty good on the table once painted, and it gives me the possibility to play different type of units against different enemies. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment
  9. I was looking at my hobby stuff, not that much I have to say, and my eyes stopped on the old boxes from the 5th edition. I was something like 10 or 12 years old when my brother arrived, smiling at me, with a Warhammer starter box. He used to play high elves since a while, and I was really interested in the game. Looking at those Lizardmen, they looked marvelous and I was so excited I built them that same evening, ready to play the day after. My first game was a defeat, a big one, I only killed a couple of elves, maybe more, but I recall the sound of the dice rolling on the board when the high elves bolt thrower was firing on my Slann... But I played again, and again, and again an finally I obtained a DRAW! I was so happy, that I finally started painting some of them. But.. I was so young, first time with a brush, results were.. well.. horrible After few years, I lost the passion, and the people to play with, so my Lizardmen army went back in a storage box. Now, almost 15 years later, my saurus warriors are staring at me, and I decided to bring them back to life! So I took the GH and wrote down a 1000 points list, to have a starting point. I removed the squared bases, adjusted the broken metallic miniatures, rebased and finally primed! Now, I just need to chose the colour scheme
  10. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone had an Oxyotl or Tehenhuin model they were looking to sell? Cheers Matt
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Here is an attempt to consolidate most of the synergies that seraph units have within each other hope you like it
  12. The Stormcast Eternals and Sylvaneth join forces as they go up against Lord Kroak and his Seraphon monsters. http://talesofsigmar.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/battle-for-realmgates-battle-report.html
  13. The Dark Rider ability Sow Terror and Confusion (StaC) lets the Aelf player roll a dice and add it to the battleshock test if the battleshock roller rolls a one. The Carnosaur Bloodroar ability allows the Seraphon player to roll a dice if an enemy unit takes a battleshock test and if the seraphons roll is higher than the battleshock testers roll, an additional D3 models flee (in addition to any fleeing from a failed battleshock test). Does StaC mean that the Broar ability is neutered by increasing the dice roll of the battleshock tester or are these ability a referring to separate parts of the battleshock phase? StaC refers to the battleshock test, Broar refers to the players dice roll. (Am I getting into bearer and wielder territory again...??) cheers Jimbo
  14. So I've been on the podcasts lately hearing about how bad basic non-Chameleon Skinks are. So as is traditional I've chosen to base my army around the Skink side of Seraphon (before learning this mind you). I do have some Saurus Knights and Saurus Guard and a Slaan, however everything else in my army is Skink-centric. I'm slowly building up to the Heavenswatch Starhost and currently enjoy playing with the Shadowstrike Starhost. Does anyone have experience with Skinky Seraphon, in particular playing with the Battalions? Any useful strategies or synergies? Also any idea of which heavy-hitting units complement Skinks and are most effective? I have one each of the big dinosaurs (except the Troglodon) but I can't usually field more than one when my friends and I use a comp system with warscroll restrictions (Azyr). My biggest problem is dealing with tough units like Ironjawz and elite High Elf units. Thanks!
  15. Hi guys here is my first video AOS battle report I know the next one will be even better enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kbAUJYxHS8 PS this is the slann mage priest that Dan Heelan signed for me at adepticon two years ago yes I'm that guy it is still brining me good luck cheers steve
  16. SGusky

    Bloodclaw Starhost

    Hello all I posted this on the general site and so I'm reposting it here I have a game on Friday versus the blood bound and I was thinking of using this battalion has anybody had any luck with it? also if you used it what character did you use in it ? 0looking forward to your replies I'll try to have a video up on my channel soon thank you
  17. Greetings all playing a game vs khorne on friday anybody try this formation out just wondering how it is abd what characters people used with it thanks
  18. Leviathus

    Saurus Old Blood

    Saurus Old Blood,
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