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Found 1 result

  1. As my excitement for this game grows daily, I thought I would start a topic to let people know what Shadespire is as well as any news or rumours that pop up for it. I'll keep this as updated as I can. What is Shadespire? Shadespire (or to use it's full name - Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire) is a upcoming game from Games Workshop that is set in the Age of Sigmar universe. The easiest way to explain how the game works, is that it's an combination of a collectable card game and the X Wing miniature game. You control a Warband fighting out in the ruins of Shadespire, a city that once attracted the attention of Nagash and he got annoyed that the residents of the city had found a way of prolonging their lives. Not something you want to do in the Realm of Death, which is ruled over by Nagash who just happens to be the God of Death and expects every soul from the dead to be his. So he cursed the city and everybody in it and put them in a state of limbo. Anybody who finds themselves here, will be trapped forever! You will battle it out to survive and hopefully find a way of escaping this cursed city. The game has been designed to be played in a competitive manner and it is easy to pick up and learn but difficult to master. Games are designed to last around 45 minutes, which makes it ideal for Club or Tournament play. Whats in it? We don't know the exact details about what you get in it yet but we do know you will get two warbands in the core set (Stormcast vs Khorne Bloodreavers), some game boards/tiles to fight over, cards (for Unit Profiles and also Special Event Cards) and dice. Why should I be excited? Well for a start, it's a brand new game from Games Workshop which is a departure from what they have previously done! But if that doesn't float your boat, there will be loads of cool new miniatures for the various Warbands and it's a competitive type game which seems to play a bit like a cross between X Wing and Collectable Card Games. It also seems ideal for those of us who are older and have reached achievements such as getting married, having children and full time jobs (basically all that stuff that stops us from playing with our cool toys all the time). NEWS - Updated 13/09/17 New I get distracted by work and GW drop a load of cool news about Shadespire! So firstly they have confirmed that Orruks are the forth Warband for Shadespire and this was confirmed at the Nova Open a few weeks ago (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/31/breaking-news-studio-preview-from-the-nova-open/). Here's a cool trailer for them if you can't be bothered clicking the link Next up a bit more about the game where we get to see models from all four factions together as well as a bit of background - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/12/the-factions-of-shadespire-sneak-peekgw-homepage-post-3/ Also got this very cool bit of artwork giving us a very good idea about who is in the game and a bit of an inkling about the theme.. Also been confirmed in this article that @Ben's Blood and Glory weekend is running a couple of Shadespire events. Details are here - https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/2017/09/shadespire-at-blood-and-glory-get-tickets-now/ Old GW are at Gencon 50 and showing the game off to the public!!! They have done an article for it on the community site (see here) but here are some of the pictures..... It's coming in November!!! This comes from Gencon via Domus GW have confirmed that they will be doing a seminar for Shadespire at the NOVA Open (Link) It's been confirmed that the game will be played competitively at the LVO 2018 GW have confirmed the game (see Community Site) GW have confirmed one of the additional Warbands - Sepulchral Guard (see Community Site) GW have confirmed Female Stormcast in the game (see Community Site) GW has set up a Facebook Page for the game (see here) The Dice Tower visited Warhammer World and were able to get a preview of the game (see Video on YouTube here) Bell of Lost Souls filmed a demo game at Adepticon earlier this year (see video on YouTube here) RUMOURS - Updated 14/08/17 Not a massive amount here as GW have been very, very, good at keeping this under wraps. However, the NOVA Open is happening in the US soon (31st August to 3rd September) and one of the seminars that GW are hosting hints about a new game being showcased. Could this be Shadespire or something else (LINK) - Confirmed (see above)
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