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Found 31 results

  1. Got me a Troll Hag from forge world. Really cool model. However i find it quite hard to fit her in a list (400 points) Anyone got some ideas for a list theres using her? 2000 points and a 1000 point My first idea was a list with them moonclan grots (or Gitmob i just find the other ones better. Don't know if i am right tho) 1000 point (Moonclan) 1x Troll hag 1x Moonclan grot shaman 1x Grot Warboss (squig n' prodder) 40x Moonclan grots (spears n' shield) 20x Moonclan grots (spears n' shield) 3x fanatics Yes i know it is hard to fit her in a 1000 point list however i normaly play 2000 points 2000 point list: 1x Troll hag 2x Moonclan grot Shaman 1x Grot Warboss (squig n' Prodder) 40x Moonclan grots (spears) 40x Moonclan grots (spears) 5x fanatics 3x Fellwater trolls 2x Grot spear Chukka 1x Thundertusk Beastriders Now to be fair i don't know anything about making a competitive list. So again i would like to hear some feedback on the list or if one of you have a better list with this awesome model Have a great day
  2. So I thought it'd be interesting to poll two final list candidates for the next event I am going to! I like the idea of both of these lists for different reasons and think they'll each do a bit better against various kinds of lists. They are not super hard or perfectly sculpted but given the models at hand I think they are decent options. Vote for your own favourite choice! And feel free to leave feedback. Suggested tweaks to each list are welcome (for example I am undecided on 5 decimators v 5 more retributors in list 1 and am not sure about the gryph hound in list 1) but I am pretty satisfied with each! Here are the lists: 1. Single Drop Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber List 2. Multi-drop "More Bodies" Thunderhead / Hammerstrike List
  3. Just as the title says, what do people think is generally stronger ~ faction-specific armies, backed up with the special artifacts, traits, and such, from the newer tomes, or taking a general army of the cream of the crop from across the breadth of one of the four Grand Alliances? I've (so far) gravitated towards Grand Alliances over faction specific forces with both Destruction and Order, but now with the new Chaos Battletome coming out, I can't decide whether I want to go faction-specific for my next 3k points, or to stick to my theme of pulling the best from each race.
  4. So I've been trying to think of a credible Nagash list for a 2000 point game and I'm struggling. I don't think the old Nagash plus Neferata combo is viable any more (without double casting due to the rule of one) and without the summoning pool. Morghasts are 20% more expensive than in SCGT, which is fatal as far as I'm concerned. Thus far, I've though about combining Nagash with a Ghoul Patrol formation, just to get some bodies on the table and allow for an alpha strike to hold up the enemy; and about having a generic hero as General to give Nagash the 5+ ward save. Any ideas welcome.
  5. I've been thinking about army lists recently and remember hearing that a lot of the top lists in previous AoS tournaments have either had a lot of mortal wounds or spells. That got me wondering about the topic title. If someone fields a list that lacks mortal wounds or spells/spell unbinds are they at a large disadvantage compared to lists that include a high volume of mortal wounds or spells? What do you guys think about this question? What do you think are some general counters to these mechanics that people could consider while trying to build a competitive list? I know that The General's Handbook will change the competitive scene in some regards, but I'd like this conversation to focus on the topic mechanics rather than how TGH will effect the competitive scene.
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