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Found 294 results

  1. Malin

    Maw Krusha

  2. I am pretty pleased that the Ironjawz are the first released faction that can reliably beat Nagash in every game. How you ask? Well simple, the obvious advantage is Gordrakk. He is a hero and wizard killer at its finest. Moves fast, charges far, attacks many times with Mortal wounds. Unfortunately, he alone isn't reliably strong enough to take out Nagash. You basically get one turn to kill this God of death before he self heals and instant kills whatever is near him. The real secret of the Ironjawz is their new formation. The Weirdnob's fist formation. The Weirdnob shaman is ridiculously powerful. It gets the foot of gork spell, which has a casting value of 10, range of 18'' and does D6 mortal wounds. Then on a roll of 4 or more, it does D6 more mortal wounds to the same unit. This repeats infinitely until 4 is failed to reach or the unit dies. Normally no one has a chance in heck to cast a spell near Nagash with his unbinding godliness. However in the new formation, which requires a Weirdnob and 3-5 Ironjawz units of any kind. For each unit near a Weirdnob he rolls a dice when casting a spell. On a 1, 2, 3 the spell increases in RANGE by 6'' and for every 4, 5, 6 it does an additional mortal wound for every foot of gork that lands, including the additional ones from a 4+. Now if you are fighting Nagash, the death user is overconfident because Nagash never loses. Summoning is usually limited. I use www.ageofbalance.com which requires a player to pay for summons. Rumors say even with the point systems being added soon you will have to pay full for summons, making summon similar to Deep Strike reserves in 40k. So... here's how you bring the beast down. Spend turn one moving the Weirdnob and Godrakk closer. Then when Godrakk is at around 20'' pop his command ability on himself giving him plenty of extra attacks and unload your Weirdnob. On optimal conditions, the Weirdnob will get +6'' making his range extend past Nagash's unbinding. Then +4 mortal wounds. This is D6+4 mortal wounds for every 4+ you roll. Nagash does have a 4+ vulnerable save, but then Godrakk charges with his HERO and WIZARD killing weapons, high rend, mortal wounds and your chances of taking him down in one round is high. Once Nagash falls, the rest of the army should pose no threat since Nagash is a bucket of points. I have yet to lose to a single Nagash yet, all thanks to Ironjawz.
  3. So I played against my friends ironjawz army at the weekend and I thought id do a write up of the game and give my thoughts on them and my army etc... So the armies were as follows The glottkin, 10 putrid blight kings , herald of nurgle and 20 plaguebearers orruk megaboss , warchanter, 5 brutes, 15 ard boyz and 5 ironguts The game we played we used the clash of empires battleplan that gw workshop did for their throne of skulls back in April, the mission was we both picked a terrain feature in our territories which at the end of the battle round gave us 1pt and whoever killed the most models also got 2 pts, there is also bonus points for the person with the lowest number of wounds but that didn't come into play as the difference between the number of wounds wasn't great enough. So I finished deploying first and gave my opponent first turn, to prevent him form getting the double turn see tactics, lol. So both of our 1st turn nothing happened as neither of us have any shooting and my magic was out of range but we both got a pt for our terrain. Turn 2 things got more interesting I charged the glottkin into his ard boyz and boss while the blightkings failed their charge against the brutes, in the combat I fluffed I did 4 wounds to the ardboyz and 2 to the megaboss and took 5 in return. In his turn he moved up his ironguts to charge the plaguebearers which despite the pic he failed turn 2, so the brutes charged the blightkings which I was like cool ive got double the number of models so I think ill be alright . So he attacks with the ardboyz and does 8 wounds to the Glottkin which was rubbish but he did then turn around and kill his warboss so I was happy, his brutes killed 2 blight kings and then lost 3 in return through my amazing super power of rolling loads of 6's. At the end of turn 2 I got 1pt for my terrain piece and 2 pts for killing more than him. However things were goin to change he wins the roll for turn 3 and moves up his ironguts so they are 3' away from the plaguebearers and I don't get to heal any wounds on the glottkin. So he charges in like the pic shows which I was hopeful about seein as they have a -1 to hit because of the size of the unit... he rolls really well and kills 12 and I roll a 1 for battleshock ... but I don't have a standard so I lose another 3 leaving me with 5 . the blight kings kill the brutes yay after his ard boyz kill the glottkin BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Leading into my turn 3 I retreat the plaguebearers from the cheese, I mean ironguts and form a barrier between them and my terrain feature which my hearald has been standing on I then charge the blight kings into hiss warchanter and ard boyz hoping to kill the warchanter knowing that he will get 2pts for killing 12 plaguebearers regardless. However my dice did not go well the blightkings killed 4 ard boyz which was cool but they only di 1 wound to the warchanter who in return killed a blightking (who was totally wounded and tired). At the end of turn 3 he got 2 pts for killing stuff and I got 1 pt for my terrain feature. So the last turn cos in this battleplan we only play 4 turns he wins the roll off ...... sigh, however he moves his ironguts back to his terrain feature to get the pt for that instaed of killing the plaguebearers which would have given him 2 pts so yay. his combat he kills 2 blightkings who kill some ard boyz and do another wound to the warchanter who is to busy dancing to die. Anyways the game ends 8 - 6 to me and a win for the forces of Nurgle . So the game itself was awesome despite both of us only using models we had built and it was so nice to play an army that wasn't seraphon which is what my opponent has been playing for the last 10 months and to not play with my stormcast was also really nice. So my army I felt after the game that adding a little bit of shooting to the list would give me some much needed range, which is why a bought a plagueclaw catapult after the game though I canot decide what to build it as, as I want to do clan skrye at some point in the future; also only having 1 wizard was okay but I want more magic having played dwarfs all the way through 8th and no wizards in my stormcast army atm it would be nice to have. The oruuks were awesome to, the ardboyz with the warchanter were awesome, we played them all as having 2 choppas just to make things easier. But yeah wow they put out a lot of attacks and the brutes granted they were never guna kill 10 blight kings but they were sooooo fun to kill ... I mean see on the table great little support unit, and well the ironguts were just broken my opponent said after the game that he felt like 3 would have been more fair and I agree but now we both know what to exspect from them now so. Going forward I think I might treat myself to some rattling guns or warpfire throwers just to add some more range to the force or even some flamers seein as their plastic and cost like £10 for a unit. But yeah thanks for reading all the way through I hope you enjoyed and got your inspiration for the day.
  4. Dr_Keenbean

    Orruk Brute

  5. Hi there, I've shared this guy around Facebook and the twittersphere but I figure you guys might like a looksee too. Ive started and stripped then repainted my Ironjawz 3 times now before settling on this colour scheme that I'm finally happy with. I actually didn't plan on the red dags before painting, it just came to me as I was painting. It is coincidentally very similar to the Asheater Boyz from the Ironjawz battletome, just without the white. Overall I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and am looking forward to painting the rest of my Ironjawz. What do you guys think?
  6. Mitzy

    Warboss Elviz

    Orruk Ironjawz Megaboss
  7. quintus

    Orruk Ironjawz Brutes

    Halfway through the unit
  8. Mitzy

    Warchanta Warzogg

    Orruk Ironjawz Warchanter
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