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Found 35 results

  1. This is my second year doing the hobby challenge 'Tales of Instahammer' and I'm absolutely loving it. If you've never heard of Tales before, the premise couldn't be simpler: each month there's a new theme and anyone participating paints up a new unit or leader that fits, the idea being that by the time the challenge ends in July, you've got a small, playable force painted up. Tales is everything I love about the hobby: it's inspiring, it gives me a routine/structure to follow (I LOVE a to-do list...) and it's a great excuse to chat with and get support from other avid hobbyists. We have a Facebook Group where we can share our WIPs, chat about the game, and get ideas. We're also very active on Instagram. As someone who isn't part of a gaming group (and doesn't know anyone else who actually collects or plays), there's a sense of community to Tales that really resonates with me. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you know my theme for this year is Necrarch Soulblight vampires. I'm going to create an update post once a month to cover off what progress I've made and any accompanying fiction I've written. Below, you can see what's coming up over the next six months. Got a question? Ask away! And if you're on Instagram, do check out the hashtag #talesofinstahammer to see what everyone else is working on! Month #1: The Withering Month #2: TBD Month #3: TBD Month #4: TBD Month #5: TBD Month #6: TBD
  2. Clan Prepnik marched out of its aqshian farm to raid and plunder Idoneth Deepkin fishes... Was defeated and fled back to its farm quick-quick! I did a 2000-point battle against Idoneth Deepkin today. This was my army (one WLC missing in the picture): The list was: Including fresh recruits from Clan Skryre A warlock bombardier converted from a Spire of Dawn warpfire thrower kit: SPELLS, ALL THE SPELLS FOR BOULDRAK YES-YES And of course some humble farming rats devoted to Clan Prepnik The opponent was Idoneth Deepkin. His list was more of less the following: The Skaven troops are boxed in a metal box and the spells in a small shoe box. All 2000points in a backpack! THE BATTLE BEGINS The scenario is Shifting Objectives, the first main objective lands on the far right of the picture, and Idoneth gets the first turn Turn 1 - Fish The whole army runs for the objectives. They do some shooting and kill 2 clanrats on the far left, and 6 on the far right. End of turn, Idoneth controls all 3 objectifs and scores 5 points Turn 1 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak Grey Seer Bouldrak is ready to unleash some cunning tricks on the clueless fishes. The plan is to Skitterleap the Arch-Warlock against his will in the middle of a Akhelian Corps to dump a Balewind Vortex and Soulsnare Shackles before scurrying away through a Gnawhole. Grey Seer Bouldrak rolls a double 1 on Skitterleap. He manages to get on top of a Balewind Vortes though, which is next to useless. Shooting phase: An overcharged WLC deals 4 damage to the Eidolon (down to 12 life), but 4 damage to itself too. The other WLC damages an Allopex. Oh boy that Idoneth rule that only the closest unit can be targetted is complicating placement! The Stormfiends get boosted with Vigourdust Injector, Deranged Inventor and a Warpstone Spark and wipe an Allopex. Movement phase: Bouldrak can't let the objectives go away! He sends two units of clanrats to a certain death to claim some points! 20 clanrats charge the main objective to score 3 points, and 20 other clanrats charge the Eidolon to score 1 more point: End of turn: 4 points for me and 5 for the Idoneth. I get to start turn 2!!! The main objective remains the same (far right) --- Turn 2 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak Grey Seer Bouldrak is now ready to unleash the cunning combo of skitterleaping the Arch-Warlock on top of the main objective to lock the Akhelian Corp. Grey Seer Bouldrak fails miserably with a 1 and 2. Note to self: Consume warpstone tokens to make the combo work, even if it means dying! There is absolutely no spell to range. I can't cast anything besides a shield on the bombardier and a mystic shield. Shooting phase: Stormfiends receive vigordust, deranged inventor and a spark again. They send the Eidolon back to the very bottom of the abyss with 17 damage despite the save, the ward save, and the boat wreckage ward save. Sidenote: The Eidolon was named Alain Deleau (translation: Alain From the Water) due to his ressemblance to French actor Alain Delon A cannon cleans the other Allopex, making the left flank totally empty and the objective secure. On the far right, clanrats get wiped so the main objective goes back to the Idoneth. 1 more point for me. Total of 5 for me and 5 for Idoneth. Turn 2 - Fish The Idoneth leaves the central and right objectives (secured already) and rush Grey Seer Bouldrak on his vortex, the 20 clanrats in the center and the 15 Acolytes (who did not do anything since the beginning) Note to self: Use the acolytes! But the Stormfiends were better positioned so they received all the buffs. The Acolytes movement is cool (run and shoot) but it was not enough to threaten the Idoneth. Grey Seer Bouldrak dies escapes through a Gnawhole back to his farm 19 clanrats die! Not 20 but 19!!!! 3 Acolytes die. I decide to use the arch-warlock CP (left on the picture) to save the single clanrat instead of the Acolytes for some cunning plan!!! Wait-see! 4 points more for Idoneth, for a total of 9. I get to start the third turn! The objective again stays on the far right... --- Turn 3 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak The Arch-Warlock casts Warp Lightning Vortex on top of the Akhelian Corps, but it is too late in the game to make a large impact... Here comes the cunning plan! Which I realized later on that in fact it was not supposed to work... The single rat that was saved Turn 2 is 6'' from the gnawhole. The Arch-Warlock is 11'' from the Gnawhole. I spend another command point to run to the gnawhole, and teleports the single rat on top of the unattended main objective to score 3 points. But later on I realized this was not supposed to work because of the Gnawhole teleporting is for the beginning of the movement phase... My mistake Shooting phase: The stormfiends wipe the 20 thralls and the Souldrender. The WLC wipe 3 Ishlaen Guards. Looking good! I score 4 points for a total of 9. Turn 3 - Fish Idoneth has a Leviadon, a Tidecaster and 3 Ishlaen Guards left. The boosted Leviadon rushes the Stormfiends and kills 4 of them! Misery! With no hero nearby, the 2 other run away... The arch-warlock dies. The Tidecaster charges and kills the single clanrat that was securing the main objective. End of turn, 4 more points for the Idoneth, for a total of 13. I am left with 2 WLC, a warlock bombardier, and 6 Acolytes. We decide to stop there. The WLC don't have enough movement to secure objectives. The Acolytes are locked into combat with an Ishlaen Guard. There was no way I could win on points, even if I somehow got a triple turn and wiped the Idoneth player. Summary The battle was very close and tense. Each turn saw some big and important units being wiped on each side. Despite the double turn, Idoneth getting the first turn and the first 5 points really got me in a bad position. I had to do several suicide moves to catch up on points. My army lacks mobility. I don't feel the Acolytes and Gnawholes are enough. Gnawholes were locked by the Idoneth player anyway. On the other hand, Idoneth had plenty of mobility. I need to get either a Doomwheel or a Warp Grinder team. Stormfiends were absolute beasts! What really did the difference was their huge survivability. They managed to wipe an Eidolon, 2 Allopexes, 20 thralls and a Soulrender before losing a single model! As a consequence, I babysitted them heavily instead of the Acolytes, thereby making the Acolytes quite subpar. The problem with the Acolytes is that they cannot survive a charge. They can wipe a single unit but then have to pray for not being charged back by another unit nearby. On the other hand, the stormfiends can stay in the center and absorb the hits (as long as they can be immuned to battleshock). I'm considering adding 3 more stormfiends for a total of 9 and a warp grinder instead of the 15 acolytes. But I'm still hesitating... I need to take more risks with magic. Failing Skitterleap twice made my endless spells useless. Next time I will make the grey seer consume warp tokens to make sure the spell gets through. I feel it is crucial to at least have a chance to land a WLV or shackles early. I think I will have the opportunity to take revenge next week. Any idea about what to change in terms of units or strategy? Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the battle report. I don't get much opportunities to play unfortunately, as I live very far from any player group or GW shop. I spend much time theorycrafting and painting but not much actually playing. My strategy and placement still need improving... Cheers
  3. Gallery of all the paints on Savage Orruks and Scuttlings, plus some early tests: https://imgur.com/gallery/fZMKNVS What is contrast? My guess is ink plus flow-air and some matte medium. What is it good for? Pretty much anything organic and natural like flesh, fur, hair, leather, wood, stone... Contrast it pretty good at reproducing the chaotic texture of these materials. It's also a very good airbrush paint, better than the Citadel Air range in general. I'm pretty sure they can be used as a precise wash, but I haven't tested that yet. What is it NOT good for? Metal and armors in general, any large flat surface. There's not metallic contrast paint, although I guess you could use it as a quick base for NMM. Armor usually need a pretty even coat of paint too look good, and Contrast will pool in the middle of large flat surface, not unlike Citadel Washes "coffee stain", although the pooling doesn't look as bad as the coffee stain. Methodology: All the models were primed with Vallejo Surface Primer White with an airbursh. Contrast was applied with a Citadel medium wash brush, undiluted, with one thin-ish coat. The top paint is on the right, the bottom paint is on the left. I know it feels backward. I listed the closest color in the rest of the Citadel range under every image, but many of the Contrasts are more saturated than their base/layer counterpart. Conclusions: Contrast stains. It stains your fingers (and your cloths) much more than normal paint. Don't drop a bottle. Contrast runs, A LOT. The "One Thick Coat" motto only works if you cover the whole model because it will run everywhere. If you just want to cover a specific area of the model, go Duncan (two thin coats). You can see in the second picture that I used a bit too much Magos Purple and it ran down the legs on it's own. I had a similar problem in the Contrast medium + ink test. Not all Contrast paints are "born" equal. Maybe half of the paints are rather light and will let the color underneath show through, the other half is pretty opaque and the color underneath will only dictate the lightness of the final result. The lighter paints could be combine with a non-white undercoat and act more as a filter(a color-shifting paint). Some paints, notably the light ones, would probably look better with the new Grey Seer and Wraithbone, notably the flesh tones. But I wantedd a neutral test first. Contrast work really well with an airbrush without any thinner. The thick ink consistency is just perfect. You CAN get the pooling in the recess effect if you overspray. With an airbrush you usually don't want any pooling, just a very light coat, but with Contrast the overspray will act a bit like a wash, although not as much as when it's applied with a brush. The ink will also tint the flat surface more than with a brush. If you hate Citadel Pots, take your sprue cutter and cut the plastic hinge to free the lid. The lid floating above the pot is a large factor in the instability of the pot and the pooling of paint on its side. You can also get bottle holders for like 3$. For airbrush, get a bunch of plastic pipettes.
  4. Hey all! Recently bought the Wrath and Rapture boxset for my OH and myself. We've been looking at the textured moulding blocks in order to add texture to the bases. What have you found as the best thing to use, greenstuff, Milliput or other alternative's? I've used Milliput in the past for some gap filling however found that it started to crumble when it dried. If you've got examples of bases done in this method and what you used that would be excellent! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey folks! So I just had this pop into my head the other day: what sort of ideas and themes would you like to see for new armies in age of sigmar? The game already has some crazy themes and concepts (Idoneth Deepkin, shadespire lore, Nighthaunt, the realms themselves!) Thought it would be fun for everyone to share ideas they would like to see used ? Recently I've been thinking of a reimagined free peoples with a more generic look to them and less puffy shirts to really make it easier for hobbyists to do their own thing with them, but also things like mixed duardin and human artillery crews, perhaps more mad sciencey stuff like a a small unit of handgunners equipped with fire rockets (a la total war shogun 2) and weirder steam tank variants, maybe even clockwork golems like the Thallax in 30/40k? A lightly armoured but skilled unit of duellists that go into battle with swords and pistols or a mixed unit of human and aelf archers? The possibilities are endless for them and I would absolutely love it if they looked a little like the freeguild fighting the darkoath in this piece of artwork ?
  6. In my first hobby post of the blog I'd like to show the origins of my longest running project, my pirate themed Anvilgard Allegiance list. I was given an unopened box of Black Ark Corsairs almost 2 years ago, and from there I was interested in the idea. The aesthetic was something I really liked, but I was disheartened by the rules available (Allies were not yet a thing and the Free City rules were but a glint in GW's eye) so I shelved them, taking them out only occasionaly as a palette cleanser. Over time I acquired more models for this army, always second hand and pre painted, old and forgotten models put aside during the rollout of Age of Sigmar. I hoarded these away an told myself I would get to it, eventually. I dedicated my time largely to painting my Skaven Pestilens force, and took them to every tournament. At first I got utterly steamrolled, by good players with better armies. But over time I learned how to make the force work, I started to catch people off guard, play objectively and even win games. And I thought to myself "if I can win with this goofy army, surely I can make a mixed order pirate list work". So I promptly filled a bucket of detol and dumped half a hundred models straight into it. Some were caked thick with paint by inexperienced painters, some were simply a scheme i didnt like or want to paint over the top of. Some made it through the stripping process in tact, others went to the surgery table to be modified with spare bits from other dark elf kits to become servicable again. Here's a look at a few being drained of their detol before some light scrubbing. Not pretty, but they would be eventually. Check back next time to see what they would go on to be, more pictures below.
  7. Hey all. I am looking for suggestions for a paint color for a project. I am painting some FEC Flayers and am going for a rosy, pick flesh tone for the wings. I have not been happy with any of the GW colors and have not been able to mix up something with the GW paints. Does anyone have any suggestions, either of color mixes or tones from other lines? Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. She was done mainly by airbrushing. Her skin is Vallejo Model Air Skin Tone over Vallejo Game Air Barbarian flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, then a thinned burst of VMA Skin tone followed by a thinned (and targtted) wash of Druchii violet. Her golden pieces are are Vallejo Metalics Copper and Gold. Based with Copper, highlighted with a 50:50 mix, then a final edge highlight (with airbrush) of Gold. These paints are an absolute dream. Stop using GW metalics and get these. Her boots and gloves are a mix of Vallejo model wash grey, nuln oil, abaddon black and incubi darkness. Her hair is the same mix but with more green (so that when she becomes the Shadow Queen the hair and snakes resemble one another). The fabric is Screamer Pink on the outside and Khorne Red on the inside. Both washed with Nuln Oil, Druchii Violet and highlighted with the original colour and edhge highlighted with Wazzdaka red and Slannesh Grey respectively. The Slaanesh grey was the tough bit. It needed significant clean-up and a targetted wash. I learned my lesson here - use a bigger brush! Her hair and cloth were the only bits not airbrush based and honestly I regret not doing that. It was becuase messed up the order in which I painted by starting with the metalics and then the skin - which is how I would hand brush (inside-out and all that) - but I should Have started with hair and cloth, then the metalics, then the skin.
  9. I have plenty of ruins and buildings to play on a nice table but I feel I need some smaller stuff to throw around, stuff like barrels and boxes... What do you guys use and where do you buy it from?
  10. Striding above the lesser rats as they charge screaming into battle is a monster the skaven fear more than any other. Verminlords are the truest incarnation of the Horned Rat, be they ascended champions rewarded for excellence, shards of the Horned Rat given form and function, or the hideous Lord Skreech Verminking, an abomination formed from the essence of the entire original Council of Thirteen. These entities lead the skaven, from the front and from the shadows, and of their number none are fouler than the Verminlord Corruptor. A Nurgle Daemon Unlike Any Other The Verminlord Corruptor is the centrepiece model of a Clan Pestilens army. As the only unit in the book with a command ability, if they're in the list they'll be the general. Before Pestilens recoeved alleigance abilities this guy didn't see much use, he was an awkward out of place model that simply cost too much. Now, with a point reduction and command traits and artifacts that bring him into line with the rest of the army this chittering monstrosity makes for a formidable leader indeed. Disease Strides the Battlefield The Corruptor is best played thematically. He stalks behind a line of plague monks, casting his command ability on them while casting mystic shield to preserve nearby Plague Furnaces and unleashes his unique Plague spell on anything close, or anything close to his nearby expendable and targetable swarm. He only fights in close combat when victory is assured, and given his game changing command ability is willing to expend every last rat to preserve his own well-being. Equipped with the Blistervious, the Living Cyst and bearing the Master of Rot and Ruin trait this potent support general will stay alive on the back field, casting prayers and spells to support his minions and dealing with any enterprising assassins foolish enough to come close. Points to Remember 12 wounds and a 4+ save is not that durable. If the Corruptor tries to trade blows with anything bigger than a support hero, he will lose. The idea of this mighty creature cutting down hated Allariele the Everqueen is pleasant, until her beetle takes him out in literally one round of combat. Prayers used by a Corruptor who has Master of Rot and Ruin or the Liber Bubonicus cannot trigger Great Plagues. Can't fathom why, but rules as written he doesn't. Don't try it. We might be scum skaven players, but we aren't cheats. His unique spell can be chained through your own troops to reach the enemy. Not always smart, but always funny when it goes off and causes the enemy even more casualties. Parting Shots (With a Prehensile Tail) I've begun the hard task of repainting my corruptor, shown here in his original, if somewhat rough glory, and halfway through his new paint job with lovely crystalline horns.
  11. today I spent some time repainting my banners for my army. I have about 8 flag bearers so it's a long process. Here's a before and after.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm just getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus, got into warmachine last year and thinking about starting some small warbands in 2018. I know there are already generators out there for making warscolIs in various sizes, but nothing that fit the standard playing card sleeves I got used to using with my warmachine units. I decided to experiment and came up with one, using the lovable (moonclan) grots. Check it out, would appreciate feedback. I'm plan to make a set for my starting warband - and see how well I can fit the text for some of the more complex units Cheers
  13. decided to touch up my rats after a year of neglect. The rat on the left is from when I had a spurt of inspiration months ago, and the other one is from when I first started playing. These lads are in need of a little tender loving care to get them up to the standard the New Zealand scene often displays.
  14. Recently (since Blood and Glory) I have really struggled to get my hobby mojo back again. I think I burnt myself out getting all the terrain ready. Also painting and modelling the terrain is very different to painting models, which is my real love. However trying to get back into painting has been a bit of a struggle recently. I've reworked the hobby room now, but its been a bit chaotic and trying to find time has been hard. Coupled with the lack of motivation means I've found it hard to get anything done. So, what is the solution....? Firstly I went about fully reorganising the room. I then got out a bunch of half completed projects to tackle. Some of these are for my Wanderers Army, then there are some units to go into the Tzeentch force, and some more Nurgle models that are being done in the hope that a new Nurgle battle tome will be forthcoming. For the Wanderers I have been planning on doing some Warhawk Riders for a while. I finally got round to finishing these off. I have had the riders done for ages, but I needed to put the hawks together. I assembled the whole model and then taped off the plastic rod so I could spray up the rest of the models. Once I got the pale underbelly done and the top I just went a bit crazy with lines to add the texture. The painting is mostly done using very thin paint and washes. You can work really quickly as long as the brush has a good point. I didn't worry about the texture on the model as a guide. I just used my own feel for where the feathery effect should go. My Nurgle entry is the humble Plaguebearer. I have done 30 now which is a good number of battle line models, but I think I probably need to do another 30! This doesn't really fill me with excitement The models themselves aren't too painful to do though. I tend to do a two tone base coat and then wash the models and dry brush them up. I can then easily vary the greens on the model to get a lot of variation in the units. After this the models get finished relatively quickly as its just a case of picking out the horns and some pustules, and then doing the gore with Blood for the Blood God. These still need basing though. For the Tzeentch I need to increase my Horror numbers. I have the three lords of change which are all different colours, so I thought it might be nice to paint up matching horrors in the same colours. I have done the ten green ones so next up is the 10 red ones. I have base coated them brown and Mephiston red and then quickly layered on some Evil Sunz Scarlett. The beak, claws and tongues will all be picked out in white, and the red will have a final highlight of Tau Ochre to hopefully set it off and not make it too orange. The Blue Horrors have just been base coated blue and then had the highlights brought up to a bright Palyd Wych Flesh. I like these models a lot, although they are a lot smaller than I expected. All I have left to do after this are thirty Brimstone Horrors and the army will be ready for Sheffield Slaughter and Heat 1 at Warhammer World. If you have had your own Hobby Wobble let me know how you got over it in the comments!
  15. #Hard6 #Hard6AP6 Hard6 is a Warhammer AoS and Blood Bowl focused podcast with two very heavily addicted toy addicts Jay Hopkinson and Adam Cunis. AP6 is 40k focused and Jay is joined by 40k Jonny for these episodes. Both formats feature tournament reviews, new releases in the AoS, 40k and Blood Bowl world, book reviews, tactics and gaming tips, hobby tips and tricks and a few exciting and original features, Gryph-Hound Racing, Hero versus Monster and Warscroll of the week. We love doing it have been for many years, recording live in London. HARD6 We run monthly competitions on both shows with excellent prize support from our sponsors and to enter its just use one of the following hash tags and enter your relevant miniatures: #hard6 #hard6ap6 Feedback is always welcome guys and we want to get people in the community involved with the show so feel free to tweet us and ask us questions. Twitter: @hard_6 Instagram: @hard6jay Email: hard6podcast@gmail.com Website: www.hard6.co.uk PODCAST FEED
  16. Hi, as the title and tags might suggest, I'm looking to upgrade my current painting tools. I'm currently using the standard gw paints and brushes. Has anyone got any recommendations for different brushes etc? As an aside I'm also looking into purchasing an airbrush. Has anyone got a recommendation of a decent mid range airbrush? Many thanks!
  17. Hi, as the title and tags might suggest, I'm looking to upgrade my current painting tools. I'm currently using the standard gw paints and brushes. Has anyone got any recommendations for different brushes etc? As an aside I'm also looking into purchasing an airbrush. Has anyone got a recommendation of a decent mid range airbrush? Many thanks!
  18. I'm a big fan of square bases on certain units, mostly the archers that I keep tightly grouped and generally don't need to shuffle around much in melee. I was wondering though, with the GHB2 around the corner, are square bases likely going to be a problem? Should I just hold off on basing them for now?
  19. Why is it I always finding myself wanting to build models when I am painting them? Why is it that when I am painting such cool models I want to be building more? Seems this cycle never ends for me. Part of the reason is never being able to give as much time to the hobby as I would like to. Life certainly gets in the way and of course I have to work to earn money to buy new toy soldiers. Now I have never been much of a 40K guy in the last 10-15 years, but I was a huge Necromunda guy in it's day. Now GW is coming out with Shadow War Armageddon this week and I am totally stoked about this game! I went out and bought a box of Genestealer Cults Neophyte Hybrids as now I have a great excuse to run Genestealers one of my favorite factions to 40K back in the day. Naturally I want to continue my work on my Age of Sigmar projects which is the distraction. Any every take a hobby vacation before? Where you take a vacation and lock yourself in your man cave and just jam on building cool models and painting and listening to awesome music or watching your favorite movies or netflix shows? This is my dream...
  20. I just wanted to make a post to say that while I know Citadel primer is very expensive compared to others, it is so totally worth it. The way it comes out, the volume of the 'cloud' it produces, the coverage, the consistency ... all of it. So worth it. That is all.
  21. Hello all, I am introducing a new painting log today where the work shared is everyones who wishes to take part. The main idea behind this is that you commit each month to painting a set amount of models and at the end of the month you post your progress and a little blurb on how you did. This is a great little way to get everyone painting more, sharing pictures and building our already fantastic community. I will post a thread each month with the date in the title and people can commit until the 15th of the month. after that the last three days of the month will be for posting pictures, progress shots and discussion. This is a great way to track each others progress and get tips and advice from the community so dont be shy and get involved! Mohojoe's January commitment: I commit to paint Ogre tyrant 3x leadbelchers Leadblaster cannon I am starting off light in January as I have a very busy month with uni hand ins and work. This is the basis of my tournament army for march so I need to make some progress on what I have before I can buy any more models. I also predict that the Leadblaster cannon is going to be tricky to paint and may take me longer than anticipated. Anyway thats mine, I look forward to seeing what the rest of you want to get done!
  22. RAW2016 - RESULTS & FEEDBACK THREAD (Event thread here: http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/208-realms-at-war-legends/) We'd like to use this thread to hear your personal thoughts of the event, both the good and the bad. Especially the bad so we can make RAW17 even better. We'll be sending out an email to all attendees with a more detailed survey where we nail down certain aspects of the weekend. But for now, thanks for attending and please let us know your immediate thoughts on how it went! Jimbo - @jimbo9jimbo Mitzy - @EATBATSMitzy Ming - @Thornshield Steve - @tinracersteve #RAW16 Podcast Reviews: Age of SigBrah - https://thelostlighthouse.com/2016/11/25/age-of-sigbrah-ep-31-billy-claw-raiders/ Hard6 - https://soundcloud.com/hard6/episode-25 HeelanHammer - http://heelanhammer.com/ep164/ HobbyHammer - http://www.hobbyhammer.com/2016/11/podcast-prologue-episode-ohh-baby-i.html The Black Sun - http://theblacksun.co.uk/160117-realms-at-war-16-neo-report/
  23. Hello! People call me Shoe. I played Warhammer fantasy using 40k rules as a teenager in the 90's. After completely dumping GW (and all of my 40k models) in '98, my kid and I discovered AOS the month it launched and I picked up the starter box and started playing. Since then, I had benefit from all of the salty WHFB players selling off their armies for a pittance and as of this month, (October 2016) I have restored & painted nearly all of them. 320 models so far this year! I have to say, it's been fantastic to get back into the hobby after years and years of brilliant sculpts, and to see GW's return to greatness. I'm really getting into honing my skill as a painter. I have so far left to go. My painted armies: Stormcast Warherd Slaves to Darkness Skaven High Elves (Island of Blood) Sylvaneth Warhost Ogor Gutbusters (Sold) Unpainted Armies Left to Do: Wanderers (Aelf) New Sylvaneth Rotbringers Death You can see more of my work here: https://www.instagram.com/televided/
  24. PessJerk

    Twitch Streamers

    A place to list streamers of modelling of Games Workshop items. Ill start the list with a few that i follow. Please feel free to add more. Slow Fuse Gaming TabletopGamer.com Jabeel - Tabletop Gamer Crew Sault Chef Mi Cho Kenny Boucher - Next Level Painting If your'e looking for inspiration or something to get those hobby juices flowing i find streaming works really well.
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