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Found 158 results

  1. AGPO

    Skullreapers or Wrathmongers

    I'm working on updating my old Hordes of Chaos armies piece by piece, and I'm currently working on Blood bound. I've just bought a box of reapers/mongers and I'm wondering what to build them as from a gaming perspective. The rest of my list is mostly footslogging with warriors, Blood warriors, bloodletters, reavers and a whole bunch of characters (one of each for AoS, plus all the older metals), but there's some knights and flesh hounds in there too. Which version would make the best addition from a synergy point of view? Any advice gratefully received!
  2. AWESOME! Love the way multiplayers GHB make the rolls constant for turns so you can never line up your moves to any certainty. And selecting the order of close combats was baller. ~1600ish points open play event: Fog of War scenario, coalitions rolled to be Bloodbound, BCRaiders vs. my Fyreslayers but a Legion of Azroth player turned up to try his army out so we joined his cousins and were pleased the runemasters did maintain an utter lack of upperlip moustache Ended 4th turn due to time. Badguys coalition won (the taller ones, in this case). Recorded some brief audio for ep 165 Combat Phase podcast next week. Lords of the Lodge Fyreslayers did very well. Some pics and highlights: Skarbrand urges both slaughterpriests to bring Runepappy on magmabomb closer, with only 8 wounds left to autokill. Magmabomb banks on this and kills both slaughterpriest in bleeding both hero and combat phases Skarbrand, enraged by Azroth on Bull Taurus summoning Balewind Vortex (hey, open play, we were all surprised) killing ****** he dashed into their ranks and deleted a unit of infernal guard. 25 Vulkites tunnel up to try and contest the objective...and fail their charge 8 mourfang punish them...tar pit rest of game. Lord of Lodge both activations dish out mortal wounds aplenty to bloodbound. Grimwrath fights blood dudes what attack when they die in a ping-pong of follow-up attacks and death blows (always a joy fighting bloodbound w/Fyreslayers ) Skarbrand down to one wound, no shooting left but...wait, the bull taurus blows snot! Skarbrand dies. Volcano call next to objective, makes things risky for the coalition of the tall. SUPER FUN GAME!
  3. Khornes_Berzerker

    Letting blood and reading a bit more

    Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay on updates been really busy with work and life. In the mean time I've managed to get a few games in with my 1000pt Khorne army to great success (only losing to iron jaws)! I haven't been able to get much painting in sadly but this week is shaping up to be a good one for hobbying. I managed to get 30 bloodletters primed red and the skin finished on 8/10 reavers(I somehow missed the other 2 lol) ill be back at the end of the week hopefully with 30 complete bloodletters and the 10 reavers done. With any luck I'll have started work on my bloodsecrators
  4. Tim the Enchanter


    Time is flying by this month! So with the new White Dwarf enjoying awesome, and deserved, success, I have cracked on and finished my free slaughterpriest for my bloodbound. I have admittedly already painted one up for my warband so this time I thought I would add another character. The aspiring Deathbringer is currently being sold with the old Champion of Khorne model so I thought I would update is presence on the battlefield with something new. May I present my Aspiring Deathbringer of khorne. I am extremely pleased with the finished model and I have received some extremely generous comments an Facebook and twitter. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep painting if you want to improve. I've been trying to do at least 1/2 hour a day to keep a brush in my hand and I hope its paying off! Hes going to get a flash picture for the competition running on TGA and then we'll see how I fare. My next project is the Mighty Lord of Khorne and a blood Stoker and assembling blood warriors, but that's for another blog entry...
  5. Double Misfire

    Bloodreavers vs Khorne Marauders

    ...or which variety of snarling, shirtless men in leather chaps do you prefer? Hi all, I don't play Bloodbound, and am unlikely to in the foreseeable future, but after watching the Warlords coverage and having skimmed through a few Bloodbound lists/threads on this forum have got to ask if I'm the only one to notice that basic Chaos Marauders with the mark of Khorne are better Bloodreavers in almost every conceivable way, or if I've somehow ignored a crucial advantage of running Bloodreavers? Both units are battleline and cost 60 points a go, both coming with the mortal and Khorne keywords for the purpose of synergy with other Bloodbound units (it's also worth noting that if Bloodbound get their own allegiance abilities down the line there's no Bloodbound faction keyword, meaning that the allegiance will be mortal Khorne, opening it up to a whole host of mark of Khorne Slaves to Darkness stuff as well as the Bloodbound specific units). Both units have the same movement, bravery and abilities granted by a standard and musician. Chaos Marauders with axes are 4+/4+, and when combined with a Damned Icon, their second standard option (nothing stops you from taking more than one standard) reroll 1s to hit, immediately putting them on par with Bloodreavers with reaver blades. They have an ability called Barbarian Hordes that gives them +1 to hit on a 4+ and +1 to wound on a 6 (3+ and 5+ in units of 20+), meaning than under common circumstances they are slightly worse than Bloodreavers with meatripper axes without the +1 to hit and slightly better with it. The immediate advantage of Marauders is their 5+ save (darkwood shields why would you ever not take them!) vs the Bloodreavers save of absolutely nothing (seriously, unless you have a regular opponent who rocks Balthasar Gelt, there's no reason not to have an armour save). This not only makes them way more survivable off the bat, but also opens them up to the advantages of cover and mystic shield (ally in a Lord of Change, all he cool kids are doing it!). Bloodreavers seem to fill two roles in a Bloodbound army, the first being cheap battleline tax/objective covers and the second being a humongous overflowing murderblob, swolen with various buffs, and giving both these options a 5+ save only makes them better. Now on paper Bloodreavers look like they win on the amount of attacks they can put out, getting an extra attack if they're near one or more Chaos totems (so Bloodsecrators then), and gaining another extra attack as part of the (rather expensive) Dark Feast battalion. Chaos Marauders have another ace hidden up their sleeves though (they don't wear sleeves, ace wedged between their biceps): they're on 25mm bases compared to the Bloodreavers 32mms, meaning that they can 'fight in ranks', attacking through each other with 1" weapons. This means that if you've got the bodies for it you can choose between one Bloodreaver stood between a pair of Bloodsecrators with four attacks (five with Dark Feast), or two Chaos Marauders stood between a pair of Bloodsecrators with six attacks. In conclusion I can't see why anyone in their right mind would take Bloodreavers over Marauders as chaff (Marauders stay alive longer) or a murderblob (Marauders stay alive longer and kill more in big numbers). Even if you don't like the somewhat dated Chaos Marauder kit there's nothing stopping you from replacing the additional hand weapons on Bloodreavers with shields and sticking them on 25mm bases. Thoughts?
  6. Wolden Spoons

    Bloodbound buddies versus meta, apply within!

    Following the Warlords event where Bonesplitta Orrucks slaughtered all in their path and a whole wave of Khorne bounced off a couple of Mohawks what have we learned as a faction going forward? Has anyone played against these lists? What worked, what didn't? As a fan of Skarbrand would we just be throwing him away versus Orrucks archers? As I see it we have few options to boost things enough besides he regular, we also seem to lack the movement shenanigans a lot of other forces have,. How do we compensate for this? I think i like the idea of Skarr Bloodwrath backing up Skarbrand as a beat stick capable of smashing units. Any other thoughts out there?
  7. Khornes_Berzerker

    Reaving Blood and Escalation

    Hey everyone how goes it? Recently my LGS started a slow grow league for AoS which is perfect as it coincided with me getting back into the game. We're staring at 500points and we will be escalating every month up to 2500 points(of course I do plan to buy other things in the mean time) I had a friend generous enough to give me 40 blood reavers along with the characters from the AoS starter box. I like reavers more than warriors because Sid the mass amount of rend I have access too. Sure I'll never get a save but when supported by a blood secrator being immune to battle shock may as well be its own save. Needless to say getting those models helped out. Next I purchased 2 boxes of blood letters. Again the rend along with nice amount of mortal wounds is appealing. I settled on the following 500 point list: Blood Secrator 30 bloodreavers 20 Bloodletters it has a boat load of attacks of which all of them rend. My secrator will be taking the extra wound and the +1 to hit ability meaning if my bloodletters make it unmolested they will be dishing out mortal wounds on 4+ Sorry for the giant wall of text I guess I just needed to offer some background. I finished up 20 reavers last night. I went for a quick and dirty approach only because of time constraint. I plan to periodically revisit these models to bring them up to my personal standard. Tonight I plan to assemble the letters, secrator and final 10 reavers. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading
  8. Aristo

    Army Fluff & Color Schemes

    With this entry, I'll talk a bit about the fluff I have in mind for my army, as well as potential color schemes. I've been eyeing the different Bloodbound warbands and their color schemes in the battletome, and there are a few I'm pretty fond of. I think a mix of color is more interesting than the solid red and brass of the Goretide, which is a pretty classic depiction of Khorne-aligned armies. The Iron Horde is a radical departure from the usual red/black/brass, and the 'Eavy Metal team has done a great job of making them different, but still recognizably bloodthirsty Khorne worshipers. I also like the Skullfiend Tribe; the predominately black armor, with red helmets and accents, is striking. However, I want to build my own army, with my own fluff, so any scheme I come up with will be a derivative of these, instead of a copy. The basis for my warband is as follows: The Paladins of Kharneth are something of an oddity among Bloodbound warbands. Whereas the Goretide and Skullfiend Tribe may gnash their teeth and throw themselves at the enemy with reckless abandon, the Paladins of Kharneth carry themselves with a grim restraint. When they march, they do so in ordered drill, with seldom an utterance, save for the commands of their champions and Bloodstokers. Although Khorne demands blood from his followers, their way is not that of wanton slaughter. On the eve of battle, the Paladins of Kharneth muster in silence. As they stare down their enemies, their Bloodsecrators chant liturgies of hate and their Slaughterpriests execute prisoners in bloody rituals to discern the tide of battle. They march forth in organized ranks, baring down on their foes, a wall of brass and steel. Only when the battle lines are joined do the Paladins bellow their contempt, and tear their axes into flesh. To an onlooker, the Paladins of Kharneth appear to be well-disciplined and restrained; especially for Bloodbound. In truth, every warrior harbors the same callous fury as his counterpart in another warband. The Paladins burn with the urge to kill, maim and slaughter the same as all others who pledge allegiance to Khorne. However, it is their way to suppress these compulsions until the very last moment. The Paladins lock away their rage until they clash with the enemy, and unleash their hate tenfold. Theirs is a grueling lifestyle, in which the rigors of suppressing their anger fill their minds with images of violence and their vision turns red. The Paladins of Kharneth are not led by a singular lord, although they do follow a similar Gorechosen hierarchy as other Bloodbound. Instead, they follow the word of Mel'kanor, a Bloodthirster of the Third Host. Much like the Paladins themselves, he is an enigmatic Bloodthirster, embodying more so the spirit of martial prowess, guile and generalship than mindless bloodletting. Nevertheless, he is still a greater daemon of Khorne, and his wrath is infectious, stirring the Paladins to greater heights of butchery. Mel'kanor's sponsorship of the Paladins comes both as a source of gratification and irritation to the Blood God: There is no doubt that their many campaigns have contributed to Khorne's mountain of skulls and rivers of blood, but the methods of the greater daemon and his mortal "project" are unorthodox. Mel'kanor has a habit of evading his master's fury, only to reappear with offerings and deeds so great they are impossible not to reward. Therefore, his place among the hierarchy of Khorne's Bloodthirsters is assured. Whereas the Axes of Skarbrand tear after their fallen patron's leftovers, the Paladins of Kharneth slaughter with a purpose, doing the Blood God's will as Mel'kanor's clergymen. The origins of the Paladins of Kharneth can be traced to the warband known as Lord Khuldrak's Reapers. They were once one in the same, however a division in leadership saw the warband tear itself in two. Proud and self-assured, Lord Khuldrak refused to fight under the command of the Everchosen. Furious, Archaon sent riders of the Varanguard to punish his insolence and make an example of the warband. Ezdas, Exalted Deathbringer of Lord Khuldrak's Gorechosen, thought it unwise to disobey Archaon; he had conferred with the warband's Slaughterpriests, who saw it as Khorne's will to join the Everchosen's assault on the Realms. When the Varanguard came to reap vengeance, Ezdas and a cadre of loyal warriors turned on their lord. Broken and near death at the end of the battle, Khuldrak was dragged back to Archaon, his warband divided. Ezdas fell in the slaughter, leaving his remnants leaderless. They fought under the Everchosen for a number of campaigns, before they were claimed by Mel'kanor, seeking a foothold in the Mortal Realms. Under his leadership and doctrine, the Reapers forged themselves anew. The Paladins of Kharneth retain the colors of their old warband, donning blackened plate, trimmed in bronze. Their numbers swell as they conquer weaker Bloodbound, and many variations of their colors can be seen. All Paladins, however, have the icon of the warband branded or tattooed somewhere on their body. This rune resembles a primitive depiction of a Bloodthirster; no doubt an homage to the greater daemon that commands them.
  9. Aristo

    Down the Red Path...

    This marks the first entry of my blog, The Brass Citadel. Here's where I'll log my progress as I build up a Khornite army, using Bloodbound and Daemons. I'll also be writing up fluff for the warband, and charting its exploits as I take it to the table! Sadly, I don't have much to show for myself this moment, other than still-grey minis. The Bloobound half of the starter set arrived the other day, so I've built the characters, Blood Warriors and the Khorgorath. I'm not a big fan of Bloodreavers; I know they can be nasty when combined with Bloodsecrators and Warshrines, but I'm wary of their pitiful suitability. I left them on the sprue for now. I've also assembled and based the White Dwarf Slaughterpriest; I intend to get working on him in time for the painting competition. Attached are pictures of my minis, awaiting primer and some assembly. This is the first time I've tried using cork on the bases. I normally don't like working with sand, so the cork minimizes the headache while being easy to do and (hopefully) looking good!
  10. So I was playing around with the idea for this list. Not really designed to be competitive, more just for amusing play with my friends. The Bloodhorde Leaders: Aspiring Deathbringer - General (Grants +1 to attacks to all Khorne Mortal units within 6") Bloodstoker or Skullgrinder(?) (Either get more reliable charge move and re-roll 1's to wound OR get a far less reliable but potentially devastating boost to the amount of wound rolls I'd put out) Bloodsecrator (Offers protection from magic while negating battleshock and grants double bonus to Reaver's attack plus a single +1 to everyone else's attacks). Slaughterpriest (Potentially draws units in to be unwillingly mulched by the horde and provides ranged support to soften up targets as well). Battleline: Bloodreavers (20) (The meat....) Bloodreavers (20) (... and potatoes) Blood Warriors (5) (Would either move freely of the blob or skim the perimeter to engage threats against important pieces, would work with Khorgorath). Behemoth: Chaos Warshrine (Potentially grants Re-rolls to hits for Khorne Mortals and gives 6+ save to all units in addition to armor saves, also grants Totem bonus to Bloodreavers in lieu of Bloodsecrator, should he fall). Other: Khorgorath (1) (Works with Blood Warriors or alone as a potential distraction). 1000 Points Basically a giant bloody death star, with all of the units piled in around the Aspiring Deathbringer General and the Warshrine, with the Bloodsecrator using the Shrine to hide from view. Blood Warriors and Khorgorath would essentially operate as one unit and would move freely from the blob or engage anything that might threaten the Bloodsecrator. Not sure if I should go with the 'Stoker to get a reliable wound re-roll and charge, or risk it on the 'Grinder to get a potentially devastating amount of wound rolls (especially given the amount of +1's to attack the 'Reavers will be getting from the General and Bloodsecrator). Also, instead of Blood Warriors and a Khorgorath, should I go with 5 Wrathmongers? With the amount of attacks I'd be putting out anyways, their might not be anything left of an attacking unit to worry about my opponent getting a boost.
  11. Vissah

    Iron Horde

    Hi everyone, New to Age of Sigmar but not to Warhammer. Been playing Fantasy and 40K for years but after selling my Fantasy Chaos Warriors and 40K just not doing it anymore for me I decided to start building a small AoS army for fun and some games every now and then. I just love the models and I always been a Chaos player and I decided to start with the Bloodbound. Not wanting to do the same red, gold scheme that you always see I decided to go with the Iron Horde for a different touch. Anyway he is not completely finished yet, boots need highlights and I think the base needs a little piece of grass to brake up the colour, some advice on that would be appreciated. Also the blood on the base is doubting me so some advice on the would also be appreciated. More will come but not at a fast pace because we all now we need to do more in life then just paint models.
  12. Tim the Enchanter


  13. I've been putting WIP pics up on Twitter and my blog, but thought I'd pop some up here too My current project consists of four Blood Warriors and a Skullgrinder which I'm pleased to say are almost finished. Left to do is: Blood Warriors arms (somehow managed to miss that tiny slither of flesh); Finish highlighting the black; Eyes; Skullgrinder's anvil. I'm following the excellent WarhammerTV guide which I think is perfectly adequate for a tabletop standard army - plus I quite like the overall effect. Photo was snapped before I left for work, so not going to win any prizes (was in a bit of a rush as I was already running late) My initial test pieces were the "other" Blood Warrior and Bloodsecretor (which I think is one of my favourite mini's out of the range) I'm intending on doing a fairly simple grey textured base with a few tufts of grass and either a brown or black edge to it (I normally airbrush the edges of the base for that super flat finish).
  14. ADDriot

    Slaughterpriest experiences

    Hi guys I'm working on my khorne force and I'm curious what everyone's experiences are with the slaughterpriest. His ranged mortal wounds and the ability to pull enemy units out of position look quite interesting. I'd love to hear any feedback.
  15. Cowboy Boots Matt


    My take on Skarbrand, also magnetised to make a Wrath of Khorne Thirster
  16. cb_rex


  17. cb_rex

    Blood Warriors

  18. cb_rex

    Blood Reaver Champion

  19. Tim the Enchanter

    Quick update...

    A quick update... So, frustratingly, I have not gotten much done last couple of weeks. Real life stuff etc... Anyway, I have managed to get some more done on the blood reavers and really love the new bloodbound range. However, just recently I picked up a couple of audio books starring the hallowed knights and one mannfred von Carstein! I am completely enthralled with the character and built this guy... Still early days but I think I'll model him in such a way he is fighting in one of the great battle scenes from the audio books. More of that later...
  20. pez5767

    Blood Priest

  21. pez5767

    Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

  22. Tim the Enchanter


  23. Tim the Enchanter

    Painting styles...and time!

    We have those moments when we realise out painting style has changed. This is normal over time as we pick up new skills as improve outr hobby life! It seems overnight my paint style has changed and it's all a bit weird! I picked up Scyla Anfingrimm recently to enter into my local GW store competition. It seems I've changed tack completely on how I approach miniature painting but only a week or so since I painted my last mini! I'm putting this down to inspiration so will chalk it up to experience. Anyway, the finished Scyla for your viewing pleasure ;D Back to rank and file this week now I think. This model has been so much fun to paint. I love the fact that he's like a red hulk, stomping into battle and getting more angry and dangerous the more you hit him! More soon in the form of bloodbound foot sloggers!