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Found 6 results

  1. Ollah all :) So I am a seraphon player, who plays regulary with some friends. With the new book, the artifact: Incandcent Rectrices was changed. The wording "The first time the bearer is slain, before removing them from the battlefield, roll a dice. On a 1-3, the bearer is slain. On a 4-6, the bearer is not slain, all wounds allocated to them are healed, and any wounds that currently remain to be allocated to them are negated." Now I read this as, I give my Oracle on trog, this artifact, given he has the skink keyword. My oracle has taken 6 wounds somewhere, now he faces a unit of Hearthguard berserkers. And takes 300 MW. The artifact then activates, I roll a 5, and My oracle is healed from all, the 6 wounds he allready had, the 6 wounds it took to kill him in this attack (12 wounds). And the last 294 wounds are then negated. My friends read it as, in the same scenario. He takes the 300 MW, but my oracle only heals the 6 hits from the 300 MW In that instant/attack which it took to kill the model. And the rest is negated. Meaning my oracle still has 6 wounds from before. Which is the right way to understand it?
  2. Hello. When Gloomspite first hit I talked to a tournament player that I know about the changes to the fungoid, and it came up that since he cant take allegiance artifacts, he is not able to take *Realm Artifacts* either. Just wondering if this is correct? Also, I see alot of lists with the Troggoth Hag with (realm)artifact, but if the Fungoid cant take one, then neither should she be able to right? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  3. Hey all, I'm competing in a tournament and am stuck between two artifact choices for my VLoZD. I'm running grand host and want to use a VLoZD for some aggressive support for my skele stacks. I already have a necro with diadem (thanks to a battalion) but I can't decide between balefire lantern or the ethereal amulet for my VLoZD (we're using realm rules, spells and artifacts) Any suggestions on which, or other artifacts I should take?
  4. I know that allies can't take alliance traits or artifacts, but if i choose that my army is from the realm of "blank" can an allied hero take an artifact from that realm?
  5. This may be the wrong place for this question, but I spend most of my time here. If I assign a realm to my Nurgle alliance list, do I have to take all of my artifacts from the realm lists? Or can I take, say, the Ghyrestrike on one hero, and muttergrub on another? It's seems to be worded a little obscurely to me.
  6. Alrght up next on my overview of the Skaven Pestilens overview, we're lloking at the Command Traits available as well as Artifacts Skaven Pestilens characters have the option of taking. No need for fanfare, lets get stuck in. Command Traits Malevolent - The general gets to reroll wound rolls of 1. Not great, if you're putting your hopes on a Verminlord Corruptor to face down the enemy army and sweep it aside you're in the wrong army, Clan Verminus has it's dens further down the street. Only ever going to come into effect on a Plague Furnace, and there are better options. NEXT. Diseased - I like the thematic nature of this one. Basically, you roll a dice in the hero phase and on a 5+ someone within 3 inches of the general gets smacked with d3 mortal wounds. Not terrible, just remember to actually do it if you chose it. Master of Rot and Ruin - Hello hello, this is the one you want. If they're a Plague Priest, reroll to prayers. If not, they get to the Pestilent Prayers rule from the Plague Priest scroll. Neat ona Verminlord, and cool on a Plague Furnace too. Hard to go wrong with this one. Fanatical Leader- Add 1 to the attacks characteristic of all the general's melee weapons. Jesus, the Verminlord already hits 10 damn times adding 1 more isn't going to suddenly make him a Warbringer. Funny on a Furnace, useless everywhere else. Verminous Valor - You'd be hard pressed to find a more thematic ability in the entire game. On a dice roll of 4+, the general hands off any normal or mortal wounds suffered onto a hapless group of rats nearby. This is fantastic ona furnace because it's always surrounded by rats anyway. Architect of Death - Pestilens shooting missile units near the general get to reroll their wound rolls of 1. Obviously designed for the Plagueclaw Catapults, unless the Verminlord's tail has finally become a weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Artifacts of Clan Pestilens The Fumigatous - In the combat phase, someone within 6 inches of the bearer takes a mortal wound on a dice roll of 3+. Not bad on the Corruptor, his Plaguemaster ability is triggered by all damage he deals regardless of the source. Not quite an auto take, but not worthless. Brooding Blade - You pick one of the weapons of your general, and any model that took a wound from that weapon but didn't die takes d3 mortal wounds at the end of combat on a dice roll of 6. If you're a clever cookie who splits his attacks between multiple units this isn't half bad. Billious Bell - In your hero phase roll a D6 for all enemies within 12 inches of the holder, on a 4+ they subtract 1 from their bravery. Pretty cool on a Plague Furnace given they're usually in the thick of things. Blistervious, the Living Cyst - Jesus this one is fun. Gives a small buff, reroll 1s to hit and move 2 extra inches, not bad. If you're within 12 inches of a pestilens character in yoursecond or later hero phase however, it jumps to them. Give it to a dud character, then have it jump to the Verminlord who already is running about with his Vexler's Shroud. Godspeed you rabies infested murder monster. The Liber Bubonicus - Well well, the only artifact with massive lore behind it. Plaguemaster Skrolk's old book lets it's bearer be a Plague Priest if they ain't one, and pray twice if they are. This plus Master of Rot and Ruin on a generic Plague Priest makes for a nasty little rat with a chip on his shoulder, and probably the funniest general this army can field in casual or 1k games, The Vexler's Shroud - Enemies subtract 1 from hit rolls when targeting the bearer in the shooting phase. Simple, clean and always useful. That's it for the Pestilens Traits and Artifacts. Next I'll do a unit analysis of the HQ characters, and follow it with the rest.
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