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About Me

  1. I am laboring to bring my new Flesh-Eater Courts Army to the tabletop. This will be the first army I am doing specifically for Age of Sigmar, and the first army I will be doing from scratch and entirely by myself. I picked up the King Vlagorescu's Ghoulish Host bundle, along with two more boxes of Crypt Ghouls and three more boxes of Crypt Flayers, and finally two Abhorrent Ghoul King models on foot that I traded for on Bartertown since you cannot pick them up separately. I have pretty much gotten through assembly and primed them with GW Sand colored primer. I forget the actual name...
  2. gjnoronh

    Da Boyz GT

    We are excited to announce the dates for the Da Boyz GT 2016. Da Boyz GT 2016 will be held on the weekend of November 4th – 6th at the beautiful Bristol Harbour Resort in scenic Canandaigua NY. This three day gaming extravaganza features multiple gaming systems and formats. This year we will be hosting 2 day GT’s in Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar and the 9th Age systems. We will also have a special 2 day Warhammer 8th Edition campaign mega battle. In addition we are actively looking into adding in Warmachine/Hordes, Xwing and Blood Bowl events. More information to follow!Registration and composi
  3. gjnoronh

    Crossroads GT

    Registration for the Crossroads Fall GT is now open! The Crossroads GT will be September 16th-18th at the Holiday Inn Elmira-Riverview. Event details and registration can be found at www.crossroads-gt.com We are going to run this years event more like a convention style with multiple game systems represented and having multiple single day events so players can participate in the various games. Here are the events we have confirmed for the fall: Kings of War: Singles and Doubles Ninth Age: 2 day GT Malifaux: 50ss Gaining Grounds and Henchman Hardcore Age of Sigmar: 2 Day GT
  4. Another little kitbash conversion. In an attempt to try and lessen the old world aesthetics I had to get rid of the dwarf ruins from the troggoths I had. The only way was to cut their hands off at the wrists along with the ruin. Used some bits from the Savage orruk kits. Hands (originally holding arrows) and the weapons. One I made into a club weapon and the other I left as was (holding a bone spike thing). And rebased to rounds.
  5. jonwarmington

    Brothers of Sigmar

    Brothers of Sigmar 2016: 20/21st of August I'm proud to be announcing an AoS event taking place in Bristol on the 20th and 21st of August. You and your team mate will play 5 games, against 5 other teams over the course of the weekend each with its own set of narrative missions with objectives. During each game things will take place that will embrace the chaotic nature of the new world. The Venue is: Bristol Independent Gaming (BIG) 16 Clothier Rd, Brislington trading estate, Bristol, BS4 5PS You can sign up for this event as either a team or an Army for H
  6. Hi there! Novice wargamer here from Calgary. Just getting into AOS, been a fan of GW for a long time but was never in a position to commit until now. Really enjoying the hobby aspect and now looking to start playing some games! Big fan of the new Ironjawz, Orruks for life.
  7. We are a growing AOS community located in Hudson Ohio area but are here to support all AOS war gamers in the Cleveland/Akron area. We have a closed Facebook group called Rend 4, war gaming that accepts anyone who asks to join. On the site we share pics of models, setup games/events at local game stores and will be planning narrative events after the generals compendium release. Our current members are open to all forms of comp and anything from open play to competitive and we plan to support all styles of play. You can check out the facebook page or contact me at: @neillarocca twitter
  8. For my first blog post, I thought I would briefly run through the circuitous route I took that led me to AOS. When I was a kid, I bought a few 40k models with a friend of mine. Not having much money, I dabbled here and there, bought some Orks, a few Tyranids, some Dark Eldar, but I never could get into 40k as a game system (it was 3rd edition, I was like 10, gimmie a break). I always had a passing interest in 40k, I played DOW and DOW2 when they came out, loved the lore behind 40k, but again, couldn't afford the hobby. In university a friend of mine and I got into 40k for a year or
  9. These are my AOS starter Stormcasts plus a little extra. A few still need a bit of work, but they are done enough to post!
  10. Hello tabletop warriors im Joe and I live in a small town in the southern cali hi-desert and im looking for Age of Sigmar players. I started playing when AOS was first released and im hooked. As of right now i only know 1 person who plays and we have collected a lot of models in the last 9 months. Im looking for anyone who wants to learn how to play or someone thats already playing. You can check out my Youtube channel Tabletop Wargrounds or follow me on Twitter @oderousgod. I have 5 different small armies for anyone who wants to learn but hasnt got any models yet.
  11. Ok so many moons ago, there were some awesome dwarf models called doomseekers. Longbeards will remember them fondly I am sure. Well they had been sat gathering dust on my shelf for far too long, and when I saw the Hearthguard bezerkers, I thought maybe I had found a use for them. So my project began. I kit bashed some Vulkite Bezerkers along with the spares from my Auric Hearthguard to fill out the unit into 10 models. They actually fitted in pretty well, no noticeable scale issues. I wanted a leader for my army and the Magmadroth is such a nice model I couldn't help myself,
  12. All credit goes to strangeloup on reddit. Here is a PDF version of the AoS FAQ as the only place it is right now is the Facebook page. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9jgdlkosq5tnuv/aos-faq.pdf?dl=0 Resolution isn't great on some pictures, but it saves going to the facebook page when you need to refer to it!
  13. until
    I will be hosting a fun painting stream where he will be attempting to paint an entire Path to Glory Warband in just 7 hours.We will be attempting to raise some money for the Canadian Red Cross and raise awarness of the Wildfires curently raging through Northern Alberta. Please drop in to the stream and say hi and if you like waht you see please visit:https://donate.redcross.ca/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1951&ea.campaign.id=50610&_ga=1.254921160.176398843.1462471179and donate to help the thousands of people affected. You can watch the Stream at; Twitch.tv/DiceHate or Twitch.tv/Se
  14. So lts been almost a year now since AOS came out and I thought that I would give my thoughts and opinions of the game we've come to know, especially with the impending release of the generals handbook. So traveling back in time last year when AOS came out I went into the game with an open mind, my initial impressions of the game were that it was simple but enjoyable something that I could see myself playing at my local club in a more casual way. Which especially in my area people did not like the whole idea of just play casual and for fun take whatever you liked mentality was alien to most whi
  15. Good Afternoon! Everyone.. My name is Sean, i go by the alias @HobbyHammer on twitter and run a few blogs too. I originally got into Wargaming when the board game HeroQuest came out many moons ago. From this I soon got onto the Fantasy steam train and got into Warhammer 2nd Edition, I collected Chaos and had a vast amount of Beastmen. I spent many days round my friends house who collected Space Marines and we sat there painting and even played games (that we made up ourselves) Space Marines Vs Beastmen. I spent the next few editions collecting and painting until I started coll
  16. Games Workshop finally announce a new narrative way of gaming in Age of Sigmar. I created a campaign pack a little while ago and thought I would share in light of this news.Firstly, this pack is completely free to download, use and distribute. It is intended for wargaming clubs to use to entice new players in. The starting of the campaign is literally on 1 General and 3 additional war scrolls.It doesn't just stop at wargaming clubs though, you can use it with yourself and a mate or even at a tournament with a few adjustments.To me, AoS is all about the Hobby and the Narrative, a hobby driven b
  17. Version 1.3


    Games Workshop finally announce a new narrative way of gaming in Age of Sigmar. Download this campaign pack to start your warbands journey in the Mortal Realms.Firstly, this pack is completely free to download, use and distribute. It is intended for wargaming clubs to use to entice new players in. The starting of the campaign is literally on 1 General and 3 additional war scrolls.It doesn't just stop at wargaming clubs though, you can use it with yourself and a mate or even at a tournament with a few adjustments.To me, AoS is all about the Hobby and the Narrative, a hobby driven battle makes m
  18. Capital City Blood Bath is a gaming convention that will run from August 19th-21st, 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This year we are featuring Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warmachine and Hordes, X-Wing, and Batman as well as our annual Gamer Garage Sale! This years AOS includes a doubles event on the Friday and a 6 game GT on the Saturday and Sunday. Our comp pack will be out soon on the website and we will be using modified South Coast GT comp. Useful Links Our website: http://www.capitalcitybloodbath.com Last Years Videos part 1:
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