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  1. Ok, I just got back from Europe yesterday! Managed to squeeze a visit to warhammer world in :) With 2.0 hitting at the end of the month, I'll be waiting to update this until that's here. I'll get DoK and Deepkin started since they are likely to remain the least changed because they were written with the new edition in mind. Can't wait for the new edition!
  2. Sorry this hasn't been updated in awhile guys. Finals are happening, and right after that I am going on a four week vacation in Europe! So I won't be on here much When I get back I fully intend to add to this builds from DoK, Nurgle, Idoneth, Wanderers, another Tzeentch build or two, and round it off with the arkonaut KO build. Cya guys in a little over a month!
  3. Well one of the main things the changeling has going for him in that scenario is that you can use Destiny Dice to auto-dispel his nova power. If you're taking him as allies you can't If you're just going to use Tzeentch for allies, the changeling wouldn't quite get the mileage out of the 140pts
  4. Whelp, Kroak is perfectly suited to wreck weapon teams. The poisened wind globadiers and stuff can dent the astrolith bearer well, but it doesn't sound like you have the teleport battalion that would send the stormfiends up at him. The doomwheel and stuff are suboptimal choices for what they do, and you may be better off going for some warplock jezzails or something else to try and snipe serious threats and provide cover for your advance. Yeah, my first game against Kroak I lost. And that was with me putting the Changeling in his deployment zone, going first, stealing his spell(ROFL), and killing 2-3 temple guard from 4 units and then wounding all his heroes. His face was priceless. But then he snipped 4 of my heroes with the bubble, killed like 40 or so daemons, and got control of the center of the board
  5. Good question, and that's a tough army. It was my toughest matchup all of last season for ITC. Here are some typical things I tried to do that aren't necessarily unique to tzeentch: If he has the astrolith bearer, kill him. This guy gives him +1 to cast and an extra 8" to the spell range. So taking him out early can reduce the bubble effect by 8" for the rest of the game which is huge. His list is usually low on numbers (or at least, my local opponent ran him with the temple guard formation and between 20-30 skinks). So if you have access to mortal wounds, run them into his temple guard and try to wipe out his infantry and win on objectives. If you don't have mortal wounds or shooting, then his guys are just straight up better in melee in you, so that's a rough match. Best bet would be try to set up speed bump units that hold off the slow advance, send units in different directions, bubble wrap, and work that angle. With the Hero phase being his, shooting phase being his if you don't have shooting, and charge phase being his since temple guard never die and kill everything, your only option left is movement, so play the objectives and don't sacrifice units if you don't have to. You'll need the numbers... I hope that helps! Without knowing your army or his exact composition it's a little harder, especially since some armies don't stand much of a chance against kroaknado
  6. I think a reason for the Ordinator list being better than the previous incarnations of shooty order lists is that it has two distinctives: 1) It ignores LoS. There's no hiding from those long range, -2, d6 damage shots. That's huge because it means that you can't try and play a waiting game and spring for objectives and can't really protect your units with terrain. It also means that, if they have LoS block on their side of the board, the only way to deal with it is to get close enough to charge/shoot around. 2) It is a single infantry-sized model that makes the list work. Honestly, a Hurricanum can probably block LoS for him to hide behind. The list definitely works best with more cover, as it simply restricts your movement while he reigns down firepower on you. I don't think it will ever go 5-0 at a GT, but I can see it going 4-1 and/or taking out other serious contenders
  7. Updated with movement additions to most battalions and included more info on Nurgle and Lord Ordinator/artillery, both of which I think we'll be seeing ALOT more of in competitive games. Best of luck!
  8. I think Wanderers are slightly under-appreciated, and hear me out: Yes, they are extremely fragile. But as a shooty-alpha strike they can ruin people. Here's a list concept I've been playing around with: Allegiance: WanderersLeadersNomad Prince (80)- General- Trait: Stalker of the Hidden Paths - Artefact: Starcaster Longbow Wayfinder (100)Wayfinder (100)Wayfinder (100)Wayfinder (100)Wayfinder (100)Battleline30 x Eternal Guard (210)- Wanderers Battleline30 x Glade Guard (360)30 x Glade Guard (360)30 x Glade Guard (360)Units1 x Gryph-Hound (40)- Allies10 x Skinks (60)- Meteoric Javelins & Star Bucklers- AlliesTotal: 1970 / 2000Allies: 100 / 400Wounds: 163 I would deploy them turtled up on one side hugging a board edge (keeping one model from each unit within 6" of the Nomad Prince), and in my first turn I would strike. This is an alpha-strike list pure and simple. Everything teleports up aggressively to be in range of the enemy. Eternal guard go in front of the units so that I have the possibility to fade away next turn. But here's the breakdown of averages: Everyone congo-lines to get one model from each unit within 8" of the Nomad Prince when they arrive from Realm Wanderers Each Wayfinder does their once-per-game 3d6 shots. That's 15d6 shots that are 3/3/-1/1 and reroll 1s. 27 wounds at -1 on average. 1.5 wounds with no rend from Hawks The 90 Glade Guard then also pop their once-per-game -3 shots. So 90 shots at 3/4/-3/1 and reroll 1s as well. 32.5 wounds at -3 on average. That's enough on average to wipe out several units. Kill 50-60% of the unit and let the rest battleshock off. Can try and snipe heroes, warmachines, etc. But even if they managed to completely bubblewrap the heroes, it will still wipe out the front line in one volley. There's an option I'm weighing for the list: Lose Wanderers allegiance and go Living City Allegiance from Firestorm. This lets me take generic order traits(cool), but it also means, crucially, that I can hold everything in reserve and deep strike them on. So I can be completely immune to Gaunt Summoner, Helstorm/Ordinator, etc, and get my first strike guaranteed. But I lose long-game flexibility of continued redeployment... Thoughts? Am I totally over-reacting, or is 32 -3 wounds and 27 -1 wounds alot for an alpha strike?
  9. I find that starting the game with some discussion helps a ton. Something similar to what Alex Fennel said in his game at LVO. Sorta like a "Hey man, I'm here to play a gotcha game. If you clearly state your intention and it's close enough, we'll play it". So yeh, if they say "Ok, your big-gun-of-sheer-doominess is 18" range and you move 5"? Ok, I'm going to move my guys to just out of 23". And if, in your turn, you check the range and they accidentally had a model that was 22.5" in, whatever. They stated intent. Don't be that guy. Obviously this is within reason. If they say "Ok, my hero buff is 6", I'm leaving one guy in the unit to be within 6" of the hero", and when they go to use the buf it turns out it's more like a foot away, then yeh, that's not quite close enough haha. But have an easy go-lucky attitude and you should do fine there
  10. @domus and company from the Midwest, sorry you've been dragged into another ITC post. At least it seems this thread is so far a good discussion and your points are being heard and understood. I haven't traveled out there for a tournament (Only tournament I travel to is LVO once a year, Broadside Bash and SoCal Open are close enough for me to not really have to "travel"), but it sounds like you guys have a riproarin' good scene goin' on. If you as the TO believe that ITC would harm your scene, then I completely understand you not introducing that format, though not using BCP still kind of confuses me but maybe when they introduce the ability to do soft scores you might come to the light side I can say it does make the TO's job way easier! Someone mentioned that BCP may eventually move to paid-only without the option for free. I've spoken to BCP guys a few times and know that their whole goal is just to have a simple piece of software that aids miniature gaming, and that they fully intend on keeping it free. I would be stunned if they ever went paid-only. My opinion of the ITC may be a biased. Full disclosure: I earned #1 for ITC this last season, and definitely appreciated it. So my thoughts on this subject are coming through that lens. -I've played at 6 or RTT's this past year, Broadside Bash, SoCal Open, and LVO. That adds up to quite a few games. I played the same army list since day 1 of GHB2017. I know that my army is very strong, and that some armies I play against don't stand much chance against it. With that in mind, I always try to be the best sportsman I can. I know there are people who win with a "Crush you and feel no sympathy" attitude that is really just horrible to lose to. I've had numerous discussions with opponents about my army and theirs following games, and they're always great talks. So yes, I play to win. But I can't stand the idea of lambasting a guy or ending a game with a guy hating my guts. I think there is a way to win in such a way where your opponent says "Well, I lost, but it was to a great guy so I had fun!". I had this attitude when I lost to the guy who won LVO. Would I have loved to win the LVO? Absolutely. He beat me fair and square, we laughed throughout the game, were cracking jokes, and enjoying each other's misfortune in the dice. Bear in mind: This is the guy who won LVO last year, versus the guy who was #1 in the ITC going into LVO and maintained that spot. Quite literally one of the highest levels of competition in a game, but we played like gentlemen. He misunderstood a field objective at the end of the game, and I let him change his last turn to try and accomplish it. We didn't have the Tony attitude. But I think the argument for the rankings system is that it can unify the area. And while it can bring out WAAC pariahs, more often than not it brings out good competition that helps the game grow while still welcoming new players. I often will talk with my opponent at the end of the game about how she/he could adjust their list or possible mistakes they made, and this helps them know they're improving in the game. Maybe @Countmore could provide some commentary on how the competitive scene behaves in the UK with their rankings system in mind. Some may see people traveling across the country for tournaments as a negative. I don't understand why, seems pretty awesome to me. That's coming from a guy who didn't travel last year except for LVO. Our RTT's over here do AMAZINGLY well. There is no concept of them being dried up in lieu of larger events. RTT's are 8-10man over here normally, and there are 2-3 that can break 20 people! That's insane for an RTT for us. And I don't quite understand the criticism that ITC makes their own terrain for 40k. It looks STUNNING, especially on their gaming mats, which are super easy to use and pack. The terrain is fair-priced and gives you a uniform look, and is fair for tournaments as well. It provides good LoS blocking while maintaining a narrative on the table. I really don't see that as a negative. GW terrain is OK, but tends to have basically the same features. ITC terrain looks better to me. I would be amazed if the performance on the top table at LVO didn't leave them wondering how they can prevent that from happening again. GW guys watching the game were stunned into silence that it happened, and I'm sure conversations were had to the effect of "We streamed this event and gave you guys publicity, and got this PR nightmare instead. Handle this". So let's see what FLG does to address it. Bare minimum, I'm ecstatic that Tony lost to Nick because Nick did the same thing and said "I hate to win this way, but you did the same thing to Alex". Tony lost to Nick in the ITC by a measly 1.18 points, but it was enough! Hope he never comes back. The competitive community is kind of shunning it right now. Fortunately, AoS doesn't seem to have those problems, and hopefully never has cash on the line. Well that post got long, sorry guys. I'd go longer but my Enter key isn't working for some reason so I'll cut it short
  11. I would completely echo what @svnvaldez said. There needs to be a discussion had with the east and west coast about how to bring the communities together. As to why he mentions ITC, I think it's just because it's already got the infrastructure. The BCP app makes being a TO sooooo much easier. You download the app, setup the event, and then every round the pairings and stuff are done for you. No manually pairing 90 people, no organizing WL records on some spreadsheet, none of that. Every player knows exactly where he/she stands at all times thanks to the app, and wins some ITC points as recognition for their accomplishment. There's no need for ITC in the UK or Australia because they have already have it. Not the name, but the idea of tying together a country or region with a national rankings system that's uniform. In the ITC, there's no need to follow a rules pack. You can do doubles tournaments in ITC, 500pt, 1000pt, 2000pt games, whatever. You can say you're playing GHB1 instead of 2017, all you have to do is submit the result. So I guess the main question is: With there being no restriction to the type of event or mission packet, why not? I guess it's just weird for us West Coast guys. Not being critical at all. I think it's awesome to hear how thriving the AoS scene is over there. But was just wondering if someone could better explain the reticence to go for ITC events. Is it the brand that's offensive or causes bad reactions? Players that it may bring, or associated attitude? Loss of identity?
  12. This is James, the guy who got 2nd at LVO. Maybe I can shed some light on the strength of Changehost and difference in meta between US and UK? Changehost gets it's strength from the same way Vanguard Wing does: Movement options that are too many to count. Each turn I can swap my LoC into spell range, congo-line my pink horrors, get more models onto objectives, etc. In my list, I also had 30 tzaangors. These guys were beasts, and gave me some real board presence. My Gaunt summoner could Mystic Shield/Shield of Fate them turn 1, and I'd run them towards the enemy with a 4+ rerollable save and a shield save. Could even put IP on them too. They shored up the weakness of Changehost which tends to be: If you get close to me I start to die very quickly. The tzaangors are good at providing a buffer and rapidly moving across the table to take objectives and wipe out units. While the US and UK meta are different, I don't think it is safe to assume that we here in the states are trying to pull ourselves up to the UK meta. Sometimes they find a list that makes it across the pond, and sometimes we return the favor. Maybe @Countmoore could provide some insight as well, but I feel that the US has a pretty solid meta. I think one fix to Tzeentch could be you may only expend one Destiny dice per phase. That would greatly help to limit the number of guarantees the army gets. As for the Fyreslayers: I counted 4 hordes of angry dwarves there. They fared well, but against a skilled player who shuts down the board to their tunneling their effectiveness isn't as good. I have no doubt they can wreck most local tournaments, but at events as large as LVO with the skill that's there, there will be plenty of opponents who know exactly how to deploy and move to counter the tunneling. Lastly, in case anyone was wondering what my matchups were: 1: Narrative SCE list. Guy was the best sportsman I've ever played against though! -W 2: Ironjawz with Weirdfist. I locked down his spells, blew up his big unit, and made the Tzaangors chew through 17 ard boyz in a turn. -W 3: Vanguard Wing. My deployment was flawless on the front end with double layers of models, but I left a whole region of open space in my backfield like an idiot. He killed a bunch, but I played the mission well. I made a critical charge on the last turn that gave me the W 4: Kroaknado. Hard match for me. I locked down his army with a turn 1 charge from tzaangors and starting scoring points, and by the time he had broken out of the wrap, I had enough points to get the win. -W 5: Vanguard Wing. Played against Andrew who won the event. I made a horrible mistake one turn where I could've killed the prosecutors but didn't send enough spells their way. He then teleported around my big bird and killed him. I'm an idiot. -L 6: Fyreslayers. I moved and ran almost everything to shut down his tunneling, and killed about 15 or so dudes on the board with spells. Burned one of his objectives thanks to changeling swap(scorched earth). He made a mistake targetting brimstones before blues so I split brimstones in the unt to get a guy within 3" of a 30man mob, tying them down from charging, and failed a 5" charge with a reroll. He conceded because it wasn't really possible for him to win after that. W 7: Maggotkin. My changeling was 9.2" away from my gaunt summoner so not Infernal flames turn 1, but I killed about 70 rats still thanks to Tzaangors. Starstrike fell well for both of us, and it came down to if my LoC could kill 2 monks with his staff in melee. Got 1 hit, rolled a 1. I had Aura of Mutability and rerolled it, getting a 4. -W Total record was 6-1. Hats off to Andrew who won the event. He played his army extremely well and noted every one of his mistakes. Nothing slipped past him! My opponents were all excellent sportsmen. The first vanguard wing player was from the UK and an absolute gentleman the whole game, the fyreslayers guy was super cool even though the game wasn't going well for him, everyone was great!
  13. Whew, just got back from the Las Vegas Open and can say that I am absolutely, completely, exhausted. A ton of man, but man am I tired! The Vanguard Wing and Hammerstrike Force will need updated sections here over the next few days because of the FAQ. While I don't think it completely removed the Vanguard Wing from competitive play, it definitely limited it to the point where I don't think it will win nearly as much. Being able to shut down their teleport with a single line of models across your army is huge. No more congo-lining their 30man unit through your units to snipe heroes and such! Aetherstrike Force is untouched and I think deserving of a hard second-look as a viable SCE build. The changeling nerf will change how some people play Changehost. Congrats to @svnvaldez for going 5-2 with Kunnin' Rukk and earning 3rd in the ITC!
  14. Well, better than bubble-wrapping would be setting up farther away than you may normally. Against Murderhost you almost certainly don't want to set up on the line, unless you have a like a 10man unit of brimstones that you want to use to pull in some units for your shorter-range attacks to go for. But besides that, you probably want to have them far back enough to where average rolls would not be enough.
  15. Kunnin' Rukk What it does: A Savage Big Boss leads 2-5 units of Savage Orruks. In each hero phase, the Big Boss can pick a unit of Savage Orruks within 10" to move, shoot, or pile in/attack. This can lead to a unit of 30 boyz shooting 90 shots in the hero phase, then another 90 in the shooting phase. With buffs from heroes, they can generate extra shots on 5s, reroll 1s, and be hitting on 4s. Their arrows will blot out the sun! What you can do: First things first: Kill the Big Boss if at all possible. If you have any shooting, deep striking ambush units, artillery, or similar units, use them to try and snipe the Big Boss. Orruks are 2w apiece with a save that can never drop to worse than 6+, so can be very tough, but their bravery is only 5, so focus on one unit to make battleshock punishing for them. Killing 11 drops the unit to 19, meaning they are bravery 6. They lose 5+d6 models. Ouch! Some other things to keep in mind: They get +2 bravery if they are near enemy units, so don't throw chaff next to them to tie them up if you can help it. They also have rend -1 against Monsters, so be aware that your Cabbage is just a large pincushion that will get dropped in one turn of shooting. Focus down their mobs, and kill the big boss.
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