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  1. Finished a couple more warbands. Falling behind - I'll probably have to skip straight to Goblins!!
  2. Hey everyone, Finally got another warband done after a long absence. These are an homage to the old Rackham Confrontation Orc paintjobs that I've always loved.
  3. Uggh frosting is the worst. I've given up on anything but Testor's Dullcote at this point. Its seems to be alcohol based and I've never had it frost (and I'm in a very damp area by the ocean), every other matte spray has been hit or miss. And whatever you do don't try to apply matte varnish with an airbrush. yikes! Goblin_king is right that adding more sometimes helps. Be sure to wait for a nice dry time to try it though. I've even gotten a cheap digital humidity meter from Amazon to check.
  4. Hey guys, Apologies if this has been discussed but the following came up in a game last night: Does the power step count as part of an activation? So could you, for example, play Shattering Terrain (which specifies movement during an "activation") and then in the next power step play distraction and cause a wound automatically? The rule book has me confused as it says the power step happens "after an activation is resolved" but then in the summary lists "next activation" as part of the power step. Cheers.
  5. Thanks guys, Working on some alternate color schemes for orcs and skeletons next. I'm still absorbing all the great info and inspiration on this site - great stuff!
  6. Hey guys, Just finished up a couple of warbands. Looking forward to getting in some games.
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