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  1. EvDJ

    The Rumour Thread

    ..why do people assume they're trying to make the universe all rainbows and unicorns. If you've read the Harry Potter books, which are aimed at 9-12, you know kids books can be plenty dark. the first book has a disembodied, evil, mass murdering spirit wizard taking possession of someones body, so they can drink the blood of a slaughtered unicorn...sounds pretty grim.
  2. EvDJ

    The Rumour Thread

    I have only one thing to say about the new ID release...
  3. EvDJ

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Spotted this on Facebook about the Skullcracker So fingers should be back soon so I can get my hands on one.
  4. EvDJ

    The Rumour Thread

    Well there we go a new Battletome for the Legions of Nagash announce, although no pics of whats inside https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/01/06/new-year-new-armies-reveals-new-years-open-day/
  5. EvDJ

    Malign Portents

    I'm expecting (hoping) for new skellies, etc, but i'm really hoping for the rise of human death worshipper/cults in the new cities.
  6. EvDJ

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I’ve had little problem with forgeworlds resin stuff. No problems so far with the small models, although the Infernal Guards are teeth gnashingly fiddly. Had a couple of miscast bits from some of the warmachines but Forgeworld have been really efficient and have had no quibbles about replacing them, and I did have to cut and extend one of the warmachines chains as it won’t go around the wheel spokes. Some of the bigger models definitely need a bit of green stuff, and there’s plenty of flash to clean off most bits. And you will definitely need to wash them. A recommendation from an ex-forgeworld employee was to soak them in lukewarm, soapy (washing up liquid) water for 10 mins, scrub gently with a toothbrush, rinse and scrub with cold water, wrap in a towel (I use an old t-shirt) and leave to dry in a warm place for 24 hours. So far I’ve never had any problems with paint not sticking to them use this method. This being said the time spent will reward you with some of the coolest and best looking models GW make. ...oh and I recommend you get a small hobby saw of some sort for removing the larger bits of excess resin. Like an idiot i didn't and managed to snap part off a model...ok so that might have been me, but it is a useful bit of kit.
  7. EvDJ

    Some inspirational art

    Here's a couple of my favourites. One is the inspiration behind my current Chaos Dwarf army and the other makes me want to do a Kharadron Overlord army.
  8. EvDJ

    The Rumour Thread

    But then you also get three character models in the Magmadroth box as well, so if they just gave you one character and the Magma its not impossible.
  9. EvDJ

    The Rumour Thread

    I was just wondering if it might have something to do with the Anvils of Heldenhammer Stormcast, who I think might have some Stormcast reforged from heroes from shyish, and who played quite a big role in Sigmar trying to recruit Nagash in 'Lord of Undeath'. Which makes be wonder if there might be some connection with death at some point down the line.
  10. EvDJ

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm thinking the front of a vehicle, if you imagine it as the prow on the front of a ship, or a metal ram on the front of an ork vehicle maybe.
  11. EvDJ

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    someone just posted this to twitter . So here's hoping it was a mistake.
  12. EvDJ

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Well Forgeworld have just dropped the point for the new Exalted daemons and in the pdf are changes to the some of the Legion, and i'm not sure they help our cause. Infernal Guard Battle Standard has gone up 100 (Previously 80) Infernal Guard Ironsworn are now 180 (100) Infernal Guard Fireglaives are now 160 (100) K’daai Fireborn was are now 180 (100) Blackshard Warhost in now 100 (80) I think the ironsworn and the fireglaives are the most painful!
  13. EvDJ

    New rules for Forgeworld Verminlord

    The same cost as skreech verminking 340, equal as the most expensive verminlord.
  14. EvDJ

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    This is a little bit of wild speculation. My imagination has been sparked into overdrive just a little bit from a conversation in another thread, and I know this is a long shot, with almost no chance of being anything, but...In the game Dreadfleet it talks about… "Grimnir's Thunder is the Dwarven battleship piloted by Red Brokk Gunnarsson, a master engineer from the Dwarven seahold Barak Varr. Grimnir's Thunder can launch a dirigible from its decks." I know it probably just GW reusing names but there are obviously similarities between Brokk Grungsson and Barak Nar of the Kharadron Overlords. I bring this up because Dreadfleet also talks about… “The Black Kraken, the monstrous construction of Tordrek Hackhart, a Chaos Dwarf, which has been imbued with the soul of a demon. Tordrek holds a personal grudge against Red Brokk Gunnarsson.” So tie that into the kraken imagery from the KO release and, well you can imagine what a fevered and overexcited imagination lead me to wonder. If nothing else It gives me some ideas of what theme I might give to a new Chaos Dwarf army. Please GW hear my prayers.
  15. When they first announced Shadespire I thought of this artwork by Brodsky and Utkin, this was just reinforced for me when I heard them talking about it on twitch. Love the feeling, and it just evokes for me the gothic decaying grandeur that I have in my head.