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  1. Well, nice job but tbh, the GW warshrine is such an amazing model that it can't be avoided or kitbashed ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Keep cool guys, this is just another blank week before 2 WE of reveals...
  3. I'd usually think the same. But by this time of confinement , every news is a little escape from our 4 walls.
  4. The most important one is the Turn 1 LoC. If not turn one, it'll be hard to stop the ennemy I think. Can you have the destiny dice with Summoner coven? I thought that it was one or the other (exclusive OR).
  5. Aren't Sons of Behemats from chaos? destruction? what else? (not trolling, I dunno)
  6. This most difficult part is not finding the base but finding the miniature ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually. Too bad most look at China...
  7. There are 2 kinds of people: those who stock toilet paper (store's stock is empty!! lol) and those who pile little soldiers. Guess who are this forum readers ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Well, hard time for the little soldiers: all physical stores will be closed starting tonigh (at least in France, Italy and probably most europa soon...) Even the virtual stores will be impacted dรปe to the randomness of delivery system.
  9. Lumineth: the army leaves nobody indifferent. And I think that it is the best thing that GW can do. You can't create some love and hype with bland things forever. I personnaly don't really like this army (...for now). But I admit that I can fancy it in the future. Continue this strong design policy GW, pleeeease.
  10. For now, we only have 6 lumineth reveals: 3 HQ, riders, infantry, archers. Is it a little half or a big half of this army? Comparing to the last 100% new army, OBR, we are far from done here: OBR = 6+1 HQ (with the horse double kit) , 2 war machines, one elite double kit and even a second double kit one but already existing (morghasts), riders, infantry, 1 decor and 3 ES...and last but not least : 2 big daddys already exsiting: nagash and arkhan that give many more options. Writing this, I'm worrying that we are far from an OBR size like army. Maybe if GW includes some of the existing minis/units/HQ.
  11. Those reveals confirm for me that the lumineth, while nice looking minis, are too bland for me and all my hype is reported to the upcoming giants. This is not bad at all as my wallet has been hit too hard in the past month with StD and DoT.
  12. I don't get it why on earth GW didn't do the warscroll for the mutalith vortex beast like in 40K when you chose the effect or roll twice for 2 random effects. Why GW? Why? I love the miniature but as is, it is just not usable. And too expensive (point wise) btw. Foc, another missed opportunity. ๐Ÿคฌ (Could have been ok at 140 pts and same effect as in 40K: you chose the efeect etc.., plus, you can add it in a tzeentch army (it should have been in the DoT book!! grrrr))
  13. The mini is awful: I made mine with arihman, superb ad majestic enough to be a leader. In game, it seems that the fatemaster fits better with mortals/tzaangors lists.
  14. The blue scribe: I ordered a tzeentch SC to build mine out of the burning chariot kit. You can kitbash ton of things. look at this: Which is the better 2 cast wizard: The curseling or the changeling? Both are good depending on your list. As I love the changeling mini, it wasn't hard for me to choose. But I finally took the curseling also. Just because I like this diversity of tzeentch.
  15. It is not just a rotation: see for example the Tau who got another force as they already got one 2 years back. The battleforces are close to news, and try to give some incentive to certain armies that need a boost (sales). Eventually. BTW, the AoS battleforces are still available and 3 out of 4 are available at retailers. PS: the good ones, the ones that are a steal or in a hot army (read: efficient army in the meta) are always sold out in a matter of hours if not minutes. ex: gloompites. Even better: Tyranids. Got my 3 boxes in a minutes, sold out few minutes later. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  16. It is just a matter of time: generally a week or so... I recently had to purchase few GW exclusive minis, several times, but each time while the army was hot (meaning fresh out of a new battletome) and each time, the miniature was out in less than a week, except once, I waited just 10 more days. Those were mostly resin. The stegadons are plastic. The army is super fresh: I'm suspecting GW going full production rate on this one to make a big stock. Don't worry, you'll get the stegs next week or the week after. But if you are not in a hurry, my bet is that one of the christmass battleforce will be Seraphon with stegs....
  17. If this is like ogors, there is something like "count as 10 for objectives purpose"... BTW, 8 in a 2k points army means that it is super cheap (in points), making me speculate that it is super NOT cheap in โ‚ฌยฃ$...๐Ÿค”
  18. Well, did you see what they just did with chaos? Wrath of the everchosen? It gives us several new factions with existing units and some of them are far from bad. For example, the varanguard hero faction ( Knights of the Empty Throne ) seems very promising and even has been consolidated by the FAQ yesterday. So, LoN being a bit oudated, I wouldn't be surprised to see such a book to update LoN and add some nasty themed combos, vampires, squeletons, you name it. This is a cheap solution, I admit, but it can refresh LoN and Death by extension.
  19. this is a smart move for the terrain. I like this feature, to too much locked in the seraphon design (could be a neutral terrain mix/match with other terrains).
  20. Just something I noticed: for seraphons, it seems that Starborn is a nice choice, versatile and fun. The SC! are really nice. The new skinks on troglodon being a wizzard, you can start your seraphon army with 1 old SC + 2 new SC + 1 slann (or something equivalent) for less than 200โ‚ฌ. It is a nice backbone of army looking great on the table (yes, I like big miniatures), with the bonus: every big guy is a multikit magnetizable. Around 2K points. You have nice wizzards (some of the best), 3 big guys, some battlelines, some flyers ... (you'll probably need just some few cheap battlelines). I like it when everything is in the StartCos ๐Ÿ‘
  21. What are the efficient builds in DoK? I'm curious as I don't know this army at all and today, GW revealed the new SC! DoK. I've seen that this army has probably (with orange dwarves) the least unit range. So, do you play always the same 1 or 2 builds or is there more?
  22. Is the DoK one good? When you get one, is it usefull to get a second one?
  23. Very thematic list and TBH, this is THE StD list that should be competitive yet iconic. Unfortunately, it isn't. But in a not so much super competitive environment, you can expect some nice results.
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