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  1. That was the real surprise here: it'll be the "nice" surprise if the price is not 2 times (or more) the price of a single gargant. Knowing GW and their astounding yet super accurate math, they will probably go as 2*1=3...
  2. Thank you @Overread I'll also look into the 40k side of this army: I like to use daemons armies in both games, and there is no depravity points in 40K. This is one of the argument that make me jump on the opportunity of this box. Troops are importants in 40K and biggest HQ (keepers of S ) are targeted too easily (which is a shame).
  3. I'll aim for 4 boxes and I think that I'll keep the slanesh halves. Do I need more troops? How many keepers?
  4. Totolly new to slanesh. What are the common builds of slanesh? I'll buy the Shadow and Pain box (and keep the slanesh halfs, in fact, several of them I think). Is this enough to start the troops? How many of them do you usually need in each builds? PS: I already have a nice pool of StD (maybe useful with DP & some othe stuff -but zero marauder atm - ) and Tzeench (useless here) PS 2 : ideal expectation targeted: 4 halces of Shadow and pain boxes to build around.
  5. I also am really interested by this dual army box: I'd start one of the armies. But which one? What do you think about the content for EACH army? I'll have to resell one half. What's about the (real!!!) popularity of each side?
  6. Ogors already had one (via beastclaw raiders). Amho , Bonereaper is super probable. SoB super improbable except if they do a speacial launch box with several Behemats/giants in it.
  7. One of them is usually the poster boys, stormcast. Pretty sure we won't have the gobs, the DoK, the Lizards and nighthaunts...(which have been done last year).
  8. I won't bet too much on it: we already know that october= Space marines & Necron codex + a (big) bunch of new miniatures for both armies.
  9. I've been out a little bit, due to focusing on 40k the past weeks. But I'm still keeping an eye on AoS. Any new rumors about the Sons of Behemat release date?
  10. Indeed. But liking DoT, I must say that the gaunt is an unavoidable mini in a collection, especially the "on disc" one (which with a single magnet can play both, mounted and not mounted). BTW, I only assembled a single unit of 10 pinks (and thus 20 blues+20 brims). This is perfect.
  11. I don't see the points changes pages in the content page of the GH2020? wut?
  12. Yes! but this is just a "paper only" week: no new minis for the big games. Then we will have the big wave of 40K v9.
  13. Another PA (8) week without lumineth...Poor AoS pointy ears guys... Mouhaaahahahahaha But I'll be glad to pick up fabius bill!
  14. Source who confirmed 40k for late july is saying Lumineth is iminent.
  15. It seems that a persistent yet probably reliable (lol) tells us that the 40k v9 is July 11th for Pre-Orders with 2 Weeks of Pre-Orders and the release date being on the 25th of July. This leaves a huge window open for the lumineth before those dates, and maybe, the sons... Because , from late july until probably september, it'll be 40k releases...
  16. TBH, I have so many things to assemble, glue, not even mentioning painting that I'm (almost) done with buying stuf for AoS: some thing like 4000 or 5K points per army for 7 armies... I am actually building the tzeench army: I am less than half of it done and I don't see where I can stock the minis lol. 5 armies to go hahaha I need a bigger house. Stocking our minis is a really big problem. But..... But I'll add at least ONE giant. Must have. And probably later an army of them (with the gargants also), one of them giants being heavily kitbashed with so many spiky things that I got for chaos (from princes and spawns essentially, but not only). I'll play the giant in most armies. Just for the fun of having such a big mini on the table. My investments are also frozen. Same problem...except that this new necron army is killing me. Sh*t, one more army. I swear that it'll be my last one!!! 😜 Conclusion: I'm impatient to see the sons. My heart is bleeding. But my brain is expecting them later, far later.
  17. Indeed and more precisely, in 3 years (from v8 launch to v9 launch, exactly 3 years), not mentioning the individual new 40k minis, 40k had brand new update: - first wave of primaris - deathguard - chaos marines - sisters - second wave of primaris - adeptus mechanicus - Knights with one new (updated?) IK, one new RK, 2 even bigger guys, 2 armigers builds... - third wave of primaris (v9) - new necrons and of course few things here and there includung the dark eldars/ eldars things... So, yes, it is possible to refresh an army. But no, GW prefers to add brand new armies to AoS. But maybe that now that we have 22 AoS armies (almost on par with 40K), GW will refresh existing armies (or add substantial units to existing armies).
  18. Did you notice guys that none of the new miniatures has a 3D view? I find it very convenient especially when I'm building and/or magnetize my miniatures... I hope that this is not the new GW way of presenting stuff . I miss this 3D view 🤔
  19. Absolutly NOT! Situation not comparable. They have to go FULL FLOW of business ASAP to get back a max of the lack of income during lockdown. They have to take the oportunity that many people want to spend money: the best for them is to spend it at GW, not for a new pair of shoes. They don't have to do a heavy teaching about v9 like it was in v8 because v9=v8.5 (like AoS 2 did for AoS) . People are ready. Who cares about PA? Only 2 remain out, PA7 is already preorder in 2 days. The 2 other PAs have close to no mini (except Szeras). Unfortunately, I'm afraid that you are right. But if for me Lumineth are out ASAP (just after admech) , I don't see SoB before second half of july or august (And god knows that I'm waiting this Giant!!!). The only thing that we know for second semester: - Codex: necron, space marine - 40K miniatures: big necron release, primaris release - the dance of codex v9 is beggining, probably fast paced with of course here and there few miniatures update and new release. - AoS: we are in the fog here (in fact, it is a speciality in UK, isn't it? 😉 )
  20. It is not one of the core games. It is THE CORE of their business. It is THE mainstream product to attract some new players. Nothing comparable in scale of business to some random papers like PAs. PAs are already in the pasty. PAs will be thrown asap the be PA9 ready with Szeras (nice necron mini). Then, D-Day 9th... They can't sacrifice anything in the 40k 9th ed because it is their main launch for the new business year. Everything else, if already- scheduled (read: before lockdown) will orbite around this, fitting here and there if possible before 9th. (i.e. lumineth starts asap early june?).
  21. The problem of SoB is not that it is a one kit+book: the problem is that it is only one EXPENSIVE kit. For those that are many (majority?) of us that collect and/or play both AoS and 40K, having in the very same month the sons+new 40K is a really big expense, an invest that many won't do. But if GW acts as usual, maintaining the hype for both means that they will strongly separate the releases : at least one month separation I think.
  22. I honnestly don't beleive this for several reasons but I might be wrong.... - Psychic Awekening Pariah after 40 9th? Nope, non sense... - 9th second half of july while they tease everything (officialy) during June, from now on? nope, too late.. - - 9th second half of july to let all the players take the time to build an army during summer? this is a bit late. For me, 9th will come sooner - Lumineth is ok but... - Sons of Behemat (that I'm looking forward!!! neeeeeeed!) just LESS than a month after a new army and being a ONE KIT super expensive ? this'd be unprecedented, especilly just before the launch of the super big cash cow 40k v9... This list has some serious timing flaws...I can't beleive it. For me, all Psy Awekening are out in june (only PA8&9 remaining), Sons in early june of course and big launch of 40kv9 end june early July... ...but again, maybe I'm wrong...
  23. It is sooo easy to do it: add a sticker (or just a piece of paper!!) with unique code (alphanum or codebar or QR code) inside the book (which is sealed/closed by the plastic film) and ...done! The sticker/paper cost is almost zero: it is only the management of the code that costs a bit.
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