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  1. I was at last weekend's doubles tournament at Warhammer World. They were using GHB 2019 but corrected the terrain rules to be 6" from edge, 3" from objectives and 1" from terrain. I suspect this will be the FAQ'd version.
  2. Yeah I was referring to the ability the other legions have, thanks.
  3. Does anyone know if the Legion of Grief has the ability to bring back a unit for a CP?
  4. It is combat that is the problem, which gets massively fiddly inside woods. Without the models physically there determining how many models attack becomes the new problem. And what if your opponent wants to move to where your models are outside the wood but actually inside the wood?
  5. Try using the Guardian of Souls +1 attack command ability to buff banshees. I've struggled with Nighthaunt lately, but there's likely to be points adjustments soon, so I would still say play what you like the look of.
  6. Where does it say that? Core rules state: "You can use this command ability after you make a charge roll for a friendly unit [...]. If you do so, re-roll the charge roll"
  7. Ah, apologies, I misconstrued the meaning from your post. I think the LoN thing is definitely an issue - there are some units that are better in LoN than in their 'native' army and that does not feel right. Grimghasts in NH are massively overshadowed by the ability to resurrect an entire unit for a CP in LoN which is a bit of a feel bad for NH players I guess.
  8. Totally agree it would be great to make WoT more reliable. There is an existing way to do this if you take the Deathriders battalion - I have yet to see a Hexwraith heavy list with this included. I agree with most of what you said, but I think you are downplaying just how important movement is in the game. I think the ability to be mobile and reposition units is the tactical part of NH, and since this is an objective based game it's not entirely about how good you are in combat (though obviously this is a big part of the game). I think that some point reductions could improve things a lot.
  9. I think there's a bit of overreaction going on towards the new tomes. A tournament I was at on Saturday (24 players) was won by Nighthaunt and there were definitely strong lists there in opposition. There was a dragon heavy FEC list that didn't do so well either, so I think it's more about the players than some people think. Above all, I think the movement shenanigans that are possible and the chance of getting those 10+ charges off make the army both fun and powerful, and maybe a bit more tricky to use effectively than some, but one of the more rewarding armies out there if you can make it work for you.
  10. This game isn't for you - it's a gateway game probably produced at a low price point for people who don't know if those model are new or existing or whatever.
  11. What if 'enemy units' in context of the unit the spell is cast on refers to 'enemies of that unit'? I assume not but I was misinterpreting it before I think!
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