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  1. Are there any ways of boosting the number of attacks Mollog can make with his Fungus Club?
  2. For those curious about scale..
  3. Your opponent gets a free Roshambo for each point over 😉
  4. Sticking to the FW monster theme... I'm torn about weather to include a Bonegrinder or a Rogue Idol. Both might be a bit much (but possible with the Bonegrinder being Gloomspite). Anyone had much success with either?
  5. There are two Warscrolls: The "Slaughterbrute", and the "Slaughterbrute of Khorne" StD character needed for the former, Khorne hero for the later.
  6. Weird. I've only just seen it appear on the WH AOS app, showing a cost of 180pts
  7. Is it just me, or have they just added a "Slaughterbrute of Khorne" Warscroll? I was put off this model before, as it needed a StD hero, but now.. Anyone tried him?
  8. Grendel

    A Giant problem..

    I'd really like to ally in a Giant (Gargant?) into my Chaos force. The bog standard giant seems pretty good, does anyone use one often? And are the other two worth trying? Curs'd Ettin or Siege Gargant?
  9. How about Sayl The Faithless? He might not support Khorne, but he doesn't support the other gods either! And teleporting units could add an extra level of maneuverability.
  10. I know it's blasphemous, but does anyone ally in a Wizard such as a Chaos Sorcerer Lord? The buffing spells / ability seem to work quite nicely, plus access to endless spells. Planting the Bloodsecrator's banner doesn't seem to really affect a friendly wizard if you plant it after casting spells, if I'm reading the timing right.
  11. If FW were releasing it, I'd say Legion. but since it's GW, I'm betting Beastmen.
  12. Grendel

    Norsca Invasion

    Pack of Skin Wolves finished. Mantic Were-Wolves with some greenstuff flesh.
  13. Does anyone use Chosen (with Mark of Khorne)? They seem to compare nicely with Skullreapers. 30pts cheaper per 5, same stats but one less wound per model. Compared to the Skullreaper's Daemonblades, the Chosen Greataxe comes with +1 to hit and -1 Rend. Skullreapers do have a better method of generating Mortals, as they're in addition rather than instead of damage caused.
  14. I don't know if it's been updated, it'll take some of your allies allowance. But its 140pts for a flying wizard, that reduces casting rolls by 1 for non-chaos wizards in 18" with the extra realm spells, it'll have some good variety.
  15. Im planning on adding a Lammasu. nothing would fit a Chaos Dwarf force more I think, it's fast and will hamper enemy spell casting.
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