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  1. Our 4way Gargbang fight was fun and definitely re playable. We have a friendly, yet competitive group, so during the first 1 1/2 rounds, everyone swarmed the gargant. After, when glory was tougher to get, the players started to turn on each other... for reasons both real, imagined, and just plain sadistic. The gargant went down in the 4th round, and the "underdog" ended up getting the most glory. Its a great and different way to spend an underworld nightvault night!
  2. Honestly, Magores is one of the teams that if you just have their set plus the core, you can build a pretty good deck right off the bat. It may not win a tournament, but will get a good feel for how the group plays and have a decent game against most opponents. Heres an idea to run. I do something similar when im playing newer players and teaching https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,176,178,179,180,183,184,188,189,190,191,193,194,195,201,433,427,424,384,383,343,331,340,271,244,N506,N504,N505,N409,N310,N306,N446,N294,175,177
  3. So next question: Great Strength and incredible strength state +1 damage for attacks at range 1 and 2. Does that mean that Attacks that have a range of 3 do not benefit from this, even if its used at range 2? Im thinking specifically of Stormsire's Fulmination or the Farstriders Boltstorm Pistols.
  4. Hi all, In terms of reaction timing- there are several reaction cards that state "during an attack" "during an attack that succeeds" etc. Does that mean that only one reaction can be played? or could each player play a reaction during this time as they have different "mini" triggers?
  5. hi mr white. Nope! i dont. i just go straight through. That usually means having a 21 power deck and 10 card obj deck (faction specific in the expansion and the 2 leader cards).
  6. For really fun, casual decks - Consider using just the "faction only" cards out of each expansion and maybe adding a couple here or there. They are definitely not the best decks out there, but will give you a great casual/almost-mid-range game that plays into their spirit. I especially like doing this with my Ironjawz, Slayers and Farstriders. It also really makes you strategize your play more than just drawing teh cards you need, which will help you immensely in the long run. Good luck!
  7. Season 2 Warbands wishlist: Core set will include Nighthaunt and Sacrosanct Chamber Next is Moonclan (expect a squig w/rider, fanatic, and shaman to add a "magic" mechanic for wizard units) vs a Tzeentch Arcanite "Coven" (which also has a wizard and transforms acolytes to tzaangors as opposed to the traditional inspire mechanic) Then Arkanughts (2 move, has jet packs that can do a x2 move but not be activated for the rest of the round, inspires same as Fireslayers) vs DoK (inspires as they gain more power -ie are upgraded) To end the season: Maggotkin (2 Blightkings and a large Beast of Nurgle, all have a "regen a wound" action and inspire upon doing so) vs Flesh Eaters (ghouls that are faster than skellies and a large Crypt Courtier- these inspire when they are beside a fighter who is taken out of action (ie they EAT THEM!)
  8. Thought about this change and pit a couple ideas together, then did some playtewting (ie: game until the end 2nd round, katoprane achieveable?) Scaredy cat is out Skaven or unded objective control is in Aggreassive Eternal or balanced vanguard(!?!?) Is in Faced with orruk ir khirne aggro its hard but a playavle game Slayers don't work :(
  9. I'll second what Killax is saying. The Lets chats are great resources for what you are looking for. If you are doing something like you describe, I suggest a "draft" format. You each take in turns selecting an Universal card until everyone has a deck that's ready to go. You can try that for a round robin (or longer) type of "season" then redraft again. Repeat as needed. That actually sounds like a pretty exciting and constantly shifting environment to play with. If you do it, let us know how it turns out!
  10. Thanks for posting. There is a release day tournament at my FLGS and I've decided that I need to give these guys a shot. Whats more... I need to Katophrane it. The goal is to get as many easy to score 1pt objectives as possible, and then mill through to get the Katophrane armors. Im going with the Farstriders instead of the SCE for this because 1. its a casual release tourney and 2. pew pew! Its actually insanely hard to build a deck for these guys, so any input would be welcome AF. Objectives Ploys Upgrades Lightning Advance e1 Duel of wits Katophrane Swift Advance e1 Spoils of Battle Katophrane Punnishing Volleys e1 Ready for Action Katophrane Advancing Strike i1 Lightning Blow Katophrane Escalation e2 Trap Katophrane Precise use of force i1 Rangers advance Katophrane Ploymaster e1 Rapid Volley Great strength master of war e1 Earthquake Great Fortitude Alone in the darkness e1 Great Concussion Cursed Artifact Change of tactics i1 Time Trap Incredible strength Chosen Champ e1 Healing Potion Helpful whispers Flawless strategy e1 Warning cry Lone Warrior
  11. Hey Changer, Happy to see you gave the slayers another chance and that you had some success with them. We have a couple differening strageys in how we are doing, but I think we are both getting good results after some practice. Could I ask a favor of you (and any of my fellow Brosen Axes) reading::: Keep track of your Round one glory and inspire. Here's why: Ful-Hannibal is the quintessential A-Team leader, and in order to make this plan come together, I think we both agree that we need him to inspire/upgrade up and start chopping as soon as possible. The question then becomes-what is the best way to accomplish this? I'm going to keep going with Hold objective 1-5 in my deck, as I think that is the best way to get a couple easy early glory, since we can't depend on our opponents willing to take an axe to the face. I'll let you know how I do after some more games but I think that round one is the key and would appreciate your insights. Cheers Bro!
  12. My FLGS had a release -day tournament and there was some good Shadespire action going. I am happy to say that my slayers did surprisingly well, in spite of the fact that it was my first time with them. Here are some thoughts: Inspiring and snowballing some glory early is crucial, especially for Grimnir. I'll echo what was already said that the warband is 90% about the leader. I based my upgrades on which ones I'd want on Grim. I went with a balanced deck. Hold Obv 1-5, Denial/Conquest, escalation, no remorse, precise use of force, scion of grim, fer charge I used Vol as my support/dangle bro, then Grimnir and Tefk for a sweet 1-2 punch as needed. Maelgrim held back to score easy objectives and play "safety" in case anyone ran passed the scrimage line or a skaven came up in my backfield. This proved successful every time. I took 4 movement cards with sidestep, earth shakes, treasure lust and earthquake Earthquake is amazing. When you get to plan ahead for when its used, it can completely "shake" the game I had some good luck but almost lost everything when my leader barely survived a Spiteclaw Time Trap double-spear . Keep Grimnir alive at all costs!
  13. Hi Changer, In comparing our decks (you can see mine earlier in the thread), I noticed the key difference is in the hold 1-5 objectives. The reason I am keeping them in mine is that getting 1-2 glory in that first round is key along with inspiring your guys. This seems like a great way to get two birds stoned. There is a small "release day" tourney this weekend, so I'll share my first results, Good luck to you!
  14. Is anyone else planning on substituting the Fyreslayer Doomseeker from Silver Tower for Mad Maegrim? Just to prevent "two dual axe" confusion? Since the new-card list just got released, I took a shot at a build i think I'll try. Its designed to not get drawn into a specific target (ie: no kill the leader cards), and i'm not going for anything that makes my guys (or there's) get/stay in territory due to movement and reliance on the other guy's gameplan. I suppose its going to be a "jack of all/master of none" approach or..... "The BROsen Axis" Objectives Ferocious Charge Scion of Grtimnir Escalation Hold Obj 1-5 Ploymaster Master of War No More Tricks Precise Use of Strength Upgrades Light Armour Advanced Runes Grimnirs Fort Awakened Weapon Great Fortitude Great Strength Helpful Whispers Soul Trap Total Offense Vampiric Weapon Ploys Oathsworn Tresure Lust Urgold Boon Distraction Fueled by Fury Ready for Action Scavange Side Step Spoilks of Battle Healing Potion Feedback would be most welcome.
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