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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will go different colours- as you say should making painting them all more fun!
  2. Hi all, Been wanting to do a troggoth army since the models where released. After reading the new stuff in white dwarf I am diving in. After reading how the troggs will start to follow a powerful leader, it got me thinking. Should I paint up my troggoths in the same colour scheme so they look like they match when having a game or should I do them all different so they look like they are all random and are just coming from all over to follow the leader- will make the bases match so they look like an army. just wondered if people with more experience then me thought would best or they would prefer to play against. thank you
  3. The Splintered fang- some of the best models- but can not take a mark and not really worth taking them with marauders available! Still I have painted them up as I love the models!
  4. Thanks for the info- I can get on with my plan now- thanks again!
  5. Ok this might be odd to ask but does anyone know if the blood bowl teams will go on 25mm bases at all please? Never seen the models in person. I was just thinking I might use the Nurgle team as a base for my marauders. Just depends if they will fit on a 25mm base- it say they come with 32mm. Thanks for reading.
  6. Ok great- thanks for the correction. You are stars.
  7. Sorry to post this sort of question but I can not find the answer in the FAQ- I might just be missing it, but I have tried. can anyone please just confirm the base size of the chaos lord on foot please?
  8. Thank you so much for your advice- I think I will start building up some Nurgle minis now and see what I can do with them. Thanks again.
  9. Hey, was just wondering if I could please ask for a bit of advice from some experienced Nurgle players. i have been building but a StD army and have been painting them up as Nurgle and loved it. So been thinking I might do a full Nurgle army. my main question is would Archaon do well in a full a Nurgle army? Was thinking the big guy and some blight kings as a base to start from. I have got the start collecting set and hope to use it all. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
  10. Thanks for the advice- I would love to have put jazels in but unfortunately I will not have them painted in time for the tournament- the hell pit is an interesting idea- might give him a run out as not actually ever used him before! thanks for the advice 👍🏻
  11. Thanks for the ideas- might just give that a go -thank you
  12. Hey guys, Been a while since the skaven had a run out but I have a one day tournament coming up and thought I might dust them off for a run out. Was thinking of the following list: Verminlord Warpseer Arch warlock Warlock engineer Warlock engineer 20x clan rats 20x clan rats 20x clan rats 6x stormfiend 3x stormfiends Warp lightening cannon Might swap out an engineer for a couple of endless spells. Anyone think that this will be ok please? I just think it will be fun to play.
  13. Looks like I might still need to paint another 20 then. Just when I thought I was nearly done 😂
  14. Thanks for that- not a worried now. Will give them a run out and see what happens.
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