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  1. Thanks- yeah I was very happy with it- was not expecting it at all. was a great day meeting some really great people!
  2. I went to the tournament yesterday and played 3 games- I took list 2. My first ever tournament. Got a major lost first game against beast claws. major victory in second game against Sylvaneth. then lost by one point in the last game against Squigs- I had no idea how fast they could move. Really enjoyed the tournament and got through the games fast with only a few models to move!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. i thought you had to have 2 battle lines- only need one opens up options. thanks again
  4. Hi All, Just wondered if I could please pick some of your brains? I have entered the meeting engagements tournament this Sunday. Now I have not actually played any meeting engagements battles yet (I know bad preparation) (also first proper tournament) but have been tinkering with lists. What do people think of the following please- if you have any ideas. List 1: Spearhead: 20x clan rats Main Body: Warpseer- general 40x clan rats Rear guard: Warplock engineer 3x stormfeinds List 2: (more for fun) 3x stormfeinds Main Body: Warplock engineer- general 6x stormfeinds Rear guard: Rattling cannon Any thoughts would be appreciated- thanks.
  5. My local store had them all back in stock today. Not sure if this helps or not.
  6. Sorry this might be a silly question- but in relation to casting prayers. Can I cast one from the book, one from the warscroll and a Magmic invocation by the same priest in the same turn? But not two of any of them? this is just what I thought you could do. Sorry for the questions just new to using prayers.
  7. Thanks for the info- start collecting set it is.
  8. Hello all, Sorry to be troubling you but after spending so long painting up hundreds of rats for my skaven army I just fancy starting up a new little project and fyreslayers caught my eye when I first started looking at age of sigmar. So I have decided to pluge right in and start up a force. From what I have read on the forums do people in the know think that getting a couple of start collecting sets and then going from there is still a good idea after the new battletomb has droped please? If not what would people please suggest as a good way to start. Many thanks for reading.
  9. I love these- giving me some ideas for mine now!
  10. Thanks for the feed back guys. Verminlord warpseer it is! also thanks the the painting tips. Thanks again you are stars.
  11. Hi all, was just wondering if anyone had any nice success with painting the warp Lightning vortex at all. I have tried s couple of thing but just not happy with its look. Any ideas greatly received please. also reading through this it seems most people are going for the Verminlord Warpseer- is this generally the best option before I build mine? Many thanks
  12. Thanks for the feedback- might try and get some more stormfiends in!
  13. Hello, Finally after many attempts I am finally playing in my first ever tournament this weekend. it is at 1500 point. I do not have much experience playing even. I have been actively watching these forums and looking at list posted. I have finaly decided to go with the following list: Arch Warlock Warlock Engineer Warlock Engineer Packmaster (Allies) 3x Stormfiends (2xwarfire projectors 1X gauntlets (did not have time to paint a 3rd warpfire) 5x Acolytes 5x Acolytes 2x warpfire Thrower weapon team 2x Poisoned wind mortar team 40x Clan rats (allies) 1x Warp Lightning Cannon Balewind Vortoex Hopefully someone with more experience could just say if it is an OK list to try out. or any changes you would make (I do have a few other models etc I could use). Sorry if I have missed an exact same list earlier. Many thanks for your time.
  14. Thanks so much for the reply- that makes so much sense. I have just finished 10 of them now. Might leave those 10 as they are now. But use that info for my next batch. Many thanks again for the help.
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