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  1. This! Trish is a bad sculptor. She'S proven it first at GW both in WhFB and 40k, then was moved to FW and continued here streak there. Thought she was let go a long time ago. While she was one of the main big "impressive" monster makers, those monsters more often turned out quite stupid, static and overloaded with textures to hide the weaknesses of the sculpt. She lacks a bsaic understanding of how stuff works. Look at the lower jaw of the dread saurus, that poor thing wouldn't have had a chance to grow that big, it would have starved to death long before, as it couldn't take a bite of whatever it would try to eat. Trish is one of those sculpters that barely managed to master GWs 90s stile - in the 2000s, and since then did't progress any further.... seriously, the old greater Demons from the 3rd Ed. 40k where done by here, and there is literally no progression in skill and style since then.
  2. Congrats Sherlock, no one ever would have noticed, thanks man. BUT we have Spiel this months and RUMOURS aren'T normally tied to official input from GW... AND more important, the lack of new rumours doesn't justify wishlisting.
  3. Ehm, could we get back to AOS Rumors and maybe stop the wish listing for something that is limited to WHFB and a video game! For one there is a Wishlisting topic now, and furthermore this is still rumours, or am I in the wrong threat? That said, it's nice to see, what they made of a minor side-faction, taht was only present in lore and one single campaign. Moments like this make me wish, GW would have expended the WHFB line instead of killing it of. But what's done, 's done. And AoS offers a fresh canvas and presented real good stuff during the last year or year and ahalf.
  4. Lizards will get a ne book, max. The line is rounded and one of the most numerous one. They where the only WHFB faction not getting chopped up and there is little to add without making the line bloated beyond necessity. Thing actually is, there is a certain saturation with lizardmen. Redesigning the line would result in an "invalidation" of existing models, and the question is, how GW could improve on the design without diverting to much from the current basics
  5. Nope, Adrian and GW parted ways some time before the end times.
  6. Lizardmen won't get anything soon-ish. And that's good. They are in kind of an odd place. They are the only WHFB faction not broken up, giving them a full blown range, that is hard to improve on. (yes some models are older, but aged relatively well. There are other lines with older and much worse models that need attention first. At the same time Lizardmen are from a concept and law perspective in a limbo, where not even the state of existence of everything except the big toads is clear. Till GW decides on a clear direction, we won't see a warband, and then, if this ever happens, prepare for major redesigns. Lizards are not high up on the to-do-list right now. As said, they have a complete and diverse range.
  7. I see you haven't been to deviant art lately
  8. Interesting and promising set of new warbands. @Overread with the two from the season starter the warbands clock in at a total of 8 no DoK or Idoneth this season....
  9. Dude, if a rumor is flowing somewhere around the internet it will find its way here sooner then later. That or it will originate from here At mods: maybe we should drop the no leaks are allowed policy 5 and rather introduce a no questions in the rumor topic for new rumors. In exchange the first post here could collect all known rumors (with the solved hidden as spoilers) for a better overview. If make the lifes of every user easier And to have something different then redundant questions, this was pm'd to me: "The tzeentch band contains a sorcerer of tzeentch with a big feather cape, a tzaangor with greatsword, an acolyte with sword and shield, an acolyte with just sword, a blue horror, and a pair of brimstone horrors on a base. The goblin band has a shaman with lantern and staff, a fanatic, a netter, an armoured goblin with a branding pole, 3 bow grots and 2 squigs. That's right, 9 guys. I suspect the branding guy controls squigs in a way to maximise actions"
  10. Look at the WarCom article on the nova event - nothing else is known. Finding it shouldn't be not much harder then asking a question on easily acaccessible information. And prepare to be disappointed - nothing ever comes close to what a question-asker is hoping for.
  11. Stormcast, nighthaunt, moonclan, tzeentch,... And maybe darkoath!
  12. German and French versions are softcover, English is Hardcover, Italien and Spanish only provide rules, fluff is cut out
  13. NOPE. BoC is the reunion of things that shouldn't have been split up in the first place. As was LoN, but LoN united a whole GA, whereas BoC just unified a fraction of a GA. BoC is more like Battletome Lizardmen or SCE. In a way, BoC is GW admitting that fracturing army books into little pieces was a stupid move
  14. Down with the tyrant, death to Sigmar! That dude calls himself leader of Order and made refugees of gentle beasts!
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