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  1. Thanks! Time burgle should be subdued, but with many shades of colour weaved in through the different skin tones of illness. Tzeentch is there for gaudy colours
  2. endtransmission

    Tzaangor prototype

    The yellows are just a white undercoat with some thin layers of yellow. I think it was Vallejo lemon yellow as it is paler. When it gets a chestnut wash for the shadows it becomes a richer yellow. For the metallics, they are a base of silver with green and purple spot washes so that it is really really bright. Sometimes this doesn't work though and ends up looking weird.
  3. To echo everyone else, thanks for the great work and commitment on the site! I've been a long time Dakka user and the single banner add can be unobtrusive, but they have a much wider scope for advertisers. The subscription option would certainly be my preference a couple of dollars a month, or a yearly 30 dollars? I like Arkimad's suggestion of a raffle. You could see if companies would sponsor the raffle in return for that month/year's thing, or provide a membership discount code or something?
  4. I had fun making up some new bases of nurglings... by not following the kit instructions. Why go for 3 bases when you can get 7 out of one kit and the spares from a box of plague bearers?

    © Paul Smith / EndTransmission.co.uk

  5. I had fun making up some new bases of nurglings... by not following the kit instructions. Why go for 3 bases when you can get 7 out of one kit and the spares from a box of plague bearers?

    © Paul Smith / EndTransmission.co.uk

  6. Really cool theme running through there, with some wonderful painting too! The flaring runes look great
  7. Much as I like nurglings (those fun loving little idiots) I'm not a massive fan of the current plastic kit; it looks like a group of tumblers trying to form a pyramid. So, armed with a pile of spare nurglings from the bits box, I decided to see how far it could be stretched. The three piles of nurglings can be easily extended out to be five by removing the third or first rows from some of the piles. y taking some of the spare individual nurglings dotted around you can make these each very different. The spare ones left make a couple of slightly sparser, but thematically entertaining bases, bring it up to 7 bases. The GUO kit and two more boxes of Plague Bearers mean there should be another couple of nurgling bases to come, with a couple of small dioramas already in my head. Just wondering how entertaining it would be to proxy most of a nurgle daemon army with lots and lots and lots of nurglings
  8. endtransmission


    I had fun making up some new bases of nurglings... by not following the kit instructions. Why go for 3 bases when you can get 7 out of one kit and the spares from a box of plague bearers?
  9. I can sympathise. I find that the quality of my paint jobs depend on how much I'm enjoying the figure sculpt. The number of figures that have some really detailed bits and then a very plan, basic bit where I got bored... I'm loving your scheme though, I may have to steal that when I go back to Tzeentch
  10. Once again, it's been a while since the last update. Thankfully I'm in full swing and have a big backlog of updates to entertain. I've still not managed to actually play a game of AoS, so one aim for this year is to try and actually get a small force ready enough to learn with. The Maggotkin have some really interesting models that are more interesting to paint than the Tzaangor so far. The first model to get finished out of the Blightwar box was Horticulous on his mighty steed. There were a few modifications to the model to remove a bit of the comedy. The tree gained a nurgling and some dangling heads, while the nurgling on a stick was removed. The blind eyes of the snail are also a lot less cartoony than the studio paint job. In another change to my usual painting style, I tried returning to the old drybrushing methods as the slightly ragged feel that brings works nicely with the rotten, festering colours and textures on the nurgle figures
  11. © Paul Smith / EndTransmission.co.uk

  12. © Paul Smith / EndTransmission.co.uk

  13. © Paul Smith / EndTransmission.co.uk

  14. © Paul Smith / EndTransmission.co.uk

  15. The perry head looks petty good to me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I've been trying to find a suitable birds type head for Magnus too. Great minds and all that. I like the double head on the soul grinder... that may do what I want Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yes it is. We used to use it at work for collaboratively working on documents
  18. Thanks! The yellows are not quite so smooth in person, so some of it is the photograph helping out a bit, but some glazes of yellow and orange over the top helps smooth things out a lot and bring the highlights together. I need to do some more of these Khornate yellows over the weekend, so I'll put together a blog post on yellows for you. It will be a useful record for me as well so I don't forget!
  19. Great stuff, he definitely looks Khornate with those additions. I'm with Ogait-Nas, a daemon prince would be suitable; though he could also stand in for some of the heavier hitters in the bloodbound character list as a recently promoted daemon prince who is still working out the kinks in his powers
  20. It has been far far too long since I updated here. There have been some excellent releases recently that have reignited interest in painting. The main theory was that the two Warhammer Quest boxes provide a fairly varied starter set for a small Arcanite force and shouldn't need too much adding to bulk it out a bit more. Anyone that has had the misfortune of reading my threads over on Dakka know that I have lots of ideas and only occasionally get around to fulfilling them all as I'm very easily distracted... so hopefully you can keep me on track with some semi regular posts. I've been experimenting with colours for the Arcanites and the theme appears to have evolved into a combined Chaos force (Tzeentch/Khorne) under the command of a demon known only as the King in Yellow. No-one (least of all me) is quite sure how he has persuaded these two groups to join forces. I have plans for the King, but won't go into them here and now as they need a bit more fleshing out. The prototype Arcanite is this Tzaangor: For the Khorne forces, I've started putting paint to the Gorechosen figures. The yellow of these is actually what started the whole King in Yellow theme. I know there are a couple of other yellow Bloodbound forces on here and really liked the very different take on Khorne, so thought I'd give it a try on one Once he was complete, I needed to find some way to tie him into any other Chaos forces that I did. The Khornate forces are now amore orangey yellow, grey skin tones, black and steel; Tzeentch is a more lemonn-y yellow, purple/blue/turquoise and silver. With those rules now set, I attacked the next most common Slaughterpriest to see if it still flowed through. So, do you think it works?
  21. endtransmission

    Tzaangor prototype

    I'm trying a few simpler options at the moment that you could also try. White undercoat, purple was all over, purple wash again in the shadows and finishing with pallid wych flesh highlight seems to work just as well
  22. endtransmission

    Tzaangor prototype

    Thanks! The skin was a base coat of pale grey with a purple wash. This was then highlighted with some grey and then a final highlight of Pallid Wych Flesh. Targetted purple washes were then used to try and smooth it out a bit, or darken the shadows more
  23. endtransmission

    Tzaangor prototype

    Tzaangor prototype; follower of the King in Yellow
  24. Slaughterpriest, follower of the King in Yellow
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