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  1. Yep, that's exactly what I meant to say, I just said it in an overly convoluted and confusing way 😆
  2. I used to have the same thoughts as the OP in regards to having both 'to hit' and 'to wound' as being rather pointless, but as others have already stated and i guess ill re-echo, I think it's to add a little more granularity and tuning to the D6 system. An example would be say DoK's Blood Rites ability, on turn 3 they get +1 to hit and on turn 4 they get plus +1 to wound. If say, you only had a +1 'to damage' roll, it would be a lot more of a buff on turn 3 and would be harder to tone down, it would be less tune-able in that sense. Sure you could argue that you could just get +1 'to damage' on turn 3 and turn 4... but that would be a lot less immersive and given how other buffs work with, 'to hit' and 'to wound' a little differently, it would be less tune-able overall. I hope that makes sense.
  3. If you look at the weapon picture in the stat section of the 1st card on that row, it looks like they gave the 2" range 2-handed staff stats to the guy that is dual-wielding in the picture in that card... Yet the 3rd card in that row has the picture of a 2-handed staff model yet only have 1" range... and the middle card on the row has the 2-handed staff picture and 2" range. So it seems there is some inconsistency between the range stats and for what weapon, that's what leads me to believe they got the 1st and 3rd cards stats the wrong way around.
  4. The cards look pretty good, though it appears the 1st and 3rd cards on the second row are meant to be have the stats swapped around, looks like someone made an error and put the incorrect model image on the cards. I do get the feeling though, that yet again, the sacrosanct chamber is going to outshine the warrior chamber again, even in Warcry.
  5. I hope GW don't end up squatting the rest of the older aelf line. I purchased the 'warriors of the great cities anvilgard' box set in the hope that the rumoured fish elves (at the time) would be expanding on the scourge privateers range, obviously turns out that the fish elves were idoneth deepkin, which is still find bizarre that they weren't somehow meshed with the privateers considering they both have an aquatic theme. I guess I'll have to wait till GHB2019 to see if they finally decide to give the privateers some allegiance abilities which will at least show they may have some future after all. I am however a little apprehensive as I have no idea what direction GW could go with them, I can't see them being part of malerions coming aelves as they are more aquatic themed than shadow. At the same time though, why would GW bother bundling the privateers into a box set naming them warriors of the great cities and then later squat them, would be one heck of a retcon.
  6. Awesome lists guys! Question... What is the idea and or maths behind choosing the lance and sword combo on the demi's? I may be blind but I thought the halberds were a good choice. I'm currently assembling 3 at the moment, would value your suggestions.
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