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  1. Bit more than just a leak? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/08/26/from-the-wild-places/
  2. Just saw the article thought I would pop on to say congratulations, good stuff!
  3. Think GW have backed themselves into a corner with the GAs not sure what the way forward is with them. Put it another way pick up the GA: Order book pretty meaty oh and we've updated a faction and added another. GA: Chaos still pretty meaty and Nurgle got a refresh. GA:Death not quite so many pages here but who cares we got a mini reboot and Nighthaunt got an update. GA: Destruction where's the rest of the pages, well at least we got a goblin with mushroom on his head! GA's are unbalanced especially in Orders favour - last thing we need is any more elves! Pointy eared gits!
  4. Maybe so but BCR aren't really top tier are they Lady Olynder I would be more worried about actually getting her onto the table in one piece. The model doesn't look like it has a lot of support.
  5. I will preface this with saying Mods if you think this thread is inappropriate please remove. I was watching some of the recent GW AOS videos and couldn't help but notice that they have introduced an attractive female presenter in Becca Scott. It got me thinking is this an attempt to get more females interested in the hobby or is it just 'eye candy for the nerds'. I for one hope its the former but even my wife associates the hobby with teenage boys and stale sweat. I've only been back in the hobby since Christmas and it'd still full of teenagers but perhaps more blokes now. So how would we make the hobby more attractive to women? Strong female characters in programs like GOT won't hurt. My experience of female interest in the hobby from the past has been more in the artistic side of the hobby, one girl I knew was a superb painter but she moved on to other things.
  6. Conversion well managed to glue my to a.. Er anyway that was many years ago can live in the back of the cupboard I case my lad wants to use em.
  7. Missus is getting me Soul Wars for me birthday, not sure what to do with the space marines er I mean Stormcast got lots of OLD destruction models for death to battle against.
  8. I'd say don't delete just lock the older threads when AoS2 drops. Some point down the line they could be deleted - storage must be costing Ben something. Been on a totally unrelated forum where people necro 8 year old thread's, must be Death players!
  9. You are absolutely bonkers. Oi! Games Workshop got a job for this bloke?
  10. Bloody expensive toy soldiers mind and that's before you spent the time and money painting them! What I would say is that this is the most pleasant forum I have ever frequented I'm member of numerous other forums on various topics and none are a patch on this. Having previously done a stint of moderating I know what a thankless job it is especially when your an unpaid volunteer. So kudos to Gaz and the other guys on that score and I suppose this community in general!
  11. I would say be consistent in when you put content out even if some of it is a much shorter segment. Nothing worse than waiting ages for new content you'll soon be forgotten. Get quite a lot of material ready in advance the editing can take more time than anything until you get used to it. You can reedit if needs be depending on feedback. The whole thing can be a time sink when starting out. Don't force humour. Beware the trolls.
  12. I agree I've also noticed that mixed order lists do pretty well in the competitive scene and now they get more tools to play with.
  13. Just going to have to suck it up and realise their will never be balance. The competitive players will always gravitate to the most effective or flavour of the months armies. These kind of discussions remind me of the ones that always used to rumble on when I played WoW and Blizzard couldn't crack it Thing I like about AoS and GW is that they keep adding new factions, a consequence is that things get harder to balance. One of them double edged sword thingys.
  14. I popped in to the local Warhammer shop. I looked at picking up some Witch Aelves but at £35 for 10 notwithstanding them being nice models I think they are over priced especially when the blood coven used to be £60 or less with discounts.
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