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  1. Hi Guys! I just started dipping my toes in making youtube videos, yesterday i posted a unboxing of looncurse and today i made a "how to". I love creative criticism and new ideas for videos to make! Let me know what you think!
  2. I run a similar list but have 30 dryads, 10 dryads, 10 tree revs and geminids of uhl-gysh. I then summon hunters with bows to snipe characters.
  3. Hey everyone. Making some home made endless spells. Does anyone have the base sizes for them? Like the cogs, geminids etc.
  4. The problem is that the item citadel wood and the warscroll should have been names differently. The way I see it, q wyldwood consists of the product citadel wood. But not the warscroll citadel wood. It's two different things. So no, a wyldwood don't block line of sight
  5. A question, if i charge a small hero. Hit a 6 on my d6-damage. Can i continue charging, like the mawcrusha can? Cause it's still in the charge phase and i'm within 12"?
  6. Oh that stinks. It would make sense though, backing up and recharging would be epic!
  7. I've been wondering about the stone horn. Because it says, if it is within 12" of an enemy unit it has to charge. What IF i charge in round 1, but am still in battle by round two. Can i retreat in the movement phase 3" and then i HAVE to charge again? It makes sense, especially with the matlann rule and such. And also a good thing cause you get to do d6 mortal wounds again. What is your take?
  8. Hi. I'm currently working on making a order list with my old whfb and changing their bases so that my local club won't have to face my sylvaneth every time. But in wondering what bases I should put on the dragon and Orion(avatar of the hunt)?
  9. Thughab


    Follow up question, is it remaining wounds or original wound characteristics? Say a enemy that has 10 originally but is down to 5 wounds. Do I need a 6 or 11 to kill it off?
  10. So I read somewhere that behemoths and monsters aren't protected by terrain? Does that work even if it's completely out of sight from shooters/magicians etc? Can't find the source for this and would love to get it clarified
  11. So i have a question that i posted in the wrong part of the forum. Sorry for that beginner mistake. So to the question: Because of sylvaneths problem to withstand mortal wounds, i was wondering. If say Bloodletters charge in to a Sylvaneth character that has Briarsheath with -1 to all hit rolls. Does it mean that the rolls of 6 to get mortal wounds becomes a roll of 7? So you can use say a Durthu to knock off massive mortal wound units without being worried of dying before you even get to strike.
  12. What do you think of spells? Should i bring acorn of ages on the branchwych if i take that one? Archers or schythes?
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