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  1. Love them they look really Good!! Great idea using the HE set! Love those heads as well... Thanks
  2. Can I ask what are you using for Blood knight? Do you have any pictures?
  3. Just picked up SC FEC but intend to build a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and Vargheists rather than FEC... I'm in just hope I can get it done in a month!!!
  4. Mart81

    Black Coach

    Great work!
  5. Thank you he was a lovely model to paint...
  6. Hi just joined community, have been playing Warhammer for years a big Ogres player back in the day of square bases! Just getting into AOS and started a Death army by painting Nagash now i need a competative list for 1000 and 2000 points...would love to base on Nagash but know he isn't the most competative due to high points costs!
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