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  1. Count me in. Hopefully will be in the country this time! Looking forward to it.
  2. Hi, Draw and Lists are now out. Any mistakes please let me know in this thread. Draw and Lists: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/88222296/firestorm fours/2017/Firestorm Fours Lists %26 Draw 2017.pdf
  3. Entrants updated. The new Tzeentch scrolls will not be in effect as too new. None of the new srolls will be used and the old scrolls will be in effect where there are changes. Waiting on lists from few teams. Deadline is this Sunday night. Make sure to get them in. 01. Brstol Big 'Uns - Waiting on Lists 02. EATBATS 03. Facehammer - Waiting on Lists 04. Handsome and the Boys 05. Marauders - Waiting on Lists 06. Only the Filthful 07. Team Andy Joyce 08. Team Chris Nielsen 09. Team Wales - Waiting on Lists 10. Weston Crew - Waiting on Lists
  4. Hi, Sorry for lack of updates, been a bit busy with work. Entrants now updated. 10 teams paid up with a few more interested but haven't paid yet. Potentially a few more spots available but is first come first served and since this is same time as T9A team event the tickets may go to there if they pay up quicker. After this will allow more teams in but in pairs if there is still space. Let me know if any issues or mistakes on above list. Mercs: If anyone wants to come but doesn't have a team then please let me know and will create a merc list of players that are available. Also if you
  5. There is always Friday Football at my Cardiff events! Entrants updated in first post. 9 out of the 16 tickets sold! With a few more saying they are interested. So make sure to buy now to make sure you don't miss out.
  6. Firestorm Fours 2017: 04/02/16 - 05/02/16 Cardiff, AoS, 4 Man Team Event Firestorm Games are proud to announce Firestorm Fours 2017. This will be a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, 2 day, 4 man team tournament run at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. This event is run by Mohammad Ashraf. Full details can be found in the Tournament Pack below: Firestorm Fours 2017 Pack v1.0 BUYING A TICKET: Tickets are priced at £140 per team. This is payable via PayPal. Tickets will be priced at £140 per team (£35 per person) which is payable via
  7. Hi, The Clash Comp as well as the UK Independent Pool Document have been updated today to Version 2.0. Please find below the updated documents. Clash Comp v2.0 UK Independent Pool Document v2.0 Massive thanks to anyone that gave any feedback or input into the pools or comp. Regards Mo Ashraf
  8. Title of this topic is awful. Surely it should be "We are da best Alliance"
  9. Gonna pick up some on the weekend. Trying some test pieces out. Not sure if it'll become a new army but first models that have made me want to start a new army in 3 years or so.
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