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  1. It’s late and I have an idea that will look ridiculous in the morning, but I’mma subject everyone to it anyhow. What if witchbrew was a prayer? It would remove the certainty of applying it to a unit, limit how many you could use per turn, and also requires sacrificing a slot that could be used to cast another prayer. In fluff terms, the hag queen needs to “bless” the witchbrew before giving it to a unit. Would that work? It seems 60 pts would still be a reasonable cost, given the drop in reliability.
  2. The consistency of GW’s fleshtones is pretty awful. I use lots of thin layers of watered paint to get a smooth finish... between five and ten coats just for the base skin tone. It’s pretty slow, unfortunately, but the end result is worth it. I tried a few different skin options, and in the end I just used Kislev flesh and white. It’s pale, but healthy-looking, and seems to contrast well with the blue and pink in their outfits.
  3. The kharybdis model is so much better than the hydra... but I think the hydra rules are so much better for the DoK. I’d much rather have the ranged attacks and guaranteed regeneration of the hydra than a slight bravery debuff. Role-wise, it’s a damage magnet, attracting firepower away from your other fragile units. I definitely want to get one, because I loves me some c’thulhu-inspired ocean-spawn to terrorize my enemies. As far as hag and slaughter queens, I used the delf sorceress for mine.
  4. Maybe a single action airbrush, intended just for basecoats. Simple to use, and fewer parts to break. Those things can get pretty fiddly, not sure they want to sell dual action that’ll be jammed and broken within a week (without proper training). I’m certainly curious now.
  5. Okay, one down, nine to go. 😂 I’ve been using my medicine cabinet as a lightbox. Kinda’ works, so I thought I’d try a coloured backdrop so the camera doesn’t try to pick a white point from the background. I think I need one more layer of highlights for the skin, looks a little flat in the photo.
  6. Thanks! I’m really happy with the blue. It’s Vallejo Dark Prussia Blue 70899. I mostly use GW paints because I like their durability and coverage, but they aren’t very vibrant. They desaturated all their colours slighty a few years ago when they switched manufacturers. Vallejo seems to have smaller pigments, and blends smoother. I’ve been adding a couple drops of the Dark Prussian Blue into my GW blue-grey paints that I use for the armour, to add a little colour.
  7. Really wonderful work. Great colour choices and smooth blending. I’m really looking forward to seeing the bird on the base, it’s just amazing so far.
  8. So... painting the three Queens let me finally nail down my colour scheme. It’s different from what I originally intended, but much better. It has good contrast, balances dark accessories reasonably well with all the pale skin, doesn’t seem too derivative of anyone else’s work (that I’m aware of) and let’s me enjoy paiting the armour (blue grey) lighting effects (pink) and some rare highlight items (gold). Even leather is fun (black, blue, white). If that sounds odd, painting is kind of a zen thing for me, very relaxing. Painting grey is boring. Sounds wierd to say that, but, neutral greys and browns are boring to paint. Brighter colours are fun. Anyway... now I want to apply that to a unit of troops. I have half-finished Doom Warlocks, an Altar and twenty Witch Elves, but want to apply the paint to clean minis. Painting my half-finished minis will get me distracted again (“hey, maybe I should keep that yellow after all!”) so I’ve packed everything away out of sight except for my Queens. Once I get the Sisters of Slaughter done, I’ll get back to the other half-finished units. Hunh. Apparently, someone lost their head in my last game. Poop. I magnetized all my models so they stay safe in my metal toolkit, but the biggest problem with Dark elf models is also their greatest appeal for me: lots of barbs and pointy bits to hook on each other. My greenstuff work was pretty hasty, I wanted to start painting last night so I had to patch up a lot of shoulder gaps where I kitbashed Khinerai arms to SoS bodies. I still need to greenstuff eyes, but wasn’t up to that last night. Ugh. I can’t remember what tool I have that was fine enough to do the eyes for the Queens.
  9. This is coming along pretty fast. Should be able to finish tonight!
  10. ...and they’re done. The Slaughter Queen will be on my altar, so the base is temporary. I’ll finish the hag bases later, when I can do a dozen or so at a time. Up next: my Sisters o’ Slaughter.
  11. Thanks Zed. So I’m really happy with the final results... kind of lilac (dark bluish purple with lots of white added). It’s more purple underneath, almost pure white at top.
  12. Thanks, I’ll see how that works. It’s no too different, just means lightening to pure white instead of 50/50 mix.
  13. I hate February. It’s hard to keep any painting momentum going, when my brain wants to curl up in the fetal position under my desk and hibernate until Spring. And by “Spring”, I mean June. I love Canada, but it sucks too right now . Sigh. Anywho, here’s proof I’m still making some progress on the girls: Overall, I’m pretty happy with how they’re turning out. A big reason for the slow progress is that I’m still figuring out my colour scheme. I’m moving more to dark blue and pink, rather than purple, pink and gold. I think the hair needs to have a lot more pure white, like my Slaughter Queen on the left. It’ll help them stand out from my regular witch elves on the table. She’ll end up on my Altar. And I’ve managed to break two sickles already, and they haven’t even been in the battlefield. Damn. What do you think looks best for hair?
  14. Wonderful stuff. People like you remind me why I still love this hobby after thirty years.
  15. Ravenborn


    Absolutely fantastic! Love the creativity you put into it... the huge barrel, the rust effects look very natural, and the tasteful lighting effects and pilot’s tabard add colour to prevent it from being too dark or monochromatic. Great job on the engineers as well, individually each is just as interesting as the mechanical beast. What are you counting the machine as in game terms?
  16. Fantastic! Really liking the flagellents, they’re such a great reminder of the Old World’s appeal; dark, gothic but with a cynical wink and nod at the ridiculousness of it all. Loving this army.
  17. Heh, yep! She’s probably embarrassed by the stripper costume. I’m doing the second hag with blue hair and eyes, to see which I prefer.
  18. Thanks! She’s the second DS I’ve converted and painted... such a great model to work on.
  19. The first hag is coming along nicely. I base coated it blue grey, and it really changed how I looked at the colours. I decided not to use gold for the mask as I have on other models, but to instead go with “cold iron”, like the altar. I like it a lot; it’s less regal and vain, more dark and practical. The magenta cloth still adds some brightness, still in the cool tones. Only the flesh is warm. I considered going for pale blue, as if they were no longer entirely human, but decided it would be looking more undead than my goal. The contrast makes the model easier to read on the table too I want to place a small dot of plastic in the eye socket to paint magenta, so it gives the facemask more life. Not sure how to do that, but I’m open to suggestions. The hair will blend to white, like my other girls. The model is about 2/3 complete.
  20. Thanks! No steps, just some photos of experimentation. I take photos of paints to remember which colours I used on a project, because I have a horrible memory.
  21. Just a quick update. I put the Jalopy of Doom on hold to work on my priestesses. (...of Doom). I’ve never been excited about the hag models. Bigger hair is a fairly reliable way of depicting officers in Warhammer, but these girls just weren’t doing anything for me. I wanted them to be more mysterious, more creepy and even terrifying to the average Johann. I finally realized the best way fix this was to use the Melusai masks. It definitely set them apart from the rank n’ file welves. Then I replaced their knives with sickles. This gave them a druidic feel. All in all, I think they’re more interesting and unique. It also fits my fluff... the Temple of the Shattered Veil has rejected Khaine to worship Morathi directly, despite not knowing the full truth of his demise. The priestesses are slowly taking on the features of the Melusai, gaining scales and snake eyes. The masks allow them to deal with the other factions of Order, but each hopes to one day shed their humanity to gain the full power of becoming a Bloodwrack Medusa. I also repainted my Doooomfire Warlock leader. Got some conversion ideas for this group as well, but took me a while figure out the colours. Originally had pink manes, but it was too bright. Turquoise tones it down slightly. This is how they looked before:
  22. The blue/gold combo is so strong that no one will notice if it’s “just” tabletop quality. Overall it’s wonderful to look at!
  23. Thanks, I appreciate that I like working on fine details more than big structures. As far as machines go, this is kind of organic-looking with lots of interesting curves and angles, so it ended up being fun to do once I looked at the project as long of smaller shapes with high contrast... but I had a hard time picturing how it would turn out, what colours to use, etc. If I can’t get excited about what it could end up looking like, I know a project will be long, slow slog. Plus, I find vehicles with wierd angles need to be painted before assembly is completed, and that makes it harder for me to picture what styles and colour schemes will work best.
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