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  1. Hmm can i guess the country? Hehe city starts with the letter m ,n ,and l? Anyways, what you said is true. pick a faction which is more to what you love the most about it..be it aesthetics, gameplay or what not..itll be a waste of time and money if ya focused too much on the competitive side of things in any game because not all systems are balanced..someone will find something broken in the rules and exploit it ..so instead of wondering about why KO is not competitive, enjoy the faction for what it is.. And better wait for the big updates on them and hope that they will improve..in my opinion KO does need a bit of improvement..from the prices of the boats and a few rules but nothing game breaking..just more variety in list building..or using the other skyports..I am still really new to the AoS and the KO but after playing some games with them..they aint halfbad at all as most of my games were clinchers..i mean i get to fend off an all cavalry STC chaos knights and reduced them to 3 models despite being outnumbered ( gotta love that urbaz amendment ) but i still lost in a satisfying way though but none the less amazing unit performance..
  2. 1)Endrinriggers are KO's melee specialists, combined with the aether-khemist buff they're a beast so if your planning in competitive 2k list you need that much riggers..but theres nothing wrong with getting skywardens as a mobile shooting platforms and objective grabbers..better if you go 9 man endrins and 6 man skywardens if for casual play hey field any combination you like they are both good 2) trust me the stands are wobbly even when glued and has a risk of breaking, go get yourself some clear acrylic rods from ebay or your local craft shops for a stronger stand..i frgot the size but 30-50mm i think? magnetizing them on the default stand wont help..itll just fall of the side and a bit slidy too 3) get an ironclad and do a clown car list, from my experience the iron sky squadron is good for laughs ,but everyone's right, its overcosted and underwhelming ? the extra shot for the 1st battleround aint that much once you actualy play it..and youll want your ark company shooting skyhooks instead of charging..they suck at melee even with the skypikes?
  3. so an arkanaut company for the complete battleline reqs. and some riggers then will getting another frigate be good? I was leaning more to urbaz for the additional khemist buff, thryng for the grudges and maybe zilfin for the deepstrike just because I got a feel of that stormcast judicators gunline list (the one with the archers) and I did not even come close to his units How will other skyports except for zilfin fair against that list?
  4. Hi all, i just had my 1st 1000pts AoS game using my basic KO army and had tons of fun. My gaming group had me face off with just for fun list ot flesh eaters and a tournament list of stormcasts (those archer guys..not familliar with em lol) as an initation of sorts hehe..so now im asking whats next to expand my army to make it competitive for both for casual and comoetitive play? So far here are my models: 1x admiral 1xkhemist 1xfrigate 1x gunhauler 1xskywardens 2xark.company Much appreciated for any suggestions so i can know what to order on my local store (sadly the store dont have much KO in stock so had to make online orders from them) and i think im the only major KO player in the group...lol
  5. Yeah seen the stats more of a support role with a not so reliable look out sir rule..but cost too much at 220 hopefully they will release an errata..lower the points cost on them or some new rules. Thanks for the suggested list! Will keep this in mind though im still new to AoS so I wont play much competitive..also ironclads a bit expensive so gotta soare some aether gold for it hehe
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! Too bad more skyvessels isnt a good build..The skyfleet battalion bonus is that it gives +1 to hit rolls for all units within 6" of the admiral..hmm will recheck that..will definItely get the aetherkhemist next inread lots of good stuff from it! but looks like its gonna take a while for me to make a competitive list then last i checked, Local hobby store only has the skyvessels available..and kinda takes a long time to get stuff from the otherside of the world
  7. Hi there! For the lighy skyhooks you can use the volleyguns from the arkanaut company if your not plannin on using it and attach the blade of some spare skypikes from the skyriggers kit to represent the hook.. I also saw some pics from some blog where he used arms from the thunderers and attached skyhooks on them too
  8. Hi all! New to the forums and also a new player in AoS, started with a kharadron army because of their cool looking models (steampunk airship dwarfs ftw! Also top hats..) I bought the recent battleforce skyfleet and planning to expand it..whats the next choice of models to buy? I read 2 more arkanaut companies for the battle line reqs'...also is it worth getting another frigate and gunhauler? And my current dillema which is if i should build skywardens or endrinriggers from the battleforce kinda kept.thinking of losing the skyfleet batallion bonus if i built Eriggers than wardens..but the riggers are more useful as what i read..
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