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  1. Finally finished the mother of nightmares. She was a great model to practice NMM.
  2. @El Syf I've done metallic reds following the same steps as Cult of Paint's blue recipe. It turns out great though it does require an airbrush.
  3. I've done this with my VLOZD though it takes some greenstuff work. Getting the VL to sit right was the hardest part though all very doable. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjtJ7uvn-wS/?igshid=gkvpvjoo9j9z
  4. Looks very fun to play, though I'm not convinced our elite army will be topping tourneys if that's your thing. That said, I'm likely going to be playing a very similar list narratively. Welcome friend!
  5. So what are y'all going to order this Sunday? I'm thinking a box of zombies, 1 or 2 blood knights and the vengorian lord.
  6. Assuming Blood Knights, I think the mounts would look excellent in the same scheme as their riders. Add some turquoise or reds for the cloth to make them pop. Painting a lot of these could be a hassle if you're doing all that trim. I think oxidized brass armor without the trim with the black cloth would be easier and look just as good.
  7. I base everything in S75 sunset purple with an airbrush and zenithal the Vallejo scurvy green. After that I mess around with Vallejo dead flesh highlights. Finally I glaze back in the green and purple. For some reason the forum isn't letting me upload a better picture.
  8. I've been playing around with different dead flesh recipes and I've found one I really like. Zenithal then build up sunset purple or hexed lichen; scurvy green; dead flesh
  9. I am excited to run a completely mounted army of black knights, wight king and blood knights in legion of blood.
  10. Same, though I think it's a common feeling when we get the first taste of the rules without the full context. Worst case we get lovely new models to paint, which is a majority of my hobby time. Though I doubt they'll hurt us that badly.
  11. I hope that gravesite are a pretty minor addition to the book. I am excited to see the double cast mechanic come back even though it's fairly swingy. They keep talking about how strong our casters are, but I can't imagine we'll be as strong as tzeentch, serephon or LRL. I'd be happy with easily accessible plus 1 casting or rerolls somewhere.
  12. I'll reserve my judgement until the end, but the endless legions ability is so tough to trigger. I hope it isn't a focus out our book. BR 1: our units are likely not destroyed/we likely haven't destroyed much BR 2: killing really starts, though wet are forced into an akward choice of get deathless minions mid board or endless legions back board. If we make a 5+ roll and a gravesite is open we get a (likely slow) 100pt unit t3 BR 3+: summoned units won't likely be able to act in time to affect the outcome of the game.
  13. A friendly space to share hobby progress and narrative stories for anything Soulblight Gravelord related. I'll start it off with some new skeletons from Ulfenkarn.
  14. I'm excited to see people's new armies and painted miniatures. Should we start a thread for that? Edit: created a topic for hobby and lore.
  15. I've definitely read about the ritual in the Legions of Nagash book before. It doesn't talk about the leaders though.
  16. Honestly I don't really like terrain and I rarely use endless spells as is. It's just extra stuff you have to buy and haul around. Keep it simple and focused!
  17. I already have a bunch of wolves, black knights and VLoZD. I'm stoked to get the mother of nightmares, blood knights, wight king and Belledona for a fast and hard hitting list. I hope that this book isn't too complicated. There is a certain charm to the run up and smash them strategy. Especially for the beer and pretzel games.
  18. Thanks for producing some awesome terrain pieces. 🙌
  19. I used oil washes for the first time today on the Alarith armor. And wow, it's a game changer. It's so easy to recess wash.
  20. @Sinarai that green is lovely. It makes me want to change my color scheme.
  21. Property rights is a complicated topic that isn't easily solved with our current capitalist society. GW does have a large reach and is able to do the heavy lifting to generate hype and desire for the product. That isn't nothing, but the people piggy backing on it aren't just recasting or scanning the models. They put time and effort into reimagining some concepts. This happens all the time in media and I'd argue we all benefit from more content. Perhaps the problem is our society that doesnt allow people to reasonably build on other people's ideas while still giving back to the original creator. I don't have any good answers to this nuanced issue, but I don't think we should be so quick to call this person morally corrupt.
  22. Looks like S75 necro gold to viking gold would be close. Perhaps a bit of silver.
  23. The light of Eltharion has to be one of the best models GW has ever made. Such a cool concept.
  24. Im not sure why but I did get a distinct Lovecraftian/ Yellow King vibe from the underworld references. A insect like cult army similar to Genesteslers would be really neat in AoS.
  25. We definitely shouldn't begrudge people for the faction they enjoy. In fact we should be happy to see others get new toys. Each new release brings new folks into the hobby which makes us all benefit. There will always be annoying people in the hobby but I doubt they gravitate towards the same faction. And in any case we shouldn't be generalizing folks. That said, back to rumors and speculation. Be'lekor was one of my first models and I'm so happy to see him get a new release. Who do you think the other major players in BR: Be'lekor will be?
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