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  1. I’ve been considering a Spiderfang army for sometime. I’m wondering what other units from the book people are considering to round out some of the weaknesses of the Spiderfang Force?
  2. Hello!I'm looking to sell my Nurgle Daemon army. The army has been assembled well and with care. Magnets on the bottom of the bases for easy storage and transportation. The only primed units are 30 Plaguebearers. This army is ready to paint and play right out of the box. Here is what it includes.....Great Unclean One x3(one Rotigus, one Massive Bilesword and Flail, one Bileknife and Bell)Sloppity Bilepiper Spoilpox Scrivener Horticulous SlimuxNurgle Battleforce x2(2 Poxbringers, 20 Plaguebearers, 6 Plague Drones)Plaguebearers x 40(so a total of 60 Plaguebearers)Nurglings Nurglings and more Nurglings(30 total bases, but I made 6 bases out of each box of Nurglings) plus a ton of nurglings from the various kitsGnarlmaw 3 Citadel Trees Converted to be GnarlmawsAsking 600$ shipped for this lotI’ll consider splitting if you’re interested in over half of it. Not looking to part out models on an individual basis.If you have any questions or are interested send me a pm!Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello! I'm looking for a couple of complete sets of the Skaven from Isle of Blood/Spire of Dawn. I would prefer unpainted but I'll consider painted. Send a pm if you have a set or two you are looking to sell! Thanks for looking!!
  4. Those sound awesome. Do you have pics of the Nightrunners/Gutter Runners?
  5. If you need help spending 500$ on minis I would just save it and wait for something to come along you really like. Somethings I would get if I had your stuff and played Khorne, a couple more Bloodthirsters to play the battalion, and another 10 Bloodletters to play a max unit.
  6. Hello! Considering selling my Stormcast army to focus on other projects. All models have been assembled well and the army is ready to play right out of the box. Some models are painted in an above table top quality and the scheme is really easy to replicate. Here is what the army includes... Celestant Prime Stardrake 5 Retributors 5 Decimators 11 Evocators (soul wars set x2, box set x1) 30 Sequators(easy to build x1, box set x1, soul wars set x2) 10 Castigators 2 Ballista 4 Fulminators Lord Castellant Lord Celestant Lord Ordinator 2 Lord Relictor 10 Judicators 20 Liberators 6 Prosecutors Knight Azyros Knight Heraldor Knight Vexillor 2 Knight Incantor Lord Celestant on Dracoth Stormcast Endless Spells Stormcast Battle Tome(current) Stormcast unit cards Stormcast dice Stormcast item cards(I printed off and cut little cards for all of the Stormcast items and command abilities so I could put them on my unit cards to remember their abilities easily) Army is easily over 1k in value. I’m looking to get 650$ shipped in the US. Not interested in splitting. Pm me if you’re interested!
  7. I have played Evocators several times now and they have rocked every time. I would not change them at all.
  8. You're better off taking 4 Ballistas, and a Ordinator than all those Raptors I would think?
  9. It's changing. I can't remember what it does now but it's not nearly as good.
  10. After the seeing the Nighthaunt characters yesterday these are a bit of a let down. Firestrike I can see using, the other one not so much.
  11. I use Festus all the time. I think he’s worth the 20 extra points over a Sorcerer. I usually camp him by my GUO or Rotigus to give them some extra healing. His unique spell is pretty awesome too.
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