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  1. I like your plan! I may steal it!
  2. @Soulsmith Thanks! it's nowhere near done but it gives the general gist.
  3. This is WIP for the Vince Venturella hobby challenge. Alas I'm gonna have to back out due to lack of time but I will eventually finish the army. This dude is the WarCheif, based on a Skullcrusher of Khorne mixed with marauder bits and some greenstuff.
  4. @Kramer yeah I think you're spot on about letting go of the old fluff. it's pretty difficult, plus the move towards more high fantasy took me a bit to take on. I like it now though but maybe I should start a non chaos army for my Fluff fix? Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. That's a good point. My Fluff idea is an honourable Warrior society who, as the last bastions of order turn against Sigmar and, rather than fall to chaos, more make an oath to fight with Sigmars enemies but over time lose who they are and start to become increasingly turned to the dark side without seeing it. My problem is do they stay in their city as a shell of themselves or do all chaos just grab what they got and run around shouting? Maybe future books will reveal their society more. I think I need to read more of the books!! lol
  6. I've read these, awesome aren't they? I loved the Khorne Mir character. Gave them real depth.
  7. Now I always try to give my armies a narrative backdrop because a) I'm Nerdy like that and b) see a. But with Chaos (in the age of sigmar) I'm a bit lost as to the status quo of the everyday slave to Darkness. Now, we know the Khorne types run about all psyched up and angry but what about the others? What is the society? Are they all nomadic? Do any of them live in settlements in between warring, discussing the winners of the Hex Factor while sharpening their teeth? What are your thoughts? can we really set back story to such 2 dimensional characters? I await your thoughts!
  8. Hail, fellow Barbarian! I've run Slaves to Darkness (WoC back in 8th) as less chaos, more a destruction force since my first games (can't get behind the old 'bad 24/7' thing. I mean they have to sit and clean their teeth at some point!) As previously said, lots of fur and kit bashing heads from marauders onto armoured chaps is my route.
  9. Thanks, Dez! Funnily (though not funnily) enough I may have to back out myself as stuff outside painting has gone south so probably won't have time either. Give em hell at the tourney and make em pay for it! Lol
  10. Thanks, man. They're actually made as Chaos Warriors. Doing a challenge to convert a whole army so kit bashing and green stuffing it to bits! But may use them as blood warriors if I feel the need. Gotta love options! Lol
  11. Few tinkery bits to do then calling these bad boys done!
  12. Stick a gate for a Head on it, it could be 'Door Chosen'? Too far? Lol
  13. Not Wednesday but here's my WIP Mcwipface.
  14. Hahaha Of course now I have to go completely down that road! When I play him I'll have to intro with Das Techno!
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