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  1. Was flipping through the book today...it’s been a while. Was looking for combos within the artefacts in the book. Would there be legs in taking a BW with the voice of warding and spirit song stave, in a no glade list? Would make her 2 cast/2 unbind wizard... could even take a Balewindvortex as well... been tinkering with a list... General: BW -voice of warding -spirit song stave spell: throne of vines heroes: TLA -vesperal gem Spell: verdiuos harmony TLA -deadly harvest SoD -greenwoodgladius battleline: 3x10 dryads 5 treerevs Other: TL 3xbow KH Endless spells: balewindvortex gladewyrm battalions: - forestfolk -lords of the clan extra command point 1980 4 drops... could take out the SoD and takea unit of 6 scythe hunters in stead....could also put the tree revs to 10 then....comes in at 1960...
  2. Think this list is viable. The idea here is to use the two ancients to reliably get spells through. I’ve opted for the healing spells in order to keep the few fighting units (mainly the Durthu) alive. The gem can be used to force through whatever spell is necessary once per face. The other ancient can cast with 3d6 and choose the two highest. So pretty reliable. So any comments or ideas? I’m also a little bit uncertain of the endless spell. I’m undecided on wether to take the hive or the worm... Gnarlroot%20coven.pdf
  3. I realt dont think matters how anyone pick a choice. The narrative of this campaign was more or less set before it started. The way the story is told have perhaps been influenced by the choices, but the end game will be the same In any circumstance. And I really do t think it will matter in any practical way. The rules death allegiance have will be the ones that have been planned for battletomes long before this even started. Stormcast will still be resurrected in the same way as before. Etc. etc. gameplay-wise the campaign won’t matter. Its a cool story but I’d just flip a coin on the choices and not be bothered....
  4. As others I have nothing but appreciation for GW’s customer service. Back when the lat st wood elf book came out I went on and preordered a huge batch of everything new. When 6 weeks had passed and my order still didn’t show up I called them. Without hesitation they repacked and dispatched a new shipment that got to me in a week (UK to Norway). The a few weeks later I received the original package (it had been held up in customs). I called again and asked if I should return the extras. They said “No, as far as we are concerned the shipment was lost in mail so enjoy your extra models” that was about 200£ of models extra!!!
  5. Thanks. They guy on The front of the hurricanum is to busy whipping up at blizzard. They guy on the back though. He’ll lecture the heck out of you
  6. Some pictures of stormcast and various order models in the same colorscheme
  7. I actually think he already is “resurrected” in a way. I think the answer is in battletome: Sylvaneth. Where the hunt master of Kurnous is describes as allarielles closest advisor. I think that is Orion/Kurnous
  8. I would love for a reincarnated Kurnous to be released. Being devoured by Slaanesh doesn’t mean gone forever as we have seen. Him leading shadow warriors and white lions along with maybe some new hunter units, or as the hunt master in a sylvaneth army would be cool. The shadow warriors (Alith Anars warriors) and the chracians where all elves who held Kurnous as the main elves god. Him at the head of the wanderers would also be great. Both the shadow warriors and white lions could become wanderer allegiance. Pure wishlisting but would be awesome
  9. Skull this week definately...The other Two would clearly continue The advantages death has gained this week. Though i think this campaign is pre-set to lift death and tune down order in The Lore. I think every week will be about choosing The lesser of Three evils.
  10. Baardah

    Why play Wanderers?

    Ive always loved wood elves and have been collecting them since 5th edition. My 10 reasons 10. Skill, speed and grace over armor and brute force 9. The original fantasy elf in my eyes 8. The mix of elves and living wood entities in the original set up. 7. Wardancers 6. The steed of Kurnous/isha . I’m actually not a fan of the deer itself. I like the old metal elk one better. But that fact that it’s named steed of kurnous makes it so that it can be anything. In my case it’s wolves. Those models look awesome riding the 40k fenrisian wolves. 5. Waywarchers 4. The way you need finesse to succeed with this army. The wood elves was never a beginners army. 3. The eternal guard kit. It Is so extremely versatile for kitbashing. You can mix it with other elf kits to make lots of wanderer flavored conversions. 2. Hoods and cloaks 1. Orion. The background for this character, the way he dies every winter and is reborn to go on the wild hunt each spring, the model for him...it’s what got my attention for wood elves in the first place. It is Age of Sigmars greatest weakness that his God of the Hunt is supposedly dead. Supposedly? Read about the huntmaster that is Allarielles closest advisor (in battletome: Sylvaneth) and tell me that she didn’t bring her lover and consort king back from oblivion....
  11. what does people think of this? IT from What modell i own. In addition i have: 3 skywardens 1 Navigator 1 more Gunhauler 1 frigate built with skyhook
  12. This....although I bet it would look really nice. Aquatic creatures on land is quite awkward. Though if the sea horses in mention was a chimera of a horse and a seahorse it might look ok, a sea dragon could also look agile enough on land.... maybe they could live on sunken islands who the can magically rise to the surface, run into the beach and charge....I have the cinematic stunning in my head now....I’ve changed my mind. It would be awesome!
  13. I have almost all order armies, and could combine many good list from those I think. I do think that there should be more abilities and command abilities that could affect the grand alliance keywords. that way there could be even more variation I combos for order. As it is the luminary is almost an auto include in every mixed order list I guess the Lord ordinator opens up new combos with war machines though. maybe minimum one hero from each faction should have a command ability that’s “if grand alliance ORDER/DEATH/DESTRUCTION/CHAOS...use this command ability instead”
  14. Decided to paint up some nighthaunt i had laying around. Tried to se how quick I could do them so they are really easy mode, but I think they came out ok
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