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  1. Wouldn't the 6+ save come back to haunt you on bravery tests? Assuming they try to pick off the squigs before attacking the bounders.
  2. 1 rockgut or 5 squig herd for skirmish?
  3. I, unfortunately, kitbashed one before looncurse got teased so mine has a weapon that could pass as either.
  4. What weapon, with skirmish or warcry in mind, is better for the loonboss on great cave squig?
  5. Looking for some feedback on these poses for my loonboss on great cave squig. I feel like the one on the right is more natural, but the legs have to really bow out for it to work.
  6. How big is the loonboss on cave squig compared to the squig hopper kit?
  7. How would the rockguts throwin boulders ability work in skirmish?
  8. I like that it has more bodies, but man, bounders have such better stats.
  9. Which list looks better and which looks more fun for skirmish? I love the new squigs and the new trolls, the old stuff not so much. Loonboss on cave squig Bounders x 7 Loonboss on cave squig Bounders x 4 Herd x 5 Loonboss on cave squig Rockgut Bounder x 4
  10. I don't see the big deal with Plague Squall. You still have to be successful with your cast, not have it be dispelled ( at 30" with no LOS), and THEN hit at least one 6 on 7 die.
  11. I don't think it will get changed. You can only use it if you are already taking a huge core tax. Maybe I'll try this since it includes things I own. LEADERS Lord of Plagues (140) Harbinger of Decay (160) Sorcerer (120) Great Unclean One (340) UNITS 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (220) BATTALIONS The Blessed Sons (100) Plague Cyst (200) ENDLESS SPELLS Soulsnare Shackles (20) 3CP 2 Artifacts Can my army be from Ghur but take a spell from Shyish?
  12. I was lamenting not having a battalionthat uses blightkings and pusgoyles and here it was the whole time.
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