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  1. Looking to get some bits for Underworlds and lethal hex building. Looking for either of these 2 pusgoyle blightlord heads, spare maggoth faces/tongues (preferable the forked tongue one), extra beast of nurgle faces/tentacles/hands. US based
  2. Does mercs mode come with a higher point cap?
  3. Especially since they are only 45 points.
  4. Ive been running: Bounder boss Bounder Squig x 3 Herder Netter It's doing well in games but I feel that having only 7 models makes for some tough decisions when splitting them up into shield/dagger/hammer.
  5. You spent way too much time thinking about this.
  6. Just to fill points and I don't have any netters.
  7. Boing boss Bounder Squigs x 3 Herders x 2
  8. Maybe it's the bat reps I've watched, but they were mainly used to screen movement and as a sacrifice to tie up a unit for a full turn. With most games ending turn 4 and not being won on bodies dead, hordes seem like the way to go. Maybe not a full horde but definitely not 5 elite units.
  9. But if your 40 point guys are tying up their 250pt cav, they are forced to waste activations on your chaff while you dominate the board with numbers.
  10. Probably missed it, but is there anything stopping hordes from dominating since they can just soak activations?
  11. So far for meeting engagements I have: Troggboss Rockgut x 2 Fellwater x1 With the remaining 300 points I was thinking either: -Dankhold and a fungoid - 2 units of Fellwater -another unit of 6 Rockgut -1 Fellwater and 1 Rockgut What do yall think?
  12. Anyone try out meeting engagements yet?
  13. It's so, so bad. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets nerfed next FW rules pass (RIP my beautiful plague toads).
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