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  1. Pretty sure with the new models they will be smaller in that regard. Problem is, when will that be
  2. If you are playing 6, would still take scythes 10 out of 10 times. They allow you to have a much smaller front and keep a high attack density, and they are also much better at holding ground when your opponent charges you and you decide to get the reroll saves. Also there are tons of abilities that can ignore rend -1, or they can reroll failed armor save rolls, and the -2 there is much better. And from there, if you choose to take units of 3 kurnouth hunter with swords, it depends on the list, but you have to take into account that the only way to bypass the only 1 teleport for turn is w
  3. Ok, i am sure this has been discussed before, so i apologize for being disruptive if it was. Few questions: - With the new book, someone got to see where we deploy our wyldwoods ? Is it our territory or the whole table? - How exactly does it work for the new deployment ? Do we deploy trees after every scenery has been deployed ? Or can we deploy wyldwoods as one of our "big scenery" options? I found this very confusing today playing a game, neither my trees or the moon for goblins could be deployed because of how we laid out the table. - If not, how are we suppossed to even
  4. The biggest change are brimstone costing 60 points instead of 70. Changehost here we go again.
  5. 6th edition. But yeah, that one was so shortlived you could call it an alpha for 7th edition.
  6. I have seen translation with erronous numbers.
  7. So in your opinion a majtority of the competitive players only want to play one dimensional easy armies, correct? Also, just stop with the intentionally, it does mean nothing. Yes, it could be intentional, but who cares about wether it is intentional or not. We are consumers, we can criticize something wether it is something our plastic crack dealers did intentionally or not.
  8. Sure, but you are changing your mind. First you said that you have to appeal to everybody. That would mean making different archtypical army lists to work with varying degrees of expertise required to compete, not only to one type of player. And my point is that the one dimensional play is reaching excessively simple and rewarding levels of competitiveness by bypassing core game mechanics. Also yeah, nowhere i said it wasn't intentional. It's just how good old power creep reaches silliness.
  9. In magic you don't have only one dimensional decks on Tier A, S or however you want to call tier 1, and even extreme aggro decks require interaction between both players while playing, being card draw randomness the one limiting factor.
  10. The focus on CA is counterproducent to the argument to be honest. It's not only the CA, but everything around it. The problem with such CAs or abilities that alter the regular flow of the combat phase (you go / i go) is that it will be lead to broken gameplay really fast once you start to give it to units that can evaporate half or more their points per turn. I won't say that FEC are OP because of their terrorgheist, but it's a very crappy mechanic to be in the game in such state. Not only the CA, but attacking at the beginning of the phase. Another example are the hearthguard berser
  11. This is great. Will you update the sylvaneth one when the battletome is released ?
  12. When theorycrafting about what changes can the GHB bring, remember that those are printed months in advance. I expect idoneth, LoN and DoK to take a hit in the units that are taken most commonly. No horde discount or a price bump for combat eels are a given. The important part is where they put the discounts
  13. @sylvan Gnarlroot TLA, regrowth @ 300 Branchwraith, chalice, nurturing, throne of vines @ 80 5 Spites @ 60 5 Spites @ 60 6 Kurnouth hunter scythes @ 400 Endless spell Spiteswarm Hive @ 50 Vortex @ 40 Branchwraith vortex, throne of vines and spiteswarm hive (if you get vines in, your opponent is going to have a very hard time to dispel her). From there on, she will be getting dryads and trees every turn. TLA silent communion trees, casts his own spell for extra damage or verdant. Kurnouth hunters and TLA teleport after being buffed in the hero phase by the
  14. Yeah, probably i am being unjustifiably bitter You are right, i am overly excited, i should stop for today
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