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  1. It isn't the same role. I mean, you are not taking an abhorrent on zombie dragon only to get a varghulf. It's a heavy hitter with high mobility an a pretty good aura spell. The archregent is support character. He is great at that, but he isn't going to perform the same role.
  2. Others had answered this, but 0 CP summoning is a must have, i had been starting with 4 CPs, and by turn 3 i am on zero, and that's using the charnel throne...
  3. 1 Hit + 6MW. Not opinion, it's on the FAQs about abilities that trigger extra attacks and an effect at the same time.
  4. Thanquol casts and dispel spells with 3d6 + 2 now? Or only casts ? Quite awesome to be honest
  5. Indeed, he needs a name, today mine killed 1500 points of skaven lol. Nom nom nom.
  6. I didn't listen to the podcast, so i can't comment on it, but i started collecting flesh eaters thinking about a monster smash list, and now that i had seen the book i am torn apart, so few units, and so many options.
  7. That's the ideal scenario yes. Still doesn't mean it's the only way, and since our big monsters get to attack twice while you have the CP, even if your opponent can strike back, it's not a given he will be able to do much about it.
  8. If i am not mistaken a similar ability was FAQed so it was a regular hit + MWs, since the second one isn't really a 6, just a hit.
  9. The beginning of the combat phase... is the combat phase. I don't know how you draw those paralels which don't even make sense semantically or syntactically.
  10. The trigger is after you have attacked, so yeah, you have to use it inmediatly. That's not a 15-20w alphastrike tho. It's way, way more. The problem with that kind of list should be facing a shooty list imo.
  11. No, because it was the beginning of the combat phase, before players start choosing units to attack with. Like goblin fanatics.
  12. - A command trait. - It's your turn, if i am not mistaken the command trait is that you attack at the beginning of the combat phase rather than at the combat phase (i don't have the book), so you still get to choose which units attacks first in the combat phase. To simplify, you resolve beginning of the combat phase, attack twice, then start to choose units as you normally do, and since it's your turn, you go first choosing unit, and you attack twice with it if you have the CP. - Yes, you pop it after it has attacked. It's kind of funny because it shows how long the battletome schedules takes, because it's kinda like a doppleganger cloak, and that one got nerfed to once per battle.
  13. Correct. The difference is minimal. It's more about if you need more bodies (and a loss of value at 19<) or better damage output (the sisters are much better at that being able to double-tap in the shooting phase).
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