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  1. I wouldn't write off the TLA completely. As CP will be the ressource that most armies will have to manage as efficient as possible, his CA giving possibly our whole army rr Save rolls of 1 could be really efficient if you combine it with lets say AA defence on a key unit.
  2. The picture doesn't show. Could you elaborate what it is about?
  3. Yeah, I saw the same picture, but as I said, THW said on Twitter that she went up, so I guess it is 740.
  4. You sure? In that leak from the Italian BR: Kragnos version it looks more like 740 and the Honest Wargamer also tweeted that she went up in points.
  5. Do we know which units are included in the "Legion of Shyish" Batallion?
  6. So, what do we hope for for the new Alarielle Warscroll?
  7. You could drop Cogs + 1x BW for the TLA, which could be worth.
  8. I guess there is no consent right now what "the hardest" list is right now. From my point of view Winterleaf + many Hunters with close to zero need for successful casting is the most competitive that we can field right now.
  9. Do we know how many Broken Realm books GW plans to release?
  10. I just have 4 very achievable points that would help us a lot from my perspective: 1.) Give Alarielle survivability, e.g. 5+ FNP 2.) Make TLA a meaningful caster, e.g. with a 2nd cast and +1 near woods. 3.) Make Free Spirits batallion run and charge/shoot 4.) Do something about Bow Hunters
  11. Thats also what I hope for and combined with blood-mad naked cannibals it would make for a fantastic battletome I guess.
  12. As sad as it might be, I guess we should not expect the Oldhammer structure of vampiric society to be transported into AoS. Just taking the rumour of putting everything into one book as a reference point from which to speculate, I would guess that it will be something of a Warclan book: We get the feral vampires, running rampant through rotten kingdoms with their mordant minions and we will get the aristocratic vampires, ruling cities and kingdoms in Big N's stead, who are necromants and warriors. And we can play a combined force of both, who are called to war by Big Ol' Rattlebones him
  13. I have to say that I really like the thought that FEC would be rolled into the Gravelords thing...if it is made well.
  14. @Pennydude please throw a list together, would really love to see this.
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