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  1. Which weapon option would you choose for the GG in the above list?
  2. Can you tell us what list you intend to Play?
  3. When I built mine, I left the weapons and this "ribcage" disassembled until after painting and it worked out fine.
  4. Hail to the great Necromancer! I have a small tournament with friends coming up later this year and right now I am not quite sure hwich army I want to play, as I have several semi-finished ones standing around. Right now I am painting the Supreme Lord of Undeath, so GHoN would be one option. Perhaps some Background Information to make my Goal clear: The Tournament will be Friends only, and no super cheesy lists will be around, so I also want to take a "style over substance" apporach, while not building a low power list. This leads to the point that I do not want to play any bedsheets, not even the really good ones with the big scythes. Apart from this I am open for almost anything. So here is the list I am thinking about right now and where I would be really happy about some feedback/ideas for improvement: Leaders: Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead - General - 800pts Necromancer - 110pts Vampire Lord - 140pts Units: Skeleton Warriors x40 - 280pts Grave Guard x20 - 320pts Morghast Harbingers - 220pts Endless Spells: Umbral Spellportal - 60pts Total: 1930 pts I think the idea is quite Basic: Use Skellies to screen for Big N, throw spells around, buff you skellies/gg with the Necromancer and the Vampire and try to grind your enemies to dust. I hope for some nice tips/suggestions.
  5. I have a very noobish question: Does "Grind their Bones, Seize their Skulls" from the Skull Cannon only apply to its Ganshing Maw attack or also to the Hellblades of the mounted Bloodletters? I just cannot find a mount rule that really clarifies this...or perhaps I just do not understand it correctly. Thanks in Advance!
  6. Yeah I mean, I will not cripple the army artificially, but I also do not want to field a minmaxed optimum of a list. I like the TG and Horror models and I will field them and also like a large blob of footsoldiers, so I also want Ghouls, but I will definetly want to optimize under these assumptions and I think that the Feast Day option is much better than Hollowmourne, as it allows to choose good Artifacts/Command Trait
  7. Our small Tournament will not be like super competitive, with people trying to ruin other peoples lives, so I do not think mass ballistae will be a thing. That is also the reason, why I do not want to play Gristlegore Monster Fiesta or 24 Flayers. I like Horrors and want to field a sizeable number of them, which is how I came to my list, even if this means, that they are not super effective against e.g. SCE.
  8. Ok, this sounds quite cool, thanks a lot for your feedback! So I drop the Varghulf for 10 Ghouls + Chalice & Cogs, make the Haunter my General and go Feast Day. I will then use summoning to get the Varghulf + 3 Horrors to outflank/grab objectives/smash golden ballistae.
  9. Greetings my fellow deranged cannibals, I have a private "tournament" with a couple of friends later this year and I am right now choosing what to play. FEC would be one option and I am tinkering with lists a bit right now, with the latest one being this: Grand Court: Hollowmourne Heroes: Abhorrant Ghoul King on TG (General) / Grave Robber / Corpsefane Gauntlet / Gruesome Bite - 400 Abhorrant Archregent (The Dermal Robe) - 200 Crypt Haunter Courtier - 120 Varghulf Courtier - 160 Battleline: Crypt Horrors x 6 - 320 Crypt Horrors x 6 - 320 Crypt Ghouls x 30 - 300 Battalion: Abattoir - 120 Points: 1940 I would like to use my summoning to summon 6 more Horrors, to really clobber everything to death with my bone Clubs 😉 The Ghouls I would like to use for Screening, as I ecpect some really nasty charges from my opponents. My problem is that I have ZERO FEC games under my belt, so I would like to get some feedback from more experienced marrow-gnawers about this list, especially if Hollowmourne is at least decent or if it would make more sense to make the Haunter Courtier General, to keep the Horrors Battleline. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if it would be possible to generate something like a "cheat sheet for army building". Perhaps something already exists and I was just unable to search for the correct term, but if not, I think this would be a very nice tool especially for newer players. As I am myself quite new to the Hobby with not too many games under my belt I would love to hear the opinions and ideas of more experienced players. My idea would be to generate a army/allegiance independent guideline that encompasses important factors to consider when building an army. Just as an example,: - Take bodies for capping: Think about taking at least one unit that is lagre enough to be able to hold an objective. - Choose a solid anvil: What kind of defensively capable units can you choose that can help protect your valuable/important models? - Choose a capable hammer: What kind of offensive units can you choose? - Choose an overall strategy: e.g. turtelling, alpha-striking, grinding through your opponnent ….. Of course this is so far really really sketchy, but I would just like to know if there would be a general interest to create a guideline like this. Thanks for all replies.
  11. What was the timeline of Carrion Empire, meaning how much time passed between a first teaser and the actual release?
  12. Do we know if there will be additional reveals/teasers/etc during Adpeticon or was that it for this week?
  13. Just for my information: Where do the rumors for a Gutbusters tome come from? From my point of view a souped BT with BCR, Gutbuster etc is much more likely than a standalone Gutbusters tome. Is this just wishlisting from people who want to see a Gutbusters BT or is there any backing of this theory?
  14. Craze

    FEC Sick Flayers

    Sadly you cannot buff Flayers with the Necro, as they are not summonable.
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