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  1. One question concerning "Metamorphosis" overall: If you use Throne of Vines first and then cast Metamorphosis, is the bonus to casting used to determine the number of dice you roll, or is it the result shown on the dice only?
  2. Ok, I guess I should read this stuff more carefully. 🙄
  3. Somehow I fail to see this. The two changes were: You can use it every turn now. It is not armywide anymore, but got a range. As (imho) the first is a huge buff and the second can be mitigated quite nicely with the changed "Envoys of the Eeverqueen" ability from our Kurnoth Hunters - of which most armies play a significant number - I really do not see a big nerf. What do I miss here?
  4. I'm absolutely with you on this one! I just think that - if you play a Glade - you want to also play a batallion, because the list of artifacts we can choose from is just amazing, especially for something like Gnarlroot.
  5. It is narrative only. For matched play you can only use the ones already listed.
  6. It is especially good against CP hungry armies as they will need at least one CP per round for negating nasty battlsehock phases.
  7. Where do you see this? The only page references I see are for the Wargroves (starting p.72) and for one (presumably 2nd) page of artifacts (p.68). But I do not see where exactly the allegiance abilities start, as I do not see a page number on this. Could you please elaborate? Perhaps to clarify: I also think we will have the standard distribution of artifacts, but was just curious why we have so many artifact tables.
  8. I think here comes into play that we do not have a final answer on that artifact question. If we have a standard artifact distribution (1 + 1 for each batallion) picking a batallion would be really important for Gnarlroot, to pick The Vesperal Gem for that guaranteed cast + D3 heal.
  9. But you need Battleline Units. After looking at that list again, I would be really pumped to play this. The amount of heal/revive/ward saves combined with playing three big trees which are quite resilient themselves looks really sweet.
  10. From the first impression I got from the BT leaks, I do not think that Gnarlroot is unplayable. Between the Gnarlroot trait (6+ ward save), the healing CA and the Verdurous Harmony spell you get a really resilient list. Combine it with the LotC batallion for MWs, give your second TLA The Vesperal Gem and you have quite good chances in casting a couple of spells succesful per turn. Just a first (very rough) shot at a possible list: TLA - 300 - Nurtured by Magic, The Vesperal Gem, Verdurous Harmony TLA -300 - Chalice of Nectar, Regrowth Branchwraith - 80 ------------------------- Dryads x30 - 270 Dryads x20 - 200 T-Revs x5 - 80 Treelord - 200 Kurnoth Hunters x6 - 400 ------------------------- Lords of the Clan - 60 -------------------------- Glade Wyrm - 30 This would leave you at 1920 Points. It has - of course - not the amount of casts available to the Gnarlroot batallion right now, but it allows you to guarantee a revived Kurnoth Hunter, plus a very solid chance of casting your endless spell/healing one of your Behemoths. This is definetly not a super offensive list but I imagine, your staying power and tarpitting would be really real. Again: This is just something I threw together in 5 minutes, but I am under the impression that even for Ganrlroot very nice stuff is possible to do.
  11. Yes, this I understand, but we still have 3 tables where no restricions are mentioned. Only on "Relics of Nature" it is mentioned, that only Wizards can carry these items.
  12. Can anyone explain (or does have an estimatet guess), why there are 4 artifact tables?
  13. If you had to choose an artifact to protect Archie from some kind of Alpha Strike (e.g. Gav-Bomb or BoC ranged ambush) what would you choose?
  14. You can build ONE model of either Treelord, Treelord Ancient or Spirit of Durthu.
  15. Wow, thanks a lot for this effort! I think I always considered Dreadwood too much as the pure alpha strike beast you describe as going "full alpha". The big misconception I probably had is that you would mostly summon another unit of hunters, but summoning more Dryads sounds perfectly reasonable as well, which I will try in the future. Thanks again for your detailed response!
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