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  1. I guess one of the most simple ways to balance the Changhost + Conflagration/Multitudous would be to reduce the teleporting of units to 1 per Hero Phase, which would prevent the DoT player to teleport both a Flamer + the buffing Exalted Flamer.
  2. I guess the best start is always to get 2 Start Collecting boxes, as they contain basically the complete range except the Arch-Regent and the Varghulf.
  3. I have tried taking pointy Eels in some games and was really happy with their overall performance. The immense movement really helped me with applying pressure from turn 1 , as I often struggled to do something meaningful if I had to go first.
  4. Yes, it will buff both attack sequences, as it buffs them for the whole Combat Phase.
  5. Craze

    Arkhan and Nagash

    It should work like this, as normally it is specially mentioned if only the unmodified roll is used (e.g. double-casting lore spells in LoN). Alarielle for example can use Throne of Vines to buff her Metamorphosis, which has a similar wording as Arcane Bolt.
  6. Where can you see the list of the winner?
  7. I think it would be really sad, as any point increase, however small, would make Big N absolutely unplayable.
  8. Just one idea: Arkhan will be part of Bonereapers, Olynder is already part of Nighthaunt. What if the "target" GW is pursuing for Death would be to have a separate faction for every Mortarch? Neferata could lead some kind of Vampire troops, while good old Manny will lead the more feral parts of the undead troops or the hordes of Skeletons and Zombies, while Nagash can be part of every single army of these. In Morghasts there are also regular troops included in the new army (same as with NH), this could also happen with future armies, where some of the existing range will get distributed. About the competitiveness of Death armies: In the stats from thehonestwargamer.com from July 19, of the armies with a meaningful Meta%, #2 (FEC) and #6 (LoN) are Death armies, so I think it is quite fair to say that Death armies had a very strong meta-Position, at least until GHB19.
  9. Perhaps I could need additional CP for resurrection. The Swords I mainly use because 4 of my 5 enemies will be Chaos armies, so I guess they will pull their weight.
  10. I am right now facing a very difficult situation: I will play a small 2k tournament with friends and will field the Great Necromancer and his minions (Big N, 2x Necro, 40x Skellis, 5x Wolves, 2x Harbingers, 6x Spirit Hosts, Spellportal, Quicksilver Swords), which comes straight to 2k points. Now the Question arises: Do I need additional CP? I could - for example - drop one Necromancer for an Executioner + 1CP, but is this worth it?
  11. Thanks, I had already seen it by now, but it was not uploaded the time I was asking. I have to say, I don't like that list, to be honest. Do you guys think it is mandatory to go so extremely Hunter heavy? I am right now thinking about something like this: Allegiance: Sylvaneth - Glade: Winterleaf Mortal Realm: Ghyran Spirit of Durthu (340) - General - Trait: My Heart Is Ice - Artefact: Ghyrstrike Branchwraith (80) - Deepwood Spell: Verdurous Harmony Arch-Revenant (100) - Artefact: Frozen Kernel Alarielle the Everqueen (660) - Deepwood Spell: Throne of Vines 20 x Spite-Revenants (200) 5 x Spite-Revenants (60) 5 x Spite-Revenants (60) 5 x Tree-Revenants (80) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200) - Greatswords Outcasts (100) Spiteswarm Hive (50) Umbral Spellportal (70) Total: 2000 / 2000 Inspiration is (obviously) the London GT list. I chose to knock down the Hunters to 3 and max out one S-Rev unit + a 5 man squad of T-Revs for more objective control. Depending on the match-up, Alarielle can either summon 20 Dryads or 3 more Hunters. Thoughts?
  12. Does anyone know, what kind of a Sylvaneth list went Top 5 at Facahmmer GT?
  13. Setting them up IN a forest sadly is not going to work, due to the LoS restrictions of the Woods model.
  14. I would be really interested about the main usage of that Spellportal. Was it mainly used to Metamorphosis-Snipe heroes across the board, or to slam down Woods at the other end of the board?
  15. I had a game against a freind playing BoK yesterday. My choice was a Gnarlroot list, Looking like this: TLA (General, vesperal gem) Drycha Wraith ( Chalice) Wraith Durthu Spites x20 Spites x5 Spites x5 Hunter x6 Outcasts Vengefull Skullroot The game was quite tight, going back and forth between me slaughtering his Reavers and him slaughtering my Spite-Revenants, but in the end I lost as I just had no bodies for controlling objectives left. I like Drycha a lot, her output is quite good in Gnarlroot, the Vesperal Gem/Nurtured by Magic combo is sweet and I like the Overall feel of the army, but... ...one question came to me after this game: Can we afford to not play an Arch Revenant? I really missed the rerolling of Kurnoth hits and the possibility to increase my melee punch in crucial fights. What do you guys think? Is the Arch-Revenant an auto-include?
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