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  1. Verengard

    High Elves in 2.0

    What is the source of the information that they're gone in 2.0?
  2. Verengard

    Starting Slaves to Darkness 1k-1250army

    Not really want to be super competitive. What i was thinking of : 1x lord on manticore 1x sorcerer lord 5x knights 5x knights 15x warriors + 1x chariot OR 20 x warriors that would require 2x start collecting + lord or separate boxes Where to get sorcerer lord on mount model ?
  3. Verengard

    Starting Slaves to Darkness 1k-1250army

    Hello, I'm thinking of starting StD army 1k-1,25k points. I like heavy armored guys, what are recomended lists and best starter options to buy?
  4. Verengard

    Re-roll battleshock stacking

    Do these abilities stack ?
  5. Verengard

    1250 of Bret / mixed order

    What do you think, Bretonnia supported by Stormcast Lord Ordinator. The theme is Bretonnia only units + Stormcasts as support. Heroes: Bretonnia Lord - Relic Blade, Pegasi - 140PTS Lord - Ordinator - General, Inspiring - 100PTS Units: - Knights of the Realm x8 220PTS - Pegasus Knights x3 200PTS - Man at Arms x16 120PTS Was Machines: - Trebuchet - 220PTS - Trebuchet - 220PTS Total 1220PTS Idea : Man at arms protect the trebs + fill the Battleline, Knigts & Pegs use their swiftness to take objectives, 2x treb + Ordinator thins the enemy lines (+1 to hit & double shot on one)
  6. Verengard

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    The only two armies that would need points and updates are TK and Brets (since they are full armies), the rest can live without a few models TBH.
  7. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    They are already - check the warscroll builder / mobile app.
  8. Verengard

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    For me Warhammer Legends is a nice addition - if they make all compendiums in reasonable time & create some army construction rules / allegiance like stuff, currently it's just a bunch of warscrolls not adding much. But I don't understand why they remove the Legacy models from Matched Play - they already stripped of any named characted from them, making them generic - mortal realms are vast - one can create their own fluff. DE is minor change as there were few models, but when it comes to Brets & TK this will have a BIG impact. Especialy for people who play these armies, not everyone needs a top 1 pro army, but not being able to play friendly games using the matched rules at local group is very poor decision, especialy that people are sceptical about fan-made points... As a Bret player I'm realy concerned how it will end... Probably will still use the old compendiums as technicaly the new ones don't replace the old - it's not directly said anywhere & warscrolls have different names.
  9. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    An Old World Expandion for AoS with army composition rules and poits would be amazing. They can keep making their Legacy compendiums with named characters, maybe some day they will expand them. The only problem is that they should not erase Brets, TK and the leftover units from matched play...
  10. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    Compendium got removed, ok that's one thing. But there was NO official information that the old scrolls are removed from matched, also in the web builder APP they are still avaiable. The new scrolls have different unit names so theoreticaly until GW states otherwise you can still use them as the new ones are something different not same named, updated veersions of old ones. Also as interesting sidenote from GW site : They won't have yearly points updated - seems that GW left a gap there, they could just write - "they will not have points at all".
  11. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    This IS a waste of time, I'd rather wait for full Warhammer Legends book with full compendiums, points, army build rules than a single PDF which has no use. Not to mention DE did not need that and they could spend the time on TK / Bret Compendiums to add allegiance & revise points.
  12. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    Noone asked for DE compendium as they already made DE into subfactions - with allegiances or even battletomes. Instead they could spend the time making allegiance & balanced points for Brets & TK. Reactions would be much different. And to be honest - to make narrative games in Old Worlds you need ALL comepediums not just one... Untill all are released what is the use of this, making people angry ?
  13. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    Still without points you cannot make any organized play. Imagine GW relese all compendiums for the Legends (hahahahaha 10 years later) and your local group want to make an event to play in old world. How you handle army composition? This just brings things back to 2k15 where GW got smashed in the face for what AoS was, also they said the dont want to add any points to their uber system... And what we have now? Points, army composition rules etc. The DE Legends does not change much, 90% of the units were available in mini factions, so still can be played in matched. But if they do the same with TK and Brets they gonna get a ton of hate since that will erase 2 armies from matched play. Another thing is if these scrolls even technically replace those from old compendiums with points? If you check closer all units have their name changed, called Dark elf something while the ones from old compendium dont.
  14. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    No idea about TK. Brets are not top tier army, but you can make a fun playable rooster - if they make the new compendium I won't be able to play them anymore... T9A awaits probably as they didn't put bretonnia to some existing sub-faction.
  15. Verengard

    Warhammer Legends

    So far useless. Probably will take ages for them to create full compendiums for all old-world factions - before that happens what can you do with one army compendium LOL. Also without points or any army composition rules it does not make much sense - part of fun of Warhammer is to design your army & strategy. They already got smashed in the face when AOS was released like this, maybe they like it. Just hope they wont release Bret & TK compendiums in this form any soon as 2 full armies will be wiped from matched play... not just few old heroes like in DE case.