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  1. Hello ladies and gents, it is that time of the year again where I get rid of the old for some new here is what I got. All the hard cover end time books Near flawless, only read through ones except for the khain book...... hate elves :p. Also my eldar reaver titan. only pick I have is before I added his other arm the gun thing lol. I can get more shots. I am from canada.
  2. Hello sounds good I own a FW mammoth my god she is a beautiful kit :). PAINT THE TRUNK BEFORE YOU BUILD IT. the trunk curls under it and make it nearly impossible to paint afterwards.
  3. Hello ladies and gents so here he is a couple hours worth of work he is about 7 inches or so tall. He is a mock-up for a green stuff sculpt for my empire army. Witch hunter. It is still very rough "very" lol what do ya think updates hopefully "weekly" should be done in a month or 2 then the green stuff sculpt which will be about 1/10 his size. I just needed a bigger version in hand other then pics to work with green stuff.
  4. I say it all depends on you personally. I know it sounds like a ****** of a answer but it is true. If you do not play alot then a more... visually appealing army for you may be a better pick. "lots of center pieces" If lots of troops and such are important armies like skaven and undead are good choices, But if painting is less important then stormcast may be a good pic or beast claws. "few models and easier to paint" But if a army of elites fast movers then orcs may be a good pic with their boars. Try to think of things like are they going to be on display "in your house" ? played
  5. Hello ladies and gents well after a long time of giving up on this model. He was broken on me not once twice or even three times but four times in 2 months, So I put him in a box and left him for dead, now several years later I have a safer place and the might Galrauch The First Dragon Of Chaos is being worked on.
  6. One of his heads ACTUALLY DONE!!! after about 5 years of working on it lol.
  7. Hello ladies and gents it is a pleasure to meet you all. I am about to start a massive Tzeentch and lizardmen army and figured this would be the best place to show it off. So I guess thats my introduction.
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