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  1. Is there a consensus about what is considered the best weapon option for the Ironclad? Volley Cannon or Sky Cannon?
  2. The Soulrender has the 40mm base and the Soulscryer the 32mm base. You can see it in the Battletome on page 70/71, they are both next to each other and the Soulrender is on the bigger one.
  3. Maybe the body of the Tidecaster? But a different face/head. What are peoples thoughts on the Aspect of the Storm? Havn't seen anybody mentioning him.
  4. There are 2 different sprues in the box. The Banners are even on the same sprue.
  5. Did they mention in which way it would be FAQd? I would build 2 of 10 with the bannerpole because thats whats in the box.
  6. Thanks for the replies AverageBoss and Freejack02. Ok so the loadout should be as in my attached image? How come the Kairic Acolytes can use Arcanite Shields even if they are not able to equip them while also having the Cursed Glaive according to their description in the Warscroll? From what FAQ is that exerpt? Didn't find it in the GW page Erratas. I really hate the Warscroll Descriptions... why can't they be like W40k Codex entries...
  7. Greetings, this my first post here. I'm going to get the Changecult Battleforce for Christmas + Lord of Change and have no idea how to equip the Units. All the armylists here only state what Units are in it but not the weapon loadout of them. What should I give the LoC? Baleful Sword or Rod of Sorcery? I want to build the Tzaangors as two 10 man Units, each with Brayhorn and Icon Bearer but do I max out the Tzaangor Mutants and double-handed Savage Blades? Do I give them Paired Blades or Savage Blade+Shield? The Kairic Acolytes will be in two 10 man Units aswell. Again the option of Arcanite Shield+Cursed Blade or Paired Cursed Blades? Maxing out the Cursed Glaives? Vulcharc and Scroll of Dark Arts are set. That should be all.. The Tzaangor Shaman has no options and i want to build 3 Skyfires and 3 Enlightened. Thanks in advance!
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