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  1. JayJay11

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Hello Guys, I think for all of us the Change of Shooting is a big win. For Ironjawz the Gorefist with the Pigs is now really strong! I love my Ironjawz (even if I loose pretty much, but It's ok if I can Smash some faces ;)) Hope the new Edition will bring even more fun than this now (I'm not a tournament Player). Greetings from Germany!
  2. JayJay11

    Mighty Skullcrushers or Chaos Knights

    Hello All! I have a question. Yesterday I finally got my Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. I love this Model. But I have a question. I think only the Lord should have a Juggernaut (I Love themed armies, I like them more than maxed lists). After looking on the warscrolls I'm wondering if the Skullcrushers are better than the Chaos Knigts with Khorne mark. Knights are faster and push out I would say the on average the same amount of attacks plus the save against mortal wounds. So whats your thought? At the Moment I would pick the Knights over the Skullcrushers, which fits to my first thought about the Juggernaut only for the mighty Lord. Thank you in Advance!
  3. JayJay11

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Hello Wanderers of the Realms, once I was a Kid I dreamed of playing a Wood Elves Army. Now These Days I have found a few Models on Ebay and I will Start my Wood Evles Army (now Wanderers). When Age of Sigmar was released, I downloaded the Compendium and I'm glad that I've done this. In My Opinion the old Warscrolls of the Units are a bit better. But I have to say I only Play with my wife, my brother and 2 Friends, so there are not maxed lists at our games. My question is, how big do you guys Play the Eternal Guard at 1k and 2k Games? We love themed Armies and I plan to Play Wanderers only (have the old warscrolls for Wardancers e.g.). Can you experienced Players tell me whats a must have in 1k and 2k? Here is what I have atm: 1x Nomad Prince on Forest Dragon 1x Glade Lord on Great Stag 1x Orion King in the Woods 2x Hunting Hounds 2x Waywatcher 1x Waystrider 1x Spellweaver 1x Nomad Prince 2x 20 Glade Guard 1x 30 Eternal Guard 1x 10 Wildwood Rangers 15x Wardancers inkl. Command 5x Sisters of the Thorn 5x Wild Riders 10x Sisters of the Watch 6x Waywatchers 16x Glade Riders inkl. Command All These Models are cleaned, on Round bases and only Basecoated. Need a Painting Scheme first Thank you all for your comments in this Thread, learned a lot about the Wanderers.
  4. JayJay11

    Asheater Boyz or Bloodtoofs

    Pretty Miniature! Nicely done. I painted my Wurgog Prophet in a similar colour scheme. I will try your tips at the Weekend. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I only have Problems in Painting Black Armour. Sure there is an really easy way in highlighting all the edges, but it tooks forever and ever to do that and my result was far away from looking realistic. So I will try your tips and I'm sure it will be a success. Many thanks to your replies! When the Miniature is finished, I will post a pic.
  5. JayJay11

    Asheater Boyz or Bloodtoofs

    Thank you for your answer! It sounds really good and It should be an easy Goal to get good results with it. I hope I will find some Time this Weekend, so I will paint a Test Mini and share some pics Have a great day!
  6. JayJay11

    Asheater Boyz or Bloodtoofs

    Hello Megabosses! I just wanted to introduce myself quickly. My Name is John and I'm from Germany. I've been playing Ironjawz since they came out and I enjoy the big Waaagh! I read a lot of your Articles here and finally I found my way to your community by signing up today. What I have now for the Big Waaagh: Megaboss on Maw-Krusha Megaboss 2 Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman 20 Ardboyz 6 Gore Gruntas 15 Brutes I will add another box of Brutes and 2 Start Collecting Boxes in the future. But my Question is... how to paint an easy and quick black armour? I would say my painting skills are a bit better then average but I'm not sure how to do this with a realistic result. Most of the Time I'm using the drybruhsing technique. I have not painted any of the ironjaw models. So I wanted to know from the better painters here, how to do the black armour...hope you can help me. I wanted to paint my Waaagh! in the Asheater Boyz painting scheme (my wife Plays Sylvaneth and has 1500 of her 4000 Points painted and I have Zero painted... frustrating). Or should I go for the bloodtoofs painting scheme? I like both of them. My Goal is here to paint the Models as fast as possible with good results. We have 2 Kids, so there is not much time I have to paint. Looking Forward to your Answers and Thank you in Advance. Greetings John