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  1. Drexel

    Warchief Underworlds Shadespire Event

    Excellent mate, only live across the border in Monmouth, so will most likely see you good folks their
  2. Drexel

    Do you even stormcast bro?

    Hey buddy, I have run a similar defend and deny deck based on the following article, https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/12/07/defend-and-deny-dec-7gw-homepage-post-3/ Probably the same article you have read, it does work but the games can be a little dull, but hey if it works for you. Good luck with it and enjoy.....For Sigmar !!!!!
  3. Nice bud, symbolism, the internal narrative revealed - I like it
  4. Drexel

    Must have cards......

    Nice idea, I have tried to create 3 decks for 3 factions but I seem to want to use a few cards in all the decks, maybe I need to be a bit more creative with my stratz etc........more things to think about. Shadespire certainly gets me thinking, certainly falls into the "easy to learn hard to master" category
  5. Drexel

    Must have cards......

    Hey good folks, just thinking about cards and ones that folks think should be in every deck regardless of faction, build type etc. I really like, illusionary fighter, soultrap, healing potion and time trap. What cards do you always, or nearly always, have in your decks ??
  6. Drexel

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Thanks @Killax - will download/print On to Doombound, the descriptions of the city of Shadespire are great, story gives you the sense of confusion and the psychological games the city plays with folks. It's a little short but it gives a reasonable snapshot of the characters in the story. Worth listening to, just because it's a bit more Shadespire/faction background. If you have the cash to spare its definitely worth a listen.
  7. Drexel

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Just bought this, only 23mins long, I'll let you folks know what it's like........let the listening begin....
  8. Drexel

    Sell me on Shadespire

    Enjoy mate, I am totally sold on Shadespire. I hope you get as much fun out of this awesome game as I am
  9. Drexel

    Free Shadespire card in White Dwarf

    Nice one mate - cheers