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  1. I having a hard time making my Akhelian Corp list. Can’t choose between a King and volturnos if i take Volti, I got 1 extra CP, probably 1 triomph and obviously the turn 3 party on. (1940pts list) With a king, I can’t take Cloud of midnight and a third allopex. (2000pts list) what should I do?
  2. Same for deathriders and that’s really fine. +vokmortian came from awful to ok choice.
  3. Varanguards are like to times bigger in length and Height. Just no. I'm totally in proxy when it's creative not when it's cheap.
  4. I read that and though I had to share this dude I made a while ago for some proxyed allies for my kharadron that finally will probably join my Ogor mercenary themed army :
  5. I really hope that if it comes someday, it will not just be “grot”. Even if kharadron book said so. It would be awesome if we saw a full range of privateers from various races. Human, grot, ogor, dwarf, aelf and ******.
  6. Well... that the answer I'll search. Now you pointed it out, the color scheme and general aesthetic (including the lack of dynamism) are damn the same. That explain the lack of warscroll. 2 more with Morghast...
  7. Yeah... I don't know... I mean there's some very nice concept, but there's two thing I can't neglect. 1- is it me or everything looks very static? Horse are less dynamic than wooden horse carrousel. Skelies climbing have wood leg... I... I don't know. 2- it's me or there's a very low count of warscroll? Some other to go? I feel like it's more a KO release than an Idoneth one.
  8. Mongolian empire is basically fitting in every way of your description Imo. At is apogee Mongolian army had heavily armored sword footroop, cataphract like cavalerie, shielded pikemen.l, catapult and chariots... lookalike iconography and clothdesign than we can see in the trailer, hybrid est-west weapon and above all, very similar operation mode (raids, plundering, tribute (hey!"tithe").
  9. *When you realise that you got 400$+ on fidelity giftcard from your hobby store. And that shows up.* Well... I guess I'm starting a new army.
  10. Radical rules, whatever the game, are always a problem. Auto hit, auto wound... auto charge... imagine if a Cp could fix any of these for any unit. Autopass is ridiculous in term of gameplay as in fluff. We see skavens and grot beeing as (more) resilient and brave as deamon and demigod. Horde rules are already a issue without bravery. But change an autopass for a +3 or +d6 or +general bravery for a CP or per Cp or whatever, would totally keep some aspect of IP viable without seeing a 60 grot just assuming everything is fine with losing 35 of them because some random 80pts dude saying so.
  11. I heavily reserched after that friday night... that's amazing and annoying at the same time. Anyway. Thanks. a. lot.
  12. Thank you ! Akhelian hemit-Leviadon: - Tyrannofex - Gloomtide shipwreck - Seeker Chariot - Leadblecher - Narmarti Thralls - Other: bitz (drukharii, death, Skaven and Idoneth), string, a shell necessarily and a shitload of greenpaste. Akhelian Arthropex: - Gonuu nucranc warrior (from Mierces) x3 that I disassembled and cut in all directions to vary the positions and give dynamism - Venomthrope - Leadblecher - Narmarti Thralls and Akhelian guards - Others: mostly Idoneth bitz, Nylon string, chain and a shitload of greenpaste also ...
  13. Because this thread needs love, I share this here and a picture to tease you fellow fishmen!
  14. As promised, the conversion of my "Akhelian Arthropex" is finally to my taste (until I change my mind) so I share before starting paint. As for my Leviadon, I tried to follow the logic of the Allopex Warscroll: A cannon for The harpoon launcher, the Claw for the Ferocious bite , the legs and blades for the Scithed fins, and a crazy guy-on top for the hooks and blades. The oval base is the same size as the original Allopex one and the bulk of the model is pretty similar. Coming soon, the Guard, but for now, the pictures!
  15. To wait a little before The Crabs Allopex that I made minor change again early this morning, here is my little Soulscryer with a very minor conversion (I still hesitate to change an arm with a claw or a tentacle ...) see.
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