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  1. I heavily reserched after that friday night... that's amazing and annoying at the same time. Anyway. Thanks. a. lot.
  2. Thank you ! Akhelian hemit-Leviadon: - Tyrannofex - Gloomtide shipwreck - Seeker Chariot - Leadblecher - Narmarti Thralls - Other: bitz (drukharii, death, Skaven and Idoneth), string, a shell necessarily and a shitload of greenpaste. Akhelian Arthropex: - Gonuu nucranc warrior (from Mierces) x3 that I disassembled and cut in all directions to vary the positions and give dynamism - Venomthrope - Leadblecher - Narmarti Thralls and Akhelian guards - Others: mostly Idoneth bitz, Nylon string, chain and a shitload of greenpaste also ...
  3. Because this thread needs love, I share this here and a picture to tease you fellow fishmen!
  4. As promised, the conversion of my "Akhelian Arthropex" is finally to my taste (until I change my mind) so I share before starting paint. As for my Leviadon, I tried to follow the logic of the Allopex Warscroll: A cannon for The harpoon launcher, the Claw for the Ferocious bite , the legs and blades for the Scithed fins, and a crazy guy-on top for the hooks and blades. The oval base is the same size as the original Allopex one and the bulk of the model is pretty similar. Coming soon, the Guard, but for now, the pictures!
  5. To wait a little before The Crabs Allopex that I made minor change again early this morning, here is my little Soulscryer with a very minor conversion (I still hesitate to change an arm with a claw or a tentacle ...) see.
  6. Thanks ! You'll love the model! I'll share them very soon (yes, there's three of them)
  7. Well the fluff all that's good eh ... but we all know that the concept sketches and photos that's what we want to see eh? 1- Inspirations Pirates of the Caribbean, Vampire Coast, Chthuluu ... idoneths feeding on death and living in symbiosis with the creatures of the abyss, even taking their characteristics (pincers, tentacles, etc.). 2- The sketches Akhelian Leviadon (photos of the model not yet painted are at the end of the post if you're in a hurry) Base tyrannofex, the shipreck, guns and a crew of ogor and kitbashed namarti. I tried to keep as much of a semblance of realism in equipment and appearance as possible to reflect the original model. The cannons for ballistae, the claws for fins, the jaws for massive jaws and the giant conch for drum void. Morrsarr et Ishlaen Guard Morrsarr with Grimghast on fangmora, Ishlaen with bladegheist on Screamer. I found that the difference between the two types of unit was not significant enough, only the weapon could differentiate two units that do not have the same role at all, so I decided to fix it. The stingrays with a voltaic barrier made me think of electric torpedoes, so I took Screamers of Tzeentch. I had thought of some crab stuff too but I finally kept the idea for the Allopex. Allopex Exactly, speaking of Allopex. I am the only one not to have been returned by the banality of the shark ..? ok it's cool a shark, but it's a shark kind ... like white shark ... a straight shark, ok the figurine is beautiful, buuuuuuut ... So I said to myself "Hey, why not a crab giant humanoid with a Cannon-clamp, ridded by a crazy deepkin unchained to it? " Finally I have kitbashed everywhere ... photos soon, I still have a white basecoat to do before revealing the three boyz, that surpasses all my expectations. (they have relayed my Leviadon hermit-crab to 2nd rank in my heart.) Aspect of Mathlann Well, I am not satisfied with that guy result. I mean the model is cool ... The sketches were valid (octopus head with fangmora tail on the official model ... it was good, but my fluff having evolved (see previous post) meeeh I'm back to the sketch. So ... I'll come back later, but it might turn into kitbashing drycha and my allopex crabs. I will perhaps keep both ideas for both aspects ... to follow. 3- Teaser photo Okok... I stop teasing you... The "Leviadon"'s pictures:
  8. The Fluff The Dalakaï enclave is known only by a handful of Idoneth enclaves and only a few Isharann sage don't consider them as a fable. Indeed, it is only recently that the forces of Mor'phann and Ymmerloc who joined the Stormhost to the onslaught of Shyish discovered that a forgotten enclave of all, had found refuge in the deepest abysses of the kingdom of death. Against all expectations, Dalakaï's Idoneth had adapted to the conditions and wildlife that even the dead could'nt handle. It is beyond the penumbra of the oceans, under the hundreds of fathoms of the most complete darkness that the Dalakaï have seen the light. The bioluminating light of what they consider to be one of the Mathlann's Aspects: Skatr'ash, the most majestic and terrifying creature of the Abyss, the moving city of the Dalakai. Skatr'ash is as terrible as it is generous, it is a source of death for all those who approach its titanic mouth, but source of life for all creatures living in its wake. And they are many, the colossus is certainly one of the oldest living beings of Shyish. When it was discovered, its dazzling majesty was already the size of a mighty bastion, but today, the monster having prospered as much as the enclave it shelters because of their symbiosis, it would be more accurate to compare it to a real living city ... The Dalakai are like their prey: disturbing and terrifying. They conduct their raids accompanied by the most terrible creatures of the abyss, like their fellowkin of course, they ride fangmoras, stingrays, but also nightmarish arthropods that they use instead of allopex and Leviadon. Their appearance might suggest that they are only the Great Necromancer's puppets, yet no other Idoneth enclave is so much an affront to the Legions of Nagash, for although they seem deader than alive, they survive and prosper... It is to be believed that the name of their enclave was predestined; "Dalakaï" from the ancient Aelf Dalakoi that could be translated as "Death proof".
  9. Foreword English isn't my native language, so please be comprehensive. This Topic is a copy/paste from the one I did on my native language Forum, and I share it here with you cause you are trully my favorite community You guys are awesome. I'll try to keep it update as soon as i'll update the original one. So ! The project in a few points: The teaser of an army "from the depths" had pretty much hyped me. Charmed by the aesthetic and the spirit, the Idoneth were for me a purchase at first compulsive, forced to find that finally the aesthetics didn't have please me so much, since I finally changed a bit the aesthetic, or should I say "heavy kitbashed" with conversions. For now, all or about the models proposed by the range are heavily converted/proxyed. Why..? hmmm, a mix between my desire to do something else than an umpteenth faction too typed "Order" and also probably a bit the release of the DLC vampire Coast of Warhammer Total War ... Coming up now, a nasty mix of sprues (Idoneth / death / ogor / slaanesh / tyranid / etc...) to represent a very special Idoneth enclave, scouring the abyss of Shyish to harvest the souls of the living ... and of the dead ; Dalakoï State of development (update): - Purchase: 100% - Concepts and sketches: 100% - Conversion: 60% - Painting: 15% - Finishes and basing: 0% - Table Army on parade: if I still have motivation there.
  10. I can't wait until we finally got our Endless spell. oh wait.
  11. Ok ok found it... but that's isn't a valable option at the moment right? I mean, i can't show up at a tournament and declaring that my Clad or frigate is Garrisoned right? Don't tease me with such dream speculation my heart can't handle it. ps: Speaking of survivability of KO heroes is much useless. As soon as you meet "speel caster" army like DoT, LoN, even DoK and other. You lost them. Kharadron heroes are spell magnet.
  12. Woaw wow wow Garrison rules? what is this sorcery i never heard of?
  13. And what about a Navigator that actually Navigate onboard?
  14. I feel in the exact same way. I'm not saying that kharadron are bad. They are a middle tiers faction and totally playable in tournament if you don't aim the podium but just seek for some fun. But, even if you just want to win a few tournament game, you can't play Fluffwise and it's sad. It sad that you can't bring a real "Skydorf fleet army" with a meta based on boat-embarking-movement-boatsynergy and with a single tournament game with it. God! I build/paint 6 amazing boat with stunning conversion ! I bring them at each tournament to show them on my Display Board, and then confessing "oh the boat..? nah I don't really play them... they are more like... scenery piece..." I mean. they are centerpiece ! It's like if a sylvaneth army use Alariel and Durthu as Wyldwood. I would trade a nerf on every single skyfarer model if i could bring Boat and boat-based special mechanic in exchange.
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