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Blog Entries posted by Nixon

  1. Nixon
    My local gaming store was hosting a painting competition, you had to either enter a Kill Team or a Shadespire Warband.
    A few night later and I had finished my Garreks Reavers. I might not win a prize, but now I can start playing Warhammer Underwold!
    So if you should visit Aarhus, Denmark please feel free to swing by Dragons Lair and take a look at all the great looking models on displayed there.

  2. Nixon
    In order to really get going with AOS 2.0 I have startet a Nighthaunt army. My approach has been very different from what I did with my Sylvaneth, they took me 2 years to paint.
    My Nighthaunt army is a speed paint projekt, Its all about getting the job done an hitting the gaming table as fast as possible. I have startet out with the Soulwars set, and have only added some more Grimghast Reapers, for now. The aim is to make a well rounded 1000 point army, play a few games and see how it goes.

  3. Nixon
    Me and my gaming group is preparing for a 'Path to Glory' campaign. We are not going to roll our Warbands, but will instead use the points from  matched play.
    The first goal is to write a small introduction of the Warbands and to name the Hero.
    We will be starting out with 300 points a build from there.
    Warbands are gathering for the coming storm. The forces of Orders have secured the Seeds of  Hope, but the Chaos gods are never contend and never truly defeated. Lord Nurgle is  preparing for an onslaught of unknown proportions and bend on tainting the Realm of Life once for all.
    War is upon the Mortal realms and champions must now muster there forces in an epic 'Path to Glory'
    Daemons of Nurgle 
    By Spiky Norman
    ...the dull, hollow ringing of the brass bell and accompanied with an incessant wet coughing was the sound of contagion, spreading slowly but inevitably like the rainstorms in the distance...

    By Nixon
    Esyae was patrolling the borders of the forest. It was her duty, as a Branchwych of the Silveroak Glade, to make sure that the newly sprung forest would not once again become tainted by Chaos.
    The Radiant Wood had sprung to life and the spirit-song was growing once again. But a slow humming was starting to form and the soothing voices of the spirit-song was turning into something different. The Leader of  Clan Lothian was calling, Esyae was duty bound to answer, it was a song of war.
    It was time once again to muster the Wargrove and purge the taint.

  4. Nixon
    When the Tales of Gamer was first introduced  I jumped straight in. I knew that I was going to build a Sylvaneth army.
    I had just picked up some Ironjaws and had started getting into AOS. But the annunciation of the Sylvaneth made my go and leave the Ironjaws for later.
    My goal is to have 1000 GH point worth of models finished by the end of the year. Hopefully I will also have played in a Path to Glory campaign and participated in an upcoming tournament.
    But first here is my great cunning plan:
    Tree-Revenants 22.5 £  
    Branchwych 14 £
    Total 36.5 £
    Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient 25  £
    Sylvaneth Dryads 25  £
    Total 50
    Kurnoth Hunters 35 £  
    Kurnoth Hunters 35 £
    Total 70 £
    Sylvaneth Dryads 25 £
    Durthu 25 £
    Catch up.
    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £
    Basing and Flocking
    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £
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